Ori Spado on Haitian Jack Sleeping on His Couch for 1 Year, Calls Jack a Rat (Part 7)


  1. Armondo Hicks

    Armondo Hicks12 jam yang lalu

    Good looking boy 🍆😻🤣

  2. Will Ross

    Will Ross9 hari yang lalu

    Does ratting our rats make you a rat???

  3. K

    K11 hari yang lalu

    Daz a idiot

  4. iamchinogreen

    iamchinogreen12 hari yang lalu

    I wanna see facts .. like paperwork

  5. I am Dmac Injustice

    I am Dmac Injustice14 hari yang lalu

    02:13 yeah old Dude you're funny but, stop calling black men 'boy'. It doesn't sound good. Sounds like those WST (whiittte supreme terrrrrorist) in the South

  6. Arran Robeson

    Arran Robeson14 hari yang lalu

    "Let me tell a story about a snitch named Haitian Jack" (2pac1971-1996)

  7. PSW1980 X

    PSW1980 X15 hari yang lalu

    "I heard he was light skinned, stocky with a Haitian accent Jewelry, fast cars and he's known for flashing (what's his name) Listen while I take you back and lace this rap A real live tale, about a snitch named Haitian Jack Knew he was working for the feds, same crime different trail"


    SIRTURF16 hari yang lalu

    I havn't scrolled down yet, I know the TK Kirkland comments will be heavy😂😂😂

  9. Mike B

    Mike B16 hari yang lalu

    Didn’t have his own bed? Sleeping on a couch? Bought 2 pac his first Rolex but couldn’t afford a place to stay? Hard to believe.

  10. Woody Macajoux

    Woody Macajoux16 hari yang lalu

    Who is this old geezer?lmao

  11. KROCK99.7

    KROCK99.716 hari yang lalu

    Haitian Jack filed a defamation of character lawsuit over the Tupac song. That opened the door to any proof being nationwide news. No proof was ever presented. The reasons the judge gave for dismissing the lawsuit were complete BS ! The detective (Courtney) who claimed he was Jacks "handler" wrote a elaborate story that sounded true but offered no proof whatsoever to back it up. I have no doubt if Haitian Jack wasn't deported few if any would even mention his name. A man dissing him caused him to be deported. Jack had to chase that one down to give him proper advice.

  12. Dj Grand Finale Aka Mr Hurter Hater

    Dj Grand Finale Aka Mr Hurter Hater17 hari yang lalu

    Please give him a big ass glass of water . upsize it. All that smacking cause his mouth dry. Lol.

  13. Uncomfortable Truth

    Uncomfortable Truth19 hari yang lalu

    Didn’t this guy say anybody who calls somebody else a rat, is a rat themselves?

  14. Jimmy Burke Irish Gooodfella

    Jimmy Burke Irish Gooodfella19 hari yang lalu

    This old fuck is one more lie away from passing out on that seat

  15. Sean Martin

    Sean Martin20 hari yang lalu

    I think everyone vlad intervews is a informant real gangsters wouldn't talk like this on camra

  16. IM ROE

    IM ROE22 hari yang lalu

    Dude talk a whole hell of a lot about specifics to not to a snitch

  17. Nigerian George

    Nigerian George23 hari yang lalu

    "One thing led to another and Haitian Jack ended up on my couch getting fucked by a little old guy in a gimp mask every night for a year.I dont know how that happened"

  18. David Ortiz

    David Ortiz24 hari yang lalu

    This is the 2nd black dude from his stories that he called "boy"

  19. ruell black

    ruell black24 hari yang lalu

    is it just me or does he call all black people boy maybe its all young people I dunno....

  20. James William

    James William24 hari yang lalu

    “I know hatian jack as well” head ass 😂😂😂

  21. Goodnight Warren

    Goodnight Warren24 hari yang lalu

    all these race obsessed damn cornballs playing the "our races gangsters are more legit than yours" game pointing out ANY hint of hypocrisy because they're all such "gangsters" too...shits depressing on so many levels

  22. Vince M

    Vince M25 hari yang lalu

    Yall really ADHD in the comments. Everything aint a soundbite LOL

  23. croplaya

    croplaya25 hari yang lalu

    So can someone tell me once and for all did jimmy set tupac up or not.

  24. James Mccray

    James Mccray26 hari yang lalu


  25. MrMiddelland

    MrMiddelland26 hari yang lalu

    Vlad: i know haithian jack had a few convo's with him Vlads a hiphop cocksucker

  26. james morris

    james morris26 hari yang lalu

    2pac was the truth he was tryna let everybody kno about the game even wen he call jack a rat 🐀💯

  27. adammuhammad99

    adammuhammad9926 hari yang lalu

    What the fuck is this old mf talking about?

  28. alphonso norman

    alphonso norman26 hari yang lalu

    Whole lotta gay love.

  29. Wayne Carr

    Wayne Carr26 hari yang lalu

    He loves dropping names

  30. cleetus w

    cleetus w27 hari yang lalu

    Get this man some fucking water!

  31. DropTV

    DropTV27 hari yang lalu

    A proffer is an offer made prior to any formal negotiation. In a trial, to proffer (sometimes profer) is to offer evidence in support of an argument, or elements of an affirmative defense or offense. A party with the burden of proof must proffer sufficient evidence to carry that burden.

