Pineapple Tart - Chinese New Year - Recipe by ZaTaYa Yummy


  1. Kimmy Xo

    Kimmy XoHari Yang lalu

    Someone pls tell me what I’m doing wrong if the dough is too crumbly??

  2. Rowena Mijos

    Rowena Mijos19 hari yang lalu

    Thank you

  3. Dawn Reine

    Dawn Reine23 hari yang lalu

    If my pineapple jam is not sweet can I make the dough slightly sweeter?

  4. ZaTaYaYummy

    ZaTaYaYummy21 hari yang lalu


  5. hazyjellyfish54eva

    hazyjellyfish54evaTahun Yang lalu

    I've just discovered your video and love it! Great recipe! can't wait to try this for the CNY treats~ p/s: you're so cute :)

  6. Reni Kumala

    Reni KumalaTahun Yang lalu

    kok gak pakai mixer dik☺

  7. Claire Dee

    Claire DeeTahun Yang lalu

    550g of flour?! Are you sure it's not a typo error? Are you trying to make a sand castle? I ended up with a mountain of flour that refused to come together cos it's just too dry. Have to use another half block of butter to combine everything together. I've been making pineapple tarts with various recipes for years, yours is the worst.

  8. gamerz Coc

    gamerz CocTahun Yang lalu

    nah my ways and recipes is difent

  9. Lee Si Xuan

    Lee Si XuanTahun Yang lalu

    My batter was very crumbly

  10. ZaTaYaYummy

    ZaTaYaYummyTahun Yang lalu

    Let it rest for awhile. It's a very easy working dough

  11. G D

    G DTahun Yang lalu

    Use "take note", and not "pls watch out".. bcos there is nothing to watch out.

  12. sakura heng

    sakura heng2 tahun yang lalu

    hi,the egg yolk + 1tablespoon of water is of the egg wast or the dough???

  13. Tran Pxx

    Tran Pxx2 tahun yang lalu

    all purpose flour is fine?

  14. ZaTaYaYummy

    ZaTaYaYummy21 hari yang lalu


  15. aishwarya maini

    aishwarya maini2 tahun yang lalu

    How can I make them without egg? Will a regular eggless pie crust work for this recipe?

  16. aishwarya maini

    aishwarya maini2 tahun yang lalu

    ZaTaYaYummy Zong Han oh :( thanks anyway :)

  17. iiCxrgi _

    iiCxrgi _3 tahun yang lalu

    i cook it in the onve for 7to8 min's

  18. iiCxrgi _

    iiCxrgi _3 tahun yang lalu

    dude i used a other ovne but it*s teart ment

  19. Sylvester Ng

    Sylvester Ng3 tahun yang lalu


  20. iiCxrgi _

    iiCxrgi _3 tahun yang lalu

    can u please help me again

  21. iiCxrgi _

    iiCxrgi _3 tahun yang lalu

    hi i like the apple tret

  22. Jasmine Ho

    Jasmine Ho3 tahun yang lalu

    How Long can the tart keep?

  23. Lenice Yeo

    Lenice Yeo3 tahun yang lalu

    Hello Zong Han, I just tried this recipe earlier on and the tarts turned out great! The tarts looked pale and white unlike your golden brown ones but it really had the "melt in the mouth" effect you cited :) Thank you so much for this recipe!!

  24. cutyjoy Tamay

    cutyjoy Tamay3 tahun yang lalu


  25. Jeslny Loo

    Jeslny Loo3 tahun yang lalu

    by then how many egg you use ...?

  26. Mindy Ely

    Mindy Ely3 tahun yang lalu

    steamed salted egg yolk custard bun maybe?

  27. Ting Ting

    Ting Ting3 tahun yang lalu

    i will try later. thanks

  28. sharon brar

    sharon brar4 tahun yang lalu


  29. xxx xx

    xxx xx4 tahun yang lalu

    can i use salted butter?

  30. Leong Kwan Hoe

    Leong Kwan Hoe4 tahun yang lalu

    almost the time of the year again, thanks for this amazing pineapple tarts recipe!! 😊😊

  31. Kym Tan

    Kym Tan4 tahun yang lalu


  32. kent nietan

    kent nietan4 tahun yang lalu

    tips, use yolks only and add 50-100gr corn starch ;) will make the tart soft

  33. BeLocal Singapore

    BeLocal Singapore4 tahun yang lalu

    use please take note. not please watch out. different intonation and meaning

  34. Low HL

    Low HL2 tahun yang lalu

    faia bk ñc

  35. Liliana García

    Liliana García4 tahun yang lalu

    How you make pineapple jam????

  36. derrviel

    derrviel4 tahun yang lalu

    Hi! What model is your oven? Would you recommend that?


    TEONG SIU HUI4 tahun yang lalu

    damn son.. looks so good :)

  38. Liong Linawaty

    Liong Linawaty5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi, i think your dough recipe need more butter.. because the dough is still hard to handle.. it became cracking when you rolled it into a ball.

  39. james lee

    james lee5 tahun yang lalu

    Look good

  40. Amanda Ng

    Amanda Ng5 tahun yang lalu

    Hello , Just wondering if its possible to add cream cheese to the dough for some tanginess ? ;)

  41. Ee Christy

    Ee Christy5 tahun yang lalu

  42. Amanda Ng

    Amanda Ng5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi can i replace icing sugar with normal caster sugar??

  43. Amanda Ng

    Amanda Ng5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi zhong han, for your heating settings, are both the heating bars on or did you adjust for only the top heating bar to be turned on ? Pls advice thanks !

