NIGMA vs VIKIN.GG - GRAND FINAL - EU Bukovel Minor 2020 WePlay! DOTA 2


  1. fahmi sinergia

    fahmi sinergia18 hari yang lalu

    So its true when others pro said it will be hard to replace matu

  2. KellyGamber

    KellyGamber19 hari yang lalu

    waaaaaaaa lalaalalallaaaaa

  3. Badrodin Abubakar

    Badrodin Abubakar21 hari yang lalu

    w33.haa is weaker than matu

  4. Badrodin Abubakar

    Badrodin Abubakar19 hari yang lalu

    @Devaraj T as usual w33 is more effective in drafting heroes, but he's so aggressive unlike matu, he is so calm and more timing in coming to clash.

  5. Devaraj T

    Devaraj T20 hari yang lalu

    Hero pool of w33 is more than matu, which helps very much in creating good drafts

  6. john cena

    john cena26 hari yang lalu


  7. Love Jinz

    Love JinzBulan Yang lalu

    Nigma:Godlike ?so what ~

  8. Johji Uehara

    Johji UeharaBulan Yang lalu

    the donkey just got destroyed chat wheel plss

  9. i am me

    i am meBulan Yang lalu

    The donkey just destroyed 😂

  10. john cena

    john cena26 hari yang lalu

    @Darth Vader 5:00

  11. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader29 hari yang lalu

    What donkey? I don't get it

  12. 有没有123亿元

    有没有123亿元Bulan Yang lalu

    The main problem it’s kuroky drafting strategy

  13. Максим Мамонтов

    Максим МамонтовBulan Yang lalu

    Миракл потный

  14. Adib Hakimi

    Adib HakimiBulan Yang lalu

    I dont think its w33 problem its kuro problem with drafting

  15. Adib Hakimi

    Adib Hakimi14 hari yang lalu

    @diego tobing mid hero and roam hero

  16. diego tobing

    diego tobing14 hari yang lalu

    ​what is his other hero pool actually? timber?

  17. Adib Hakimi

    Adib HakimiBulan Yang lalu

    @Jordan Felix w33 hero pool big bro but when under kuro i see w33 played ta meepo invo wind sky never let him get other hero

  18. Jordan Felix

    Jordan FelixBulan Yang lalu

    Usually the drafting problem is due to the players' hero pool. People also criticized LGD's coach, but Maybe and Ame can't play heroes Topson and Ana play, so they have no choice but to be outdrafted.

  19. francis ganapin

    francis ganapinBulan Yang lalu


  20. viljham gratia

    viljham gratiaBulan Yang lalu

    I'm surprised by the amount of stupid people in the comments. I agree completely with someone who said they prioritize saving miracle and created more space for him than to w33.

  21. Zullio Leonardi P.H

    Zullio Leonardi P.HBulan Yang lalu

    broken magnus

  22. Hendriq

    HendriqBulan Yang lalu

    @4:55 best part of the commentary

  23. Argumenter_Respecter

    Argumenter_RespecterBulan Yang lalu

    When Nigma lose: Kick W33 When Nigma win: Kick W33 See, this is why I can't truly love Kuro and the boys as much as I want to. The radioactive level is too hazardous.

  24. ChristianIsHere

    ChristianIsHereBulan Yang lalu

    To all w33 fans pls prepare a tribute video for him

  25. Emanuel alarcon

    Emanuel alarconBulan Yang lalu

    gg ez

  26. Josh Zahabuddin

    Josh ZahabuddinBulan Yang lalu

    TA is w33 hero? damn miracle showed who's d real boss

  27. siti khadijah

    siti khadijahBulan Yang lalu

    W33 cant carry team at all nigma game. Kuro pls add sumail in your team. W33 cant do that.

  28. excuse me

    excuse meBulan Yang lalu

    Why would u name your team *NIGMA* Cant u think something else

  29. Aminullah Suralaga

    Aminullah Suralaga29 hari yang lalu

    its from arabic language.. mean star.. see the official account twitter

  30. Enzhou Zutzut

    Enzhou ZutzutBulan Yang lalu

    @Arvz Roxas hey pinoy, it has been derived from that word. you really are truly pinoy :)

  31. Tan Keong

    Tan KeongBulan Yang lalu

    Because this is the closest word to NIGGA

  32. Arvz Roxas

    Arvz RoxasBulan Yang lalu

    @Joshua Eclevia source? or you're making this up. also, Nigma is a genus of cribellate araneomorph spiders in the Dictynidae family, and was first described by Pekka T. Lehtinen in 1967 😂😂😂

  33. Joshua Eclevia

    Joshua EcleviaBulan Yang lalu

    @Arvz Roxas Noun (plural ænigmas or ænigmata) (chiefly archaic) Alternative spelling of enigma.

