Official 2018 Made by Google Event Recap Video


  1. Nafissa Issa

    Nafissa Issa18 hari yang lalu

    Hey google... my hey Google started!🤣🤣

  2. Yon Yon

    Yon Yon4 bulan yang lalu


  3. Touch MyPod

    Touch MyPod4 bulan yang lalu

    I was watching an apple demo until I realized google copied that stuyle too

  4. Zuyidin Zulkifli

    Zuyidin Zulkifli5 bulan yang lalu

    allah pls help me please i need u

  5. Zuyidin Zulkifli

    Zuyidin Zulkifli5 bulan yang lalu

    u tipu me stop

  6. Zuyidin Zulkifli

    Zuyidin Zulkifli5 bulan yang lalu

    see u husband msg me!!!

  7. Zuyidin Zulkifli

    Zuyidin Zulkifli5 bulan yang lalu

    why why why

  8. Zuyidin Zulkifli

    Zuyidin Zulkifli5 bulan yang lalu

    me takut u no love me!

  9. Zuyidin Zulkifli

    Zuyidin Zulkifli5 bulan yang lalu

    u no love me!

  10. wolf spirit

    wolf spirit9 bulan yang lalu

    Honestly Using this junk sucks you need a stupid Scription to use it fully this google mini junk is going in the trash

  11. As تنزيل Ad

    As تنزيل Ad8 bulan yang lalu


  12. George Bouhar

    George Bouhar9 bulan yang lalu

    to speak in all languages ​​in Europe with google assistants

  13. CHK Only

    CHK Only10 bulan yang lalu

    pixel 2 xl的屏幕真的是坑爹了,3的刘海屏又这么大,4能不能让人难以点,至今觉得最好的是一代pixel😒

  14. Aarohi Gupta

    Aarohi Gupta10 bulan yang lalu

    Giving out time stamps: Google Home Hub- 0:32 Pixel Slate- 1:21 Pixel 3- 2:01

  15. Sanjeev Krishna

    Sanjeev KrishnaTahun Yang lalu

    If Google is the water of an ocean, 'Pixel' is a gold fish in it and I am a new country fish entered in to this ocean, searching for unlimited possibilities; as I use Google almost regularly like billions of them around the world, so confused, I think I missed this friend for such a long time and happy to find one of the best to move with. 'God Of Our Godhead Loves Everyone'

  16. Anuj Tiktok like raj

    Anuj Tiktok like rajTahun Yang lalu

  17. abdullah ben durrah

    abdullah ben durrahTahun Yang lalu

    I loveeeee google.

  18. wing fu lui

    wing fu luiTahun Yang lalu

    lamwoo eas

  19. Ravnit Deshpande

    Ravnit DeshpandeTahun Yang lalu

    Google pixel 3 lite should be dual SIM and storage should be 64 GB and RAM should be 4 or 6 GB

  20. Ravnit Deshpande

    Ravnit DeshpandeTahun Yang lalu

    Google pixel 3 lite leak by Russian blog phone image shown and the phone design is very simple

  21. Sy Che

    Sy CheTahun Yang lalu

    IS THE GOOGLE CELL PHONE LIGHT??? IS IT LIGHT. BUT ITS TOO. MUCH MONEY I AM A senior citizen can't you do any better in the price Department I now have the Samsung Galaxy Android Buy Boost Mobile I have everything unlimited for $30 a month which is incredible the only thing is it is very heavy it's the j-7 and I also have the S3 which is really old but it's many which I love

  22. Technical Abhi YT

    Technical Abhi YTTahun Yang lalu

    google slate and google pixelbook difference?

  23. Yoga Divine Power

    Yoga Divine PowerTahun Yang lalu


  24. Ro Yvon Blommaert

    Ro Yvon BlommaertTahun Yang lalu

    Still waiting for the accessibility purchase of Google accessoires in Belgium. Chromecast second version and Chromecast audio are not good enough. At least try to give us the Google pixel 4 & 4 XL next year... Pretty please... (Had to buy my mini from France). #ThestruggleIsReal. 😥😢💔

  25. Nelson Tenorio

    Nelson TenorioTahun Yang lalu

    ``You Could Land A Plane On It``

  26. TechTalk

    TechTalkTahun Yang lalu

    It's funny how people are making fun of the Pixel 3XL's notch, When the Huawei P20 Pro, Oneplus 6 and G7 have almost the same sized notch.

  27. Oletra nice

    Oletra niceTahun Yang lalu

    Warum immer den Vergleich mit einem IPhone??????

