National Geographic - Army Ants - BBC Wildlife Documentary

  • 15 Sep 2017
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  1. Giordy

    Giordy13 jam yang lalu

    Awful quality

  2. Adrian Buenaventura

    Adrian Buenaventura6 hari yang lalu

    99% of these comments are about the kurzegaht guy.

  3. Ali Tanveer Chaudhary

    Ali Tanveer Chaudhary8 hari yang lalu

    Nice video #alitanveerchaudhary

  4. Iprodeltaelite

    Iprodeltaelite10 hari yang lalu

    Whose here cause of they are interested in amy ants and not cause kuzgezagt

  5. Beluga

    Beluga25 hari yang lalu

    Am i the only one not from whoever Kurzgesagt is?

  6. Tankie Boi

    Tankie Boi28 hari yang lalu

    3:44 Greedy Greedy Ant

  7. Avadoot Rahate

    Avadoot RahateBulan Yang lalu

    Check out more facts about ant here

  8. Rob M

    Rob MBulan Yang lalu

    European honey bees have learned to ball hornets. This documentary has false information

  9. Retro Thakidd

    Retro ThakiddBulan Yang lalu

    I am Set. The Egyptian God of chaos. I love this war music

  10. Adrian Buenaventura

    Adrian Buenaventura6 hari yang lalu

    Retro Thakidd I am Sadie Kane and I say that HADI

  11. Frillazeus Herla

    Frillazeus Herla2 bulan yang lalu

    Jesus.. graphic!

  12. -Negative -

    -Negative -2 bulan yang lalu

    Tabi Tabi Po!

  13. shocker 609

    shocker 6092 bulan yang lalu

    And this is why flamethrowers were invented

  14. horatiodreamt

    horatiodreamt2 bulan yang lalu

    Wow. It must suck to be a bug.

  15. ablackprep

    ablackprep2 bulan yang lalu

    Thumbnail looked ๐Ÿ‘€ like an arm or leg

  16. Romio Dunclania

    Romio Dunclania3 bulan yang lalu

    Hey guys.. dont you want to see how these ants making their own home in sand?... please click the link below and watch...Awesome

  17. G L M

    G L M3 bulan yang lalu

    Trained actors. Period.

  18. Greg Gould

    Greg Gould3 bulan yang lalu

    Interesting Factoid: If you were able to weigh ALL the humans on Earth and add the numbers together and compare that to the weight of ALL the ants on Earth the ants outweigh us humans. Sounds implausible but I read it in a science magazine awhile ago.

  19. Mynne140

    Mynne1403 bulan yang lalu

    Indiana Jones whoโ€™s here?

  20. chill like flint

    chill like flint3 bulan yang lalu

    Wait I think I seen albino ant let me rewind yes there it is !! Lol

  21. Andrew Campbell

    Andrew Campbell4 bulan yang lalu

    I'm sure everyone got the recommendation automatically after watching Kurzgesagt and then this but check out AntsAanada 's channel!

  22. Louis David Official

    Louis David Official4 bulan yang lalu

    Horror Film in real life๐Ÿ˜ฒ

  23. Legend107 Gaming

    Legend107 Gaming4 bulan yang lalu

    Who else is here from... I'm You thought.


    MARQUEZ VIDEO MACHINE4 bulan yang lalu


  25. Junmarc Bacani

    Junmarc Bacani4 bulan yang lalu

    Jesus so many ants aaaaaaahhh!


    JACK CHEUNG4 bulan yang lalu

    12:44 WTF???

  27. Rude Dude

    Rude Dude4 bulan yang lalu

    39:09 that noise is from the COD WAW main menu

  28. Yul Smith

    Yul Smith4 bulan yang lalu

    WTF with the scary face at 32.08 thought this was a documentary not some mind fuck.

  29. ashok akkinen

    ashok akkinen5 bulan yang lalu

    Correction NAT Geo, two cycles will do..!

  30. infinitycrops

    infinitycrops5 bulan yang lalu

    After watching the AntsCanada channel, this overly dramatized dumbed down video seems kinda lame. Would rather just see a matter of fact in depth IDreportery presentation.

  31. Raeqwon Fletcher

    Raeqwon Fletcher13 hari yang lalu

    There's nothing lame abt this video at all!

  32. Sunny Grg

    Sunny Grg5 bulan yang lalu

    I came here bcaz ant bite me when i was sitting on the grass and made me curious abt the ant.

  33. Jasper Edwards

    Jasper Edwards5 bulan yang lalu

    These ants are paid actor, they didn't kill the camera man

  34. Phillip Mele

    Phillip Mele5 bulan yang lalu

    Who is that narrator, because he is channeling some *serious* Tony Jay vibes!

  35. Afif Hamdani

    Afif Hamdani5 bulan yang lalu

    Yang sering Saya Tanyakan, syutingnya ini hlo... Bisa details banget, keren lahhh

  36. n0_0ne

    n0_0ne5 bulan yang lalu

    so guys... whenever your teacher says "what's the most dangerous animal" say "ants"

  37. Raeqwon Fletcher

    Raeqwon Fletcher13 hari yang lalu

    ๐Ÿœs are not animals,they're insects.

