OnePlus 7 Pro Review: Silly Fast!


  1. Aves

    Aves40 menit yang lalu

    I appreciate One plus embracing flagship grade features. Hope it does not embrace that flagship price tag.

  2. PestilentHalo 99

    PestilentHalo 99Jam Yang lalu

    safe to say you have the highest quality vids on IDreporter

  3. uwaise ahamed

    uwaise ahamed2 jam yang lalu

    Tell abt zenfone 6...

  4. The Aram1997

    The Aram19972 jam yang lalu

    What's the name of this camera mod exactly and where can I get it? Is it just "google camera mod" in the G-play store? 9:55

  5. Trix R

    Trix R3 jam yang lalu

    I'm so exited to see what OnePlus are gonna add to this phone cuz it's a BEAST

  6. Hannes Järvinen

    Hannes Järvinen3 jam yang lalu

    Amazing review. Detailed, and well chosen arguments 👍

  7. Canada Arrow

    Canada Arrow3 jam yang lalu

    This would be perfect if it had that wireless charging.

  8. Manit Rustagi

    Manit Rustagi4 jam yang lalu

    Does the regular OnePlus 7 model supports horizontal light for notification?

  9. Tim Dj Smoov V. Vernon

    Tim Dj Smoov V. Vernon4 jam yang lalu

    Where can i buy this phone and will it work with Verizon?

  10. Abhay Kankariya

    Abhay Kankariya5 jam yang lalu

    He's wearing an Apple Watch while reviewing one plus 7 pro as the best phone ever ..

  11. anay rajadhyaksha

    anay rajadhyaksha5 jam yang lalu

    Are you going to do a Asus zenfone 6 review??

  12. EzZONEify

    EzZONEify7 jam yang lalu

    At here it cost more than S10 family

  13. Apesta8

    Apesta88 jam yang lalu

    Hello, your video got me drooling over this device. But my bank account status made me snap out of it 😁😁😁. Nevertheless this is a cool video about the OnePlus 7 Pro 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  14. Sebby 94

    Sebby 948 jam yang lalu

    Great review but saying this phone has a better screen than a Samsung is just biased garbage and suggesting Apple (who use Samsung displays) will have 90 refresh rate before Samsung is pure nonsense. Also these brand just steal tech, that's why they can afford these prices, if we just bought these brands technology would stall, be cautious!

  15. Nadeem Shaikh

    Nadeem Shaikh8 jam yang lalu

    Really 4-4.5 screen on time? That's a deal breaker!!

  16. Ishai Harel ישי הראל

    Ishai Harel ישי הראל9 jam yang lalu

    I really like your reviews. You are always to the point, informative and enthusiastic. And besides talking you always also show on the smartphones about what you are explaining. Keep on going.

  17. Akash Krishna

    Akash Krishna9 jam yang lalu

    Why nothing about the dual stereo dolby atmos speakers!!

  18. Liam Churchill

    Liam Churchill10 jam yang lalu

    What would you recommend, the OP 7pro or the Huawei P30 pro? 🤔

  19. Sebby 94

    Sebby 948 jam yang lalu

    S10 Plus

  20. mozu zeng

    mozu zeng15 jam yang lalu

    Trump said oneplus 7 pro is endangering US national security and will ban it

  21. Pk Uk

    Pk Uk16 jam yang lalu

    Хороший огляд 1+


    VAGHUL KUMAR18 jam yang lalu

    Bro, they launched the one plus 7 'non pro ' version in India

  23. Ids Tjalsma

    Ids Tjalsma10 jam yang lalu

    VAGHUL KUMAR now waiting for it in the Netherlands

  24. JOMprod

    JOMprod18 jam yang lalu

    what service providers will it work for?

  25. John Henríquez

    John Henríquez19 jam yang lalu

    I'm all for cheaper phones but will anyone get the 6gb over the 8gb ram for now and the future? Seems like 8gb should be standard these days. Doesn't the S10 E have much more for only 100 more? Let's be honest you already spending 650 on a phone what's 100 more?

  26. yongjun yang

    yongjun yang19 jam yang lalu

    Still a Chinese brand,good

  27. Lost Artifact

    Lost Artifact19 jam yang lalu

    I still will never get another one plus, awesome phone but terrible customer service. Come on one plus, what happened to being community driven.

  28. ユーザーググる

    ユーザーググる20 jam yang lalu

    I really don't understand the rounded corners. Just watching the video you can see the amount of unnecessary distracting light it picks up. It's like walking around with a bunch of mirrors pointed at your display. Sorry, but that's a broken display for me. NO SALE

  29. varun agrawal

    varun agrawal20 jam yang lalu

    Need to choose between oneplus7 pro, Samsung gs10 and iPhone XR, suggestions?

