Need for Speed™ Heat Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Sonic exe TV

    Sonic exe TV8 jam yang lalu

    Nfs i gone be soo mad if bmw m3 gtr don’t have the right sound

  2. Dark Tubular

    Dark Tubular8 jam yang lalu

    Basically a MW remaster with different IP and new avatar content

  3. Ing. Willian Sepúlveda

    Ing. Willian Sepúlveda9 jam yang lalu

    NFS FD = Need For Speed Frame Drop

  4. rxibot

    rxibot11 jam yang lalu

    Is this game still s***? Does it still not support steering wheel?

  5. riley jack

    riley jack11 jam yang lalu

    Damn I was hoping thisd be 80s. I wanna race a testaroster (sic)

  6. SKuKuu HeRT

    SKuKuu HeRT11 jam yang lalu

    Looks real promising. I see myself getting back to playing NFS

  7. SKuKuu HeRT

    SKuKuu HeRT11 jam yang lalu

    The exhaust notes made me fall right n love

  8. Andrew Jason

    Andrew Jason11 jam yang lalu

    damn, telpon telpon bangsaaaattt

  9. InvictusMortiss

    InvictusMortiss12 jam yang lalu

    Seems weak

  10. Lost Bharat

    Lost Bharat13 jam yang lalu

    Remember....🤔 This is not for NOOBS😏 Legends know how to escape 😎🤨

  11. John Sin

    John Sin13 jam yang lalu

    developers: How many cops you want in the new NFS title? NFS: Yes fans: YES!

  12. Hasib Hasan

    Hasib Hasan14 jam yang lalu

    Forza horizon 4 : like Need for speed heat : commmment

  13. GhostriderNL Rider

    GhostriderNL Rider14 jam yang lalu

    So they finally removed the retared offroad races THANK GOD!! NFS2015 was perfect, now Heat looks perfect as well, the Nissan s15 silvia will be my ride once again!!! Cant wait

  14. Brian O'Neal

    Brian O'Neal15 jam yang lalu


  15. Jordan Richard

    Jordan Richard17 jam yang lalu

    Brrr dum dum dum, dum da da da da dum!

  16. peeslim

    peeslim18 jam yang lalu

    But the corny likes it

  17. peeslim

    peeslim18 jam yang lalu

    Give us freakin cockpit view god dammit

  18. Henry van der Werf

    Henry van der Werf18 jam yang lalu

    Already pre-ordered can't wait for this game!!!

  19. asda12666

    asda1266618 jam yang lalu

    Forza is better.

  20. Sivanesh

    Sivanesh20 jam yang lalu

    We want story game like Need for speed most wanted 😟😟😟

  21. Ram!el

    Ram!el21 jam yang lalu

    If the police catch you, EA will withdraw money directly from your bank account.


    HYPESTIXXX22 jam yang lalu

    Can you play as a cop in this game?

  23. Fkbabi Aj

    Fkbabi Aj22 jam yang lalu

    The speed display shoud be different in every car

  24. Alexander Liman

    Alexander Liman23 jam yang lalu

    Any toyota in it?

  25. Chico Silva

    Chico SilvaHari Yang lalu

    Pease put the old Toyota Supra mk4

  26. Henry van der Werf

    Henry van der Werf18 jam yang lalu

    pff... nerds lol

  27. Aricthenoob2 13

    Aricthenoob2 13Hari Yang lalu

    Plz add ford festiva to nfs payback

  28. William Semedo Gomes

    William Semedo GomesHari Yang lalu

    BMW M5 E60 !!!!!!

  29. legend asus

    legend asusHari Yang lalu

    You are busted : Pay 599$ to start a new game

  30. Allyn Karn

    Allyn KarnHari Yang lalu

    Asphalt 9 is better!!

  31. Rashaad Lawson

    Rashaad LawsonHari Yang lalu

    Me: Nice information. But, I want that game for Stadia too. Right now. EA: We don't think that... Me: I SAID RIGHT NOW!!


