Natural Makeup Tutorial


  1. Rouba Fayad

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    مين لما تحكي ما حدا يفهم عليها شي و يضلو عم شوف الفيديو بس منشانها

  2. multani expres

    multani expres9 jam yang lalu

    ham apki siryal k bade deewane se medam roz dekhte he

  3. Natural - Tamil Beauty Tips

    Natural - Tamil Beauty Tips10 jam yang lalu

    2.40 Loved your cute expression❤

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    Who love to read comments💬 while watching👀 video🎥 like me If you...... .. Then like

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    The smile she gave in the beginning 😑

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    This is natural!!!!!!

  7. Narden Beshay

    Narden BeshayHari Yang lalu

    कृपया शेष वीडियो अरबी में अनुवादित किए जा सकते हैं, कृपया

  8. jui karmakar

    jui karmakarHari Yang lalu

    Aap ho hi beautiful k makeup apke uper lagane se makeup v beautiful ho jayega..

  9. Forida Begum

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    Nice make up😍😍😍 very pretty 😘😘😘

  10. عاشقه تارا

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    ابرينا بطله مسلسل لكنه لي والله انصدمت عدها قناه

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  13. MariGold S

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    Nice, but when you remove your makeup you never want to face your real skin and this is truth

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    I like Erica 😊😊😊

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    So beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍💗

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    Kali belle 😺😺😺

  17. Thilini Swarnamali

    Thilini Swarnamali4 hari yang lalu

    Sister Erica plzzzz tell us slim tips

  18. Kay Dot

    Kay Dot4 hari yang lalu

    MashaAllah you look pretty , like a doll 😍❤️🌸 And no , you don’t look tired but you look gorgeous and we appreciate that you’re taking time doing these tutorial for us ☺️ Would love to see a smokey eye look of any colour , doesn’t have to be black smokey eyes. 😁 Lots of love ❤️

  19. Nirmala Gurung

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    Ap Apne serioul kasauti Zindagi ke me khud se makeup krte ho

  20. rashmi yadav

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    Very very nice makeo

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    I hope to see you ♥️♥️

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    NAV BHARTI DARPAN6 hari yang lalu

    My God... Yeah...

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    I love erica ❤️💕 ji mujhe apka siriyal bhot pasand hai

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    Biggest fan please reply Erica di

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  27. Femi Queen

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    She doesn’t look Indian

  28. Sarita Thapa

    Sarita Thapa8 hari yang lalu

    I like to see ur wardrobe hall video erica its been long long u not shown us...after krpkab finished ...

  29. Mun ni

    Mun ni8 hari yang lalu

    Please do hayat makeup from Payar Lafzon Mein Kahan

  30. tripti deepak

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    Did you have your tik tok account if yes so please share your id with me

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    I love you irica

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    Congratulations for 1m on this video

  33. meenu Sapra

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    Pl. Mention ur skin type

  34. Johnny Khan

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    Erica your face and my face are sam

  35. preeti bhatt

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    Y shes is looking like alia with dat head band?🤔

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    My favorite song 🎶

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    Loveee it😻💛💛💛

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    تشبه برينا ويه انوراج كلش تشبه

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    U r so cute, beauty full, and soooooo attractive lady......ur talking style so nice......ur devil's eyes so nice......

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    White shade is too much under Left eyebrow.... and ur eyes are looking dull, yellow n tired.. in earlier vedios you look stunning.. but this one is low .. hit like if u agree