  38. sanchuma goyary

    sanchuma goyary5 bulan yang lalu

    I thought it was a documentary on Army Ant but it is of Bees, hornet etc etc....waste of fucking time.

  39. Daniel Marone

    Daniel Marone5 bulan yang lalu

    My son is actually thinking of joining the Army.

  40. Captain Fordo

    Captain Fordo6 bulan yang lalu

    Bruh, imagine if ants were just as big or even BIGGER then us humans ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  41. meatiest

    meatiest5 bulan yang lalu

    No thanks

  42. Enzo's Channel

    Enzo's Channel6 bulan yang lalu

    August 24 2019โค

  43. MosesMarlboro

    MosesMarlboro6 bulan yang lalu

    *Hornet Scout:* "whatsup bitches, im 5 times your size and can kill 1000 of you per hour" *A measly 1 degree celius:* "I'm gonna end this man's whole career."

  44. MosesMarlboro

    MosesMarlboro6 bulan yang lalu

    This is the Grimdark version of nature documentaries

  45. Requiem

    Requiem6 bulan yang lalu

    I never thought I would be so fascinated by ants lol

  46. Dan vitty

    Dan vitty6 bulan yang lalu

    I hated all the weird crawly sounds added throughout ๐Ÿ˜–

  47. Nubud

    Nubud6 bulan yang lalu

    Better than monster bugs sound effects

  48. Beef Noodles

    Beef Noodles6 bulan yang lalu

    7:21 omg thats so cute

  49. landon Jones

    landon Jones6 bulan yang lalu

    I never thought the war in the movie antz was realistic

  50. Jamil Domingo

    Jamil Domingo6 bulan yang lalu

    I just came here for the thumbnail

  51. Victoria Lai

    Victoria Lai6 bulan yang lalu

    That asian queen popping up now and then is just fucking cringe

  52. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover6 bulan yang lalu


  53. xVx_Strider_xVx

    xVx_Strider_xVx6 bulan yang lalu

    Its #Antloveforever -AntsCanada

  54. Inky Splaters

    Inky Splaters6 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you Kurzgasagt!!! :3

  55. Kaisya Ng

    Kaisya Ng6 bulan yang lalu

    Lol so many new comment are from Kurzgesagt

  56. Bryson Hopson

    Bryson Hopson6 bulan yang lalu

    I would panic too if hornets started sounding like helicopters.

  57. Greg Gould

    Greg Gould3 bulan yang lalu

    They DO sound like helicopters, really really TINY ones, Lol.!!!

  58. The Less-Than-Good Hunter

    The Less-Than-Good Hunter6 bulan yang lalu

    Friend: whatโ€™s your favorite game of thrones faction? Me: aRmY aNtS

  59. harsh reality

    harsh reality6 bulan yang lalu

    I think i know why people hate nature you must make it abit more friendly type

  60. Jason Hong

    Jason Hong6 bulan yang lalu

    How much they paid these ants to do such an awesome movie? This looks expensive!

  61. John La Marca

    John La Marca6 bulan yang lalu

    Do they vote for polititians to make laws against army ant attacks, so they can be safe?

  62. John La Marca

    John La Marca6 bulan yang lalu

    Get the point... Very similar to us humans... We are now committing suicide... "Build burritos, not walls!"... Be nice to them - they'll be nice to you... These fairytale brains will learn the HARD way... Prey and preditor is how nature is designed... God? Perhaps... Didn't create a world where living things can survive by getting along with each other... His caracter can be known by his creation... Reality is out of sight out of mind... Finding a termite mound in the woods means you have an abundance of insect repellent... Unlike DEET, you can rub the red stuff on your bare skin without bad results..

  63. ิถ

    ิถ6 bulan yang lalu

    I wasn't here because of Kurzgesagt... I am here because I love ants.... #AntsCanada

  64. Adrian Buenaventura

    Adrian Buenaventura6 hari yang lalu

    AntsCanada All the way!!! P.s:These comments are mean

  65. meatiest

    meatiest5 bulan yang lalu

    @Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman I, Giorno Giovanna, have a dream.

  66. Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman

    Raul Slandgkearth Gonzalez Guzman6 bulan yang lalu

    So you feel special or something? not like new people getting interested in ants it's a bad thing, I bet i have more ant kingdoms than you and him since I live in Central America. And ants Canada is a mainstream channel too.

  67. Laker563

    Laker5636 bulan yang lalu

    I'm here for the same reason

  68. Donnovan Dalusong

    Donnovan Dalusong6 bulan yang lalu

    History Books would be entertaining as heck if I were a ant.

  69. INERT

    INERT6 bulan yang lalu

    How did this documentary make me feel bad for termites?

  70. Doubletake Broom

    Doubletake Broom6 bulan yang lalu

    Kurzegstatsvdjfifb got me interested in what goes down with these ants. Also, I always wonder with these wildlife docs, how the heck do they get these shots. Incredible stuff