Oven Fries - CRISPIER Than Deep-Fried


  1. Adam Ragusea

    Adam Ragusea7 bulan yang lalu

    Q: What do you mean you devised this recipe? I've seen this before. A: Cool! I haven't seen another recipe that applies the par-boiled roastie technique to a fry shape, but I'm not at all surprised to hear that others exist. There's nothing new under the sun. But I did work out the particulars of this one on my own. Totally possible I just reinvented the wheel. Still good fries, though! Q: Have you thought about adding baking soda to the water to make the outside more crispy? A: No, but I'm intrigued. Alkalinity helps with browning. I will say, however, that I'm not sure I would want to accelerate the browning process on these. The interior needs a long cooking time in order to get really soft and fluffy, and I wouldn't want the exterior to get overly brown while I'm cooking the interior. Really dark brown on these tastes burned. Q: Have you thought about roughing up the fries a bit before they go in the oven to get more fluffy exterior that'll go crisp in oil? A: That works great with a more conventional roast potato shape, but these long thin shapes are really delicate when they first go in the roasting tray. That little shake I give them is about all the trauma they can take at that stage. Q: What's up with that thumbnail? A: I thought it was funny and intriguing! (And yeah, maybe I thought it could draw the ASMR crowd...) Q: Have you thought about using a slotted pan? A: I'm intrigued, but would't the oil drip out the bottom? We need that oil. Q: What's up with you having ads now? A: A man has to make a living for his family. Also, Squarespace really is good. squarespace.com/ragusea Q: What's up with two ad breaks per video? A: The particular format of the ads is negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the sponsor. You'll see a different format in next week's recipe. Personally, I like this format, because it discloses the sponsorship arrangement right off the bat, but then gives you some more content before you get to the main ad body. Q: Why was your first talking-head shot out of focus? A: I shoot by myself, and the talking-head shots are tough. I had my camera on face-tracking autofocus, I could see on the monitor that it had zero'd in on my face, but it's not possible for me to see on a tiny monitor halfway across the room if the shot really is in focus. Between this and my day job, I really don't have time to go back and fix stuff unless it's a real disaster. I'm learning every video, though, and I think it'll all keep getting better. The entire reason I started making cooking videos in the first place was to work on my video skills. I'm still pretty new to the medium. Q: Why were some of your shots over-exposed? A: I'm still really struggling with how to light and expose for white ingredients. I'm working on it. Everything looks overexposed on the cheap field monitor I'm using, so that's no help. I've tried using the level meter, but the black table and the white plates just seem to throw it off.

  2. Oivvio Polite

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    @Alexandra I think it's italian.

  3. elcidbob

    elcidbob12 hari yang lalu

    Expose for a middle gray, not white. The "whites" of most foods shouldn't get blown out as long as your camera has decent dynamic range. Also, make sure you're using soft light (cheap way is put some white paper over your light).

  4. Pixel Bytes

    Pixel Bytes14 hari yang lalu

    hey adam can you please not include unexpected chewing noises? Some people find that very disturbing and uncomfortable

  5. Katherine Door

    Katherine Door20 hari yang lalu

    I love these Q&A sections, thank you for putting in the effort!

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    @Maciej - whats that meant to mean?

  7. C W

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    I love how fucking mad he is about deep-fried fries.

  8. saudade2100

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    I assume those are Russet potatoes. Does this work with other types, say Red or Yukon?

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    We all are brothers and sisters 😘2 jam yang lalu

    Subscribe to my channel alsho 😭😭😭😭😭😒

  10. EggyRepublic

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    "nobody eats just fries" America: excuse me what the fuck

  11. Ben Grogan

    Ben Grogan3 jam yang lalu

    Can these be made with sweet potatoes??

  12. Josiah Llanos

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    No one eat a plate of fries by it's self. Expect Canadians. Well I'm not Canadians and I do that almost every week

  13. Teddles Peddles

    Teddles Peddles6 jam yang lalu

    This the method I used for many years with one exception, I never use olive oil instead use duck fat which adds really good flavor!!!! 🦂

  14. FZ B6

    FZ B67 jam yang lalu

    As a Dutch person I consider this blasphemy. Fries should never be this crunchy. You overbaked them and ended up with crunchy dry oily fries. Fries should have a crunchy exterior but a soft center. And we do eat fries as a meal not just as a side dish.

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    As soon as he crunched the fries into the microphone I turned it off.

  17. That One Guy • 9 years ago

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    "Because nobody just eats a plate of fries" Hehe, yeeeeaaaaa

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    ASMRagusea at 6:26

  19. P R O D . J P S M

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    Wtf , idk why anyone shud try this ? , It takes too much time , it still uses oil and its thicc as fuck . Who the fuck wants to eat this shit

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    Mmmm asmr

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    you look like markiplier on your thumbnail. and when I pressed the video, I thought I heard markiplier talking lol

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    "Nobody just eats a plate of fries" *cries in American*

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    Crunch test into the mic was fucking disgusting.

