1. K-Ville Entertainment

    K-Ville EntertainmentBulan Yang lalu

    *It's time to discover new K-Pop artists, witness rookies rise to the top, celebrate when our legends come back, and die of shock when an unexpected comeback happens! These are your New K-Pop Songs from November 4th - November 11th, 2019!* *This week we have new **#KPOP** songs from **#BVNDIT**, **#HYUNA**, **#DAWN**, **#TheBoyz**, **#1TEAM**, **#DONGKIZ**, **#ZICO** and so much more!* FOLLOW K-VILLE in these places! ► IG: ► FB: ► TWITTER: ► TUMBLR: ► PINTEREST: *We can't earn any money from these videos because IDreporter demonetised our whole channel. It would really help if any of you could donate as little as $1/month on our Patreon:*

  2. Rattmaster86

    Rattmaster8623 hari yang lalu

    ILUV (아이러브) released a comeback MV on November 10th. A lot of these smaller groups get overlooked.

  3. ɱeʅᎥცee

    ɱeʅᎥცee2 jam yang lalu

    BVNDIT ❤ Please support them!

  4. forever bvndit

    forever bvndit4 hari yang lalu

    BVNDIT 😍

  5. nctzen who??

    nctzen who??12 hari yang lalu


  6. G. zey_

    G. zey_18 hari yang lalu

    why nobody talk about THE BOYZ? They are very talent

  7. Emily

    Emily26 hari yang lalu


  8. F.D. English

    F.D. English26 hari yang lalu

    These group names though, Like a damn puzzle

  9. jojolofoploco

    jojolofoploco27 hari yang lalu

    Dawn's song is seriously so good

  10. Kpopish

    Kpopish27 hari yang lalu

    *Adds to playlist*

  11. Rachel May

    Rachel May27 hari yang lalu

    Where my zion t stans at❤️

  12. Estelle Choi

    Estelle Choi27 hari yang lalu

    My church teacher is Kevin from the boyz mom! Not lying 😆😆 I don't have the Korean keyboard on my tablet so yeah...

  13. jiminstan

    jiminstan27 hari yang lalu

    but Tatoo is the japanese debut song of The Boyz, they just released it in korean

  14. Muskan Rajpoot

    Muskan Rajpoot28 hari yang lalu

    I luv k-pop music🤗

  15. seun w

    seun w29 hari yang lalu

    got7 recently had a comeback check them out if you haven't it's really amazing!!!

  16. Alexander Fessehaye

    Alexander Fessehaye29 hari yang lalu


  17. Gizem 》ARMYCULER 《

    Gizem 》ARMYCULER 《29 hari yang lalu

    we didnt see BTS :/ lets make song as soon as possible, kings. Missed you!

  18. mike miliq

    mike miliq29 hari yang lalu

    5:03 it’s amber liu not lui lol

  19. Captain Q

    Captain QBulan Yang lalu

    *cool video* Go subscribe ___

  20. Serwena1212

    Serwena1212Bulan Yang lalu

    Love? By ELO,PENOMECO ft. Gray; Money by DAWN; Limitless by Ravi ft. SIK-K,XYDO, and Flower Shower

  21. Maple Chan

    Maple ChanBulan Yang lalu

    1team SHOCKED me with their new song. such a deep and dark bass i'm HOOKED

  22. Nono 15

    Nono 15Bulan Yang lalu

    There isn't even one song that is not a BOP

  23. Daleen

    DaleenBulan Yang lalu

    Bvndit ❤️🔥

  24. JomoWhore

    JomoWhoreBulan Yang lalu

    It's Amber Liu, not Lui...

  25. zoe g

    zoe gBulan Yang lalu

    can someone explain to me why the boyz japanese debut was in korean lol

  26. politicalandsocial

    politicalandsocialBulan Yang lalu

    Support Melomance. They've been around for a while and don't get the attention they should. They get good songs and they're a good group. Come on people!

  27. lily Barr

    lily BarrBulan Yang lalu

    Great list.

  28. romanou Jolivet

    romanou JolivetBulan Yang lalu

    Bubble pop hyuna ❤ dumb bvndit 💙 flower shower hyuna 💚 money dawn 💜 adios hoody feat gray ❣ may zion .t 💞 being letf zico feat dvwn 😘 love ? Elo et penomeco 💕 other people amber liu 💛

  29. Emily Schmitz

    Emily SchmitzBulan Yang lalu

    Please people, check 1TEAM out, the song really slaps!!!

  30. ben iana

    ben ianaBulan Yang lalu

    Hyuna's triumphant comeback is priceless

  31. mouna AR

    mouna ARBulan Yang lalu


  32. sunflower seeds

    sunflower seedsBulan Yang lalu

    *im leaving for all these khh releases omg*

  33. sunflower seeds

    sunflower seedsBulan Yang lalu

    aomg stans where are y'all at

  34. sunflower seeds

    sunflower seedsBulan Yang lalu

    adios is such a beautiful song!

  35. sunflower seeds

    sunflower seedsBulan Yang lalu

    dawn and hyuna my parents are finally here♡

  36. sunflower seeds

    sunflower seedsBulan Yang lalu

    *vote for my girls bvndit!!! dumb is a whole bop*

  37. oberdamujigae

    oberdamujigaeBulan Yang lalu

    1:40 I got shocked for a sec I thought that was Lee Byunghun aka L.Joe lmao finally a 1team song I like

  38. ぞんみや

    ぞんみやBulan Yang lalu

    opening song name please!

  39. sunshinechuu

    sunshinechuuBulan Yang lalu

    play with me by cross gene :)

  40. DireConsenquences

    DireConsenquencesBulan Yang lalu

    Dongkiz is making a good start imo.

  41. alex 030898

    alex 030898Bulan Yang lalu

    I can't wait for IZ*ONE comeback

  42. sibchetnik

    sibchetnikBulan Yang lalu

    Vote Bvndit, guys .