Nick Cannon: The Hood Doesn't Listen to Eminem, Whites are Guests in Hip Hop (Flashback)


  1. Edwin othman

    Edwin othman11 jam yang lalu

    Iโ€™ll say right now when marshal matters came out, niggas in my city was walking around with there radio slapping that album

  2. Juan Garcia

    Juan GarciaHari Yang lalu

    I have an extensive criminal record consisting of gang related shootings and 2 this day i play Eminem along side of any gang related rap but i never once thuged out to Mr. Nick Cannon.

  3. Joe Mills

    Joe Mills2 hari yang lalu

    To say that Any race is a guest in anything is the most assinine thing ive ever as a white male would it be alright for me to say all blacks that are singing country right now! Just to throw out a name darious hes a guest. To me no!he can sing country.if the motherfucker is black white green purple yellow if the the motherfucker can rap than he isnt a guest. someones tearing the shit up and you mad about.fuckin grow up nick you cant rap but white boys are better at your own so called culture!

  4. Aneka Taiwan

    Aneka Taiwan7 hari yang lalu

    Saying eminem is a guest seems to me blacks are more racist than whites. Wimbeldon tennis and golfers never said serena williams or tiger woods were guests. No blacks allowed to run america, for sure. Damn racists.

  5. SargentEdgedTools

    SargentEdgedTools9 hari yang lalu

    This is still going on ... how lame. Do people think blacks are guests in the house of basketball because basketball was invented by a white guy?

  6. nick helton

    nick helton14 hari yang lalu

    He's talking about Eminem being a culture vulture and a racist but yet he made an album called white people party music. And I'm referring to Nick Cannon. Being from Detroit my whole life. I can tell you. No one likes, Nick Cannon. He's a TV host. He's hosted over 16 different shows. He's essentially a virus. Runyon Ave don't play I am so waiting for Nick Cannon to come to Detroit. So trick trick can shut his ass down like he did everyone else. Notice how no one's mentioned his name.

  7. James Cline

    James Cline14 hari yang lalu

    Em is being bumped in the good niggas just jealous af

  8. Skirkpatrick Cole

    Skirkpatrick Cole15 hari yang lalu

    Pussy, got everything wrong on der, Hollywood ass boy

  9. Julia Wilbard

    Julia Wilbard17 hari yang lalu

    He is Elvis on crack

  10. Ryan David

    Ryan David19 hari yang lalu

    This shit y'all say including you Vlad. Why would you call yourself a guest??.. I guess that means that tiger was a guest in golf, kobe, LeBron, MJ, etc. are guest in basketball. Should I go on because we can go down a long list of shit. What white people are always the guest but other cultures can just take what they want. Most racist garbage I've ever heard. Lmao

  11. jahtel miller

    jahtel miller21 hari yang lalu

    We bumping dat Nick cannon in the hood...

  12. Justin Galbraith

    Justin Galbraith22 hari yang lalu

    Soooooo by these standards tiger woods is a guest in the golfing community?

  13. Ghost Riley

    Ghost Riley23 hari yang lalu

    "Ayo his verse on that renegade beat was crazy, but I ain't never bought no whole CD of Shady"

  14. mitch McCarthy

    mitch McCarthy24 hari yang lalu

    Music isint owned by anyone ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  15. Canada Represent

    Canada Represent28 hari yang lalu

    Vladtv is so bullshit. Along with most topics/titles. Why do people even subscribe to this trash lmao.

  16. Lee Garcia

    Lee Garcia29 hari yang lalu

    Fuck nick cannon and your bitch ass show.I grew up with real G's & not one MF ever said your name when it came to music.Your music is trash and so is your wannabe gangster ink.

  17. Lucas Rios

    Lucas RiosBulan Yang lalu

    Bro Eminem is more from the hood, and more cultured, than Nick cannon. Nick you a sell out

  18. Lucas Rios

    Lucas RiosBulan Yang lalu

    Sounding like a bunch of racists, Eminem the best rapper, Led Zeppelin the best rock band, George Strait best country singer, Michael Jackson best pop singer, it has nothing to do with skin color, just talent, skill, innate ability, and hard work

  19. Lucas Rios

    Lucas RiosBulan Yang lalu

    Why is VLAD interviewing a talk show host, thought this show was about rap

  20. tekashi kanales

    tekashi kanalesBulan Yang lalu

    nick cannon never been to the hood cuh

  21. Chi-town Father

    Chi-town FatherBulan Yang lalu

    Might not like Cannon but where is he lying ๐Ÿคฅ yโ€™all Em F-BOY GET OUT YALL FEELING.

