1. Akia George

    Akia GeorgeJam Yang lalu

    Y'all living room is like my house

  2. Lexine Madrid

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  3. Brittany Justice

    Brittany JusticeJam Yang lalu


  4. Zaya2499

    Zaya2499Jam Yang lalu

    The Ace family ripped off that bandanna guy! They’re crooks

  5. Soil Yeet

    Soil YeetJam Yang lalu

    #3 on trending 😮 good job

  6. Lillian_ Fw.

    Lillian_ Fw.Jam Yang lalu


  7. stephanie Méndez

    stephanie MéndezJam Yang lalu

    I honestly don’t see the rush of it’s a big house and everything was changed to how you guys want it 🤦🏽‍♀️ you can’t rush people to do things like that ...

  8. NEVAEH Frank

    NEVAEH FrankJam Yang lalu

    Iml our house is getting renovated and they are taking forever now we are stuck in this tiny house

  9. katelyn ritchie

    katelyn ritchieJam Yang lalu

    been done

  10. Carlos Jaramillo

    Carlos JaramilloJam Yang lalu

    Catherine is a bitch let the workers do there fuckin g job bitch

  11. Lourna Joseph

    Lourna JosephJam Yang lalu

    Austin is funny

  12. Erica M

    Erica MJam Yang lalu

    Amazing work that the workers are doing be patient ACE

  13. Ryan Olivia

    Ryan OliviaJam Yang lalu

    I love Catherine omg😭❤️

  14. Ava Smith

    Ava SmithJam Yang lalu

    Here we all go with Austin calling Catherine Kathy 😂😂😂

  15. Katrina Wright

    Katrina WrightJam Yang lalu

    Love ya'll but cry me a river, wow you still have landscapers still there? Gimmie a break, complain about something relevant we can all relate to. You will have en epic house that NONE of us will ever have or experience, so have 2 years of patience for your dream and don't complain.

  16. Zoe Mok

    Zoe MokJam Yang lalu

    I love you to whoever sees this

  17. Juliane Faustino

    Juliane FaustinoJam Yang lalu

    You guys are so cute together ❤️😍

  18. dana hamatto

    dana hamattoJam Yang lalu

    Done!❤️ The Ace Family is the best

  19. Roge_fortnite Name

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  20. Joshua Herrera

    Joshua HerreraJam Yang lalu

    At 17:00 that’s the wig Austin used to spy on Catherine 🕵️‍♂️

  21. Lis Life

    Lis LifeJam Yang lalu

    The sky lights are amazing love you guys ❤️💕💕

  22. Siclali

    SiclaliJam Yang lalu

    Aww the jerseys go up on my birthday!!!!!!

  23. Prakash Patel

    Prakash PatelJam Yang lalu

    You told mo vlogs to you will go to Dubai

  24. ItsJust Kookie

    ItsJust KookieJam Yang lalu

    They posted this on my bday :D

  25. jojo

    jojoJam Yang lalu

    if i lived in their house i’d be lost XD

  26. Jessixa Jessixa

    Jessixa JessixaJam Yang lalu

    Looks like something i would build on minecraft when i was like 8😂😂

  27. Celeste Diaz

    Celeste DiazJam Yang lalu

    FRUSTRATING. Austin. It’s FRUSTRATING. Wth is frustrating lol

  28. constantly_winning

    constantly_winningJam Yang lalu

    Mmhmm that security better be top notch I wish I could afford a house like this so I could not show it off damn. 😭😭

  29. Jon Boii

    Jon BoiiJam Yang lalu

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  30. Chenelle Ishitile

    Chenelle IshitileJam Yang lalu

    Alaia is a cute chubby baby ,Elle is so cute ,Catherine is so beautiful and Austin is so funny I love ya'll

  31. Mariana C

    Mariana CJam Yang lalu

    i understand how frustrating it is for you to wait to move into your house but you guys also have to acknowledge that you are drastically more wealthy than your viewers and many people’s houses are a third of the size yours will be. please just be respectful and mindful to what you portray on the internet as it can make many feel bad and it comes off that you guys are unappreciative.

  32. JeremiahGarciaSR

    JeremiahGarciaSRJam Yang lalu


  33. Katherine Hill

    Katherine HillJam Yang lalu

    my name is katherine too but i hate when people call me kathy too even tho yours is spelt differently

  34. Hannah Slattery

    Hannah SlatteryJam Yang lalu

    I’m with Austin I didn’t know about the sky lights being from the sun I just thought they were fancy lights xx😂💕

  35. Keziah Lopez

    Keziah LopezJam Yang lalu

    I love u guys

  36. Maria Karim

    Maria KarimJam Yang lalu

    I can't stop replaying the skylights part

  37. Maria Karim

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  38. Carol Sorola

    Carol SorolaJam Yang lalu

    4858 Calderon Rd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 you’re welcome

  39. iKonik Ash

    iKonik AshJam Yang lalu

    I love you guys so much❤️❤️You guys have worked so hard and have came a long way but you still have long way to go including a new chapter that (THE ACE FAMILY) is going to make the best out of❤️❤️Good luck and thank you

  40. Erika Anjanette

    Erika AnjanetteJam Yang lalu

    Real water Hahahhaha !!

