Nvidia’s New SUPER Cards! - RTX 2060 & 2070 SUPER Review


  1. PiggMC

    PiggMCHari Yang lalu

    He held that pause wayyy to long

  2. zX_O

    zX_OHari Yang lalu

    By far the best host on this channel!

  3. New Faith

    New Faith2 hari yang lalu

    I keep getting amazed by how your fps graph is different from other youtubers. In fact, i get same results... I really don't understand when i see that ppl get 47 fps on max settings in metro:e on 1080p. I am starting to get paranoid about all this, so can some1 please clarify me wtf is going on :D

  4. BMC

    BMC2 hari yang lalu

    all people liking his voice, check out LGR reviews channel too. Also a dude that has such a good voice when reviewing games.

  5. Recked

    Recked5 hari yang lalu

    Do a neck reveal

  6. David

    David5 hari yang lalu

    I wish we had more Anthony and Dennis and the other guys alot more.

  7. Batman 2099

    Batman 20996 hari yang lalu

    Give anthony his own youtube channel honestly

  8. Chase Deal

    Chase Deal8 hari yang lalu

    Please lose some weight bro....only asking so you stay with us longer!!! You rock!!

  9. Josh Davidson

    Josh Davidson9 hari yang lalu

    This guy needs to do more audio

  10. Anas Madi

    Anas Madi10 hari yang lalu

    so should we buy the 2060 super over the 2070?

  11. Bob Smith

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  12. Fawad Ahmad

    Fawad Ahmad10 hari yang lalu

    I feel liuns was bullying this guy for being fat and not making jokes like himself and calling him a pig. Also firing him in the end. Just a feeling! No hard feelings.

  13. steven doan

    steven doan12 hari yang lalu

    I’m trying to read about these gpu in the comments and all I see is how this guys’ voice is therapeutic..... 😩

  14. Malachi Mills-Hindle

    Malachi Mills-Hindle9 hari yang lalu

    Not that it’s a bad thing but it’s annoying

  15. Malachi Mills-Hindle

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  16. b

    b13 hari yang lalu

    Good old capitalism even if it's only two players.

  17. SuttN

    SuttN15 hari yang lalu

    holy fuck your voice is sent from heaven

  18. mobs1050

    mobs105015 hari yang lalu

    Sorry about the language here, but honestly, FUCK ALL of y'all hating on Anthony. He is my favorite person on this channel, and he spitting straight facts. He knows his stuff and is successful. He is perfect the way he is. Don't change Anthony, we love you.

  19. gren benz & frys

    gren benz & frys18 hari yang lalu

    *cough* Radeon... *cough*

  20. Truzzle

    Truzzle18 hari yang lalu

    Nice SUPER... HOT... reference

  21. Stanley Chen

    Stanley Chen19 hari yang lalu

    Well picked up a GTX 1080 TI for cheap at around $550 SGD, a new RTX 2070 Super in Singapore is $750~ so its a no brainer for me. Id say pick up at GTX 1080 TI if you can find one for a steal cause it performs better than the RTX 2070 Super

  22. Shinygaming

    Shinygaming19 hari yang lalu

    Can anyone find this gpu anywhere. I cant find it.

  23. fahad abuzaid

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  24. burt turdison

    burt turdison19 hari yang lalu

    That is some amazing voice work. the pacing and pronounciation is so good!

  25. Quike Flik

    Quike Flik20 hari yang lalu

    Guys i am realy in a hard spot right now i am wane get a good gpu but i can get a rtx2060 ventus for (€335) or a rtx 2060super KFA2 (€365) or a rx5700 msi for (€350) PLS i need some advise 1080p btw These are my specs in case of bottle neck Cpu: ryzen 7 1700 Psu: gigabyte 750watt Gold Motherboard: b450 carbon pro Ram : corsair 16gb 3000mhz THX TO ANYONE THAT CAN GIVE ME SOME ADVISE🙌


    NOVICS DK23 hari yang lalu

    Can you even see anymore?