  22. Chi-town Father

    Chi-town FatherBulan Yang lalu

    When you get a blonde headed white boy who is dope yea MFs gonna blow him up.


    HALFAMAZINGTVBulan Yang lalu

    Nick said Em is great and marketable, but the hood isn't fucking with him. It's like saying Jordan is great, but the MLBaseball isn't fucking with him. Only stans will get upset because they want to be in on everything... Nick isn't known for his music, so comparing him to Em is feminine defensive tactic.

  24. ashsh patil

    ashsh patilBulan Yang lalu

    hood probably knows more of the eminem songs than nick bitch

  25. Patrick Danielson

    Patrick DanielsonBulan Yang lalu

    To the fuckers in the comments knocking this man for whatever reason under the sun, fuck that BS you'd trade places in an instand with nick. He cant fuck with Em any day of the week tho.

  26. Andrew Alvarez

    Andrew AlvarezBulan Yang lalu

    this dude is a fuckin dork

  27. Sollo Eglaus

    Sollo EglausBulan Yang lalu

    Whites are guest in hiphop , Just as every other ethnicity is to America. If you can define us as "minorities" , "immigrants" & "Refugees" on a land that is neither yours nor mines . Then you can't get offended if we choose to call you guest in a something as petty as a self ENTERTAINMENT tool . Y'all just MUST be apart of everything that's happens on earth. That's what makes us "MINORITIES"(African,Central&South Americans,Indigenous North Americans,All of Asia and so on) special we made our own culture, yall were just great plagiarizing note takers. And to that you might say well people took things from us too. No correction. You inserted yourself into our cultures and we said "no harm no foul", So we assumed "we let them in our lives so maybe we be in theirs" and you said, "welll umm.. I'm not too comfortable when you show up while I'm eating at this dinner for God's sakes there's children here, and ehhh look maybe it'll just be smart if you're kids just go to that school over there I dont want him around mines, but look I might can use you for something" " here hold my beer"........

  28. Matias Sandonato

    Matias SandonatoBulan Yang lalu

    Hey did you get that new nick cannon album? No me neither..

  29. Filip Stach

    Filip StachBulan Yang lalu

    What a dummie

  30. mrudhul murali

    mrudhul muraliBulan Yang lalu

    Come on get jamar in there... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚make him listen to "I will" first

  31. About3spiders

    About3spidersBulan Yang lalu

    Nick cannon is a guest in acting, comedy and music. Heโ€™s a triple suck fest

  32. Ambiguous Nut Case

    Ambiguous Nut CaseBulan Yang lalu

    I've always thought Nick is good looking but he's suddenly a hip hop god now??

  33. Corbin Fobbs

    Corbin FobbsBulan Yang lalu

    Open perpectives open your mind

  34. Tescoval

    TescovalBulan Yang lalu

    Think nicks getting confused with the beetles and the rolling stones.... Nick dumb asf ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  35. db

    dbBulan Yang lalu

    Straight circus clown

  36. Vincent Nightingale

    Vincent NightingaleBulan Yang lalu

    Im confused, I dont see the โ€œhoodโ€ lmao......even coming close to what Em can do. So why the fuck are we acting like the hood even has anything to do with rap?

  37. Timothy Miller

    Timothy MillerBulan Yang lalu

    I hope nick see all these comments.. That nigga wack

  38. Timothy Miller

    Timothy MillerBulan Yang lalu

    The hood dont listen to nick cannon

  39. MrDutch01

    MrDutch01Bulan Yang lalu

    You really hear that they are doing their best protecting something that doesn't need to be protected. That they don't listen Eminem could be a fact, but I know as a fact that he is blackest white dude in the rap scene and I know for a fact that a lot of 'Black' people listened to him and respect(ed) him. I don't know why Class B rappers like Nick Cannon and Jamar and WHO THE FUCK IS DJ VLAD trying to make a statement that doesn't exists. Yes 'black' people uses Hip-Hop/RAP to express their feelings and their life, but it doesn't mean it's claimed and their music... it's a way of life, it's culture. And if you are black or white... it does not really matter. We all the same bro. Black people are not a different 'App Update' from White People. We are created as the same... We are all the same... And we need to stop with 'creating racism by creating a difference between race, people, music etc etc'.

