Nintendo Switch - Parental Controls


  1. Lupe S.R

    Lupe S.R22 menit yang lalu

    Como tubo un hijo

  2. Starwguymaster Dude

    Starwguymaster Dude59 menit yang lalu


  3. Ahmad Hassani

    Ahmad Hassani5 jam yang lalu

    Ok now make a video with bowsette.

  4. Dmiani Morgan

    Dmiani Morgan6 jam yang lalu

    0:35 Jr clearly selected Mario in Mario kart instead of his old man right in front of him

  5. Lil Torres

    Lil Torres6 jam yang lalu

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 When the game just shuts down 😂😂😂😂

  6. Ruqiersa - Tarık

    Ruqiersa - Tarık6 jam yang lalu

    I dont have a nintendo switch but im watching this

  7. MechaGamerz31

    MechaGamerz319 jam yang lalu

    If i was a parents Me:DID YOU PLAY AN 18+ games My son:But it was nekopara Me:Can i join?

  8. JavaFloof

    JavaFloof9 jam yang lalu

    baby bowser looks cute as a small boi

  9. Andrew001

    Andrew00110 jam yang lalu

    Who Else Didn't Told There Parents About Parental Control? Hehe

  10. Andrew001

    Andrew00156 detik yang lalu

    @Randy Aguirre 😂

  11. Randy Aguirre

    Randy Aguirre12 menit yang lalu

    I tried but they sill give me a time limit :/

  12. SunShine Love

    SunShine Love10 jam yang lalu

    At 1:23 it wants to make me cry. Idk y 😭

  13. SunShine Love

    SunShine Love10 jam yang lalu

    Bowser. Such a parent. So responsible

  14. 传奇帅聂LGD_KSXD

    传奇帅聂LGD_KSXD12 jam yang lalu

    So cute xd


    VIRTILIZE12 jam yang lalu

    I don't think I will buy this

  16. Fantastic Cube

    Fantastic Cube15 jam yang lalu

    Why Boo's are scaring Bowser Jr.? Maybe they are jealus?

  17. Fantastic Cube

    Fantastic Cube16 jam yang lalu

    0:15 Parents are buying these games!!!

  18. chinmay baitule

    chinmay baitule17 jam yang lalu

    The fact that Bowser is allowing his son to play for 1 hour, alone melts my heart.

  19. #1 best chef in the world for real!

    #1 best chef in the world for real!Hari Yang lalu

    When you realize you just watched 2 minutes of adds.

  20. Kevien Young

    Kevien YoungHari Yang lalu

    Realy what he got that realy, bouser you just buy boouser jr that game

  21. ʟʊզʊɨռɦǟֆ ֆǟɖ

    ʟʊզʊɨռɦǟֆ ֆǟɖHari Yang lalu

    Angry B O O M E R

  22. Gkmaitre T

    Gkmaitre THari Yang lalu


  23. Jukie Mimi

    Jukie MimiHari Yang lalu

    Bowser is a cute parent

  24. Popcornas 2008

    Popcornas 2008Hari Yang lalu


  25. Rockstarzz

    RockstarzzHari Yang lalu

    Nintendo: games are frustrating *insert annoying joy con drift*

  26. shamsad mohamed

    shamsad mohamedHari Yang lalu

    1:24 The Best Ever

  27. GabrielBtw_

    GabrielBtw_Hari Yang lalu

    SML Will love to see this

  28. Bruno Willich

    Bruno WillichHari Yang lalu

    This was... Adorable. I almost shed a tear here.

  29. AnonymousCookie

    AnonymousCookieHari Yang lalu

    we need more nintendo animations like this

  30. Melson 250

    Melson 250Hari Yang lalu

    The think who kill all hardcore gamers xD

  31. Purple Dork

    Purple DorkHari Yang lalu

    Bowser isn’t a bad guy he’s just a single dad trying to find a wife

  32. Emanuel Alves ?!

    Emanuel Alves ?!Jam Yang lalu

    @Aj Stephan ok

  33. Aj Stephan

    Aj StephanJam Yang lalu

    @Emanuel Alves ?! lol noted

  34. Emanuel Alves ?!

    Emanuel Alves ?!Jam Yang lalu

    You should have put plot twist at the start

  35. Aj Stephan

    Aj Stephan14 jam yang lalu

    Ain't no better way to find a wife than kidnapping her. 👍😁

  36. Smeegy

    SmeegyHari Yang lalu

    2:37 I love how bowser just falls from the sky

  37. Psychedelic FloorBoard

    Psychedelic FloorBoardHari Yang lalu

    Why am I watching this😂😂

  38. Panda Bros 123

    Panda Bros 123Hari Yang lalu

    *Best father of the year* award goes to BOWSER!

  39. NeonCatboy 44

    NeonCatboy 442 hari yang lalu

    Omg this is too cute

  40. Scrim MK

    Scrim MK2 hari yang lalu

    Thank you so much Because I’m 12 and I now know how this works so I got a plan

  41. Feiyxsal

    Feiyxsal2 hari yang lalu

    2:12 LMAO

  42. Joshua Ali

    Joshua Ali2 hari yang lalu

    this is a terrible feature

  43. saszeta

    saszeta2 hari yang lalu

    Bowsette would be more convicing

  44. Jenkum gang

    Jenkum gang2 hari yang lalu


  45. Claire

    Claire2 hari yang lalu

    But who's the Mother?😂

  46. Raul Lopez Garcia

    Raul Lopez Garcia3 hari yang lalu

    I saw this video more for fun than fir restriction