  30. Wan.afiqq

    Wan.afiqq21 jam yang lalu

    this is important:NO AUDIO JACK PORT

  31. Samesh Wijeweera

    Samesh Wijeweera22 jam yang lalu

    So you own a Tesla ;)

  32. Erneil Caslib

    Erneil Caslib22 jam yang lalu

    Xiaomi Mi 9 Review

  33. George Ford

    George Ford22 jam yang lalu

    A brand new iPhone 7 costs more than the one plus 7 pro lmao

  34. Jesus Uribe

    Jesus Uribe23 jam yang lalu

    I’m tired of iPhone it’s so boring and I want that phone! So sad is not available in Mexico’ :( great review as always!!

  35. សត្យា លីវអាន - Fan Lyrics

    សត្យា លីវអាន - Fan LyricsHari Yang lalu

    I’m fan one plus, good

  36. Albert Itauma

    Albert ItaumaHari Yang lalu

    Watching on my Op7 pro🧐

  37. Melissa Nsimba

    Melissa Nsimba12 jam yang lalu


  38. ljungan96

    ljungan96Hari Yang lalu

    Well I'm looking for a new phone since my Huawei feels kinda redundant now. Is this phone good? Any other recommendation? Just no Apple shit

  39. Scott Combs

    Scott CombsHari Yang lalu

    Since this has bezels like the galaxy phones, does it still have the edge swiping for commonly used apps and contacts? I've really come to love not having to scroll through my contacts every time I wanna call my mom, but I think if it didn't have that I'd have to go with galaxy still.

  40. joedaman75

    joedaman75Hari Yang lalu

    Apple giving you what you want 😂😂😂 that's funny.

  41. angelo palmer

    angelo palmerHari Yang lalu

    That means rubbish phone poor battery and poor camera

  42. jeppe kjærsgaard

    jeppe kjærsgaardHari Yang lalu

    Watching a One Plus 7 pro review on my new One Plus 7 pro 🤔

  43. John Mckenzie

    John MckenzieHari Yang lalu

    What's your opinion so far?

  44. Liviu Iulian

    Liviu IulianHari Yang lalu

    For me i want a phone with beautiful display and fast . That's it.

  45. Peckish Wolf

    Peckish WolfHari Yang lalu

    Please send it to me. I need it desperately. I have been your subscriber from the days you had 5000 subs.



    I want a review on OnePlus 7 plz.....

  47. shivam mishra

    shivam mishraHari Yang lalu


  48. Gerry Minetos

    Gerry MinetosHari Yang lalu

    I love so many things about this smartphone but its lack of 5G (future proofing) and always-on display with lockscreen accessible slideout-menus like my V30 means this is a skip. Also MKB notes on a companion review to this that it does not and will not record video through the rear wide-lens, sooooo...

  49. Manvendra Pandey

    Manvendra PandeyHari Yang lalu

    I am confused. I don't change phone very frequently. I try to go with them for atleast 24 months. I am using iPhone 7 right now and time is right to change. I wish for iPhone Xs but it's just too costly. I am stuck between Pixel 3xl, S10, S10e & OP7pro. Any recommendations?

  50. Orangefire25

    Orangefire25Hari Yang lalu

    This is definitely what I'll be grabbing later this year over another pixel. I love my pixel 2 so much but with the fact that Bluetooth cuts out with it and the charging port gets worn out easily I can't buy another Google phone. Sucks

  51. Chirag Garg

    Chirag GargHari Yang lalu

    How do you use wired earphones with this?

  52. Ciuby

    CiubyHari Yang lalu

    Watching on the OnePlus 7 pro, anyone as well? :P

  53. Aboo Backer

    Aboo Backer20 jam yang lalu

    +Ciuby thanks a bunch bro. Maybe after a week or so u could update the battery situation as well. Thanks mate :-)

  54. Ciuby

    Ciuby20 jam yang lalu

    +Aboo Backer I got the phone yesterday. Charging is super fast, I can't yet say battery have not went 100- 20% yet. Camera is really good (without nightmode). For nightmode and... generally if you feel like it there also is a GCam available. The nightmode with Google software is really good.

  55. Aboo Backer

    Aboo Backer20 jam yang lalu

    How's the battery life and the camera??

  56. Megha  Agrawal

    Megha AgrawalHari Yang lalu

    Does screen recording record audio as well?

  57. Abhay Joshi

    Abhay JoshiHari Yang lalu

    Let’s guess how much one plus paid mkbhd!

  58. cwmprysor

    cwmprysorHari Yang lalu

    S10+ killer?

