New Funny Videos 2020 ● People doing stupid things P10


  1. Vi Tan

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    2:06 link 🎶

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    very funny but i like it so much

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    1:13 Dampflokomotiven

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  6. Suzan Ezbon87

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    Can I get the name of the music in 9:36 I try to to found that song for along time plssss hlep😛

  7. hmm Unknown

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    Name:- Mega francesita Toma toma

  8. Suzan Ezbon87

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  10. Khoy Ventura

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    Scripted. 😑

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    hahaha liki me pls

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  14. Amazing Abbottabad

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    لپٹ کر دیر تک روئیں گے در و دیوار سے لوگ... میں ایسے سوگ میں جوانی چھوڑ جاؤنگی...

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    I don't see what's so funny

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  17. Mical Sl

    Mical SlBulan Yang lalu

    What's the name of the song in 4:21

  18. hmm Unknown

    hmm UnknownBulan Yang lalu

    Name :-Mega francesita Toma toma

  19. Sandy Cheeks

    Sandy CheeksBulan Yang lalu

    Ivan polka idk who sang the cover though so just search Hatsune Miku Ivan polka

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    Eeew every chinese funny video is scripted

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    thank you thank you thank you very much keep up the great work

  24. To A new Earth !

    To A new Earth !Bulan Yang lalu

    Those basket ball ones where do I find them

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    TR亥YUSUF亥 Minceraft 2020Bulan Yang lalu

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    noob im just joking.

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  41. Oli Divine! 奧利神!

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  42. 𝙑F𝙓وحش الخدع والافلام

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