1. Edwin Rosas

    Edwin Rosas10 menit yang lalu

    looks like its worth no more than 100,000

  2. Georgia Quezada

    Georgia Quezada18 menit yang lalu

    seré la dueña de ese apartamento cuando tenga 30

  3. Toren-Lee Kunze

    Toren-Lee Kunze43 menit yang lalu

    Nice but no one need this to be happy in life :)

  4. Pasquale Convertito

    Pasquale ConvertitoJam Yang lalu

    U can buy this on Wish for only 0.99


    LIGHTEJam Yang lalu

    You know, making 302$ per hour (which is insane) working monday till friday (about 45 hours a week) would still take 10(!) years until you can afford this apartment. Now you also have to pay taxes and everything that comes with it. To put that into perspective, working at McDonald's for 15$/hr and 45 hours in a week would get you about 2,700$ in a month and you would need to work for about 494 years (!) to afford this apartment. ...and that is only if you don't spend a single dollar on anything...

  6. MerkurStar

    MerkurStarJam Yang lalu

    do you accept paypal?

  7. Sonya's Memes

    Sonya's MemesJam Yang lalu thanks



    Now where are the BEST VIEWS un NYC 😂

  9. Juan Camilo muñoz

    Juan Camilo muñoz2 jam yang lalu

    How do you have 4 and a half bathrooms?.

  10. Juan Camilo muñoz

    Juan Camilo muñozJam Yang lalu

    Erik Conover Makes sense.

  11. Erik Conover

    Erik ConoverJam Yang lalu

    Full bathroom has tub / shower, half just had toilet

  12. Daffa Raihan

    Daffa Raihan2 jam yang lalu


  13. Dad Memes

    Dad Memes3 jam yang lalu

    So basically you’re paying 16mil for a view. Because if that was just a home. It would like 400k house.

  14. shubhankar parai

    shubhankar parai3 jam yang lalu

    More apartment videos

  15. Bruno Aghitto

    Bruno Aghitto3 jam yang lalu

    77 milion bruh

  16. SavageSalad

    SavageSalad4 jam yang lalu

    Ever wanted your own Avengers HQ tower? Now you can!


    ASHISH KUMAR5 jam yang lalu

    I have a better place costing 1 zillion beautiful and lovely home planet earth😍😍🤩😍,its beautiful forest ,rich lovely plants , beautiful oceans and comfort of sleeping on grasses and living in forest

  18. It's ATG

    It's ATG5 jam yang lalu

    Imagine one morning you look out of the window and see a plane coming towards you

  19. Geeky Comments

    Geeky Comments5 jam yang lalu

    RICK FROM PAWN STARS~ The best I can do is 100$ It would cost me billions to curtain the wall up,I am taking Big Risk..

  20. Tv Sik

    Tv Sik5 jam yang lalu

    Самая лучшая Квартирная площадь что я видел!!!!!.

  21. NICE 101

    NICE 1015 jam yang lalu

    I thought it's GTA online 😂

  22. Eiskalt

    Eiskalt5 jam yang lalu

    my depression gets depressed for cant be depressed in there

  23. Адам Солтаханов

    Адам Солтаханов6 jam yang lalu

    И как же ты вылез у меня в рекомендациях?

  24. Ismail Rakhmanov

    Ismail Rakhmanov7 jam yang lalu

    More apartment tours

  25. redresseur de torts

    redresseur de torts8 jam yang lalu

    16M$ and only 3 bedrooms

  26. KEMZ hack

    KEMZ hack8 jam yang lalu



    TORMALL OFFICIAL9 jam yang lalu


  28. Олег Поляков

    Олег Поляков9 jam yang lalu

    Reminds me about Patrick Bateman.