  27. KK Kapur

    KK Kapur23 hari yang lalu

    I am not sure if this is a good idea, because intel has been having some production issues with the new 10nm node, and also that tsmc also knows how to make cpus and gpus unlike intel which only knows cpus, but I was thinking that since intel and nvidia are in trouble because of amds new 7nm cpus and gpus, but intel's 10nm for their ice lake mobile cpus is denser than tsmc's 7nm, maybe intel could make the new 10nm gpus for nvidia, so nvidia can give them the plans and intel can produce them using their denser manufacturing process for which to return the favor, nvidia can teach intel how to make better gpus so intel can put them into their mobile cpus because that's where the majority of intel's profit comes from. Using this partnership they will both benfit and put amd out of business

  28. KK Kapur

    KK Kapur23 hari yang lalu

    BEtter value yes but there should be no hype about them. They are just overclocked versions of themselves either with more cuda cores or more vram.

  29. KK Kapur

    KK Kapur23 hari yang lalu

    nvidia is dumb. Instead of making all these new super cards, they should have just dropped the price down for each and every one of these cards. So rtx titan is priced as 2080ti. 2080ti is priced as 2080, and you get the idea.

  30. KK Kapur

    KK Kapur24 hari yang lalu

    you guys are talking about anthony more than the gpus.

  31. KK Kapur

    KK Kapur24 hari yang lalu

    that super logo on the rtx cards looks like a copy right of the supreme logo but green

  32. It’z _ Zilent

    It’z _ Zilent25 hari yang lalu

    There should be DBrand skins for these cards. I’m not really fond of the shiny silver and would rather more of a matte black.

  33. d4unit

    d4unit24 hari yang lalu

    Zilent my bad, not cards but I meant the radiators and the cases for them and stuff. I think there’s actually a version of the cards that’s like a black translucent material. It’s really cool

  34. It’z _ Zilent

    It’z _ Zilent24 hari yang lalu

    d4unit I’ll look into it 👍

  35. d4unit

    d4unit24 hari yang lalu

    I love a shiny silver, but you don’t have to buy the founder’s edition of the cards. There are plenty of other brands that make blacker cards

  36. Joe Caceres

    Joe Caceres25 hari yang lalu

    Salty asf. Lose the pettiness. Cringe at this video.

  37. d4unit

    d4unit26 hari yang lalu

    if I didn't already have a PC, I'd probably build a PC with a 2070S

  38. d4unit

    d4unit24 hari yang lalu

    @Keep It Zen yeah, good luck with your decision man. me, personally, I'm gonna wait until the RTX 30 series (or whatever Nvidia calls their next cards) comes out and pick up one of those for my next build

  39. Keep It Zen

    Keep It Zen24 hari yang lalu

    d4unit you could be right. That’s what I’m planning on (the 2060s + R5 3600) But I’m definitely waiting till the game comes out, and benchmarks to see the end result.

  40. d4unit

    d4unit24 hari yang lalu

    Keep It Zen not to disrespect your build, it’ll definitely be better than the computer I have rn(1660+ R5 1600, both slightly overclocked) I would recommend getting a better RTX if you’re planning on trying to run Cyberpunk with ray tracing

  41. Keep It Zen

    Keep It Zen24 hari yang lalu

    I'm bout to upgrade to a 2060 S for Cyberpunk 2077. It was either that or a regular 2060. But 1080p60 ultra + RTXon. Hopefully it can deliver that for C.P

  42. Big.Woofer

    Big.Woofer26 hari yang lalu

    CEO of Graphics Cards

  43. Raul Guerrero

    Raul Guerrero26 hari yang lalu

    pinchi gordo

  44. mo1ponty1

    mo1ponty129 hari yang lalu

    Amd rx5700 XT v RTX 2070 super 8GB, DX12... there doesn't seem to be much in it in regards to performance, does anyone have comparisons or real-life experience with both cards?

