New Green Weaver Ant Queen by AntsCanada


  1. Dr.Stephenzel Hawking

    Dr.Stephenzel Hawking4 hari yang lalu

    Ik. your a Mickey bustos

  2. Zach Defender

    Zach Defender6 hari yang lalu

    2019? Anyone just me ok

  3. Abel Verzosa

    Abel VerzosaBulan Yang lalu

    I cathed a Asian weaver ant queen during there nuptial flight

  4. Dark Killer

    Dark KillerBulan Yang lalu

    Yo I got this ant also but it died after some time I discovered it when I was near a coconut tree

  5. Fuad Hasan

    Fuad Hasan2 bulan yang lalu

    Mirip tetangga gue

  6. Loly The Troll

    Loly The Troll2 bulan yang lalu

    “Come on don’t you wanna blob of honey?” 😂😂😂

  7. Mary Watrin

    Mary Watrin2 bulan yang lalu

    My favourite green color...beautiful ant

  8. Lionel messi

    Lionel messi2 bulan yang lalu

    No wonder

  9. janry christof h. Hernandez

    janry christof h. Hernandez2 bulan yang lalu

    Hey antscanada thank you for making me inspire of everything including ants and making my little brother love it!

  10. Matt The Airsoft Noob

    Matt The Airsoft Noob3 bulan yang lalu

    I wish I could give you a queen. I found one just right now.

  11. Gabby Tol

    Gabby Tol3 bulan yang lalu

    A have ant queen big

  12. Chua Hector

    Chua Hector4 bulan yang lalu

    How many times do I have to feed my weaver ant queen per week? She is not eating the honey I fed her. Please help. She did not touch it for few days already.

  13. zenel xyrone

    zenel xyrone4 bulan yang lalu

    When i was young i really kill ants cause i thought their useless but now i love them

  14. Aaron Debulgado

    Aaron Debulgado4 bulan yang lalu

    Is the weaver ant queen fertilize when she has wings. Because the one i caught has wings on her?

  15. XxxPRO GAMINGxxX

    XxxPRO GAMINGxxX5 bulan yang lalu



    ALBERT DEL ROSARIO5 bulan yang lalu

    you are totally familiar

  17. Jhoneil Maestrado

    Jhoneil Maestrado5 bulan yang lalu

    antcanada did you know that thailand are killing a lot of weaver ants

  18. Orlando Vazquez

    Orlando Vazquez7 bulan yang lalu

    I'm fairly new here, is there an up date on the weaver ants?

  19. JoshuaJustListens

    JoshuaJustListens7 bulan yang lalu

    prettiest ant ever. the parakeet of ant species

  20. Presten Grace

    Presten Grace8 bulan yang lalu

    What ever happened to this species?

  21. Takisan111

    Takisan1119 bulan yang lalu

    Dang, Mike. She's huge!

  22. -Ftang.5 -

    -Ftang.5 -9 bulan yang lalu

    here in Australia those green ants are absolutely everywhere and every tree has a nest and to those people saying "i wish they lived here where i live" no you dont. if you go under a nest they will glide down and swarms and bite the crap outta you then vomit acid in the wounds. you dont know pain unless you have tried to pick an orange from your tree and theres a nest nearby. these buggers are the worst.

  23. Josh Eric Tan

    Josh Eric Tan10 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine if Mikey kept them until now in 2018, they would be called the emerald Weaver's or something😂

  24. Kang Yang Lim

    Kang Yang Lim11 bulan yang lalu

    Wth is that

  25. {LoneWolfTM} Gaming

    {LoneWolfTM} Gaming11 bulan yang lalu

    I think i once see an ant like that and feed it to my pet chicken😱 I didnt know it was a queen im really sorry😔

  26. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol11 bulan yang lalu

    Your a singer ...? In the Filipino Mythical Creatures??

  27. Blazindragon

    BlazindragonTahun Yang lalu

    What ever happened to this queen?

  28. what i think animation

    what i think animationTahun Yang lalu

    I see that here but I don't no what's the name

  29. Cyron Celia

    Cyron CeliaTahun Yang lalu

    And wait, where is your weaver ant colony now?