    VOLTAGE GAMING10 jam yang lalu

    I thought its GTA V

  30. Alex_lgrd

    Alex_lgrd10 jam yang lalu

    Please do a 77M€ appartement tour

  31. Darius Roatiș

    Darius Roatiș11 jam yang lalu

    Dear Santa, Santa: I can’t afford it for myself

  32. abdurahman shidqi

    abdurahman shidqi11 jam yang lalu

    Earthquake : hello motherf*ucker

  33. abdurahman shidqi

    abdurahman shidqi11 jam yang lalu

    Earthquake : hello motherf*ucker

  34. Dr. Psycho

    Dr. Psycho11 jam yang lalu

    I would've bought the apartment but i don't like velvet chairs

  35. Loble Plays

    Loble Plays12 jam yang lalu

    Bruh why did the thumbnail look like GTA 5?

  36. Erhan Tech

    Erhan Tech12 jam yang lalu

    if i have this apartment i do the cleaning my self bro

  37. Luisa Prill

    Luisa Prill12 jam yang lalu

    Gossip girl spirit

  38. Hooman st

    Hooman st13 jam yang lalu

    Thanks for reminding me how poor I am!

  39. Shan Senseng

    Shan Senseng13 jam yang lalu

    “do you have something for $10?”


    ASHISH KUMAR5 jam yang lalu

    Yeah ,mice trap 🏠 🐁 🐁 house.but you got to fit in there

  41. AK Gear

    AK Gear13 jam yang lalu

    Concrete jungle, but good more for business and some social life.

  42. ㄣɟɯuϛɾʞϛlʌɐㄥdᴉnʎ

    ㄣɟɯuϛɾʞϛlʌɐㄥdᴉnʎ13 jam yang lalu

    you will have "staff" ? i think he means slaves.

  43. AngelHunter GT

    AngelHunter GT14 jam yang lalu

    Bruh the thumbnail looks like a GTA apartment

  44. Carlo Magno

    Carlo Magno14 jam yang lalu

    claro, el rico siempre humillando al pobre

  45. Rommie Samboski

    Rommie Samboski14 jam yang lalu

    Fuck I thought this is some GTA 5 fake apartment owned by basement nerds in the virtual game. Mad respect to owning an actual luxury apartment.

  46. guns N roses

    guns N roses15 jam yang lalu

    I don't like living in a building. I like greenery too much too live in this metal house. I rather live in cottage type house.


    IKONIK CHUNGUS16 jam yang lalu

    He looks like that guy from that’s how mafia works ad

  48. Eysack Are Legend

    Eysack Are Legend16 jam yang lalu

    *Windows Sexxx*

  49. Q_Sound Lee

    Q_Sound Lee18 jam yang lalu


  50. Gargantuan Cheeks

    Gargantuan Cheeks18 jam yang lalu

    This is bigger than my single house I live in

  51. Javier Rodriguez

    Javier Rodriguez18 jam yang lalu

    Yo quiero uno

  52. ¡ PeterWhite XD!

    ¡ PeterWhite XD!18 jam yang lalu

    The graphics in Gta online is amazing

  53. Ke Wu

    Ke Wu18 jam yang lalu

    at least i had the same pink hand soap, from target.

  54. anonymous me

    anonymous me19 jam yang lalu

    I really hope Bernie becomes president lol.

  55. Anthony Furnari

    Anthony Furnari19 jam yang lalu

    Porco Dio complimenti

  56. Noobie WatcherZ

    Noobie WatcherZ19 jam yang lalu

    I'm not too jealous ... Even the rich people see watch the same porn as we poor people do .... Or do they ??? OMG now i want to know what kind of porn rich people watch

  57. Lucas Melliw

    Lucas Melliw20 jam yang lalu


  58. ajkulaa

    ajkulaa20 jam yang lalu

  59. Orion Bailey

    Orion Bailey20 jam yang lalu

    Yes more!

  60. FJAZ

    FJAZ21 jam yang lalu

    weird flex but ok.

  61. Diplomat

    Diplomat21 jam yang lalu

    this is the best

  62. Tomas Amigo

    Tomas Amigo21 jam yang lalu

    Esos departamentos son mas grandes que mi casa :'v

  63. Rose

    Rose21 jam yang lalu

    Me : I wanna be like this Me again : ughhhh I acc rather fail and work in macdonalds I hate scool