Paul Rudd Does a Historic Dab While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


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    First We FeastBulan Yang lalu


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    Supernatural editHari Yang lalu

    Conan O'Brien. It would be legendary

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    You're a sorry ass loser hosting this social media show😂social media stars are not real celebrities! like this loser on hot wings and he thinks just because his channel is making money and he's meeting real celebrities that he is one but he's not because without social media all these losers would have no existence unlike real celebrities . U guys are just social media stars aka wannabe celebrities! How to be a narcissist bitch like u 2! no self-esteem social media star aka a wannabe celebrity which everybody is pretending to be some artist as they all say😂 literally anybody with a phone can do this. Whether it's the fitness crap, webcam sorry ass girls desperate for quick cash aka wannabe pornstars, cosplayers aka fake nerds, internet models like suicide girls, IDreporterrs or them trying products, etc just all fake celebrities and it's easy as 123. Actually research social media narcissists and females you'll find what I'm saying is true she's just a nobody that's feeling important now cuz social media helped them but without it these people would be nobodies and lose their minds and they still are nobodies but they won't see it that way! Social media stars are wannabe celebrities plain and simple! I don't care how much views and money u make! U guys can even meet (real) celebrities but you're not one of them. The difference between social media stars aka wannabes vs real celebrities, celebrities don't need social media to be who they are and famous they never needed social media really at all or to maintain who they are but without social media none of you would have any existence and if it were to disappear one day you would be back to being nobodies which you guys still are trust me cuz anybody could do this social media fake same crap you all are just a bunch of sorry narcississ losers! and I don't care what anybody says neither on social media everybody just jumps bandwagons or pretends to care about things and promote things but it's just a bunch of crap it's phony like I said stay in touch with the physical not the digital you guys are in delusion this is not reality and I don't care how much quote on quote positivity you guys feel there is it's really just staying behind a screen clicking buttons I don't find that uplifting or anything because social media is too easy habe u all not seen the increase in suicide and stds this decade 2010s?! Social media is the shit answer and there's no excuse for this ad the future where we all know better for it to be like this. It's also sorry asf how webcam girls ruin all the nerd stuff and think they're pornstars when they're not they're just nobody whores sitting behind a laptop and being a pornstar doesn't exist no more social media growing has halted that too lol. You wannabe celebs with your fake"fame" won't go past social media I assure u. Social media is a place for losers to feel important and social delusion. Many obssess, degrade, harm, or live a lie online about themselves yet want to portray it as "positive" Or talk about their problems on social media lol that's not healthy! Narcissism personality disorder + Social media anxiety is a actual diagnosis that many of u do indeed fucking have. Subscribers make your day?!😳😲😆 It's like u can do something good for yourself/others with out showing it off constantly on your social media pathetic! Your job is not show others your living a "life". I'm well aware some can even get rich on here or meet famous people but that doesn't make u a celebrity! "Social media star" is the biggest joke! This isn't healthy for kids n suicide rise is linked to social media. Reality check! It's called stay in touch with life not your device. You don't have real fans its actually mutual fanning of false love + fame.

  5. Troy Tickle

    Troy Tickle11 hari yang lalu

    Im diggin the new intro

  6. Rodney

    Rodney15 hari yang lalu

    What a beautiful human

  7. Rami Vuorinen

    Rami Vuorinen4 jam yang lalu

    Best one yet!

  8. Digital Deathsquid

    Digital Deathsquid5 jam yang lalu

    5:44 If it's any consolation, as a British person, I don't eat Jammie Dodgers either. I don't like them because the jam is far too thinly spread, and it doesn't really taste like jam - more like a Fruit Winder

  9. Rosalie Clark

    Rosalie Clark5 jam yang lalu

    He’s a bad ass wrapped around an awesome all around good guy!!!

  10. Walter Gainer II

    Walter Gainer II5 jam yang lalu

    This has to go down as one of the best interviews ever

  11. Wrangler Dog

    Wrangler Dog6 jam yang lalu

    Paul Rudd is an American hero


    TINA ARABIA7 jam yang lalu

    I cant believe Paul Rudd is 50 , god he only looks 30 max 35

  13. Casey Hoyt

    Casey Hoyt8 jam yang lalu

    Please reach out to Rufus Sewell for an appearance on the show 😍

  14. patrick hobbs

    patrick hobbs8 jam yang lalu


  15. Requim Dream

    Requim Dream10 jam yang lalu

    I can't believe he is almost 90 years old! He looks like 50!

  16. The Rich Effect

    The Rich Effect11 jam yang lalu

    what a legendary run, no water and put all the sauces on the last wing

  17. Danica Dsouza

    Danica Dsouza12 jam yang lalu

    Why would anyone dislike it🤔, I liked the finger🙈👆☝️👅👄

  18. No1important88

    No1important8812 jam yang lalu

    I was waiting for the epic dab the whole time, and never saw a single hit?

  19. Mark Hamil

    Mark Hamil12 jam yang lalu

    Hot sauce death match of the century, Sean Evans v Andre Agassi.

  20. dad_and_mad

    dad_and_mad12 jam yang lalu

    Best one I’ve seen. Love Paul Rudd.

  21. Bassmatrix

    Bassmatrix12 jam yang lalu

    Englishman here, fuck Jammie Dogers. The jam is great, the biscuit is like chalk. Right on with the chocolate digestives though

  22. Anthony Chavez

    Anthony Chavez13 jam yang lalu

    The Bomb one really is truth serum.