  30. Cyron Celia

    Cyron CeliaTahun Yang lalu

    That queen is so big isn’t she!?

  31. Dean Victor Montalvo

    Dean Victor MontalvoTahun Yang lalu

    Hi @Antscanada I would to ask if what are the updates on the green weaver ants

  32. Toya Chase

    Toya ChaseTahun Yang lalu

    Is she still around? What happened to this beauty?


    TOAST GODTahun Yang lalu

    Fat ants

  34. Guadalupe dominguez

    Guadalupe dominguezTahun Yang lalu

    I wish they live in phinex

  35. The Tarantula Hawk

    The Tarantula HawkTahun Yang lalu

    2081 any one

  36. Shawn Lorenz Lucero

    Shawn Lorenz LuceroTahun Yang lalu

    Give us an uldate in the weaver ant!!!

  37. Ninja GameZ

    Ninja GameZTahun Yang lalu

    Wow even green ants? Are these like exotic ants or very hard to find?

  38. Mixer Playz

    Mixer PlayzTahun Yang lalu

    Im filipino too mabuhay!!!!

  39. Anna Ramirez

    Anna RamirezTahun Yang lalu

    I just found a weaver ant queen walking on our dining table while watching this video.

  40. Matt Steven Emperado

    Matt Steven EmperadoTahun Yang lalu

    How to find weaver ants in Philippines

  41. space explorer

    space explorerTahun Yang lalu

    I am from assam, india... and i found 1 here

  42. Tom

    TomTahun Yang lalu

    Já bych ji chtěl

  43. Shadow warrior

    Shadow warriorTahun Yang lalu

    i wish cool ants lived in the uk

  44. Roblox History and Games

    Roblox History and GamesTahun Yang lalu

    Wow I tough you're the real guy ant ananda you're speaking is not like ants Canada well it's you account AC family is the best

  45. Roblox History and Games

    Roblox History and GamesTahun Yang lalu

    Wait dude you're ants Canada is you're channel and you're ant Canada? Or you're account is only Miley bustus

  46. Pranav Venki

    Pranav VenkiTahun Yang lalu

    big bro the green weaver ant queen that I caught last night at 7-8pm gave me a huge surprise when I observed her now(11.45am).she has laid a lot of eggs.ill send pic to info@ants or ur personal email if u give me

  47. Pranav Venki

    Pranav VenkiTahun Yang lalu

    same seasonal patterns here in Trivandrum too

  48. Pranav Venki

    Pranav VenkiTahun Yang lalu

    I got this today

  49. Agil messi

    Agil messiTahun Yang lalu

    I have 10 to 20 queen of this kind.

  50. Bryan Dacomos

    Bryan DacomosTahun Yang lalu

    Um why queen weaver ants are walking around in summer shes finding a new colony or finding mating??

  51. AntsPhilippines Cavite

    AntsPhilippines CaviteTahun Yang lalu

    It is native too in here in Cavite in the Mango trees that grow on the yards there is a clump of leaves in the trunks of the trees.

  52. Niko Bisnar

    Niko BisnarTahun Yang lalu

    cool ant

  53. Zaptor 51

    Zaptor 51Tahun Yang lalu

    What happened to the queen ant???

  54. Kevin Poe

    Kevin PoeTahun Yang lalu


  55. Meeslypancake 18

    Meeslypancake 18Tahun Yang lalu

    Yo what up you’re channel is amazing you inspired me to start my own colony

  56. Maria Cangas

    Maria CangasTahun Yang lalu

    wer you faind it queen

  57. Andrew 14

    Andrew 14Tahun Yang lalu

    I really want red ants or fire ants to live in the uk

  58. Victoria Forbes

    Victoria ForbesTahun Yang lalu

    i have a weaver queen ant too her ants are so manys i,m so lucky dont alert the queen or the colony will run all over the place

  59. projektaquarius

    projektaquariusTahun Yang lalu

    Did you move your ants with you from Canada to the Philippines?

  60. Offical tuy

    Offical tuyTahun Yang lalu