Paul Geroge EPIC Full Highlights vs Hawks (2019.11.16) - 37 Pts, 6 Threes in 20 Minutes!


  1. Christer Espevoll

    Christer Espevoll21 hari yang lalu

    I guess the 4th quarter was so embarrassing for the Hawks that we are not allowed to watch it to the apocalyptic conclusion ? & Kawhi was at the Spa all day Saturday ?

  2. Tunechi Da GOAT

    Tunechi Da GOAT21 hari yang lalu

    Was PG really injured or was he just load managing? 😂😂😂 Cause from these two games I see no signs of a guy coming off injury 😂😂Straight Balling!!!

  3. y2kenyon

    y2kenyon21 hari yang lalu

    Kawhi & PG pick -n- roll. How the hell do you stop that?

  4. Joel Ventura

    Joel Ventura22 hari yang lalu

    PG is a walking bucket.

  5. OJ Derrick

    OJ Derrick22 hari yang lalu

    I'm really glad pg came back fully healthy, instead of pushing it.

  6. Shane Douglas

    Shane Douglas22 hari yang lalu

    Paul George: "I'm back!"

  7. wrightterence680

    wrightterence68022 hari yang lalu

    PG-13 is back baby!!

  8. Stephen Multiverse

    Stephen Multiverse22 hari yang lalu

    PG is looking like a better fit for the Clippers than Kawhi Leonard right now. if only he could’ve played like this on the thunder..

  9. y2kenyon

    y2kenyon21 hari yang lalu

    what it shows is that it takes more than awesome 30+ games to be a champion. Hence Kawhi is King O Da Court.

  10. Mr Davs

    Mr Davs22 hari yang lalu

    He did play that way for the thunder. He was an MVP candidate last season. You guys on IDreporter have short memories either that you didn't see him play last season. lol

  11. 213

    21322 hari yang lalu

    150 pts from the Clippers could be common when they have the greatest scoring quartet in NBA history. Then they still have Bev, Shamet, Zu, JMac, Harkless, JRob, McGruder, Patterson, TMann, and Kabengele all chipping in.

  12. Mr Davs

    Mr Davs22 hari yang lalu

    LOL Stop it. You're the prisoner of the moment type of guy I can tell lol

  13. Tea Hoodie

    Tea Hoodie22 hari yang lalu

    I personally think pg Is better than kawhi

  14. Tea Hoodie

    Tea Hoodie22 hari yang lalu

    He definitely ain’t stop working on his game even during injury

  15. John Doe

    John Doe22 hari yang lalu

    PG is the best two way player in the game and better than Kawhi, if you know basketball you would agree... Don't @ me just go check the numbers and the tape 😁

  16. y2kenyon

    y2kenyon21 hari yang lalu

    @John Doe you're an idiot. We all saw the playoffs last year. Kawhi led his team and won. We all saw a spurs Kawhi shut down LeBron in the Finals which earned Kawhi Finals MVP. You check the numbers and the tape.

  17. tom11zz884

    tom11zz88422 hari yang lalu

    Those strippers must be treat Paul George

  18. Scrap lover

    Scrap lover22 hari yang lalu

    PG13 made history with 37 points in 20 minutes 💪🏽.

  19. Prince Wu

    Prince Wu22 hari yang lalu

    1 of the best players my 2nd favorite player under Lebron George smooth asf true hooper

  20. Shawn Bass

    Shawn Bass22 hari yang lalu

    Why can't we see pg and the klaw on the floor at the same time ? I don't give a crap about some load management and if the klaws knees are really messed up that bad maybe he should retire before he ends up in a wheelchair when he's in his late 40s

  21. y2kenyon

    y2kenyon21 hari yang lalu

    but I dont think that they are that messed up yet. I think that they are managing it like they said so it won't get to that point.

  22. y2kenyon

    y2kenyon21 hari yang lalu

    oh no. am i going to be in a wheelchair in my late 40's?