  41. Ava tara

    Ava taraJam Yang lalu

    can Catherine stop acting like she’s a minimalist..”we didn’t want them too big” as she stands behind her huge mansion ??

  42. Mohammed Awais

    Mohammed AwaisJam Yang lalu

    Lovely house

  43. mary ruth johnson

    mary ruth johnsonJam Yang lalu

    When there friend turned around lol an is that real water no that's not real water😂😂😅


    MICALYA ZXLJam Yang lalu

    I wonder if the new ace family house has a pool?

  45. Jenna Dyrssen

    Jenna DyrssenJam Yang lalu

    You got fat, Austin. You need to workout bro 😂

  46. MJ Xx

    MJ XxJam Yang lalu

    Wish I could afford a house like that its beautiful

  47. RudeXoxo 3

    RudeXoxo 3Jam Yang lalu

    The sky light 😂

  48. Natalia Grandas

    Natalia GrandasJam Yang lalu

    Are you gonna have some grass zone????

  49. Little Coco

    Little CocoJam Yang lalu

    Iv never seen Austin laugh like that in my life 🤣🤣

  50. Madd Maxx

    Madd MaxxJam Yang lalu

    Damn y’all my unko would have had that landscaping done,done your peeps is slacking!

  51. roblox 4life

    roblox 4lifeJam Yang lalu

    I love u guys but I can never come to america

  52. Antaniya Proby

    Antaniya ProbyJam Yang lalu

    Alaïa looks so much like Elle I feel like watching old videos

  53. Lorhayden majiedt

    Lorhayden majiedtJam Yang lalu

    I have to admit I didn't know either

  54. sabine velic

    sabine velicJam Yang lalu

    I’m so happy for you guys 😘😇

  55. beenash ansari

    beenash ansariJam Yang lalu

    Done... Love you guys!! ❤️❤️

  56. Shawn Luper

    Shawn LuperJam Yang lalu

    Oh my god, could you even imagine if it took them an extra 6 months to build your mansion. Life sucks

  57. Yamileth Vilma

    Yamileth VilmaJam Yang lalu

    Subscribe to my channel i want to do something but im scared at the same time any ideas ace fam members:)

  58. sabine velic

    sabine velicJam Yang lalu

    Alaia looks like Austin more

  59. Joselyn Trujillo

    Joselyn TrujilloJam Yang lalu

    Done , your house looks amazing I can see the proses and it looks fantastic and I really wish I can get a shout out !😌 anyway I love you guys and congratulations on your house❤️

  60. Ilona Pallagi

    Ilona PallagiJam Yang lalu

    Subscribed and post notifications on ✨✨ love you guys 💓💓

  61. casarescooley1

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    done!!!!! love u guys!!!!!!

  62. JeremiahGarciaSR

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    ACE.FAM_FANPAGEJam Yang lalu

    Omggg alaïa said Ace familyyyyy at the endddd

  64. JeremiahGarciaSR

    JeremiahGarciaSRJam Yang lalu


  65. JeremiahGarciaSR

    JeremiahGarciaSRJam Yang lalu


  66. Èva Dellar

    Èva DellarJam Yang lalu

    Who else thought when he said closest neighbor is Billie thought of Billie Eilish

  67. Glory Morales

    Glory MoralesJam Yang lalu


  68. Lee Hooper

    Lee HooperJam Yang lalu

    Just move in your mansion guys. I think you guys have been dealing with problems so long regarding the house that you are making problems out of everything. You can't wait around 4 things to be perfect in life just move in your mansion and don't make an issue out of something so silly.

  69. Fatima Drammeh

    Fatima DrammehJam Yang lalu

    Alaina light said papa 😍 sooooooo cute!