  34. Zoe Desvl

    Zoe DesvlBulan Yang lalu

    This Magnus so funny

  35. Viet Anh Dam

    Viet Anh DamBulan Yang lalu

    Miracle best Invo Magnus - cheat hero- super man : carry,ganker,tanker,sp,... Error hero this patch

  36. AJ Balanced Breakfast

    AJ Balanced BreakfastBulan Yang lalu

    Lmao as soon as GH hit that split earth the final was over. Hope to see more of Vikin though, I really enjoy their playstyle

  37. tamam

    tamamBulan Yang lalu

    Miracle god... lucky nigma to have him

  38. Elli 78

    Elli 78Bulan Yang lalu

    My Nigma looks good

  39. Vicente Rodrigo

    Vicente RodrigoBulan Yang lalu


  40. BB Bet

    BB BetBulan Yang lalu

    world best invoker come back at mid boys time to first ban invoker

  41. • Pepe •

    • Pepe •Bulan Yang lalu

    @Kent Abiad agreed, that what made him the best. effective mana usage, impact to the counterfight of war, hero positioning, all in the next level.

  42. Kent Abiad

    Kent AbiadBulan Yang lalu

    @• Pepe • well miracle is not that flashy combo dropper on invo but the efficiency and accuracy of his spell casting is god like

  43. • Pepe •

    • Pepe •Bulan Yang lalu

    Time to discover newest combo of invoker, did by the best.

  44. Kenneth Kirova

    Kenneth KirovaBulan Yang lalu

    Their pos 1 in this team is midplayer, while their carry is being forced to play as pos 2 or offlaner

  45. Marvin

    MarvinBulan Yang lalu

    Midlaner* W33 plays as Hard Carry

  46. Tanala Fauzan

    Tanala FauzanBulan Yang lalu

    It's seems to be the meta of this patch

  47. Tanala Fauzan

    Tanala FauzanBulan Yang lalu

    EG using the same pattern

  48. Danrell Calumpong

    Danrell CalumpongBulan Yang lalu

    the new chat wheel to this year-end 9:35

  49. Tony Dreamwalker

    Tony DreamwalkerBulan Yang lalu

    😂😂😂 totally

  50. Marius Richter

    Marius RichterBulan Yang lalu

    I swear to god this Tobi guy is the most fucking shit guym. I know him from high mmr games. So annoying and always trying to gorgc snip luk

  51. Japmeister 665

    Japmeister 665Bulan Yang lalu

    4:56 ti20 chatwheel

  52. Sonny Narel

    Sonny NarelBulan Yang lalu

    Once again, nigma wins because of higher experience in the top tier...


    NEGA SCOTTBulan Yang lalu

    remove w33, pick TANNER XD... Ti10 bound.

  54. Jomar Empinado

    Jomar EmpinadoBulan Yang lalu

    Much better for miracle back to mid

  55. Sakh Madikh

    Sakh MadikhBulan Yang lalu

    Worst team name ever

  56. • Pepe •

    • Pepe •Bulan Yang lalu

    His name (Sakh Ma dikh) is not a real name. Its his jogg about succ ma digg, be careful to this troller.

  57. pace makerz

    pace makerzBulan Yang lalu

    Nardd16 Saga or sakh

  58. Aa Irfan

    Aa IrfanBulan Yang lalu

    Madikh is name worst ever

  59. Nardd16 Saga

    Nardd16 SagaBulan Yang lalu

    it will be a lot worst if they name their team "madikh"

  60. Andrei john j. embelino Diablo

    Andrei john j. embelino DiabloBulan Yang lalu

    6:20 what how? Hahaha

  61. Carl Marquez

    Carl MarquezBulan Yang lalu

    miracle mid Ez win haha

  62. Welver Gomera

    Welver GomeraBulan Yang lalu

    Mid miracle so fine

  63. Welver Gomera

    Welver GomeraBulan Yang lalu

    Mid miracle so fine

  64. Juicebox Keys

    Juicebox KeysBulan Yang lalu

    What is wrong with w33haa 😭 so sad to watch him play like this

  65. Shai. Toby-

    Shai. Toby-Bulan Yang lalu

    Some ppl hate w33ha even they win nah give some respect to the pro player we are not even pro like them just respect and support no need to bash w33ha actually not every game ur good enough we have a bad game...

  66. Totou Petra

    Totou PetraBulan Yang lalu

    I think it is their game plan, miracle is pos 1 on the midlane, so they prioritize saving miracle and giving miracle space than w33

  67. LGnY GT

    LGnY GTBulan Yang lalu

    @Blly` Martinez bruh he didnt feed it's normal to die especially if the carry wants to take exp or even be agressive by getting some last hit in creeps enemy always have plan to kill the enemy carry

  68. Blly` Martinez

    Blly` MartinezBulan Yang lalu

    he always feed early game using ursa

  69. Keannu Havana

    Keannu HavanaBulan Yang lalu

    that rp dodge by miracle tho

  70. Rizaldy Sacares

    Rizaldy SacaresBulan Yang lalu

    That epic commentary on the donkey being killed. Hahaha

  71. Muhammad Irfan

    Muhammad IrfanBulan Yang lalu

    such some beautiful split earth

  72. Uzumaki Troy

    Uzumaki TroyBulan Yang lalu

    Nigma will win this Minor, qualify for the Major and will win that Major. Trust me.

