Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


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    Glenn Howerton cmon

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    New School Czn on my channel!

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    Love what he did in the end with all of them is he the 1st one to do that?🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

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    Nintendo commercial


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    lol So good!

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    Sorry hold up a minute there @SeanEvans but for once part of your research is wrong! Cadburys is Irish 😏

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    Best episode yet and best guest along with shia

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    Hey! Love the questions you ask! It's refreshing as well as interesting. And not just for this episode, but for most ones. So thanks for the change. ✨

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    Probably in my top 5

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    I’ve been trying to work out how to do a veggie version of the hot wings. Deep fried collie follow.... I like that!

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    That butt photo taking is a skill!

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    “We also have Patrick Mahomes” uhhhhhh sorry to tell u but

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    Paul has just gone up in my book even more for thinking Withnail and I is funny. Me too paul, me too

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    that ending had me in stitches. holy shit

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    Madly in love with Paul Rudd after this interview ❤️❤️ such a humble gentleman

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    Best episode ever Paul killed it, he is number one !!!!!!!!!

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    Everyone prior to Paul Rudd: Hey, I'm not gonna drink. Oh, I'm gonna eat the whole wing maybe. Oh, hey, I'll dab a little extra. Paul Rudd: I WILL EAT THE WHOLE WING I WILL NOT DRINK ANYTHING AND I WILL DO THE LAST DAB USING EVERY SAUCE MIXED IN THEN GO BACK AND DAB MY FINGER IN IT EAT IT THEN PUT IT IN MY EYE! Everyone after Paul Rudd: What's the point?

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    BEST ONE YET 👏👏👏

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    Best one yet

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    "To being sick the rest of the day" lmfao, hell ya Paul

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    Best one yet hard off to both of you 😅

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    17:37 the part you all came for 😂😂😂

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    Never ashamed of my log time man crush on Ol Ruddy! Probably my fav episode!.... And what a gun with the all sauce dab! Thank you!

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    Is it a meatballe or is it a cauliflower, WHO THE EFF KNOWS!

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    Paul, you make this video contain to much hotness for one video. There should be a warning in the intro hehe 😍

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    hong kong is great. but currently on fire

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    I love this guy man :,(

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    By far the best episode

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    By far the best

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    Sean: favorite memory from the music video with Justin Timberlake and Beyonce? Andy Samberg: 😐

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    omg the inspirational music to paul rudd explaining how he makes a butt with his hands in pictures is something i knew knew i wanted yet needed

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    Paul Rudd is soo comfortable with hot sauce even Sean is having trouble with it at the end

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    Wow i watch all the episodios and this one is the BEST..

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    One of the best interviews of Hot ones!

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    He's just Rudd-iculous!

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    Just Love Paul Rudd SO much, his voice is so great, love his humor & Damn good job on those wings!!!!!

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    I wish there was a super like button!

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    Paul Rudd is the men, now I like him even more!! I really enjoyed this interview, it was amazing!!

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    Muskan Bisht7 menit yang lalu guys do watch like nd share the video 😊💜

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    this was the greatest hot ones episode ever. great guest and greatest host ever.

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    I'd be happy to subscribe to my youtube channel for my own how-to videos

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    Kendi nasıl yapılır videolarım için youtube kanalıma abone olursanız mutluluk duyarım

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    YES!!! Go Paul Rudd... fuck Guy Fierri!!! hahaha

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    I really like that he's a 'Withnail & I' fan.

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    Paul Rudd = the whitest guy on the planet...

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    That ending was so wholesome ahaha

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    I knew Paul Rudd was a wholesome dude, and he made this episode the most wholesome episode on this channel!

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    It was so refreshing to see someone with such great character, humility and not try to sell something at the end of the show. He's def a bloody legend. What a great episode all around. =)

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    best date ever

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    First time Sean seemed more affected by the wings than the guest! Well… it was probably the last finger lick haha

  58. Merkkwithamouth

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    Hands downy favorite episode of Hot Ones. Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors. I have never laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Seriously guys. Love this show. I've been considering hosting a "hot ones" party for my new neighborhood I just moved to.

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    Yeah one of my favorite also a favorite actor

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    Music is annoying

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    Paul Rudd is a real dude, great interview Sean

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    I think this is the best one so far. Just two dudes with mutual respect for one another bonding over mutual pain and having a conversation.

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    I freaking love Paul 😊

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    Best episode ever. Hands down

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    WTF. .... interrupted by dam ads 😠