  59. Andrei Niculescu

    Andrei NiculescuHari Yang lalu

    1-2 updates from OnePlus and the snappy moving will be gone. Silly to call the phone of the year considering such bad updates/internal management. It’s a 6 months phone for 699🤣

  60. Thiago Moraes

    Thiago MoraesHari Yang lalu

    The only thing nobody talks... When you need to turn on the screen to unlock by fingerprint...YOU ARE DOING THIS WRONG(for all manufacturers), fingerprint on the back, or at a side of the phone automatically turn on the screen and unlocked it, fingerprint on display need 1 more step(turn on the screen), ridiculous.

  61. Leandro Granado

    Leandro GranadoHari Yang lalu

    How you add the assistance in the search widget?

  62. Coconut Ranger

    Coconut RangerHari Yang lalu

    The lack of a headphone jack is a big turn off

  63. Stephano Vargas

    Stephano VargasHari Yang lalu

    What video game is he playing?

  64. Kun Jee

    Kun JeeHari Yang lalu

    ROG phone was 90hz refresh OLED. You reviewed it yourself.

  65. Warrior Gavalaki

    Warrior GavalakiHari Yang lalu

    So China makes quality stuff now?!?

  66. Samuel Runderkamp

    Samuel Runderkamp3 jam yang lalu

    Warrior Gavalaki where do you think all the parts from other big brands come from?

  67. Ramisetty Ranganadh

    Ramisetty RanganadhHari Yang lalu

    I am in a confusion to choose between 6GB and 8GB RAM Variants.. Can you please suggest one ?

  68. Ivey Fagan Jr

    Ivey Fagan JrHari Yang lalu

    What is the car game he was playing?

  69. FLRNT

    FLRNTHari Yang lalu

    One thing i dont like about the bezzeless| notchless display is its expensive, (one plus is a bit expensive), the durability of the phone and screen protector to buy (its hell rare here on asia)

  70. hen ko

    hen koHari Yang lalu

    The base variant is acceptable But higher price🤔 S10 a better option

  71. Sosodeflol

    SosodeflolHari Yang lalu

    Good. I'll stick with my S10+.

  72. Aboo Backer

    Aboo Backer11 jam yang lalu

    +Sosodeflol thanks mate. I don't care much for wireless charging and the op rating so battery was my biggest concern. The camera will get better with updates. Been using the note 9 n needed something fresh. Thanks

  73. Sosodeflol

    Sosodeflol12 jam yang lalu

    +Aboo Backer Used many Samsung's and OP phone's in the past and loved it. I just enjoy using Samsung - better all around phone. Samsung pay (any card digitized), I actually use their DEX software, and this year Samsung has the best battery life.Stock Android UI is much better so if you're willing to let go of a few features, then get the OP7.

  74. Aboo Backer

    Aboo Backer20 jam yang lalu

    How good is it? I'm really confuse over the s10 plus and the op 7 pro. U think the s10 plus is better??

  75. Strange lee

    Strange leeHari Yang lalu

    Hey one plus!why one plus Malaysia by xian fang(officials) they dare to sell one plus 7pro at rm3699? If follows us prices 8gb+256gb strange is $699usd exchange to rm around rm 2900+. There is a big gap between rm3699 and rm2900+ as least(rm699).so if one plus see this,pls explain.i thought about it to buy one plus 7 pro at price rm3000+,but now 8+256 at 3699 is very disappointing not only me but Malaysian. People are saying better to buy s10 at the same price rm3699. If one plus seeing this pls do something,or one plus will never get Malaysia markets.we are not foolish.

  76. Johannes Knorr

    Johannes KnorrHari Yang lalu

    Where did you get that Wallpaper?

  77. Soo Leong Sheng

    Soo Leong ShengHari Yang lalu

    With oneplus 7pro with Google mod camera, it will kill your pixel 3 XL?

  78. Tomáš Franta

    Tomáš FrantaHari Yang lalu

    What framerate are you shooting your YT videos? 30fps?

  79. Ian Grima

    Ian GrimaHari Yang lalu

    I'm between this and the Note 9 not sure what to choose!

  80. Icecube 54

    Icecube 54Hari Yang lalu

    Why do people complain so much about cameras on phones now. They’re just for your casual pics. You want a real camera then go buy a dslr or a mirrorless.

  81. Messofanego

    MessofanegoHari Yang lalu

    No headphone jack, mediocre battery, and an ok camera makes me pass on this.

  82. Ghost

    GhostHari Yang lalu

    Battery use depends on user, you've to be a no-lifer to stay on your phone 24/7

  83. Next Step Gamer

    Next Step GamerHari Yang lalu

    Ik it's off topic but *Is pixel the internet explorer of phones*

  84. Myles

    MylesHari Yang lalu

    should i finally switch to this from the iphone 8 plus ?

