Organizational Unit In SAP FI - SAP FICO Tutorial 1


  1. Viji Kumara

    Viji Kumara5 bulan yang lalu

    Hi sir . How can I download sap FICO for practice in laptop. Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance...

  2. Raju RJ

    Raju RJ4 hari yang lalu

    Install Vmware, it's cost around 1k

  3. Abdul

    Abdul7 bulan yang lalu

    Very helpful for me at the moment. Just I started to learn SAP FICO.

  4. Mahesh Reddy Arikera

    Mahesh Reddy ArikeraTahun Yang lalu

    HI SIR, this is very helpful to me to learn from your videos and plz take some example for functional area (for ex if a company manufactures mobiles any other products),business area and in credit control area need to give some amount ,,,,to define credit control for customers,,,,,,,,thank you sir