  40. Caleb Hughes

    Caleb HughesBulan Yang lalu

    Come to statesville with that shit nick. People just need to stop separating shit by colors period we all artists here in the east your stupid. None of us are stealing culture here cause it's a new generation there is very few of us who haven't grown up the same way where I come from. He's speaking for millenials really gen z don't have this problem like that.

  41. Prem Chopra

    Prem ChopraBulan Yang lalu

    "The hood"? Oh yea we forgot about "the hood" ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ Shut up nick!!!

  42. Matthew Hawkins

    Matthew HawkinsBulan Yang lalu

    Vlad is such an antagonist. Lol. He's just tryin to start something. It worked though ๐Ÿ˜

  43. Bird

    BirdBulan Yang lalu

    So, since James Naismith created basketball (a white guy) Michael Jordan is a guest in the basketball house?

  44. King Aboriginal

    King AboriginalBulan Yang lalu

    @Bird nigga the white man made it about skin color,, they created all this racist shit, you ever heard of the kkk and the Amerikkkan government,, but anywayz Luka is good but magic Johnson won the championship at 20 and he won the MVP in the finals.. now that's great

  45. Bird

    BirdBulan Yang lalu

    King Aboriginal still confused why itโ€™s always gotta be about the color of your skin. Itโ€™s about how good you are imo

  46. King Aboriginal

    King AboriginalBulan Yang lalu

    No no no ๐Ÿฆ man,, the white man own the NBA,, Blacks don't own hip hop,,, it's a difference

  47. Straight Outta Markarth

    Straight Outta MarkarthBulan Yang lalu

    BuullllllllllllSheeeeeet. People were bumping "Ass like that" in New York when it came out.

  48. Daniel Harvey

    Daniel HarveyBulan Yang lalu

    If yall heard detroit when shit like welcome to detroit city came on. Maybe its just hear but especially when the ss lp and mm lp dropped everybody banged that shit.

  49. Dan Linggi

    Dan LinggiBulan Yang lalu

    Fuck the hood!!!..em got fans all over the world๐Ÿ˜Ž

  50. jonathan brand

    jonathan brandBulan Yang lalu

    He knows his children are half white right?

  51. Ephie Hymer

    Ephie HymerBulan Yang lalu

    Wtf does Nick know about the hood...or music for that fact?

  52. liptaz

    liptazBulan Yang lalu

    I did not know Nick Cannon before this beef even, I know who Eminem is... xD Have I seen him in movies? xD Gtfo!!

  53. Mr. B

    Mr. BBulan Yang lalu

    Facts! Niggaz ainโ€™t listening to Eminem!

  54. Ganzi

    GanziBulan Yang lalu

    What da hell is he wearing on his head?

  55. Howard Stern

    Howard SternBulan Yang lalu

    Em is trash and so are his liberal views, stopped listening to that jerkoff 14 years ago???? SELLOUT

  56. ThoRho & PRhofound

    ThoRho & PRhofoundBulan Yang lalu

    Nick cannon still making his money while his haters in the comments are ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

  57. players whelm

    players whelmBulan Yang lalu

    The white boy is a guest in hip hop and the hood dont listen to him hahahah fuck this guy. EMS one of the best rappers alive

  58. AnticommentWarrior

    AnticommentWarriorBulan Yang lalu

    Hard bar lovers listen to eminem...

  59. Peter Le Marsney

    Peter Le MarsneyBulan Yang lalu

    Is nick street now? Wasn't he on Disney.

  60. Ben Harry

    Ben HarryBulan Yang lalu

    Nick Cannon is so absolutely beyond wack.

  61. Bill Slutzky

    Bill SlutzkyBulan Yang lalu

    Somebody needs to kick Nicks ass. I canโ€™t stand this guy. Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time.

  62. gus sphix

    gus sphixBulan Yang lalu

    Well now days the hood listen to lil pump and 69 etc... so

  63. Simon Johnson

    Simon JohnsonBulan Yang lalu

    Why would you respect any person that hasnโ€™t did shit for you and on top of that you donโ€™t know them. Nick Cannon talking about what people doing in the hood is, like me talking about what people in heaven doing...when was he ever in a hood?

  64. C Reiko

    C ReikoBulan Yang lalu

    No Nick ur wrong the HOOD DNT listen to ur corny music hahahhahaha