OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that will TRICK your brain


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    No you'r the worse

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    Like that

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    And your a bad person

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    Me coming to the comments to talk about something else: *Swiping down to go to the comments* Everyone in the comments:DiD yOu GuYs SeE jOrDi At ThE bAcKgRoUnD!?

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    Who saw kwebellkop in the background

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    /) /) ( 0^0)❤️

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    I hope Azzy likes it

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    I wonder what Jordy was thinking about in the background

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    Perspective, optical illusions are great! I LOVE them!

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    Epileptic seizure warning at 0:16 - 0:18

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    Who sees jordi in the background Levav a like

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    I didn't get the Sydney opera house optical illusion

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    3:15 that’s a power outlet...

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    Omg 😲 omg 😯 omg 😮 omg 😮

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    How’s kwepple in the background 😂😂😂

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    At 2:44 who is behind you

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    cool stuff!! And optical illusion.

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    Love how jordie is sleeping in background

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    Jordin backroung

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    So many people are commenting everyone are commenting jordi is in the backround

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    Jordy In the background

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    I see kwebble kop or cop/Jordy

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    Anyone just see kweblekop in the background literally just vibing.

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    I saw jordie he having a great time XDXD

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    Another jordie

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    We like your video


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    Who thinks Jordi is annoyed 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

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    If I was geordie though

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    sub to me anyone loll

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    Evry english/ american person: who sees jordi in the background! Meanwhile in the netherlands: OMG WAAROM IS KWEBBELKOP IN DE ACHTERGROND! translation engl : why is kwebbelkop in the background!

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    Who saw jordi’s feet in the background

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    Why is her boyfriend in the back ground

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    3:53 DA MORE YA'LL KNOW |♡| ;^;

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    3:31 so me ;-;

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    Azzy being loud*not in a bad way Jordey texting then......2:44

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    You said my name sydnee

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    I saw kweblokob In the background

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    We saw Jordi in the background and then he left it was kinda funny!😂

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    Nobody: Not a soul: Comments: Who SEeS JoRDi In ThE BaCkrOuNd

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    I do

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    Jodi in the background tho

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    why is some behind you

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    jordi was distracting me the whole time , just sitting in the background

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    Love your videos

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    Inotisd please read ok nothin

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    This is how many people who like Azzy: | | \/

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    Jelly is Behind you

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    Jordi is just chillin at the backgruond

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    99% is about jordi in the background 1% other stuff

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    The illusion you didn’t know was when you backed up the white place got closer

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    Payton Griek *Sydney Opera house*

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    Tell Jordi I said hi

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    WHAT????!!!!Freya be confused

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    I saw Jordi to

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    #askazzy How do u go down the stairs in such a weird way

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    How long have you played minecraft. Of course you dig straight down, just don’t be an idiot and dig two blocks at a time making it easy to not fall into the lava

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    Azzy:mum my GTA is glitching Jordi:I'm you're boyfriend so I don't care let me SLEEP IN PEACE Azzy:Get out of my house Jordi:fine I will help Azzy: thanks *winks* Me:calm down (I made that up)


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