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    who else still waiting for the poutine video

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    How does this man not have 1 million subs :o

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    The more burnt the more crispyer

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    British fries over French fries lol

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    There is a bit Video in your product placement

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    Oh... so chips. I can buy those in gas station.

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    Adam: who makes the best fries, the Brits! Me: *laughs in crumpet*

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    Stop with the " nobody hits eats a plate of fries" so cliche and annoying lol

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    "You have to think like a Brit" Me: *makes fries leave the European union*

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    ThatWasABlessin Brexit means brexit

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    Why I season my oil with potatoes.

  35. joe the noob

    joe the noob2 hari yang lalu

    Why I season my potato peeler not my fries..

  36. RavenQuirk

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    I just made these and they were fantastic thanks Adam

  37. Sean Butterfield

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    Please show me how to make poutine with shit I can find at Safeway. I can't find cheese curds to save my life.

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    i tried it i swear to make those i made shit

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    I dared too much

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    One time I went to a restaurant, having the "best fish and chips" in the place(I forgot if it's London, or Britain it is best in) But though their fish was nice and fresh and juicy, the chips were like overlooked boiled potatoes, creamy, but no crunch, the skin was almost leathery....

  41. Johnathan Franklin

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    Bruh who w8’s In 70 min fries serious looks good af only on a day when I’m not doing shit thanx for the recipient is totally not the way to go 24/7 sorry 😐

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    oh, never-mind my last comment, i get it now you just burn them to a crisp. cool

  43. TickingClock24

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    micah pacileo 1. instead of posting a second comment disregarding your first, just delete the first. 2. he doesn’t burn them to a crisp. they don’t taste burnt.

  44. micah pacileo

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    this is fucking stupid. delete this please.

  45. Owen Russell

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    Well I already am British so don't need to try to think like a brit because I am one

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    not the brits

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    This was amazing thank you very much!

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    He's like a low budget version of Markiplier, but eats food.

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    French Ovens

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    Ah yes, Britians is all about that crunchy life.

  51. yashia96

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    What happens if we dont boil it first?

  52. TickingClock24

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    yashia96 the inside won’t have the same texture. boiling and baking provides a pleasant outside and inside.

  53. yashia96

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    Is it just me or is the appearance slightly burnt?

  54. yashia96

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    @JG Ballard Yes I recommend baking it for 30 minutes.

  55. JG Ballard

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    You clearly didn't watch the video. 4:40

  56. Rick

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    I am using this method but with an air fryer instead.

  57. Trashy Gamer

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    An exceptionally long and ridiculous way to cook fries without deep frying. Forget boiling. Peel, cut to shape, throw in a plastic bag, put some oil in, shake the bag until everything is coated, some kosher salt, some pepper, shake, oven at 350 F put on parchment paper, bake 10 mins, flip, bake 10 mins flip, wash rinse repeat until level of crispness. This video is idiotic. We have been cooking potatoes for thousands of years and this guy is a complete dumbass. Think people! Think this isn't complicated.

  58. TickingClock24

    TickingClock24Hari Yang lalu

    Trashy Gamer what? how is this long? there are like 4 steps. you boil them, bake them in oil, move the fries a bit, then bake again.

  59. Daniel Jones

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    If you overcooked the fries remake the video SMH!! Not getting my like

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    Please for the love of god never eat into the mic again it squicks me out so bad

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    3:25 *USA would like to know your location*


    ENRAG3ED OOF3 hari yang lalu

    Nah that shit is way to burnt

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    ENRAG3ED OOF have you never seen anything burned before? Because it seems like you’re just guessing


    ENRAG3ED OOF3 hari yang lalu

    Uncouth Rapscallion yes

  65. Uncouth Rapscallion

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    ENRAG3ED OOF ... no

  66. clayvision

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    So, ive made these a few times and they are very good, but if you make them, id advise salting the water youre boiling them in, makes the interior of the fries just a little bit more flavorful i also love the burnt bits so i cook them extra long and olive oil is much better than a neutral oil for this recipe in my experience. Ive also found them to be crispy for hours, not just minutes after cooking.

  67. Khiro sans

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    You see people from the you uk call "fries" chips

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    I’m Canadian and I love poo tine

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    make a asmr

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    Looks good, but I see a nice plate of fries for me. What about the other 3 people?

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    These are so greasy.. :/

  72. TickingClock24

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    Anime did you see the part where he out the fries in a towel to get rid of excess oil? yeah, do that.

  73. chemical mike

    chemical mike4 hari yang lalu

    3:22 Aside from suggesting peanut oil for a traditional British chip, this guy is on point. (suggestion;try Beef fat(lard) instead.) But hey, if it works good , then why not try something else? :D

  74. Djasko M

    Djasko M4 hari yang lalu

    Boiling Method works also for deepfrying afterwards. Just make sure to dry em before dumping em in th oil

  75. Joshua Bennett

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    Just from the picture and the title this is the most pretentious sounding thing of all time