  44. Zahra Nachia

    Zahra Nachia5 tahun yang lalu

    Cara buat nya mudah rasanya enak dan efesien

  45. aisya odi

    aisya odi5 tahun yang lalu

    coconut cookies recipe.. pls ^^

  46. mona anne lim

    mona anne lim5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi Zhong Han May I know when we apply the 2nd coating of egg wash do we apply immediately after taking the tarts out of the oven or do we let it cool for a while? How long? Then after applying the 2nd coat of egg wash how long must we wait before we can put the tray back into the oven? Thanks

  47. Lee Si Xuan

    Lee Si Xuan5 tahun yang lalu

    When we brush the tarts with the egg yolk mixture the egg yolk is the one that is included in the 2 egg yolks that you mentioned at the start right?

  48. Lee Si Xuan

    Lee Si Xuan5 tahun yang lalu

    And how many did u make for this recipe?

  49. Lee Si Xuan

    Lee Si Xuan5 tahun yang lalu

    @***** thank you!Since u said that this mixture i abit dry so should i decrease the amount of flour??

  50. siow eddie

    siow eddie5 tahun yang lalu

    @Lee Si Xuan

  51. Lee Si Xuan

    Lee Si Xuan5 tahun yang lalu

    And what brand of butter did you use??

  52. Karen Wongy

    Karen Wongy5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi Zhong Han can I just check where did you get the pineapple fillings from?

  53. Chai Koo Ang

    Chai Koo Ang3 tahun yang lalu

    ZaTaYaYummy Zong Ha

  54. Karen Wongy

    Karen Wongy5 tahun yang lalu

    @***** noted! thanks!

  55. minandzhu

    minandzhu5 tahun yang lalu

    hi, I would like to know why is using a good butter is impt? what's the difference between using a good one and an average one?

  56. anna

    anna5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi I planning to bake this puneapple tart thus friday . And just a question if we use the electric mixer to mex it , do we still had to let the dough to set for 30 minutes or there no need for it to set for 30 minutes.

  57. anna

    anna5 tahun yang lalu

    But is two egg , or one egg white and two egg yolk.

  58. anna

    anna5 tahun yang lalu

    Oh ok thankiew for yr immediate reply because I planning to make it this fri

  59. Peigee tan

    Peigee tan5 tahun yang lalu

    Hello! Just seen a couple of your videos and realised that you're from Singapore. It is very inspiring to see a Singaporean like you because nowadays, you don't see much people who are making videos on what they are passionate about. Instead you see trashy videos from Singaporean teens! So as a teen myself, Kudos and Jia You!

  60. Jodie Yeo

    Jodie Yeo5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi sorry! Pls help me. What to do if my dough turns out hard. What will happen to my tart??

  61. Jodie Yeo

    Jodie Yeo5 tahun yang lalu

    Hi do I have to cook the pineapple filling slightly on the stove before rolling them into balls? Or can I roll them up straight from the packaging? (Those packet pineapple filling from ntuc)

  62. BR PTP

    BR PTP5 tahun yang lalu

    Very well done!! I tried to make this before in the past but it didn't turn out very well. I'm going to try your recipe next time. Awesome job!

  63. Elisa Baath

    Elisa Baath6 tahun yang lalu

    sounds YUMz! Gonne try making some tmr.. Can i use canned pineapples?

  64. Elisa Baath

    Elisa Baath5 tahun yang lalu

    THANKS! @ZineFox @Big Raven

  65. BR PTP

    BR PTP5 tahun yang lalu

    or try red bean paste in case you can't find pineapple paste

  66. ZineFox

    ZineFox6 tahun yang lalu

    pineapple paste... um u can search for how to make it :]... canned ones are a little too soggy and different in texture...

  67. Patty Pooh

    Patty Pooh6 tahun yang lalu

    what degree did u bake it, 420 F or 320 F ?

  68. Patty Pooh

    Patty Pooh6 tahun yang lalu

    thx a lot

  69. ZineFox

    ZineFox6 tahun yang lalu


  70. friendz0831

    friendz08316 tahun yang lalu

    Great work, guys. that's a clear illustration on how to bake them :)

  71. joniooi1

    joniooi16 tahun yang lalu

    Why is my dough a bit dry ? Thx

  72. Metal 3 Rings

    Metal 3 Rings6 tahun yang lalu

    Good job boiboi!

  73. zhubenn

    zhubenn6 tahun yang lalu

    just done with the first batch of my tarts. the bottom is all burnt but the top and filling is cooked just nice. do you have any suggestion regarding the bottom? im not sure if it's my tray. it came with the oven and it's not exactly a baking tray, it's more like a dripping tray. should i cook on a lower temperature?

  74. Lam Regina

    Lam Regina6 tahun yang lalu

    How to make the pineapple filling bye myself

  75. Lam Regina

    Lam Regina6 tahun yang lalu

    Thanks you :) i am deciding to make this haha

  76. Rachel Tan

    Rachel Tan6 tahun yang lalu

    Hi, does the pineapple tarts have a melted effect when eaten? I'm planning of making this tmr. Hope it turned out nice.

  77. Sheryl Tan

    Sheryl Tan6 tahun yang lalu

    Hi i dont know why when i egg wash and then bake it for 5min. It didnt turn up as golden as your pineapple tart Is there any suggestion?

  78. zhubenn

    zhubenn6 tahun yang lalu

    in your ingredient list there's "500+ of pineapple filling. (amount may be differ)" you mean it in grams i guess? like 500+ grams?

  79. zhubenn

    zhubenn6 tahun yang lalu

    @***** thanks!

  80. Idle Errant

    Idle Errant6 tahun yang lalu

    Zataya im gonna make P/tarts this year using your recipe..wish me luck!!