PIKOTARO - PPAP (Pen Pineapple Apple Pen) (Long Version) [Official Video]


  1. good vibes

    good vibes2 jam yang lalu

    Me, when I Figured out was s*x was.

  2. Thinh Chu

    Thinh Chu2 jam yang lalu

    This is just me in my one person apartment

  3. Bald Berlitzboy

    Bald Berlitzboy2 jam yang lalu

    This song had been stuck in my head for 3 years, arghhhhhhh!!!! Almost as bad as thinking about Trump for the same period.

  4. Yourdaily Dragon1

    Yourdaily Dragon13 jam yang lalu

    Who else just saw this and tapped on it

  5. Svetlana Ranković

    Svetlana Ranković3 jam yang lalu

    2019 ? I love pine apple juice


    GLOBAL MASTERTR3 jam yang lalu

    Türksen +1

  7. I Like Cats But I'm Allergic To Them

    I Like Cats But I'm Allergic To Them3 jam yang lalu

    Damn three years already?

  8. fuck you Jann summer

    fuck you Jann summer4 jam yang lalu

    Orange+face= Donald trump

  9. fuck you Jann summer

    fuck you Jann summer4 jam yang lalu

    November anyone. 😂😂


    DESMONETIZAÇÃO4 jam yang lalu

    Many memes kkkkkkk

  11. ๑ෆLÜCÏFËR• CHÄNෆ๑

    ๑ෆLÜCÏFËR• CHÄNෆ๑4 jam yang lalu

    eu no começo da música:Manuh num falo nada Eu depois de escutar: pen Apple 😂

  12. Synthii

    Synthii4 jam yang lalu

    Pee pee ay pee

  13. Егор Данилов

    Егор Данилов4 jam yang lalu

    мозг - время -1:12, мне надо встать в 8; я - ppap

  14. Volk Agar

    Volk Agar5 jam yang lalu

    I have an apple i have pineapple boom , fruits' salad

  15. Reagen Ramsey

    Reagen Ramsey5 jam yang lalu

    you suck

  16. C5

    C55 jam yang lalu

    Korean artists at their peak

  17. RSKA

    RSKA6 jam yang lalu


  18. The dark turri

    The dark turri6 jam yang lalu


  19. Sami Sarwari 5f

    Sami Sarwari 5f6 jam yang lalu

    me and my friends made a porn dance that we danced in front of our class (seriously)

  20. Karl Whelan

    Karl Whelan7 jam yang lalu


  21. iGemr- قيمر

    iGemr- قيمر7 jam yang lalu

    👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻😂😂😂😂😂😂😂والله طرب

  22. Angel Noel

    Angel Noel7 jam yang lalu

    I just had my world rocked

  23. İdil Çoban

    İdil Çoban7 jam yang lalu

    I love this song

  24. xl

    xl7 jam yang lalu

    at 1:40 He throws a pen / pen, and a pineapple / apple How does he end up with a pen / pineapple in his right hand, and a pen / apple in his left hand ?

  25. Elyse *

    Elyse *8 jam yang lalu

    The more i see this song the more i hate myself

  26. Chiku Gupta

    Chiku Gupta8 jam yang lalu

    I am here just because of jeon jungkook lots of love from India.😍

  27. Krasimir Gigov

    Krasimir Gigov8 jam yang lalu

    Very stupid song.You can some more better.LOSERS!!!!! and TO LIVE BULGARIA

  28. JessicaAndPineapple :3

    JessicaAndPineapple :38 jam yang lalu

    Mum: why are you crying Me:

  29. JessicaAndPineapple :3

    JessicaAndPineapple :38 jam yang lalu

    I like his shoes

  30. Lean Piek

    Lean Piek9 jam yang lalu

    We all came her for a reason we randomly thought of this song lets make this song go viral again

  31. Ares Peverell

    Ares Peverell9 jam yang lalu

    These old memes are coming back!

  32. Dorijan 0608

    Dorijan 06089 jam yang lalu

    No one: My dick in 3 am : 0:58

  33. Wolfgladiator 501

    Wolfgladiator 5019 jam yang lalu

    I feel old........ I legit listened to this back at school and back then it was legit the dopest song to listen with your mates.... what’s life

  34. X

    X9 jam yang lalu


  35. Frank藤原

    Frank藤原9 jam yang lalu

    Quién está aquí por el shiny de Fola?

  36. Z7_NØŤS negao

    Z7_NØŤS negao9 jam yang lalu

    Cade os br em 2019

  37. Dgvxgh Bdbjfjfjcj

    Dgvxgh Bdbjfjfjcj9 jam yang lalu

    I have pen I have island Penisland

  38. Pavel 262009

    Pavel 26200910 jam yang lalu

    Где русские?

  39. Nicolas Kin Otto

    Nicolas Kin Otto10 jam yang lalu


  40. Matrix MSP

    Matrix MSP10 jam yang lalu

    XD kto to wymyślił

  41. Wiz

    Wiz11 jam yang lalu


  42. Mr Boness

    Mr Boness11 jam yang lalu

    video gets 2.5 M likes me: *i love democracy*

  43. Mr Boness

    Mr Boness11 jam yang lalu

    when your maths teacher tries to simplify the problem to you

  44. Diente Roldan

    Diente Roldan12 jam yang lalu

    Me dio mucha risa buen video

  45. LDT7 PRO

    LDT7 PRO12 jam yang lalu

    Où sont-ils les français 🤔

  46. Shakira Maheswari

    Shakira Maheswari12 jam yang lalu


  47. Mandeep Techs

    Mandeep Techs13 jam yang lalu

    Who are Came here through Carryminti..??? It yes then u r legend

  48. serp

    serp13 jam yang lalu

    Почти 4 года прошло, а я всё ещё тут..

  49. Efe Pasaoglu

    Efe Pasaoglu13 jam yang lalu


  50. 리얼팩폭

    리얼팩폭13 jam yang lalu

    조회수 2억9천ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  51. Dzzamb ✔

    Dzzamb ✔13 jam yang lalu


  52. костас мэндилор

    костас мэндилор14 jam yang lalu

    Pen appel

  53. Gamertube 583

    Gamertube 58314 jam yang lalu

    I don't want likes. Just comment.

  54. Oliwier Olkowski

    Oliwier Olkowski14 jam yang lalu


  55. Vitor Fraga

    Vitor Fraga14 jam yang lalu

    Alguém 2019

  56. Kafrilas69

    Kafrilas6914 jam yang lalu


  57. 1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge

    1000 Subs With No Videos Challenge14 jam yang lalu

    *who else just randomly came back*

  58. OWO what's this

    OWO what's this14 jam yang lalu

    This is a repressed memory.

  59. Илюха Hack

    Илюха Hack14 jam yang lalu


  60. OO WON JAE W

    OO WON JAE W14 jam yang lalu

    이게 진짜 붐이였었지....😆

  61. Huy Vương

    Huy Vương14 jam yang lalu