  23. nikeloom

    nikeloom22 hari yang lalu

    G E R O G E

  24. Edwin Sanchez

    Edwin Sanchez22 hari yang lalu


  25. Chris Dog

    Chris Dog22 hari yang lalu

    PG-13 making it look to easy, but I wanna see him and Kawhi on the floor soon!! 😎😈

  26. immasoxfanbaby

    immasoxfanbaby22 hari yang lalu

    And kawhi load manage on the bench sipping cocktails. Clippers are dangerous with george playing

  27. Darnell Carroll

    Darnell Carroll22 hari yang lalu

    This some my career shit !! Lol 😂😂

  28. Anthony Rodriguez

    Anthony Rodriguez22 hari yang lalu

    Tbh I think Doc is trying his best Patriots impersonation by playing around with this lineup and these “injuries”. He’s obviously taking a page from Coach Pop on how to play the league. San Antonio basically created Load management with Duncan, Manu, and Parker. What it do babyyyyy 🔵🔴🏆🏆🏆

  29. Ahmad Lang

    Ahmad Lang22 hari yang lalu

    2k should fix his jump shot and player rating after this 👌🏾

  30. imoja Beats

    imoja Beats22 hari yang lalu

    That man miss EVERYTHING in my career :(

  31. Saint Aubyn TFG

    Saint Aubyn TFG22 hari yang lalu

    So I guess PG is healthy lol


    ELVIS SHANKLIN22 hari yang lalu yall worried about the clippers...I wonder why? lmaooooo, where was this fear last year, I got 2 reasons they gone be good this year

  33. Steven Haynes

    Steven Haynes22 hari yang lalu

    The Nas of the NBA is back smooth criminal

  34. Derek Hernandez

    Derek Hernandez22 hari yang lalu

    It’s all fun until he doesn’t show up in the playoffs

  35. Blue Red

    Blue Red22 hari yang lalu

    @Derek Hernandez KD couldn't even win with WB & PG was injured both times.

  36. Derek Hernandez

    Derek Hernandez22 hari yang lalu

    Blue Red Utah Jazz we’re better than OkC? Portland was better than okc?? I don’t think so , he hardly showed up , let joe ingles become his dad

  37. Blue Red

    Blue Red22 hari yang lalu

    He's always produced, opponents just had the better teams.

  38. Derek Hernandez

    Derek Hernandez22 hari yang lalu

    Michael Jones Just used to it.always let me down.

  39. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones22 hari yang lalu


  40. Erick Gonzalez

    Erick Gonzalez22 hari yang lalu

    Welcome pg13 now Kawaii dont need to work to hard to win it is time to take a rematch against LEBRON now that you have a better team than back then in Indiana.

  41. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy22 hari yang lalu


  42. GrandMasta Grimm

    GrandMasta Grimm22 hari yang lalu

    Paul George 37pts In 20min Harden: Hold my beer 49pts on 16-41 FG 😂

  43. John apple

    John apple22 hari yang lalu

    I wonder how much he’d have had if he played 40 mins ? 🤨🤔

  44. Curtis 23

    Curtis 2322 hari yang lalu

    Yes, he's back. But he's gonna be even more dangerous now because he's with a team that play the right way.

  45. Myron Jr

    Myron Jr22 hari yang lalu

    PG, "I'ma just average 40 points until Kawhi gets back"

  46. Earthssignnn Gamer

    Earthssignnn Gamer22 hari yang lalu

    But when ad did that to Memphis “it’s just one game”

  47. Rick James

    Rick James22 hari yang lalu

    Wait till playoffs “playoff p” lol

  48. Rawest

    Rawest22 hari yang lalu

    pg actually had like 35 points in 16 minutes its insane

  49. Jamal Gill

    Jamal Gill22 hari yang lalu

    And Kawhi is on this team. Wow

  50. kitch tango

    kitch tango22 hari yang lalu

    The Clippers bench pushed the lead to 50. That was the scary part.

  51. cris clay

    cris clay22 hari yang lalu

    Imagine if he never got injured

  52. Kesly

    Kesly22 hari yang lalu

    I been sayin he gonna end up being better than kawhi this season