Non-Vegan Reviews Vegan Chicken | The Ultimate Taste Test


  1. Funny Cat

    Funny Cat9 hari yang lalu

    Listen to me: If you want to be vegan, just be vegan. Dont pretend to be non vegan by eating non-vegan-like-foods, because if so, your mouth is vegan, but your mind and soul is non vegan. Got it?

  2. Cindy

    CindyBulan Yang lalu

    Doesn’t the quorn contain milk products tho?

  3. Adam Alfred

    Adam AlfredBulan Yang lalu


  4. Sharon Thomas

    Sharon Thomas2 bulan yang lalu


  5. Veggie Every Day

    Veggie Every Day2 bulan yang lalu

    Great review ... I didn't even know about some of these brands!


    IAM REAL2 bulan yang lalu

    Oct 6 SHARK TANK Atlas Monroe Vegan Chicken!!!!

  7. Melissa .Garrett

    Melissa .Garrett2 bulan yang lalu

    I think a lot of British vegans and vegetarians are pretty proud of Quorn, it’s absolutely massive here (and you can get vegan nuggets now). I’d say half the vegan and vegetarian meat replacements in British supermarkets is Quorn (the other half is made up of Linda McCartney and supermarket own brands). We don’t have access to many of the US brands as a rule, but you have me rabidly curious about that Atlas Monroe! It looks amazing. 😍

  8. Shelley9090

    Shelley90903 bulan yang lalu

    I've been trying to order from Atlas Monroe for weeks now. They're always sold out! :-(

  9. Shelley9090

    Shelley90902 bulan yang lalu

    @SemiSweetQuietType Thanks so much for trying, but I didn't make it in time. :(

  10. SemiSweetQuietType

    SemiSweetQuietType2 bulan yang lalu

    Shelley9090 they’re in stock for today only or until sold out again. Hope this finds you before then!

  11. RayRay RoWAN

    RayRay RoWAN3 bulan yang lalu

    That Layona chicken steak looked like fried bologna 😂

  12. SpecialKate8

    SpecialKate83 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you for trying out so many varieties of vegan options, and for including a meat eater in it too! I am a meat eater who is trying to incorporate more non-meat options and so it's helpful to hear multiple reviews.

  13. Demitrival

    Demitrival4 bulan yang lalu

    Damn at least give ur dog a nibble

  14. skylarksunrise

    skylarksunrise4 bulan yang lalu

    I'm not vegan but I am a big fan of the Quorn products I've tried and the Atlas Monroe Fried Chicken sounds awesome.

  15. Coral xoxo

    Coral xoxo4 bulan yang lalu

    All this talking EAAAAATTT IT

  16. lottie —

    lottie —4 bulan yang lalu

    I’m watching this at 3am and I’m tempted to go to the kitchen and get my quorn nuggets out the freezer to cook them. Cravings are real.

  17. Tipsy Turnip Vegan

    Tipsy Turnip Vegan4 bulan yang lalu

    15 different chick styles!! Hot damn that’s exciting! Mmmmmmmm looks so good! Your band mate is a good sport! Who else loves saving chickens lives? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  18. Bradford Robnett

    Bradford Robnett4 bulan yang lalu

    Fantastic job! This is the kind of review I find useful. And you've made some sales too! Thanks for the links too!

  19. Sweet Simple Vegan

    Sweet Simple Vegan4 bulan yang lalu

    So so glad that it can help!

  20. Sarah & Spices

    Sarah & Spices4 bulan yang lalu

    Woah I didn't know there are this many options!!

  21. Psafian

    Psafian5 bulan yang lalu

    When the video ended 9 minutes in, I genuinely started laughing - I love you guys lmao

  22. TSpaceFullstop

    TSpaceFullstop5 bulan yang lalu

    Man...that is some products! That is some extra tasting guys put in the long yards. Well done. I am hanging out to try Chick'n crispy pieces from Unreal Co 100% plant based ...closest thing I've seen thats similar to KFC.

  23. Lauren J

    Lauren J5 bulan yang lalu

    i love nuggs... they’re the best air fried, crispy, warm and dipped in ranch 😬

  24. Chef Steph

    Chef Steph5 bulan yang lalu

    Definitely try cooking the gardien chicken strips in vegan butter untill browned cuz if not it’ll stay mooshy like that. It’s way better promise !

