Overwhelmed by Choice


  1. AddieKatMeow

    AddieKatMeow27 menit yang lalu

    Would just like to say that Father Brown is actully a really good show and the priest is played by the dude who play Mr. Weasly.

  2. Queen_Zelda

    Queen_ZeldaJam Yang lalu

    Father Brown is pretty good tho

  3. Hannah Donaghey

    Hannah Donaghey2 jam yang lalu

    The sushi bit is too relatable

  4. lovelyxlumps

    lovelyxlumps2 jam yang lalu


  5. Patrick Sainvil

    Patrick Sainvil3 jam yang lalu

    When I'm overwhelmed by choice with Netflix I end up watching Friends or The Office. I don't know what Netflix will do when they get removed.

  6. Fræ

    Fræ4 jam yang lalu

    ask for Omakase (chef's choice) at a sushi restaurant

  7. Chichi Laco

    Chichi Laco8 jam yang lalu

    That's why I only watch IDreporter. 😇

  8. martha k

    martha k10 jam yang lalu

    Can u talk about how bad prank encounters was? Thanks

  9. rgMafi

    rgMafi11 jam yang lalu

    I love Jeff Dunham :(

  10. HBDeus #

    HBDeus #12 jam yang lalu

    Recommender Systems. The Netflix Challenge. Maybe look it up. :)

  11. Jewel

    Jewel13 jam yang lalu

    Honestly, the only solid content that Netflix consistently produce are their documentaries.

  12. ellie

    ellie15 jam yang lalu

    Netflix has 5000+ movies and shows and yet half the time they don't have the one I'm specifically looking for

  13. Hades7

    Hades718 jam yang lalu

    I get what you mean. I remember when lost (and many other shows? Was airing and they would release a new episode every week. It was a nice feeling bcs you had something to look forward. But now it just feel the same, unless a show rly gets me hooked which is rare. And plus watching cable show and movies allows you to discover gems you probably wouldnt have watched on netflix.


    SUNYAZI18 jam yang lalu

    m8 father brown is lit

  15. walkingcarol

    walkingcarol20 jam yang lalu

    By now I am only using amazon prime. Yeah you don't have that many movies and series' but if you really want see one then you buy it and it's not this time consuming mindless watching. The amazon originals recently had have also really high quality and I'm excited for the lord of the rings series! Netflix has become an occasion for me. Like I'm only watching it once a year for stranger things or queer eye but nothing more...

  16. sean malczewski

    sean malczewski21 jam yang lalu

    Read a book.

  17. Mariya Baileys

    Mariya Baileys22 jam yang lalu

    I had RE watched The Office 6 times because of Netflix overwhelmed

  18. Mariya Baileys

    Mariya Baileys22 jam yang lalu

    Yesss completely agree!!!!

  19. Jessica Prado Hanson

    Jessica Prado Hanson22 jam yang lalu

    I am a homebound person that makes youtube videos.... because I edit video and am home all the time I watch a lot while stuff renders. I was thinking about making videos about what I watch since even I will take an hour or so to go through and find something. The difference is someone like me that can't leave the house when I want has the time lol. Your video made me think about doing something. Maybe medium articles or something. IDK anyone reading, would you want this? What would you want? Overall I make videos sharing the truth of my life and how I cope with severe abuse that led to brain damage that developed into multiple sclerosis, watching good content is a great way to cope with life so it totally fits but I never took the thought seriously before I watched this since I didn't realize people might legit find this an issue. Thanks for the insight and I just subbed :)

  20. Vinny Darnell

    Vinny Darnell22 jam yang lalu

    😂😂😂glad I’m not the only one that just says “fuck it, family feud it is” lol

  21. J M

    J M22 jam yang lalu

    Anyone notice he’s stealing kurtis’s swag


    ÏŞHTĀÄŘ23 jam yang lalu

    Oh, hi guy!

  23. zeradordeyoutube

    zeradordeyoutubeHari Yang lalu

    They block accounts that use vpn

  24. Steven Connors

    Steven ConnorsHari Yang lalu

    How dare you slander Christmas chronicles

  25. Monsta22

    Monsta22Hari Yang lalu

    Hey Drew. I'm a 23 year old viewer from the Philippines and its been yesterday since I discovered and binged your videos! So far, I like your content! 😁 Coming across this one and you mentioned "analysis paralysis" which gave me a whole new light. You see, I also have this extreme indecisiveness when I am overwhelmed with options as you have demonstrated and it has become a great cancer to me when I make life decisions. I was so happy to know that I wasn't the only one! 😅 Its a hard battle to overcome the paralysis but I am working hard to make better choices too. Wishing you all the best guy! Keep it up! 🎉 Dont fall asleep while recording okay? 😂

  26. Altus Talent

    Altus TalentHari Yang lalu

    I have this experience with my IDreporter homepage. Lol Scrolling endlessly for an eloquent distraction but only willing to discern qualitative entertainment through a thumbnail and the short clip that follows, until you come across a guy named Drew who looks remarkably like Barry Pepper.

  27. Saul F

    Saul FHari Yang lalu

    I love watching Hulu on Netflix

  28. Chaise Treadway

    Chaise TreadwayHari Yang lalu

    i relate to this video on a spiritual level

  29. Evelyn Orta

    Evelyn OrtaHari Yang lalu

    Wow I didn't know there are some people who struggle with this kind of problem.... I'm glad I don't experience that. I love Netflix and the variety of tv shows and movies it has :))

  30. Karl Marxx

    Karl MarxxHari Yang lalu

    crazy that you and your landlord have the same shirt on. i;m sure someone else commented on this but i dont have time to sift through 7000 'ments, yet i have time for this. go figure

  31. TheKingeric11

    TheKingeric11Hari Yang lalu

    Just like Arby’s and Cheesecake Factory

  32. GaRyan R

    GaRyan RHari Yang lalu

    i am like many others in the world that are simply so in love with you !!! Sad as that may be.....but wow....we all need you at our homes to help us decide on what ice cream to get.

  33. Mason August

    Mason AugustHari Yang lalu

    ok but netflix has shrek the musical

  34. Mason August

    Mason AugustHari Yang lalu

    so tell me why after a half an hour scrolling I always go back to rewatching the office

  35. sam

    samHari Yang lalu

    wat do u mean u dont lyk star trek the next generation?

  36. 188emp

    188empHari Yang lalu

    What... what the heck was that skit omfg

  37. WhiteBreadCrumb

    WhiteBreadCrumbHari Yang lalu

    I feel personally attacked by this video

  38. Dominick De Lise

    Dominick De LiseHari Yang lalu

    I see that contortionist record up there on your shelf, nice.

  39. Equal Judgement

    Equal JudgementHari Yang lalu

    Am i the only one who have this with videogames ? Steam library open, all those games but cant choose what to play , end up doing nothing at the end :/

  40. missjulia

    missjuliaHari Yang lalu

    There’s a cafe near me that’s called cafe 107 because they have.. 107 items on the menu... i feel this