  23. Shyam Vasudev

    Shyam Vasudev15 jam yang lalu

    This is THE BEST Hot Ones interview!

  24. Minev

    Minev16 jam yang lalu

    What a wholesome interview, it wasn't even an interview, its just two friends catching up

  25. idesofmars

    idesofmars17 jam yang lalu

    it always seems to be "da bomb" sauce that brings people to their knees

  26. SebastianSux

    SebastianSux17 jam yang lalu

    Dude, I thought they meant a whole other kind of dab when I clicked this shit. slightly disappointed but the Ruddster always makes up for disappointment with his boyish charm, and this man interviewing is a full king. straight up the cutest video I've seen in a mad long time.

  27. Eduardo Correa

    Eduardo Correa18 jam yang lalu

    Paul was probably the best guest

  28. Ian Buchanan

    Ian Buchanan18 jam yang lalu

    I loved this!

  29. JD

    JD18 jam yang lalu

    Wow. It got really stupid at the end. 😂😂😂

  30. Recline187

    Recline18719 jam yang lalu

    Holy shit, Paul Rudd is my new favorite person.

  31. FrenchFried PotatoChip

    FrenchFried PotatoChip20 jam yang lalu

    I really need Paul Rudd to make an IG with all of those Pics using his fingers.

  32. raysmith187

    raysmith18721 jam yang lalu

    Ok this interview is one of the best ones

  33. Joey Lopez

    Joey Lopez23 jam yang lalu

    Paul is hands down an amazing human being. My heart 😂

  34. SaxenAndIKnowIt

    SaxenAndIKnowIt23 jam yang lalu

    Jeff Goldblum for Hot Ones. Let's do it!!!

  35. guacamole6000

    guacamole6000Hari Yang lalu

    Wow he looks so young, can’t believe he’s only 162.

  36. Maya Chad

    Maya ChadHari Yang lalu

    I just absolutely love Paul rud

  37. Celin Barrientos

    Celin BarrientosHari Yang lalu

    Let’s get JORGE GAMEBRED MASVIDAL on here!!!!

  38. Will Leonard

    Will LeonardHari Yang lalu

    Thought Paul was gonna kill Sean with that times ten dab.

  39. Gordon Baird

    Gordon BairdHari Yang lalu

    When given the opportunity to self-plug at 28:25, I was 100% expecting Paul to do the old "Mac and Me" switch-a-roo.

  40. Kicoka Kicoka

    Kicoka KicokaHari Yang lalu

    Bro I was not expecting that last scene I'm at work trying so hard not to laugh XD

  41. elef003

    elef003Hari Yang lalu

    Paul is so damn cool

  42. Ratul Talukdar

    Ratul TalukdarHari Yang lalu

    One of the best interview I've ever seen.

  43. dalton wildes

    dalton wildesHari Yang lalu

    Cauliflower...? What a pussy

  44. MatthiasAI

    MatthiasAIHari Yang lalu

    This was an amazing episode! Woooo... the feelsman... the feels.

  45. Peips

    PeipsHari Yang lalu


  46. PotatoRynn

    PotatoRynnHari Yang lalu

    those last few minutes got weird

  47. Kristan Proudman

    Kristan ProudmanHari Yang lalu

    Best guest you've ever had. What a legend Paul Rudd

  48. Ice Rox Pie

    Ice Rox PieHari Yang lalu

    "This is a celebration, not a commercial" what an absolutely amazing guy

  49. The absolute official No 1. thamylad fan

    The absolute official No 1. thamylad fanHari Yang lalu

    Ya boy is wearing a stoney!

  50. Robert Bailey

    Robert BaileyHari Yang lalu

    Best one so far. Paul seems legit cool.

  51. Yssa Acosta

    Yssa AcostaHari Yang lalu

    I love how he also asked Sean questions!! 💕💕 love you Paul Rudd

  52. Phil Rawson

    Phil RawsonHari Yang lalu

    That was emotional.

  53. Johnny Ke

    Johnny KeHari Yang lalu

    This is like a two friendly dudes hanging out and having a great time, did not sound like a interview at all. So relaxing so chill. Hot ones is growing so much!

  54. se7enBC1

    se7enBC1Hari Yang lalu

    This was great

  55. Julia

    JuliaHari Yang lalu

    Best one yet

  56. Tabitha Russell

    Tabitha RussellHari Yang lalu

    This was awesome!

  57. leslie huerta

    leslie huertaHari Yang lalu

    25:08 is what u came for ☺️



    'This is a celebration, not commercial'.

  59. StephonST

    StephonSTHari Yang lalu

    Surprisingly tame episode of Hot Ones. But let me tell you, I'm taking the Hover Butt photo with me to the grave! Time to practice

  60. Yeyo gaming

    Yeyo gamingHari Yang lalu

    What’s that music or theme called ?

  61. Jn

    JnHari Yang lalu

    9:53 .. what?

  62. Atrilla The Young

    Atrilla The YoungHari Yang lalu

    This one has been my favorite.

  63. Simmy Hein

    Simmy HeinHari Yang lalu

    Please have John Oliver on the show

  64. Madelynn Mesker

    Madelynn MeskerHari Yang lalu

    Paul Rudd is fucking amazing

  65. The Danielnator

    The DanielnatorHari Yang lalu

    One if his favourite movies is WHAT???? WITHALIET EYE???