  28. gilang. rangga

    gilang. ranggaTahun Yang lalu

    Imagine taking a dick pic and automatically sent to your home hub while ur mom cooking

  29. Amazing Puppy Dogs 9

    Amazing Puppy Dogs 9Tahun Yang lalu

    what about nexus

  30. Goode G

    Goode GTahun Yang lalu

    lol they reused the same applause sound effect for THREE times

  31. Adam Knows

    Adam KnowsTahun Yang lalu

    learn more about Google at

  32. Max

    MaxTahun Yang lalu

    Google ❤❤

  33. Chris Summers

    Chris SummersTahun Yang lalu

    Look at this try hard Indian bitch faking the American accent yet failing miserably, resulting in a pathetic sounding mix of Indian accent and American blurts.

  34. Niebo

    NieboTahun Yang lalu

    Another propaganda what now change whites will not be able to use the word white color Google Gulag

  35. elijahciali2

    elijahciali2Tahun Yang lalu

    Hey Google, what did I miss? You definitely didn't miss any applause.

  36. Trivikram Kamat

    Trivikram KamatTahun Yang lalu

    Is there a way to move the icons up into the notch zone in Pixel 3 XL when display cutout is hidden? I want to buy a Pixel 3 XL, but this waste of real-estate is a deal-breaker for me.

  37. ramesh kgp

    ramesh kgpTahun Yang lalu

    Hey google your products are good but you compared with funny iPhone X 🤣🤣but you didn’t compared with Samsung S9+ king 👑 in mobile world 😎

  38. The Maniac

    The ManiacTahun Yang lalu

    Phone User: Hey Google, did I miss. Google Assitant: What you miss is there is a notch on the Google Pixel 3

  39. Cosmo

    CosmoTahun Yang lalu

    0:21 Moldy chees it

  40. Lucky Banana

    Lucky BananaTahun Yang lalu

    Who else watches this on their Pixel 7 GL? do you remember 2018 😂? What a crazy year for Apple. Of course GL stands for *Genius Level* don't know why they needed so long to figure that out 😄

  41. Duarte

    DuarteTahun Yang lalu

    Your hardware sucks google and so do your presenters they were boring and kept on making mistakes

  42. James Zhang

    James ZhangTahun Yang lalu

    With all the complaints about the notch, I find it funny that I, as an iOS user, have decided to ditch my iPhone 7 Plus and pick up a Pixel 3 XL.

  43. H E R O K S [Dz]

    H E R O K S [Dz]Tahun Yang lalu


  44. Pranav Jariwala

    Pranav JariwalaTahun Yang lalu

    Pixel 3 big let down why follow Apple in terms of front design. Be the Trend setter not a follow. We know Google is innovator for software and AI but please up the game with phone design I hope a better product in 2019 to replace my original pixel

  45. Yoggesh Khatri

    Yoggesh KhatriTahun Yang lalu

    Google team you work & design billenniar only y not medal class ppl. Affordable your Cell phone.......?

  46. littlebodybiiqheart

    littlebodybiiqheartTahun Yang lalu

    0:22 Roblox😂

  47. nisshan rao

    nisshan raoTahun Yang lalu

    What kind of fuckery is that notch

  48. Rysdana Nur Khalid

    Rysdana Nur KhalidTahun Yang lalu

    Full glass material, notch sound like google isn't a trendsetter.

  49. Kiridze

    KiridzeTahun Yang lalu

    Какой НАХУЙ смысл из ночной фотографии делать дневную?!!??!! Это так же тупо как сменить пол

  50. Kamal Firdaus

    Kamal FirdausTahun Yang lalu

    Me: Hey Google What Did I Miss? AuDiO jAcK

  51. turki 99

    turki 99Tahun Yang lalu

    Shut the fuck up

  52. Epicmoney 543

    Epicmoney 543Tahun Yang lalu

    You can't miss the notch

  53. Miguel Vanetta

    Miguel VanettaTahun Yang lalu

    Too expensive.

  54. Vijaya Krishna K

    Vijaya Krishna KTahun Yang lalu

    Shit phone. Notch is a shit

  55. Carl Johnson

    Carl JohnsonTahun Yang lalu

    That Notch Too THICC that even Ants Can see with their Naked Eyes.....

  56. m.y.jpg

    m.y.jpgTahun Yang lalu

    They are trying to hide the notch so bad

  57. FkDamien19 Football

    FkDamien19 FootballTahun Yang lalu

    iPhone is still better

  58. Eu One

    Eu OneTahun Yang lalu

    got a suggestion fix the god damn recommendstions on youtube I dont watch KPOP and suddenly KPOP songs suddenly popped up in my recommendations

  59. Adam Apple

    Adam AppleTahun Yang lalu

    hey Google what did I miss 1 hour of  mocking lel

  60. Benjamin Niess

    Benjamin NiessTahun Yang lalu

    Me: „Hey Google, what did I miss?" Assistant: „Im not sure" Really google?

  61. ros

    rosTahun Yang lalu

    Hey Google What did you miss? Answer: You forgot to mention that you tried to mention copy apple's edge to edge design but failed to do so. Instead, you put a horrible notch and a humongous bottom chin, as a result, looks freaking dull.