New Action Movie - Best Hollywood Action Movie Of All Time


  1. Cristian López

    Cristian López12 hari yang lalu


  2. stimulater7

    stimulater713 hari yang lalu

    will smith and chuck norris all rolled into one


    MANC-CHESTER MUSIC14 hari yang lalu

    I have a new channel going to be big 2020 I love to know what you think of my content 😇 - 🤬.....

  4. Nizamuddin Rahmani

    Nizamuddin Rahmani17 hari yang lalu

    Nice movie i enjoyed !

  5. Ashab Hussain

    Ashab Hussain18 hari yang lalu

    Movie name.............???????

  6. conan edogawa

    conan edogawa18 hari yang lalu

    well I like the Fight Scenes. Nice Movie 👍

  7. The_Monk_Weee!

    The_Monk_Weee!19 hari yang lalu

    The robber at the start of the movie has the trigger all the way pulled. The gun's empty.

  8. Allen Smith

    Allen Smith20 hari yang lalu

    One damn good movie... Does anyone know the name of this movie?????

  9. tara french

    tara french23 hari yang lalu

    I'm watching and reading comments also cos I don't want to throw my life away on rubbish movie,want to know if its any good as I'll never get that hour and a half back

  10. ZED Sameon

    ZED Sameon26 hari yang lalu

    10:28 despacito

  11. Eddie Goynes Jr

    Eddie Goynes Jr27 hari yang lalu

    Stupid. Out in 2min.

  12. Bill Mayhew

    Bill MayhewBulan Yang lalu

    Great movie. Slam full of action. Sound and video quality good too. Thanks for posting!

  13. Goutom Mrong

    Goutom MrongBulan Yang lalu

    Awesome action and trafficking movie.

  14. jovanie victorin

    jovanie victorinBulan Yang lalu

    i did every thing you ask please give me a pickaxe code

  15. jovanie victorin

    jovanie victorinBulan Yang lalu

    please give me a code please

  16. Rydee Wayne Macusi

    Rydee Wayne MacusiBulan Yang lalu

    What the sound🙄

  17. Mohd Shabri

    Mohd ShabriBulan Yang lalu


  18. Muhammad Inaamullah

    Muhammad InaamullahBulan Yang lalu

    Anybody here who can tell me the name of this movie????

  19. blairwych

    blairwychBulan Yang lalu

    Great movie


    RC GARCIABulan Yang lalu


  21. jason white

    jason whiteBulan Yang lalu

    awesome 👍👍 movie

  22. Hunter fishman

    Hunter fishmanBulan Yang lalu

    None of you guys know what you're talking about cuz this movie sucked ass I fast-forward through 3/4 of it!

  23. Hunter fishman

    Hunter fishmanBulan Yang lalu

    Everybody in the comments says it's a good movie so that generally means it's going to suck ass! so far 15 minutes in and I'm bored as f***!

  24. Um Homem Qualquer

    Um Homem QualquerBulan Yang lalu

    i´m brazilian and the portugues of the movie is wrong .by the way nice movie

  25. Daleep Kumar

    Daleep KumarBulan Yang lalu

    Hum ne bachpan mai ik english film dekhi thi os ka name nahi pata?? But story yad hai koi btaye ga wo film kon si hai? 1).Time treval se related hindi bubbed movie hai 2).os mai do duniya hoti hai .ik normal duniya dusri. Essi duniya jaha log white kapde phnte hai. 3). Un k siiir par koi band sa hota hai. Wooh un band k magic se kise bhi chiz ko bina hath lgaye utha sakte hai. 4). Woh time treval kar k normal duniya mai jate hai. 5). Un ko kuch bache milte hai. 6).Last mai wooh dusri duniya k log. Un baccho ko bhi. Magical band de dete hai.

  26. Seisman 75

    Seisman 75Bulan Yang lalu

    17:15 The guy with the gun pointing has a walther ppq, at 17:19 4 seconds later the front view, the gun is now a glock. LOL. Come on man!!! And I don't care what your argument is Capoeira is one of the lamest fighting style. It sucks because Michael Jai White is kicking the Capoeira guys buddy's ass and he's still dancing around in the back ground. LOL

  27. zeril racraquin

    zeril racraquinBulan Yang lalu

    One of the best movies☺️

  28. Ladyluck de Paz

    Ladyluck de PazBulan Yang lalu

    Thanks for upload great movie

  29. Adebayo jimoh

    Adebayo jimohBulan Yang lalu

    Lovely, Good sans

  30. abdalla hamadi

    abdalla hamadiBulan Yang lalu

    A good movie

  31. itslucasyall bollinger

    itslucasyall bollingerBulan Yang lalu

    1:31:35 best part trust me

  32. DanialZ 7559

    DanialZ 7559Bulan Yang lalu

    What does this movie's name?

  33. Elisabeth Hobbs

    Elisabeth Hobbs2 bulan yang lalu


  34. Kurt Knispel

    Kurt Knispel2 bulan yang lalu

    The buttler did it.

  35. No You

    No You2 bulan yang lalu

    Watching this from your mums bed ! Great movie

  36. piotr

    piotr2 bulan yang lalu

    Turbo rambo 8

  37. Izzati Jamaludin

    Izzati Jamaludin2 bulan yang lalu

    Hello can i have subtitle thankyou 😄

  38. Starlord

    Starlord2 bulan yang lalu

    so funny how the brazilian pop kinda have a really strong acssent lol and how a hole bunch of greengoes are cops in brazil when that not allowed sense only brazilians can be cops in brazil, btw the guys on the favela would'have shot them all on site instead of fighting for a dumn deal when they had the advantage favela ppl are not that dumn not trying to be a hater its my county after all and its not just favelas and shootout there is a lot more to it like the girl said in the begining culture is a thing but its a slum or what ever the guy called it

  39. eman adam

    eman adam2 bulan yang lalu


  40. GOTCHA18

    GOTCHA182 bulan yang lalu

    I was cynical as to whether or not this would be a good action movie. I love action movies. This one was not a "good" action movie. It was a GREAT action movie. Thanks for not disappointing me.