  45. Veditor

    VeditorBulan Yang lalu

    Anthony could voice act or you could be one of those people that reads books for audio book companies

  46. Rit

    RitBulan Yang lalu

    Anthony is our Guru

  47. Lisa O'Brien

    Lisa O'BrienBulan Yang lalu

    he has a great voice, but the audio sounds like it's coming behind me while he's front of me. I was so confused.

  48. gtfo john

    gtfo johnBulan Yang lalu

    where's linus and his Condescension

  49. Charles Rose

    Charles RoseBulan Yang lalu

    7:00 😂

  50. Julio Salazar

    Julio SalazarBulan Yang lalu

    I like watching this guy over Linus lol

  51. Smruti Ranjan Das

    Smruti Ranjan DasBulan Yang lalu

    I think they should be called RTX 2060Ti and 2070Ti rather than Super that's bullshit

  52. Jared

    JaredBulan Yang lalu

    Should I upgrade my GTX 1080 to RTX 2070s? I also want to know if raytracing is worth it over fps

  53. gundam fan

    gundam fanBulan Yang lalu

    almost 10mil subs not bad terrence and Philip...

  54. ag.floats XR

    ag.floats XRBulan Yang lalu

    They are really good cards tho /shrug don't care at all what the looks are.... Took so much time just crying about aesthetics and lets be real here. Nvidia doesn't need to worry about AMD competition and if they are i'm not sure why you made it sound like a bad thing... Also.... WHY DONT YOU DO GAMING BENCHMARKS.... Only productivity benchmarks??? These are gaming cards yet never say what they are like in gaming besides one tiny RTX benchmark in 3 games..

  55. Growlzee !

    Growlzee !Bulan Yang lalu

    He did Battlefield V .. Because it had support for ray tracing i'd guess.. You can see in the benchmarks he did for BFV, he did separate tests with HDR and Ray tracing on and off along side a number of other cards including the GTX 1080 . To better show the benefits of the RTX cards while running HDR.. Also showcased how good the GTX 1080 still is at keeping up with the newer cards on non HDR content imo.

  56. Albus Regnum

    Albus RegnumBulan Yang lalu

    Next cards super duper

  57. George R

    George RBulan Yang lalu

    My guy is your eyes open?

  58. oxstorm

    oxstormBulan Yang lalu

    they're shrouded in fatt

  59. Hex

    HexBulan Yang lalu

    Pls make more Anthony....your voice pleases me.

  60. MattAccurate

    MattAccurateBulan Yang lalu

    More anthony please

  61. Respawn Entertainment

    Respawn EntertainmentBulan Yang lalu

    I love SuperHot VR on my Oculus Quest. You referenced it!

  62. John

    JohnBulan Yang lalu

    Squarespace killed my best friend, dont use it

  63. Team Frost

    Team FrostBulan Yang lalu

    Anthony's voice is soothing

  64. Allan H. Olsen

    Allan H. OlsenBulan Yang lalu

    I subscribed to Linus Tech Tips because of THIS video.

  65. JzeM

    JzeMBulan Yang lalu

    I like your voice

  66. surprisetr

    surprisetrBulan Yang lalu

    What everyone else said. Awesome voice!

  67. Aswin

    AswinBulan Yang lalu

    So no ones gonna talk about the GPUs??

  68. Κωνσταντιν Πασκαρου

    Κωνσταντιν ΠασκαρουBulan Yang lalu

    I think you need to go on diet !!

  69. pheargoth

    pheargothBulan Yang lalu

    my 2060S does 2100mhz! Really happy with the card, too.

  70. alex

    alexBulan Yang lalu

    nice voice, dude. but you should start dieting and fucking trainint. in 1 year i bet you would look way way better.

  71. Robert Jones

    Robert JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Does anyone know I mean when I say the audio quality of this video is a little too good??

  72. GamesWithVirtual V2

    GamesWithVirtual V2Bulan Yang lalu

    Anthony ASMR computer builds should be a thing...