Neymar Jr | The Magic is Back


  1. Mordo 200

    Mordo 2008 hari yang lalu

    He gained some weight :/

  2. Tobias Borges

    Tobias Borges12 hari yang lalu

    the only shortcoming of this video is that it ends up

  3. Sam Kang

    Sam Kang16 hari yang lalu

    damn, he gained some weight


    VJCOMPSHD24 hari yang lalu

    Anyone know the website that the channel owner take the clips from it??

  5. Konstadinos Dolaptsis

    Konstadinos Dolaptsis25 hari yang lalu

    whats the name of the second song?

  6. sanjay kunwar

    sanjay kunwar28 hari yang lalu

    Dear Neymar Barcelona miss you so does the world

  7. 좀 좀

    좀 좀28 hari yang lalu

    어디하나 빠지는게 없네 스피드면 스피드 드리블이면 드리블 슛이면 슛 패스면 패스

  8. Zenith

    Zenith29 hari yang lalu

    He is like PSG's Messi... even has the beard too lmao

  9. ameen altermathy

    ameen altermathy29 hari yang lalu

    He gotten fatter

  10. Will Knight

    Will Knight29 hari yang lalu

    Aaaand its gone

  11. Snipesaintz cR

    Snipesaintz cR29 hari yang lalu

    Anddddddd the magic is gone again... .. Until next month 😒

  12. Mark

    Mark29 hari yang lalu

    Magic never left

  13. Lipe Mota

    Lipe MotaBulan Yang lalu


  14. McFrans

    McFransBulan Yang lalu

    He should be kept rotten on the bench. Biggest ahole in football

  15. Ronaldinho Gaucho

    Ronaldinho GauchoBulan Yang lalu

    First music ?

  16. Lipe Mota

    Lipe MotaBulan Yang lalu

    1- for The Record ooyy remix

  17. Lipe Mota

    Lipe MotaBulan Yang lalu

    For The Record ooyy remix

  18. Alex corso

    Alex corsoBulan Yang lalu


  19. Winston THomas

    Winston THomasBulan Yang lalu

    Neymar is a diva and not a leader. He has two more years of value. I was a fan, but lost respect.

  20. Heisenberg

    HeisenbergBulan Yang lalu

    The Magic is blessed

  21. jeyz kiji

    jeyz kijiBulan Yang lalu

    If he doesn't get injured again he will be competing with Messi and Ronaldo again And might even win!

  22. Rakshit Sarnaik

    Rakshit Sarnaik28 hari yang lalu

    Ronaldo is yesterday's news. He became so as soon as he stepped into serie a. Messi is aging as well(he himself stated that).Now it's the generation of players like Sterling, Tamy Abraham, Felix and Fati and many more to come into limelight as soon as these two hang up their boots(sadly so).

  23. David CM

    David CMBulan Yang lalu

    is back... to get injured

  24. Quisito Nassoro Kampani

    Quisito Nassoro KampaniBulan Yang lalu

    I really love this guy. He plays as if he was a God of Football . He Kind of expert player

  25. Goku San

    Goku SanBulan Yang lalu

    Anddddddd his injured again

  26. siqin

    siqinBulan Yang lalu

    What magic ?! OH you mean him being injured constantly for the whole season and people over rating him?! Ok

  27. kdsom

    kdsomBulan Yang lalu

    The magic is injured again.




  29. Millio

    MillioBulan Yang lalu

    Aaaaaaaand he's injured again

  30. Dre Dullo

    Dre DulloBulan Yang lalu

    He has the potential to be better than Messi and Ronaldo but he keeps getting injured

  31. Tshimo Mogudi

    Tshimo Mogudi29 hari yang lalu

    he doesn't have the time to do it

  32. SG Football Soccer

    SG Football SoccerBulan Yang lalu

    Like: Griezman Comment: Neymar wtf, who am I?

  33. lanre shokunbi

    lanre shokunbiBulan Yang lalu

    The older he gets the more he looks like Dani alves facially 😂

  34. Seth Webster

    Seth WebsterBulan Yang lalu

    The magic is NOW Injured

  35. Michal

    MichalBulan Yang lalu

    6:13 sound?

  36. kaiser rocker

    kaiser rocker29 hari yang lalu

    Jeen; buena vista

  37. SHORTgamer

    SHORTgamerBulan Yang lalu

    *this player looks familliar*

  38. Silviu Andrei

    Silviu AndreiBulan Yang lalu

    First music?

