Offbeat Triplets (the "un-performable" rhythm)


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    Might hate this guy more than anyone in the world


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    sticky7435 I don’t see what your getting at here, did you not know it was about music or something?

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    Is it just me, or is this thread completely m a d

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    Aye where the Danny Carey swiss triplets at?

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    What's the software you use to make the sheet music

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    Guy obviously never listens to like deathcore, metalcore, or other related genres.

  8. R N

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    You think this is 'tricky'? Try the finale of Le sacre du Printemps of Stravinsky..

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    Who else tried to count triplets on the upbeat of 1 before clicking?

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    Bruh i still don't understand it lol.

  11. Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein

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    the second quarter note triplet just comes in exactly on the second sextuplet on beat 2. and the 3rd one comes in on the last sextuplet of beat 2

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    not even a difficult rhythm but ok

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    Why are you so musically WOKE

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    Man I hated these in orchestra

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    Is it just me or are the rest of the classical musicians here confused as to why its hard to play

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    I play that rhythm it's common on the style I play

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    HUH? 🤔

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    Yeah the more you think about it the harder it is to do, people seem to downplay this idea but once you can dut the downbeats and are familiar with how triplets work it truly is just turning your brain off and letting muscle memory take over. Thoughtful repetition creates retention to the point that eventually you actually just don’t think about the music at all you feel it within context and it just comes out naturally

  19. John Mcenroe

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    I don't think rhythms like that are meant to be played over and over. It might happen once at the end of a bar or something. Like in the example that you gave.

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    Just fucking play it

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    1 and triplet

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    Guitar at the start of "Everybody wants to rule the world"? I suppose they're sextuplets, but if you just listen every other note (the high ones) isn't that offbeat triplets?

  23. Tenor Covers

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    You can start by playing off beat eighth note triplets than take away a hand. It also helps if you think in double time when confronting the rhythym so offbeat become quarter note

  24. Jakob Ritter

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    Why is there a video about this? Can you play triplets? Yes. Can you wait an 8th? Yes. Wow, now combine these, there is no need to visualize anything here.

  25. VirusJD

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    I’ve played music for 5 years, never really understood triplets, I kind of just play it without thinking Did I mention this video mentally shook me

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    Just feel it homie

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    Lol try basically any run in liszt next

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    wait wait wait... is that a painting of the *ÆUGH* fish in the background?

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    he once said he found it in some random dumpster in front of an art school and just adopted it

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    Why don’t you just put it in a midi file

  31. Elena A.

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    An easier way of doing it would just be starting on the -and of 1 and keeping the triplet pulse, but yeah

  32. Phil Lee

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    @Woźniakowski It's kind of strange to me giving a quarter note triplet a reference to the second count by tying eighth note triplets together. It's far easier to understand that you can't evenly divide something into three parts. It's far easier to know where the notes start and stop and approximate how the three notes should fit. I think most people do this with regular triplets. Just approximate three notes. It's only difficult when you start to look at it under a microscope.

  33. Woźniakowski

    Woźniakowski5 hari yang lalu

    dunno, never been to music school but I feel like even though it looks simple on paper and all that is is playing the triplet on 1 and, it's still hard to feel because of the lack of a clear refrence. So yeah, I guess it's one of those things that you just have to approximate and dont care much about it.

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    whenever he says 'quarter notes' or anything like that it kills me inside

  35. Vex Studios

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    Lol this dude dumb as fuck. Literally just play a triplet but an 8th rest before. Like this dude needs to stop acting like hes smart

  36. Vex Studios

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    @Woźniakowski just played it. And no professional musician will just "not think about it too much" there is an easy and clear way to count triplets and all you have to do is count an 8th note rest before it. It by no means is difficult

  37. Woźniakowski

    Woźniakowski5 hari yang lalu

    So try to play it then. dunno, never been to music school but I feel like even though it looks simple on paper and all that is is playing the triplet on 1 and, it's still hard to feel because of the lack of a clear refrence. So yeah, I guess it's one of those things that you just have to approximate and dont care much about it.

