Petco Yellow tang

  • 28 Des 2018
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  1. Big Hogmaster2000

    Big Hogmaster20003 bulan yang lalu

    Please stop fish keeping! Or At least do some research on acclimation. Stop being ignorant and just chucking the fish in the tank, so it can die in a week.

  2. Stevie- TV

    Stevie- TV9 bulan yang lalu

    OMG research the fish you get wtf?! a tang in a 65? a puffer?! wow... no wonder why your fish get sick. you get them from petco and you dont know what you are doing... this is sad as shit.

  3. BlaskeBlisk

    BlaskeBlisk10 bulan yang lalu

    I heard you said your fish get sick. you probobly gotta buy a cleaner shrimp or a cleaner wrasse they clean parasites and other stuff. Go for the cleaner shrimp because theyr easy. and the cleaner wrasse is kinda hard because you need to feed them multiple times a day. Oh and cleaner wrasse are immune to ick.

  4. Wilford Atlas

    Wilford AtlasTahun Yang lalu