  70. teddy gonzalez

    teddy gonzalezJam Yang lalu

    Crazy not even a day a already 2 million views like really

  71. Alexandra Medina

    Alexandra MedinaJam Yang lalu

    You can’t rush the workers bc they are trying very hard and they are the working very hard and they have lives they can’t be working on your house 24/7

  72. Audrina Aicher

    Audrina AicherJam Yang lalu


  73. martina klein

    martina kleinJam Yang lalu

    5:20 “this is obviously our shower” me: th-h-h-ats the size of my room

  74. Maiah Williams

    Maiah WilliamsJam Yang lalu

    Done! I love you sooooo much! I'm so proud of how far y'all have come. I can't wait till y'all move in. I love you y'all are my favorite IDreporterrs EVER ❤❤❤❤❤

  75. maycee spendlove

    maycee spendloveJam Yang lalu

    Austin is so amazed by the sun directing the lights, they are literally called sky lights

  76. jojo

    jojoJam Yang lalu

    geez number 3 on trending

  77. Braleigh Dodds

    Braleigh DoddsJam Yang lalu


  78. Andrea Castillo

    Andrea CastilloJam Yang lalu

    I feel your guy’s frustration bc we are remodeling our house and we are now on the last steps but the construction guys keep telling us “it’ll be done within the next 2 weeks” then that go by “1 more month” and we all just want it to be done already😓😓but soon guys soon!!!!❤️❤️🤩

  79. teddy gonzalez

    teddy gonzalezJam Yang lalu

    How much work that needed to be done it makes sense how long it takes land scaling takes so long to and if you want it done right don’t rush it I get you can’t wait anymore and want to show the fans but you can make so many more videos especially with your cars and everything else but grown ups understand how long these kinds things take but your young fans don’t get it so it makes it harder on you guys but wow that’s a sick house and with all the cars and everything outside It will look sick! There are movie stars that can’t afford or get houses like this so just insane

  80. QueenDramatic

    QueenDramaticJam Yang lalu

    Listen, you already in a huge house some people don't even have , be patient, you have a roof over you're head.. Stop rushing the process, cause if they mess up yall would be mad 💀🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  81. Emma Brown

    Emma BrownJam Yang lalu

    i’m soooo proud of you guys i aspire sm

  82. MsQueen T

    MsQueen TJam Yang lalu

    I can’t wait for the Ace Family event!!❤️❤️❤️♠️♠️♠️

  83. Pat O

    Pat OJam Yang lalu

    Thought these guys were frauds? All forgiven with them now?

  84. mary ruth johnson

    mary ruth johnsonJam Yang lalu

    i love it this makes your 5th house ??? Am i right or wrong🙏

  85. Jebaited

    JebaitedJam Yang lalu

    Lmao two rich ass IDreporterrs showing off their lavish lifestyle and showing the "struggles" of having to renovate their huge house. I can't believe people watch this sorry shit on a daily basis.

  86. xXMaja AnnaXx

    xXMaja AnnaXxJam Yang lalu

    Their closet is bigger then the boys' and girls' changing rooms (at my school) put together wth? And they aren't even small😂😂 BTW no hate love you guys that was a joke technically it is true though😂😂😂

  87. Nelcia Hunte

    Nelcia HunteJam Yang lalu

    Austin:Alaia say bye ace family Alaia:Guhhhhh!!

  88. Eddie Cantoran

    Eddie CantoranJam Yang lalu

    I saw construction and I clicked tbh

  89. Kellie Landing

    Kellie LandingJam Yang lalu

    Austin you need a better wig lmao

  90. Xierra Xøpe

    Xierra XøpeJam Yang lalu

    You should film the moving in process like decorating and setting up bedrooms


    ACE.FAM_FANPAGEJam Yang lalu

    The ace family house is so beautiful❤️😍

  92. Andrea Garcia

    Andrea GarciaJam Yang lalu


  93. Tino SOdreamy

    Tino SOdreamyJam Yang lalu

    Rich people problems🤦🏿‍♂️😂

  94. Faeza Mohamed

    Faeza MohamedJam Yang lalu

    Hahaha looks like Alaïa said "au revoir " she's so cute ❤

  95. Winta Brhane

    Winta BrhaneJam Yang lalu

    That house and especially that “closet” is bigger than all the houses in my neighborhood combined

  96. Francisco Estrada

    Francisco EstradaJam Yang lalu

    I have a family of 8 Mom and dad: buys cute little house Mom: this house is too big for us Ace family: family of 4 Austin and Catherine: buys a HUGE mansion. Ace family; yep this is perfect Me:

  97. Tamiko Ngeskebei

    Tamiko NgeskebeiJam Yang lalu

    We love you Austin and Catherine just be patient it's a HUGE house the workers are working very hard to make it perfect for you and your family we love you guys!!! ❤❤

  98. Kellie Landing

    Kellie LandingJam Yang lalu

    That damn wig 😂😂😂

  99. Sebastian Roldan

    Sebastian RoldanJam Yang lalu

    😂😂😂 much love to you guys ❤️

  100. XxMidnightWolfx马云

    XxMidnightWolfx马云Jam Yang lalu

    austin A Catherine C Elle. E Baby A family

  101. Humongous Chungus

    Humongous ChungusJam Yang lalu

    Ace family: Our bathroom cost more den yo rent