1. Landen True

    Landen True3 jam yang lalu

    I like the person that had 50$I love their fort i would do that

  2. Nancy Kavallierakis

    Nancy Kavallierakis3 jam yang lalu

    I loved all your forts

  3. Meriam Rouel

    Meriam Rouel5 jam yang lalu


  4. The bidboy

    The bidboy6 jam yang lalu


  5. Anam Awan

    Anam Awan6 jam yang lalu

    I just realized that the cat stole Rickys snacks lol

  6. Anthony Agnesi

    Anthony Agnesi19 jam yang lalu

    Speaking of protein

  7. Phoenix Taylor

    Phoenix Taylor22 jam yang lalu

    My favrite is Andrews

  8. Augustus Kleinfeldt

    Augustus Kleinfeldt23 jam yang lalu

    Was there a fridge for the milk and meat and other food

  9. chrisnmaks

    chrisnmaksHari Yang lalu

    I like all of your tents lol hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. Christopher Roziles

    Christopher RozilesHari Yang lalu

    Can you do a 24 hour in a car

  11. Sharlene Jones

    Sharlene JonesHari Yang lalu

    I feel so bad for that cat

  12. wolfry Lazer

    wolfry LazerHari Yang lalu

    You are the best can you give me one your Murch Murch

  13. Nicole Dunkailo

    Nicole DunkailoHari Yang lalu

    I like the super secret sneaky snacks suite

  14. Ricardo Rangel

    Ricardo RangelHari Yang lalu

    I like Andrews

  15. I hex I

    I hex IHari Yang lalu

    I like the way that most of the food is supposed to be refrigerated as soon as possible

  16. TJM 4321

    TJM 43212 hari yang lalu

    follow me on soundcloud my name is lil sistro kiddd

  17. Jaimie Howell

    Jaimie Howell2 hari yang lalu


  18. Talon Fight Gear

    Talon Fight Gear2 hari yang lalu

    uhh baby like if u see it lol 409

  19. Noah days 72

    Noah days 722 hari yang lalu

    Never dig a hole and sleep in it. It could have rain and u heve been sleeping in water i like makshift tent because he basically had nothing

  20. Blue Steel

    Blue Steel2 hari yang lalu

    Cool why does Andrew always get a little number

  21. Jalen crystal

    Jalen crystal2 hari yang lalu

    How come you where so mean to the cats?

  22. David Smith

    David Smith2 hari yang lalu

    Andrew had the best set up

  23. Kylie Austin

    Kylie Austin2 hari yang lalu

    my B day was 3 days after this was posted.


    T3MP_MARK TOORAW2 hari yang lalu

    Why is there alot of cats😂😂

  25. Ashley Elliott

    Ashley Elliott3 hari yang lalu

    This is so funny I pead my pants

  26. nyctrykid

    nyctrykid3 hari yang lalu

    18:30 he farts

  27. Michelle Holloway

    Michelle Holloway3 hari yang lalu

    Ravenpaw and barely, what are you doing messing with their tents?

  28. Ryderness Central

    Ryderness Central3 hari yang lalu

    Who’s cat is that

  29. Deanna DeTraz

    Deanna DeTraz3 hari yang lalu

    I LOVE YOURS 😁 $50 is sooooooooo hard 😦

  30. juan aracena

    juan aracena3 hari yang lalu

    I love pickles Justin 2019

  31. The fallen Zodiac

    The fallen Zodiac3 hari yang lalu

    When he called the tent the barely standing i died from laughter and than saw that cat rip the tent line that was connected to the tent

  32. crazy puppet guy

    crazy puppet guy3 hari yang lalu

    Do you want to do a collaboration with me I live in Colorado too

  33. Pineapples For Life

    Pineapples For Life3 hari yang lalu

    The grave site

  34. Melissa Moore

    Melissa Moore3 hari yang lalu

    Why baby’s

  35. Matthew's Music

    Matthew's Music3 hari yang lalu

    where is ur wearhouse

  36. Al7ammadi

    Al7ammadi3 hari yang lalu

    Gets 500 dollars Uses 25 dollars for the “tent” And the rest on food

  37. Keegan Gallo

    Keegan Gallo3 hari yang lalu

    12:43 - 13:00 his friends laughing sounds like a bunch of turkeys 😂

  38. J Karma

    J Karma3 hari yang lalu

    to soz

  39. J Karma

    J Karma3 hari yang lalu

    why do they always say boys girls watch this too

  40. MicGAMING

    MicGAMING3 hari yang lalu

    4:09 That Baby Gonna Score Some Shoots

  41. Bubucorn 07

    Bubucorn 073 hari yang lalu


  42. Ldog Darebel

    Ldog Darebel3 hari yang lalu

    The cats were funnier than the video btw whose cats were thos

  43. emrebarzilay

    emrebarzilay3 hari yang lalu


  44. Jay the Goat

    Jay the Goat3 hari yang lalu

    I miss the old forts to

  45. Im_the_ Devils_god

    Im_the_ Devils_god4 hari yang lalu

    SDMN wanna bes??

  46. angel vivero

    angel vivero4 hari yang lalu

    i like andrws the most

  47. Chloe Navage

    Chloe Navage4 hari yang lalu

    why did you kick the cat out all he needed was a warm home whyyyy :(

  48. hut pohteta

    hut pohteta4 hari yang lalu

    I'm from village and, when I am watching how you guys starting a fire..... I need to cry

  49. Noah Lim

    Noah Lim4 hari yang lalu

    8:24 How do you get WiFi in the middle of the forest. Coincidence I think not

  50. Ciphha

    Ciphha2 hari yang lalu

    Noah Lim he has data

  51. Sickniall 27

    Sickniall 274 hari yang lalu


  52. Colton Griffin

    Colton Griffin4 hari yang lalu

    The best is Justin’s

  53. etta Creed

    etta Creed4 hari yang lalu

    Wait... what about the dollar store???

  54. Mason Miller

    Mason Miller4 hari yang lalu

    Really not bad

  55. Mary Scott

    Mary Scott4 hari yang lalu

    Before they went to the store l was looking at the little kids in the background

  56. bigjcoo Williams

    bigjcoo Williams4 hari yang lalu

    yay you are the best

  57. Shanon Clark

    Shanon Clark4 hari yang lalu

    I like it ;)

  58. Champaben Mistry

    Champaben Mistry4 hari yang lalu

    Paul is coping

  59. Ultitech Gamer

    Ultitech Gamer4 hari yang lalu

    8:44 The guy on that picture kinda looks like Unspeakable.

  60. Jin Lee

    Jin Lee4 hari yang lalu


  61. Tara Lee

    Tara Lee4 hari yang lalu