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  1. Gamalael Wahyu

    Gamalael Wahyu6 jam yang lalu

    Disney should make this the Next Rapunzel music video

  2. iAmJC

    iAmJC7 jam yang lalu

    This sound make me inspired everyday💙

  3. Carmen Alonso

    Carmen Alonso7 jam yang lalu


  4. Brandon Diederich

    Brandon Diederich7 jam yang lalu

    Wanna hate but yeah good

  5. Butari Avril

    Butari Avril7 jam yang lalu


  6. Kalm Grey

    Kalm Grey7 jam yang lalu

    No thanks, get out of my playlist.

  7. Cgy8 Cgy8

    Cgy8 Cgy87 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone know how many episodes of the flash on season 6 on Netflix in Canada

  8. Rasper

    Rasper7 jam yang lalu

    1066 colourised

  9. David Viray

    David Viray7 jam yang lalu

    as of 10/18/2019, I'll admit that from 64,247,995 views of this video, around 100,000 is from me.

  10. Karla Ortiz

    Karla Ortiz7 jam yang lalu

    I dare you to do something. Im waiting on you ✍🏼💔

  11. Play Tube

    Play Tube7 jam yang lalu

    Sucess full 2019 ⭐⭐⭐ 🎖🏆

  12. Manuel M

    Manuel M7 jam yang lalu

    Fuck you all

  13. Sandra Brylewicz

    Sandra Brylewicz8 jam yang lalu

    He finally won his battle with his demons

  14. Unknown Artist

    Unknown Artist8 jam yang lalu

    Like niyo kung may translator na filipino. Ayos to..😍😍

  15. Steven Dub

    Steven Dub8 jam yang lalu

    I miss when tattoos were for the rebel’s & badasses now there so mainstream there not even cool anymore especially visible tattoos like face , Hands & neck tattoos but we live in generation were ppl wanna look like everyone else nobody wants to be themself anymore .

  16. Denis Anders

    Denis Anders8 jam yang lalu

    Music to look like the Crainberries

  17. Steven Dub

    Steven Dub8 jam yang lalu

    Why the fuck would he do that to his face ? All theese rappers are copying Wayne he was the first with face tats now they all are doing it nobody wants to be themself they wanna look like everyone else that’s why tattoos are not cool anymore to many ppl have em they used to be for the bad asses not for privileged white kids he’ll regret soon if not he probably already does .

  18. Steven Dub

    Steven Dub8 jam yang lalu

    He looks so fucking stupid with thoose face tattoos , how tf do you wanna have that shit on your face for the rest of your life until you die when your 50 you’ll still have the same shit on your face it looks so dum in the real world when ppl look at him with all that shit on his face they will be laughing at him .

  19. DetectiveMcGee

    DetectiveMcGee8 jam yang lalu

    When your whole squad gets wiped by the boss and you are the last one left.

  20. Ederson SP

    Ederson SP9 jam yang lalu

    Hermosa musica

  21. Great white Wyvern

    Great white Wyvern9 jam yang lalu

    Wait.. It’s almost 69 million likes

  22. Luz Martinez

    Luz Martinez9 jam yang lalu

    Give Me Like If You Speak English. 👇

  23. Hunter Graham

    Hunter Graham9 jam yang lalu

    3:36 Boi really ran out like link in ocarina of time’s intro lmao!! 😂🤣

  24. Sandra Eli

    Sandra Eli9 jam yang lalu

    I KINDA feel like dancing these song with Audree my granddaughter!!👱‍♀️👱‍♀️👩‍👧👩‍👧

  25. TheCrazyScatman

    TheCrazyScatman9 jam yang lalu

    Post Malone the songbird of our generation.

  26. Thomas McCleod

    Thomas McCleod10 jam yang lalu

    So this is what Medieval wars looked like.

  27. frulidko _

    frulidko _10 jam yang lalu

    video:11/10 song:11/10 😍🤩🤩

  28. Robert Harrison

    Robert Harrison10 jam yang lalu

    Our true King of Westeros

  29. Chelsea Yang

    Chelsea Yang10 jam yang lalu

    Post Malone literally has no bad song.

