1. Zeusonfire

    Zeusonfire36 menit yang lalu

    Me : asking for money Mom :

  2. Xander

    XanderJam Yang lalu

    this is about to get more views than his original harlem shake video

  3. Patrick Star

    Patrick StarJam Yang lalu


  4. Ivan Pedrigosa

    Ivan PedrigosaJam Yang lalu

    Still 2019! december 11

  5. Holy Water

    Holy Water2 jam yang lalu

    I wonder if no one even dares to call the police

  6. Chroncicle Android

    Chroncicle Android3 jam yang lalu

    People who dislike are boomers

  7. 時崎狂三

    時崎狂三3 jam yang lalu

    1:48 someone is laughing

  8. Stupio

    Stupio3 jam yang lalu

    1:55 *woooooowwww oh my gaaaaaaaaowdddddddd*

  9. PewDie Pie

    PewDie Pie4 jam yang lalu

    Me: searches how to tell someone to be quiet Google: ask them to be quiet Bing:

  10. Leonardo Onofri

    Leonardo Onofri6 jam yang lalu

    Thank you master

  11. Not A Pro Gamer

    Not A Pro Gamer6 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit this channel still green af...the comments show how this channel affected the whole internet so much...should be a meme and internet legend...

  12. ItzRazon

    ItzRazon7 jam yang lalu

    Me: *plays this song in the public with full volume* Stranger: stop it Me:

  13. Saitama

    Saitama8 jam yang lalu

    Information : Animal Name : Pinkguy Habitat : Pink Forest Food : we don't know drink : Pinky juice

  14. Jack Huftel

    Jack Huftel8 jam yang lalu

    My mom after an argument


    CHENG GUAN8 jam yang lalu

    Roses are red violets are blue So fuck all of you

  16. Leigh Kiger Oliveri

    Leigh Kiger Oliveri8 jam yang lalu

    If I say this to my dad he will go mad and burn this house down

  17. Ogar Hatred Nf

    Ogar Hatred Nf9 jam yang lalu

    Here before youtube takes down these vids since they took down idubbbz content cop :(

  18. Pumpkinseeds

    Pumpkinseeds10 jam yang lalu

    Coppa: exists People who know what IDreporter kids is:

  19. Twisted Dark Joey 2004

    Twisted Dark Joey 200410 jam yang lalu

    Collin says every day Me and seamus:

  20. not xuan

    not xuan10 jam yang lalu

    lmao my friend laughed to death when I showed him this

  21. Keanu Reeves

    Keanu Reeves11 jam yang lalu

    Your so savage

  22. Aoi Y.

    Aoi Y.11 jam yang lalu

    Are they gonna delete his Channel soon?

  23. BurningTornado Gaming

    BurningTornado Gaming12 jam yang lalu

    Who esle was born in the right generation?? 👇👍

  24. TJ Gafford

    TJ Gafford12 jam yang lalu

    shut the fuck up boomer

  25. Babamanga 16

    Babamanga 1613 jam yang lalu

    When I tell somebody that I am mixed with Japanese so they ask me if I like K pop or anime

  26. Xman 3

    Xman 313 jam yang lalu

    Nice song

  27. Freek

    Freek13 jam yang lalu


  28. Nothing at all

    Nothing at all14 jam yang lalu

    In memories of filthy frank

  29. Med magtouf Jr

    Med magtouf Jr14 jam yang lalu

    When music express what you feel !

  30. monel

    monel14 jam yang lalu

    I think i lost my gender?

  31. Pissed off Turtle

    Pissed off Turtle15 jam yang lalu

    Nick Fury: "Why is your car pink?" Pink guy:

  32. Angelofexecution

    Angelofexecution15 jam yang lalu

    Me at work when people are having special hotel bedroom wishes and expectations of five star service when they're in a budget hotel...

  33. I waited 90 days to change my name

    I waited 90 days to change my name16 jam yang lalu

    When someone talks about fortnite

  34. yoyo chip

    yoyo chip17 jam yang lalu

    this is actually a listenable song.

  35. Mr. Soap

    Mr. Soap17 jam yang lalu

    The fact that over 7b people haven't seen this video is heartbreaking

  36. Foxy _Troxy

    Foxy _Troxy18 jam yang lalu

    Im learning this on guitar with my older bro

  37. Ralph Vertigo

    Ralph Vertigo18 jam yang lalu

    Ты кого тупым назвал

  38. XTown Hell

    XTown Hell19 jam yang lalu

    Kid: kills himself School: we don’t give a FUCK Kid: doesn’t do homework School: DETENTION

  39. Codecracker 2003

    Codecracker 200319 jam yang lalu

    Where girls cried: Billie Eilish’s songs Where boys cried: Soap’s death Where men cried: Area 51 Raid failing Where women cried: titanic Where legends cried: their Minecraft dog’s death Where gods and goddesses cried:

  40. Irfan madhan

    Irfan madhan20 jam yang lalu

    Am glad was born to hear this song