  38. Alex Tompkins

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  39. No U

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    0:04 is it just me or does that not add up? Times signature says 3/4 and there is 3 quarter notes along 1 extra quarter rest if added up... wouldnt that make 4 beats on a 3/4 time signature?

  40. MLPTechnoColt

    MLPTechnoColt8 hari yang lalu

    Thank you! I thought I was going crazy! I think the reason this makes no sense is you're trying to cram four beats into a 3/4 time signature.

  41. jayshaun riley

    jayshaun riley10 hari yang lalu

    Also that was needlessly complicated... if I wanted to read that in rythmn as a violinist I'd literally read it as te 1-la-lee te for one measure and go back to counting everything else correctly. Instead of all that mental gymnastics

  42. Woźniakowski

    Woźniakowski5 hari yang lalu

    dunno, never been to music school but I feel like even though it looks simple on paper and all that is is playing the triplet on 1 and, it's still hard to feel because of the lack of a clear refrence. So yeah, I guess it's one of those things that you just have to approximate and dont care much about it.

  43. jayshaun riley

    jayshaun riley10 hari yang lalu

    Sorry it bothers me that you said "and" instead of "te" just ew no. It sound confusing using "and" I'd hate to see you count 16th notes.

  44. Woźniakowski

    Woźniakowski5 hari yang lalu

    why is "te" more appropriate? Using "and" is way more common and just because you've learned to count differently doesn't make it superior

  45. Kostek Fridrich

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    Just start counting later

  46. w. tibbs clemens

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  47. Sunset Gao

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    Be a violist and try to come in on beat 1. That way you’ll be on time for the offbeat

  48. Jacob Elwell

    Jacob Elwell12 hari yang lalu

    Umm just play it normally but an eighth note later?

  49. Stella Davis

    Stella Davis13 hari yang lalu

    I see this and also have seen your "your rhythms make my eyes hurt" q&a. Yes, it's good to break them up like that, if you want to show where the beat is. But I think in sight reading, it's easier to read the fully simplified rhythm. And if you're not sight reading, it doesn't really matter anyway because you'd still have to figure it out yourself either way. Surely, showing the beat is a good compositional technique, but it's not the only good compositional technique. Sometimes the notes have a "feeling" that is separate from the beat: it's felt in relation to the previous notes, not the time signature. If, for example, you have a phrase that has a melodic accent on the a of 2 ( I don't know if that's the right word or if it's even a word, but what I'm referring to is when perhaps a phrase of straight sixteenths has a melodic... not contour, but like... It's hard to describe. But basically the notes have this sort of way of breaking themselves up into smaller phrases, even though the rhythm doesn't change. I hope you get what I mean). But that melody, that rhythm, would be broken up into groups of four if it was referring to the beat (assuming we're in common time), but the actual melody is broken up into, say, a group of three, then four, then five, then four. I prefer it to be broken up the second way. However, from the perspective of a violinist, I can see why a bass player like yourself would prefer the first way. Sometimes instruments have an upper supporting role, perhaps a counter melody pitched higher than the real melody. In this case, the role of the instrument is less about keeping the beat, and more about adding the frosting on top of the rest of the ensemble. In the end, I'll concede that it should probably depend on the instrument you are writing for, and the role of that instrument. But I do prefer the phrase to be broken up by small melodic ideas as opposed to being written strictly in relation to the beat.

  50. ScarGhost Channel

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    Or you could like, play a triplet and shift it half a beat

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    *hand-to-hands has entered the chat*

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    All that for a shitty rhythm.

  53. XYZTrooper

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    0:14 You just count 1 and 2 and 3 and 1 over and over in your head, on 1 and you count triplets. Used to see this a lot in swing beats sheet music, hitting triplets in the middle of a bar after a phrase.

  54. XYZTrooper

    XYZTrooper15 hari yang lalu

    Adam, you're familiar with the rhythm section of a jazz band, I'm sure. Very informational video. Thanks!

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    I picked up my phone and accidentally liked this video. Feels like fate, man.

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    This guy is brilliant and addictive.