  39. JuninhoSilva

    JuninhoSilva4 hari yang lalu

    For the record

  40. MenBauer Football

    MenBauer FootballBulan Yang lalu

    very good video, but his stage in Barcelona was brighter and more magical💪

  41. Daniel Tshilenge

    Daniel TshilengeBulan Yang lalu

    If he wants the ballon d’or he need to stop having injuries.

  42. FutSoccer HD

    FutSoccer HD28 hari yang lalu

    Yes, its true.... he asks for his body everyday: hey body, can we have an injury again?

  43. Uno2000

    Uno2000Bulan Yang lalu

    Or Diving

  44. iiBlue

    iiBlueBulan Yang lalu

    What kinda stupid comment he cant do anything about it

  45. Massimo D'Alessandro

    Massimo D'AlessandroBulan Yang lalu

    Yeah because he was choosing to have them right?

  46. drakkn h'ghar

    drakkn h'gharBulan Yang lalu

    Neymar has 5 star weak foot

  47. Eastonish

    EastonishBulan Yang lalu

    "The magic is back" - 7 Days later, could be out for 4 months

  48. Eastonish

    EastonishBulan Yang lalu

    oh shit XD my bad

  49. Sebastian Salinas

    Sebastian SalinasBulan Yang lalu

    @Eastonish You were confused 😂, the first report said 4 *WEEKS

  50. Eastonish

    EastonishBulan Yang lalu

    @Sebastian Salinas Yeah XD the first report i saw of it said 4 but he got lucky there

  51. Sebastian Salinas

    Sebastian SalinasBulan Yang lalu

    Only one month but yes you have the reason 😂😂😂

  52. HotShotBacon

    HotShotBaconBulan Yang lalu

    then he got injured

  53. TURK 08

    TURK 08Bulan Yang lalu

    Well he is now injured again already so he isn’t really in a good sport anymore.

  54. Patricio Pedrero

    Patricio PedreroBulan Yang lalu




    This is not the Neymar I knew when he was at barca

  56. Money Maker

    Money MakerBulan Yang lalu

    Sometiems he’s lazy he knows he too good so he just walks around with the ball

  57. gamer sandy

    gamer sandyBulan Yang lalu

    New neymar unbeatable hate of fans cannot beate the fire inside make him the best player in the world

  58. alejandro perez

    alejandro perezBulan Yang lalu

    And he's gone again!!!!

  59. Bria F

    Bria FBulan Yang lalu

    So are the injuries, sad to say.

  60. abdul latif

    abdul latifBulan Yang lalu

    he can dribble use left foot and right foot.its very amazing

  61. Muhamad Rosly

    Muhamad RoslyBulan Yang lalu

    Neymar... Come to Real Madrid and Ballon d'or will be yours

  62. Eugene Skorokhod

    Eugene SkorokhodBulan Yang lalu


  63. Lipe Mota

    Lipe MotaBulan Yang lalu

    1- for The Record ooyy remix

  64. Smoky Donuts

    Smoky DonutsBulan Yang lalu

    Hope he stays healthy this season.

  65. neil aaron ojeda

    neil aaron ojedaBulan Yang lalu

    He looks fat

  66. Rainer Wingl

    Rainer WinglBulan Yang lalu

    Here we go, injured again!

  67. Derrapo

    DerrapoBulan Yang lalu

    he got injured AGAIN

  68. Thasso Bortone

    Thasso BortoneBulan Yang lalu


  69. Rory Shannon

    Rory ShannonBulan Yang lalu

    I don't know why everyone keeps saying that he's not at his best anymore, his best was being a skillful and talented player. He is literally the most tricky and skillful player in the world, that hasn't changed.

  70. Rory Shannon

    Rory ShannonBulan Yang lalu

    @Thabo Kgwele yea I definitely get what you mean 👍

  71. Thabo Kgwele

    Thabo KgweleBulan Yang lalu

    I'm one of those people who feels that he's not at his best yet. Perhaps you can notice how some of his plays are a tad scrappy and, while still smooth and technical, are just not quite as explosive as we know they're supposed to be by his standards. Not quite like they used to be.

  72. Aryan Balbudhe

    Aryan BalbudheBulan Yang lalu

    And he got injured again

  73. Al3ss4ndr0 Studio

    Al3ss4ndr0 StudioBulan Yang lalu

    Injured again...

  74. Ulisses 22

    Ulisses 22Bulan Yang lalu


  75. Julio Reyes

    Julio ReyesBulan Yang lalu

    And just like that... its gone again 😂😂😂😂😂

  76. The Hood

    The HoodBulan Yang lalu

    PSG favorites for Champions League this year!

  77. mtomaseks

    mtomaseksBulan Yang lalu

    He pulled his hamstring today