  25. Stephinepaigemua

    Stephinepaigemua5 bulan yang lalu

    I looooove Gardien strips but I have to cook them in butter and brown the outsides or it’ll be mooshy too

  26. Michael Affinito

    Michael Affinito5 bulan yang lalu

    dude calls him a "chicken hater" after inviting him to participate? unnecessary attacks to vegan allies are not helpful for the vegan community or kind in general

  27. Lauren McElwain

    Lauren McElwain5 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you for doing this video! It is so helpful to know which products are good before buying them. It can be a hit or miss with vegan meats. Also the non-vegan guy was so respectful, chill and added to the credibility. Great video!!

  28. Haylie Nicole

    Haylie Nicole5 bulan yang lalu

    But morning star nuggets are the best!!!

  29. VegaBelle

    VegaBelle5 bulan yang lalu

    When talking about chicken substitutes I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong if it’s a little bland. When you don’t season regular chicken it tastes bland, too. You always have to season it when it’s “real”, so why not when it’s vegan?

  30. Katie K

    Katie K5 bulan yang lalu

    Vinny is awesome! His opinions didn't seemed to be weighed down by vegan food hate or any sort of stereotypes at all, bring him back for future taste tests! Also possibly relevant, one of my current bandmates just went vegan this past spring and I'm sooo happy!!

  31. tom belcher

    tom belcher5 bulan yang lalu

    I wish the Monroe chicken wasn't so much! :( nearly $30.00 ($22.99)

  32. britneygalleger

    britneygalleger5 bulan yang lalu

    You're getting nearly 4xs the amount of gardein breaded chicken in weight.

  33. Amy G

    Amy G5 bulan yang lalu

    Vinny is cuuuuuuuuute. :)

  34. Kx

    Kx5 bulan yang lalu

    this was so fun! ♥♥

  35. Anu Ravindranath

    Anu Ravindranath5 bulan yang lalu

    Can't believe I fell for that fake ending :P

  36. tortellini

    tortellini5 bulan yang lalu

    You guys all seem so nice. Vinny was so open to try new things which was awesome 😊

  37. Taylor Knapp

    Taylor Knapp5 bulan yang lalu

    Morningstar has some amazing chicken products that are now vegan! My favorite is buffalo chicken patty/nuggets

  38. Evan Goodman

    Evan Goodman5 bulan yang lalu

    so whens the collab with eric ames coming out?

  39. lola martinez

    lola martinez5 bulan yang lalu

    the morning star buffalo chickn patties are the best! i suggest you give them a try!

  40. Sara Hadley-Banahene

    Sara Hadley-Banahene5 bulan yang lalu

    Is it available for ordering yet??????????

  41. RainbowPlantLife

    RainbowPlantLife5 bulan yang lalu

    I didn’t even know there were this many vegan chicken options out there 😯 Thanks for sharing your taste test experience and reviews so i don’t have to to do the research lol

  42. Y

    Y5 bulan yang lalu

    Sad about nuggs, every time people taste test they look so good, so I was curious to try them, sad to hear it had that powdery texture. Now I am dying to try Atlas Monroe, when back in stock. Gardein crispy tenders is my favorite, my niece accidentally ate some thinking it was regular chicken (her dad didn’t know either). We were like ummm those aren’t chicken, her dad was annoyed 😂. But she ate them anyway 😬.

  43. Hannah

    Hannah5 bulan yang lalu

    He was such a good guest! I loved his outlook and everything he had to say. Great video guys!!! I got stuck in a rabbit hole of your videos after watching this one and spent about 2 hours watching your videos on replay while meal prepping 😂

  44. Linda Madison

    Linda Madison5 bulan yang lalu

    As person who is gluten intolerant I wouldn’t be able to eat any of these. 😞

  45. /

    /5 bulan yang lalu

    Dr praeggers is gl free. They didn't like, but I do. Another commenter recommends them , so I tried and like too. If you expect it to taste like real chicken like they do here, then you won't like. But I never want my food to taste or feel like meat!