1. Toomkoo

    Toomkoo6 menit yang lalu

    Eminem: Im rap god! NF: rap battle?

  2. Michelle Nten

    Michelle NtenJam Yang lalu

    Nf breathes: Fans: I felt that

  3. Real Sociable

    Real Sociable2 jam yang lalu


  4. Gabe Smiles

    Gabe Smiles3 jam yang lalu

    Eminem : I’m the Rap God. Machine Gun Kelly : I’m the Rap Devil. NF : I’m just an outcast.

  5. J.S. T.K

    J.S. T.K4 jam yang lalu

    I’m probably the millionth person to say this but... NF & Em... I can see it happening. Quote me on it.

  6. Jimmy Bradley

    Jimmy Bradley6 jam yang lalu

    Quote me on this he the best in generation facts

  7. BigHomie Gwala

    BigHomie Gwala7 jam yang lalu

    Real mental health rappers are better then the ones that pretend

  8. Tricia Jackson

    Tricia Jackson7 jam yang lalu

    better than emenim

  9. Tricia Jackson

    Tricia Jackson7 jam yang lalu

    no L here

  10. Tricia Jackson

    Tricia Jackson7 jam yang lalu

    I love this song

  11. Tricia Jackson

    Tricia Jackson7 jam yang lalu

    fuc* all you haters you know I was here to say drob a new song but haters on nf will go through me

  12. Luke Hancock

    Luke Hancock7 jam yang lalu

    The most underrated rapper and lyricist period

  13. Batuwa Mariah

    Batuwa Mariah7 jam yang lalu

    I hate my teacher I hate my friends because I don’t have any the only thing I like is NF

  14. Tayler_ Moua

    Tayler_ Moua8 jam yang lalu

    Rap devil

  15. Michael Herrera

    Michael Herrera9 jam yang lalu

    Win are you going to make a new song

  16. Hades Mz

    Hades Mz9 jam yang lalu

    i love nf

  17. Rextherage Ragetherex

    Rextherage Ragetherex9 jam yang lalu

    hey uh guys "on a rampage" that remind you of something that was *in the basement of mansion* and remember *fear* "how i argue with myself I don't know if its fear or anger because he literally said "FEAR it"

  18. Rextherage Ragetherex

    Rextherage Ragetherex10 jam yang lalu

    NFs wife: hey wanna go swimming NF:can't i evaporate the ocean

  19. ZeFISH

    ZeFISH10 jam yang lalu

    My new favorite

  20. Rextherage Ragetherex

    Rextherage Ragetherex10 jam yang lalu

    hey guys i just realised the nf sitting where the lockers are he might be anger we have never seen him wear take off the tims the tims are in the locker also not one of them are wearing tims until the end

  21. Michael Goltry

    Michael Goltry10 jam yang lalu

    Nate, I know you may not know for sure where you stand with God and may not have figured out exactly what faith looks like to you, but I strongly encourage you to find a Christian minister. Maybe even find one that can travel with you and minister to you on a regular basis. As much as we, your fans, love you, God loves you more.

  22. J WG

    J WG11 jam yang lalu

    Okay I don't really like NF but that flow mid-way through make me respect him.

  23. Athena's Thief

    Athena's Thief11 jam yang lalu

    Fire Truth, God, Higher message....brand new talent "Athena's Thief" On the album "Illuminate The World" on Soundcloud/Bandcamp....

  24. Athena's Thief

    Athena's Thief11 jam yang lalu

    Fire Truth, God, Higher message....brand new talent "Athena's Thief" On the album "Illuminate The World" on Soundcloud/Bandcamp....

  25. Van Al

    Van Al11 jam yang lalu

    The best

  26. Colton White

    Colton White11 jam yang lalu

    Mgk:I need auto tuned NF:I need baloons


    2SAUCEYBOI11 jam yang lalu

    Please cuss

  28. HarryzWild

    HarryzWild12 jam yang lalu

    How heavy can you lift a dumbbell Nobody: NF: 8 balloons

  29. Ufuoma Efeurhievwe

    Ufuoma Efeurhievwe12 jam yang lalu

    I don't know this guy but he is crazy and talented


    TARIK SAFVET CIFTCI12 jam yang lalu

    Who is watching this 2020 I am

  31. EmilyFort AL

    EmilyFort AL12 jam yang lalu

    I'm trying to find out how he got up on the lamp post.