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    *Lars Ulrich has left the chat*

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    This just made me go :O

  59. Owen Couch

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    I revisit your videos from time to time just to see how my understanding of the concepts you talk about evolve, and I realized a simpler way of counting the rhythm or at least for me is to rephrase it in a matter of tuplets instead of a matter of tempo. If you subdivide into three eighth-note sextuplets and not six sixteenth note triplets you could count it as for-ta-le-TA-la-ta for-TA-le-ta-la-TA for-ta-le-ta-la-ta and have the notes tie through for of the sextuplets. This is extremely similar to how you have it written at 3:56, but if you put the rests in tuplet notation and converted it to sextuplets then it appears to be easier to recall how to play it in the context of a song instead of having to try and think of it in terms of a tempo change, or maybe that's just me.

  60. FSMusic86

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    It's actually pretty easy. Played it immediately right after seeing the title.

  61. Mike n Ikes

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    That was made more complicated than it is. But that's what stupid people do to sound smart. Look at politicians..

  62. Israel Battle

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    Please answer- what genre of music would you use that type of rhythm in?

  63. Azula

    Azula22 hari yang lalu

    I legit can’t read music I’m just a dumb guitarist who can kinda noodle around a keyboard Quit sending me sheet music stuff yt

  64. Adomas Lukosevicius

    Adomas Lukosevicius24 hari yang lalu

    ...or change the rhythm from 3/4 to something like 9/4? That should work, since the triplet is reduced to 3 quarter notes, so playing it isn't difficult?

  65. BETA0078

    BETA007825 hari yang lalu

    Hey Adam! Please notice this comment, you can interpret this as an " 8th note rest then a two dotted 8th notes then an 8th note and lastly an 8th rest in 3/4 " ( If you know what I mean ). I think its the closest you can get to playing that bar, this is also a better alternative for those who are confused by method you just explained. ( By the way if this information is wrong........." IF ".....then please forgive me because I watched this video in the middle of the night and it just so happens that im verry sleepy ).

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    I don't understaaaandd. why did youtube think I was smart enough to get this

  67. Joshua Wilcken

    Joshua Wilcken27 hari yang lalu

    How i think of this as a marching bass drum player. If each triplet partial were broken into 6th notes, play the 4th partial to each one. In other words Take a normal qtr note triplet. Divide each partial into 4 smaller partials (12 total). Play the 4th partial after each initial qtr note triplet. Tri pl et 3 1e+A2e+a3e+A3

  68. BikeNinja98

    BikeNinja9828 hari yang lalu

    4:00 We did something like this in drum corp. Have an odd rhythm that you only have a few moments to learn? Break it down into its most basic subdivision (32nds, 48ths, etc) and draw that many tallies. Then, as the rhythm is played back to you, slash the tallies that were played, and the remainder signify your rests. That’s also why rhythms such as the one depicted at 4:00 are often written with deeply subdivided rests, it’s easier for the eye to follow than ties and therefore kinder to musicians 4:30 Don’t... don’t do that.

  69. Joaquín Luna

    Joaquín Luna28 hari yang lalu

    oh i solved this mentally couple years ago.. actually i think its easier to see it in a 2/4 bar, so you can se more clearly that its a normal 4th note triplet but swaped, starting it from the 8ths up beat of the first beat of the 2/4, in the second beat, accent second and sixth beats of the sextuplet.

  70. Jose F Pirela

    Jose F Pirela29 hari yang lalu

    I appreciate Adam's deconstruction of what us latinos would just call "dale asi, ra papapam pa pa paaaam, y listo papa"

  71. Daniel Irvine

    Daniel IrvineBulan Yang lalu

    As someone who played guitar in an orchestra.... Faking it was the single most important thing I could do. Especially when I was given the violin music, that is the single most frustrating thing ever. For anyone else who is dealing with an orchestra, as a classical guitarist, get both the oboe and viola sheet music and arrange it for guitar. Gives you a sporting chance of actually enjoying yourself. That is of course, if there is no guitar part already scored.

  72. alan ruta

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    Adam Adam Adam. One does reduce down. Just reduce, unless you also reduce up

  73. TenorPhan23

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    Just learn to subdivide