  85. Madhu Bajesaria

    Madhu BajesariaHari Yang lalu

    I love his tee

  86. Peter Ye

    Peter YeHari Yang lalu

    How would you rate this compared to the Pixel 3? Could you make a video about it? :D

  87. Sam.sadmovie.mp4

    Sam.sadmovie.mp4Hari Yang lalu

    My laptop's screen is 60 hertz lmao

  88. tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo stickerHari Yang lalu


  89. Jon Meissner

    Jon MeissnerHari Yang lalu

    It’s pretty sweet and props to oneplus. Now a oneplus one sized version of this with a flat screen, sandstone back and wireless charging please... Dear Santa,

  90. since1990kevin

    since1990kevinHari Yang lalu

    Did you pick out the “silly fast” title before or after you said it on the video?? lol

  91. Ren Holt

    Ren HoltHari Yang lalu

    What’s does the bhd stand for in mkbhd

  92. Slime Con Lidia

    Slime Con LidiaHari Yang lalu

    Maybe 90hz it is a great device for VR?

  93. Charles

    CharlesHari Yang lalu

    Thoughts in Huawei Issue?

  94. Rishabh Kumar921999

    Rishabh Kumar921999Hari Yang lalu

    The base variant is acceptable But higher price🤔 S10 a better option

  95. Abdul Omar

    Abdul Omar14 jam yang lalu

    One plus 7 pro MAX $750 Samsung Galaxy LOWEST $750

  96. Rico Abustan

    Rico Abustan2 hari yang lalu

    Feels like the Mate20Pro is still better and well rounded.

  97. Erka Pi

    Erka Pi2 hari yang lalu

    10:16 It's running H2(Hydrogen) OS, not O2(Oxygen) OS.

  98. Erka Pi

    Erka PiHari Yang lalu

    Oops I was wrong xD. It's running H2 OS in Chinese models and O2 OS in US models. Thank you I learned something from your video :)

  99. Bob B

    Bob B2 hari yang lalu

    Can you make a OnePlus 7 vs OnePlus 7 Pro when its here? 😄

  100. neil

    neil2 hari yang lalu

    *I love how he never speaks of that big ass offset chin at the bottom, only iPhone is bezel-less...* IT’s NOT BEZEL-LESS!!!!!!!

  101. Dave Hall

    Dave Hall2 hari yang lalu

    I'd buy it with a flat screen

  102. Tim Leubner

    Tim Leubner2 hari yang lalu

    What widgets are you using ?

  103. Silver

    Silver2 hari yang lalu

    It makes me sad that this phone has more ram than my PC...

  104. ass

    ass2 hari yang lalu

    0:21 there is a oneplus 7 though...

  105. What a Lovely Day

    What a Lovely Day2 hari yang lalu

    I want to get the new OnePlus 7 pro, but I’m worried about the OLED screen getting burn in. How bad is most phone burn in for OLED screens?

  106. kolcasek

    kolcasek2 hari yang lalu

    6:50 using dark theme extended my battery life almost twice..💡😉

  107. Shane Horne

    Shane Horne2 hari yang lalu

    Iphone X's had a 120 Hz refresh rate

  108. ass

    ass2 hari yang lalu

    no it had a 120hz touch sample rate, the screen is 60hz

  109. Gagandeep Malik

    Gagandeep Malik2 hari yang lalu

    Hey Marques would really appreciate if you could do the full review of Asus Zenfone 6. It has the most innovative camera till date (flip camera) and would really like to know your thoughts on it

  110. The Cisco Kidd

    The Cisco Kidd2 hari yang lalu

    I am considering P30 Pro and OPO 7 Pro but after watching both your videos I have to remove the P30 Pro option, too many quirks , a big one to me is powering the phone off and the pinch zoom Hi Touch issue, camera is killer but I think the OPO 7 Pro leads for me right now

  111. حسن بيبي2

    حسن بيبي22 hari yang lalu


  112. Ralph Macchiato

    Ralph Macchiato2 hari yang lalu

    A great telephone until it's banned from the USA next week, of course

  113. GANDALF 2017

    GANDALF 20172 hari yang lalu

    Why don't you include subtitles in your videos? If I did, we could follow you too, because we don't know English. P.Š. to write this to you I had to use a translator.

  114. Sandeep Charan

    Sandeep Charan2 hari yang lalu

    Please make a complete camera review

  115. panggop jio

    panggop jio2 hari yang lalu

    Where is Zenfone 6?