  32. Jack Tyers

    Jack Tyers13 jam yang lalu

    Lost definitely going to be album .look at green lights perception

  33. MKE Official

    MKE Official13 jam yang lalu

    NF is spitting the fast parts so clean, you can use his voice as a hithat

  34. Islam Alsir

    Islam Alsir13 jam yang lalu

    Clown look is si overrated

  35. Restless Dreamer

    Restless Dreamer13 jam yang lalu

    hey nate whats it like to be famous?

  36. 1000subswithnocontent 1

    1000subswithnocontent 114 jam yang lalu

    Anyone in 2020??

  37. Leona Condon

    Leona Condon14 jam yang lalu

    Thank u so much for writing these songs they help me thru so much

  38. Char Char's Barz

    Char Char's Barz15 jam yang lalu

    A lot of people ar aying nf's songs are depressing, but for me it's actal good music, that is real, and motivating, and you can't say the song's depressing because it's about his life, so....

  39. Claire Mo

    Claire Mo15 jam yang lalu

    loving this comment section men


    SAMUEL LUKIN15 jam yang lalu

    Teacher: Ok class, bob Bob: Hear Teacher: NF NF: Hanging on the ceiling!

  41. Chubby Chace

    Chubby Chace16 jam yang lalu

    this guy needs to do a colab with EKOH

  42. jerome james

    jerome james16 jam yang lalu

    Nf the realist of real music

  43. Jayden Winland

    Jayden Winland17 jam yang lalu

    he in school listening to this

  44. Supr3mo Shawn

    Supr3mo Shawn17 jam yang lalu


  45. Angel Blue

    Angel Blue18 jam yang lalu

    I love when he says *wooo* *wooo*

  46. RJ DA

    RJ DA18 jam yang lalu

    I’m surprised no one ever has giving any explanation on this verse: Look, costs are high, they multiply They cause divides and force the fight The poison I've been sipping on has quite the bite It killed me twice, they rigged the lights So y'all could see the parts of mine that aren't too bright See, often I apologize and authorize the awful times That pop up (Nate) like I'm right behind you I'd advise you not to try and climb inside the mind like I do Keep the rhyme book expedited, over nighted Hold the tide in, hope the time is on my side 'Cause if it's not then I'll decide to override my own demise I toe the line too close and I can improvise and empathize But recognize the fact that I could jeopardize and wreck your lives You better give me your attention, the undivided

  47. abdo Nour

    abdo Nour19 jam yang lalu

    NF actually can sing and rap than eminem(his song darkshit)

  48. Timmm

    Timmm19 jam yang lalu

    Nf is honestly one of the most real and underestimated rappers in history hands down.

  49. Aymen foon

    Aymen foon20 jam yang lalu

    You will be like Eminem in the future :') 😍😍❤️❤️

  50. MistiK

    MistiK20 jam yang lalu

    NF makes Eminem look like an angry narcissistic teenage girl

  51. Ekas Arts

    Ekas Arts21 jam yang lalu

    Just because we grew up listening to Em songs....that doesn't mean to dislimit Nate's songs...the dude is real and creative....I love the fact that he doesn't say Nate is a teacher....."fake friends will always run away from you in times of Needy" That's true....fantasy is what breaking Hollywood families....

  52. Mayo Staccato

    Mayo Staccato21 jam yang lalu

    Id rather listen to this than the new Eminem, tbh

  53. Forrest vlogs

    Forrest vlogs21 jam yang lalu

    You'r my favorite rapper ever

  54. McNaz M

    McNaz M22 jam yang lalu

    He's style reminds me of Hopsin

  55. shashank shekhar bhatt

    shashank shekhar bhatt22 jam yang lalu

    Awesome lyrics .. love from india

  56. Ariana Grande

    Ariana GrandeHari Yang lalu

    Kids can listen to nf he doesn't swears so u can kids and u can be what you can to do in ur life that you want to do when u grow up u can be. Rapper like nf or u can be IDreporterr! U can be anything!😊😊 I am listening when I am a kid

  57. KHALIFAH 77

    KHALIFAH 77Hari Yang lalu

    I love you man😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Lena rttv

    Lena rttvHari Yang lalu

    And that's why NF is my favourite singer and rapper since I discovered him because of perception. Real music till the day we die. 🔥 Btw, anyone here from Germany/Augsburg?😁

  59. kannan vijayan

    kannan vijayanHari Yang lalu

    Super song

  60. VNWLDR

    VNWLDRHari Yang lalu

    Hi there! Would this track fit the Real Music?