Pageant Mum Gives Daughter Tapeworms So She Would Lose Weight! | Untold Stories Of The ER


  1. Paula Chanthakhoun

    Paula Chanthakhoun11 menit yang lalu

    In real life, the nurse would not act disgusted or grossed out to see the tape worms bc it's unprofessional but it was so funny seeing it here 😂

  2. G Peters

    G Peters24 menit yang lalu


  3. Charlie Kavanagh

    Charlie Kavanagh25 menit yang lalu

    OMG anther drama mama

  4. Ashliegh jo

    Ashliegh jo26 menit yang lalu

    this would be more realistic if their acting was better

  5. Jennifer Vera

    Jennifer Vera42 menit yang lalu

    *-Who names their child TAFFY?!!??-*

  6. please thank you

    please thank you55 menit yang lalu

    Thumbs down for the acting.

  7. Nina Bradley

    Nina BradleyJam Yang lalu


  8. Chippy Cups

    Chippy CupsJam Yang lalu

    She sounds like a fake dolly parton

  9. Ida Elmedal

    Ida ElmedalJam Yang lalu

    I’ve seen a video on one of those channels where they animate stories, where this thing happens 🤔

  10. Kitten Meows! Starlight cats

    Kitten Meows! Starlight catsJam Yang lalu

    I think this is a really story... being on ACTUALLY HAPPENED I think I heard a story like this?

  11. Idayia Bredell

    Idayia BredellJam Yang lalu

    Wow I never knew tapeworms were real

  12. Alejandro Mejia

    Alejandro MejiaJam Yang lalu

    The women is drunk

  13. Anna Cassie

    Anna CassieJam Yang lalu

    Running up the bill. I am so glad we have free health care in England!

  14. Phuie Buie

    Phuie BuieJam Yang lalu

    This show is faker than my lace front from eBay!?!?

  15. Kacy Nguyen

    Kacy NguyenJam Yang lalu

    Stanley is a whole mood😂

  16. maribel ojeda

    maribel ojedaJam Yang lalu

    Why do u say mum it is mom

  17. Briana Hooper

    Briana HooperJam Yang lalu

    And that's when someone needed to call CPS...

  18. cyleah borbon

    cyleah borbon2 jam yang lalu

    did you asked the real person who owns this story? this is a 100% true story i saw it from animation channel sharing they're story and again the acting was horrible.

  19. Puppy Cake

    Puppy Cake2 jam yang lalu

    Who else is here from my story animated?

  20. Amanda Lukasavige

    Amanda Lukasavige2 jam yang lalu

    Her name is Taffy. Who names their child Taffy?

  21. Melody Barajas Barajas

    Melody Barajas Barajas2 jam yang lalu

    I like how in the tab that says “is it inappropriate for the mother to flirt?” All the answers are just, Yes Yes Yes Yes

  22. Diezel Prim

    Diezel Prim2 jam yang lalu

    This girl was twelve when this happened

  23. Zoey Kuddes

    Zoey Kuddes2 jam yang lalu

    i thought she was pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️

  24. AndrewPlayz

    AndrewPlayz2 jam yang lalu

    3:31 pause before going to this

  25. Sleepy Panda

    Sleepy Panda2 jam yang lalu

    I feel bad for the girl :c

  26. bxbý əňýå

    bxbý əňýå2 jam yang lalu

    I saw this on actually happened lol

  27. Noah Wetzel

    Noah Wetzel3 jam yang lalu

    The mom would be great on Dr. Phil.

  28. Austin Davis

    Austin Davis3 jam yang lalu

    3:22 how deep is that guys voice

  29. Amy McBride

    Amy McBride3 jam yang lalu

    What is this show? I've never really watched TLC so I don't know if this type of content is typical. All I can say is, WOW! Terrible acting. I don't even understand why they're trying to add in the one-on-one interviews-as if it's reality TV. Even if this story may be true, the production quality makes me believe that all of this is fake.

  30. Katie Unicorn

    Katie Unicorn3 jam yang lalu

    This is the story from Actually Happened!!!

  31. EarthenWitch

    EarthenWitch3 jam yang lalu

    “You gave her tApewERMS??!!!!”

  32. Melis Maral

    Melis Maral3 jam yang lalu

    This story is animated too

  33. Art Goodman

    Art Goodman3 jam yang lalu

    Ha so fake

  34. Jonny Nguyen

    Jonny Nguyen4 jam yang lalu

    4:12 A witch nose maybe?

  35. Yoursavage bitch

    Yoursavage bitch4 jam yang lalu

    Wait i saw this like a animated story 👍🏼

  36. The Kool Kidz

    The Kool Kidz4 jam yang lalu

    Looks at title* “ pagent mom gives daughter tapeworms” looks at the word pageant* IT LOOKS LIKE THE WORD PREGNANT LOL 😂

  37. Incognito Account

    Incognito Account4 jam yang lalu

    The nurse is Filipino. Gosh darn it

  38. R Fields

    R Fields4 jam yang lalu

    Wtf is this?

  39. Karla Medina

    Karla Medina4 jam yang lalu

    This was in a animation channel!

  40. greatdiamond555

    greatdiamond5555 jam yang lalu

    r/entitled parents

  41. Esther Mang

    Esther Mang5 jam yang lalu

    Same story ... from actually happened 😏

  42. Joseph Galsworthy

    Joseph Galsworthy5 jam yang lalu

    Entitled mom be like

  43. I am Potato

    I am Potato5 jam yang lalu

    That mom is coco

  44. Joseph Qiao

    Joseph Qiao5 jam yang lalu

    This is definitely a skit

  45. cognitive_player

    cognitive_player6 jam yang lalu

    Awww I really wanted to see those tapeworms

  46. Rochell Rochell

    Rochell Rochell6 jam yang lalu

    This is just ewwwwwww!

  47. Nikola Western

    Nikola Western7 jam yang lalu

    I just wanna know the story but I'm in constant cringe 😂😂😂

  48. mexican D3_1a_R0sa

    mexican D3_1a_R0sa7 jam yang lalu

    So fake

  49. ψ ṁḀẏḀ_Ḋ_ṏṆḶẏ ψ

    ψ ṁḀẏḀ_Ḋ_ṏṆḶẏ ψ7 jam yang lalu

    The mama accent tho😂😁

  50. Caitlin Chapa

    Caitlin Chapa8 jam yang lalu

    I remember this but I seen the animated version