  32. ANDREW Lyn

    ANDREW Lyn27 hari yang lalu

    Blessup JohnShop and Fada ROME.. Him and D were the biggest bosses Jamaica ever seen..Sashi 2002 was the most epic event

  33. TheEverton1978

    TheEverton197827 hari yang lalu

    Knew he was workin for the feds same crime different trials nigga


    THIZZAVELI27 hari yang lalu

    So I guess it was some truth to jack being a snake. That last interview he had where he was basically down playing pac was weird. Before pac dissed him on that song they were the best of friends and he was riding for pac. Now all of a sudden pac was a square and a hang on? LOL this like the 7th person who said jack was a cut throat and brought up the feds.

  35. pappagetti 2009

    pappagetti 200927 hari yang lalu

    I heard he was light skin, stocky with a Hatian accent/ Jewelery fast cars and known for flashing.....

  36. Chris Rowland

    Chris Rowland27 hari yang lalu

    Don't go around telling everybody what you are doing. lol He's talking about the social media era.

  37. sean jourdan

    sean jourdan27 hari yang lalu

    That smacking between speaking is killin me. Give this man some water

  38. Dj Grand Finale Aka Mr Hurter Hater

    Dj Grand Finale Aka Mr Hurter Hater17 hari yang lalu

    Please give him a big glass.

  39. eddie mclaughlin

    eddie mclaughlin27 hari yang lalu

    I bet Vlad knows Father Xmas too,good friend.

  40. Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson28 hari yang lalu

    Big u best friend

  41. 72039

    7203928 hari yang lalu

    I heard he was light-skinned, stocky, with a Haitian accent Jewelry, fast cars and he's known for flashin' Listen while I take you back and lace this rap A real live tale about a snitch named Haitian Jack Knew he was workin' for the feds Same crime, different trials, nigga, picture what he said- Tupac

  42. 72039

    7203928 hari yang lalu

    I see this old white man is used to using the word "boy" when referring to black folks. #retired racist

  43. Pocket_ Dueces

    Pocket_ Dueces26 hari yang lalu

    72039 come on bro u reachin the man let him stay in his home for a year.

  44. Miguel Mason

    Miguel Mason28 hari yang lalu

    Folks keep quoting Pac's verse, but Jack was taking care of Pac. Lol. Pac hanging out with a stranger, told he wasn't a cat to get close too, and got burned. End of the day, be careful of the company you keep!

  45. P.O.E. Richard

    P.O.E. Richard28 hari yang lalu

    2pac Warned Us About Them Before He Died.

  46. LinGwiZtiX

    LinGwiZtiX29 hari yang lalu

    Another real life tale about a snitch named Haitian jack!

  47. CapitalConnections

    CapitalConnections29 hari yang lalu

    Man said Joey Pyle from London...

  48. pimpiniseasy

    pimpiniseasy29 hari yang lalu

    Because two informants were working together that’s how ya did that

  49. Don Burgundy

    Don Burgundy29 hari yang lalu

    Pac was telling theTRUTH🙏

  50. Philip Boys

    Philip Boys29 hari yang lalu

    A good looking boy😂😂😂

  51. drizzy drizzy

    drizzy drizzy29 hari yang lalu

    He was in his couch as a safe haven. They had been eyeing haitian jack for a while and he eventually got caught and deported. What man lets someone sleep in their couch for a year and not have a clear reason??smh

  52. Ynl Tae

    Ynl Tae28 hari yang lalu

    drizzy drizzy jack was hitting spots for him

  53. Magic Mushroom

    Magic Mushroom29 hari yang lalu

    Know Haitian gangsters honorable it has come out all these yardies cia they use them cuz they are known witch niggas pac killed them

  54. Magic Mushroom

    Magic Mushroom29 hari yang lalu

    Haitian jack snitched to eliminate competition rat ass nigga was prolly doin voodoo ain’t nobody more j Edgar Hoover cia than a Haitian

  55. Magic Mushroom

    Magic Mushroom29 hari yang lalu

    Tupac said never let them yardies sleep on ur couch begged a bitch to let you sleep on the couch let them yardies be homeless and sleep under a bridge while we sit in the house and watch the super bowl jack a rat for life

  56. Magic Mushroom

    Magic Mushroom29 hari yang lalu

    Even this old dude know that bum jack a rat

  57. Mr Furio

    Mr Furio29 hari yang lalu

    This blokes a clown

  58. scarf emup

    scarf emup29 hari yang lalu

    This dude got one of the Kardashians vigina under his chin..... that shit wide asf....

  59. Edward King

    Edward King29 hari yang lalu

    Damn culture vulture you should just send the link to gangster chronicles podcast

  60. Jake Makes Lemonade

    Jake Makes Lemonade29 hari yang lalu

    Drop the full interview vlad!!!!

  61. jcatchable

    jcatchable29 hari yang lalu

    This guy is a drug addict. Hatian Jack was working his goof ass

  62. Get Woke

    Get Woke29 hari yang lalu

    Vlad how the fuk you come up with 97-98. Chill with the dumb random shit

  63. Mark Pool

    Mark Pool29 hari yang lalu

    I was the first one to call Haitian Jack, Haitian Jack. TK Kirkland