  30. Gabriel Lanier

    Gabriel Lanier10 jam yang lalu

    Post Malone + The Weekend

  31. The Ghost Zombie

    The Ghost Zombie10 jam yang lalu

    🇹🇭 *คนไทยที่เข้ามาดู* 🇹🇭

  32. Pete Long

    Pete Long11 jam yang lalu

    the passion post bring is what most of this generation is missing. love u post!

  33. Edward De La Cruz

    Edward De La Cruz11 jam yang lalu

    Listen at 1.5x speed

  34. ItsMelanie

    ItsMelanie11 jam yang lalu

    this song gives me some sort of nostalgia in a weird way 0_0

  35. Lu Angelzoom

    Lu Angelzoom11 jam yang lalu

    where's the asshole promoting himself in the comments? get it before it breeds!

  36. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez11 jam yang lalu

    Did he sample this? i swear this beat sounds familiar. I cant be the only one.

  37. Darkswords14

    Darkswords1411 jam yang lalu

    Can someone tell me if this is rap I can’t decide.

  38. ricky fatty

    ricky fatty10 jam yang lalu

    why tf would you think this is rap

  39. Richard Guerra

    Richard Guerra12 jam yang lalu

    Now heard this song on the radio didn't even know the name still found it great song!

  40. Gabriel Esquinca

    Gabriel Esquinca12 jam yang lalu

    How many likes for Game of Thrones?

  41. JairForce

    JairForce12 jam yang lalu

    Getting Skyrim Vibes.

  42. Spark Shaper

    Spark Shaper12 jam yang lalu



    BMBJ TRICKSHOTS12 jam yang lalu

    other people hold my red bull post malone hold my sword

  44. Sufian Yafai

    Sufian Yafai12 jam yang lalu

    Why when I here this song I think of imagine dragons?

  45. Lio Jio

    Lio Jio13 jam yang lalu

    just heard this over the radio. My new favorite!

  46. Mario Alberto

    Mario Alberto13 jam yang lalu

    Amazing song

  47. Internet Dad

    Internet Dad13 jam yang lalu

    its ok but its all fake

  48. Alexandre Almeida.

    Alexandre Almeida.13 jam yang lalu

    post Malone you have a very good gift for music, congratulations guy very successful for you. If you read my comment I wanted to ask you a guitar bro, my dream is to have one but coming from your hands, I would be very happy !! thank you bro.🔥🚀❤🤩🎵🎵🎵👏👏👏

  49. Ramsey Jones

    Ramsey Jones13 jam yang lalu

    The New Throne of Eldraine trailer looking fly (my mtg players know where I'm at)

  50. Klubzyy

    Klubzyy13 jam yang lalu

    I love your voice dude

  51. Yip van Schaik

    Yip van Schaik13 jam yang lalu

    I love details in songs like the word; echoes, echoing

  52. BaconGun321

    BaconGun32113 jam yang lalu

    who else wonders how much this video costed

  53. marcos carlos

    marcos carlos13 jam yang lalu

    Its the best song

  54. Sedeen Alfityani

    Sedeen Alfityani14 jam yang lalu

    Post Malone: *Im the bad guy now* Billie Eilish: *triggered*

  55. peach

    peach14 jam yang lalu

    The mv reminds me of beowulf kmhahshs

  56. Funny video &song

    Funny video &song14 jam yang lalu

    I couldn’t be there even if I tried you don’t believe it We do this every time

  57. Oof

    Oof14 jam yang lalu

    *plays dark souls and watches rapunzel once*

  58. Gamer 509

    Gamer 50914 jam yang lalu

    Should had made it in the Great crusade 😪


    RIVAL FIELDS14 jam yang lalu

    I have been working out with this one last year but now we can get some more stuff done with this game tonight and we have a good job on it and I’ll let him know if he can get him a little bit later he said he can pick it up and get it back to the office and then I will is it the next week or we could get a little bit of the


    RIVAL FIELDS14 jam yang lalu

    Hazy hhzksksjjz


    RIVAL FIELDS14 jam yang lalu