    FLING ZONEHari Yang lalu

    Who admits still nfs most wanted 2005 is the best game..

  33. Christian Kocher

    Christian Kocher14 jam yang lalu

    Not need to admit...

  34. Random mann

    Random mann14 jam yang lalu

    Carbon was better

  35. Random mann

    Random mann14 jam yang lalu

    Not me

  36. Mohammad Rizky Bimasetya

    Mohammad Rizky BimasetyaHari Yang lalu


  37. 14 blck

    14 blckHari Yang lalu

    wow ! so nice and very cool !

  38. 14 blck

    14 blckHari Yang lalu

    wow ! so nice and very cool !

  39. Marco Diaz

    Marco DiazHari Yang lalu

    If this game is released on the future for the Nintendo Switch, i'll buy it

  40. Marco Diaz

    Marco DiazHari Yang lalu

    When will we have Need For Speed Heat for the Nintendo Switch?

  41. Jigs Jigong

    Jigs JigongHari Yang lalu

    Do I need drivers liscenes to play this game

  42. Sir Psychonautic

    Sir PsychonauticHari Yang lalu

    game looks nice. it made me feel hyped for a sec..... the i realized, its made by ea........ so I'm not buying it......

  43. dhiky gila

    dhiky gilaHari Yang lalu

    siapa sih yg telfon bangsaaaaaat

  44. TheUltimateToad

    TheUltimateToadHari Yang lalu

    Thank god speedcards are gone. It was just microtransation hell, I hated it

  45. Hasantha Bernard

    Hasantha BernardHari Yang lalu

    Sickk ❤💟☝️

  46. Kp Navaneeth

    Kp NavaneethHari Yang lalu

    is it for Ios or pc?

  47. 809 Blanco

    809 BlancoHari Yang lalu

    Take my money 💰

  48. Luthfi Nur Azizi

    Luthfi Nur AziziHari Yang lalu


  49. Jim Jam

    Jim JamHari Yang lalu

    Just keep rutter away from this, yeah?

  50. 安仔

    安仔Hari Yang lalu


  51. havocfire1ten

    havocfire1tenHari Yang lalu

    The NFS we have been waiting for! Finally well done EA you listened to us and brought back the good stuff!

  52. jhackim

    jhackimHari Yang lalu

    I will buy it if this game has splitted screen

  53. Wornoutpiggy78 _

    Wornoutpiggy78 _Hari Yang lalu

    Why am I just seeing this 😭😭 this actually looks godlike 😍😍

  54. Sparked

    SparkedHari Yang lalu

    thank you for getting rid of the cards.

  55. Santoso Ari Wibowo

    Santoso Ari WibowoHari Yang lalu

    0.04 Bangsatt !! Kaga bisa mainin ini game

  56. dido909

    dido909Hari Yang lalu

    There is one thing that would make a insta buy. Cross man i would love to see him return and it doesn't have to be him just give us a Cross type character it fits so well for this game with the emphasis of cop v racers.

  57. As Crônicas do Tio Will

    As Crônicas do Tio WillHari Yang lalu

    I watch this trailer like a wife who gets constantly beaten by her husband but still keeps by his side because she think he's gonna change some day.

  58. Mecha Dray

    Mecha DrayHari Yang lalu

    What happened to FPV in Need for speed

  59. alex_de_tampa

    alex_de_tampaHari Yang lalu


  60. Crazy Bunta

    Crazy Bunta2 hari yang lalu

    Why the graphics look like candies ?? Am ı the only one who see graphics so sentetic ?

  61. Pedro Aleman

    Pedro Aleman2 hari yang lalu

    2019 not cam onboard?

  62. Jet

    Jet2 hari yang lalu

    U know the drifting physic sucks when the trailer show tyre direction not even countering.

  63. __

    __2 hari yang lalu

    Im still playing nfs world..someone with me?

  64. Mothercityguy

    Mothercityguy2 hari yang lalu


  65. Reyan Mujawar

    Reyan Mujawar2 hari yang lalu

    NFS MOST WANTED fans hit like