  73. Mikhael Alexander

    Mikhael AlexanderBulan Yang lalu

    Everything can happen man, but i hope my beloved team Nigma, can join major turney

  74. Jawad H

    Jawad HBulan Yang lalu

    Nigma need to do something about FeedHa ASAP.... he is not at that level.

  75. puhgeh

    puhgehBulan Yang lalu

    they need to kick that shit

  76. spawn99

    spawn99Bulan Yang lalu

    That's the top tier Team should be. The only problem is, w33 can't do what Miracle can.

  77. BB Bet

    BB BetBulan Yang lalu

    METALCORES dude no body cant do what miracle can cuz he is world number one player

  78. BB Bet

    BB BetBulan Yang lalu

    RetroIsland fuk ur anna dude miracle is much better then ana

  79. Fnadic Ti9

    Fnadic Ti9Bulan Yang lalu

    Of course w33 can't do what Miracle- does because the team prioritize miracle farm all the time even if he plays mid or carry.

  80. Got Smoked

    Got SmokedBulan Yang lalu

    ana fan gay. TI champ fan real quick.. bandwagon. y u here anyway

  81. Patrick Gani

    Patrick GaniBulan Yang lalu

    /r woosh

  82. Sidqi Sooudin

    Sidqi SooudinBulan Yang lalu

    15:36 "Its over somehow. I have no idea whats just happened" Laugh so hard on this 😆

  83. Carlos Chávez Hinostroza

    Carlos Chávez HinostrozaBulan Yang lalu

    13:43 real boss

  84. bhavesh panchal

    bhavesh panchalBulan Yang lalu

    Unless there's am, tb to play, miracle is good at mid.

  85. Alonso Vargas

    Alonso VargasBulan Yang lalu

    Miracle saved nigma

  86. dayum thicc

    dayum thiccBulan Yang lalu

    Nigma, more like ligma

  87. EE Reviewer PH

    EE Reviewer PHBulan Yang lalu

    0:05 is that the immo cow boy hat?😮

  88. Alit Putra

    Alit PutraBulan Yang lalu

    Yea, and that ursa's hat already exist from long ago, also its cost 800$

  89. U Fuk

    U FukBulan Yang lalu

    Kick wEE win Ti 10

  90. F T

    F TBulan Yang lalu

    5:22 synderen just got an intense orgasm

  91. Danrell Calumpong

    Danrell CalumpongBulan Yang lalu

    hahahahahahaha fucking gay

  92. Pradip Gurung

    Pradip GurungBulan Yang lalu

    Man w33ha can't mid he even fail safe laning 😭

  93. Centipede King

    Centipede KingBulan Yang lalu

    He plays well with ursa. If matu pick am, w33 ursa, nigma could win (65% for nigma).

  94. Kimi maru

    Kimi maruBulan Yang lalu

    Meta has changes, miracle doing good at mid Hope w33 doing good at safelane

  95. uncitz idjab

    uncitz idjabBulan Yang lalu


  96. artsyle push

    artsyle pushBulan Yang lalu

    the miracle show is back. so sit back and enjoy the show everyone

  97. Nadz Plazos Jr

    Nadz Plazos JrBulan Yang lalu

    It's unfortunate because if they're gonna stick with this new role assignments and found out that it was probably even the best thing to do immediately after the DPC reshuffle, it would've been better if they just recruited a different carry player back then to fill that spot. 23savage or Nikobaby would've been nice. I know it's possible that Nigma was also considering team chemistry and comfort but idk, skills and performance at this point probably outweighs those factors. Nevertheless, they've proven a lot of times to overcome hurdles, I do hope they can bounce back further. Great win for them.

  98. shmexy LUL

    shmexy LULBulan Yang lalu

    For people saying w33 is shit they got 2nd place with w33 and w33 was playing better than miracle at ti so stop complaining people just have bad games sometimes and need time to adapt FUCKING PSG lost to an open qualifier team and u all talk shit on nigma

  99. Kenneth Kirova

    Kenneth KirovaBulan Yang lalu

    They win it with matumba

  100. U Fuk

    U FukBulan Yang lalu

    Bruh his chase as timber vs Lc gave me no hope

  101. Mark Jimwel Rodriguez

    Mark Jimwel RodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    I guess miracle played better than w33 at TI . If they stick on miracle taking mid at GF game it would be interesting

  102. mikado meiji

    mikado meijiBulan Yang lalu

    why cm eve game?

  103. Chris Alex

    Chris AlexBulan Yang lalu

    Cm is strong this patch. Passive gives magic resistance

  104. Ze ro

    Ze roBulan Yang lalu

    This shows that cheater w33ha mid is a joke