Nate Diaz talks to media after UFC 241 open workout


  1. WestPoint Gaming

    WestPoint Gaming20 hari yang lalu

    If they made a movie about Nate they need Jon Bernthal to play him

  2. Louis Bocanegra

    Louis Bocanegra23 hari yang lalu

    Nate put him on several submission attempts

  3. David Hegarty

    David Hegarty27 hari yang lalu

    Is it zebra mats lol

  4. calbo555

    calbo555Bulan Yang lalu

    It's a total shame he has social anxiety and can't get everything out he wants. He's far better in the octagon and after the fights when he is high on life

  5. annette Gale

    annette GaleBulan Yang lalu

    He’s still a mess though! Train hard! Leave the weed alone dear. As you get older, your body reacts differently. He’s cute but silly as hell. Love it! Welcome back! Trust me. Grow up!

  6. MrRobKaos

    MrRobKaosBulan Yang lalu

    Horses for courses.

  7. Kerry Mahmout

    Kerry MahmoutBulan Yang lalu

    weed and punches and kicks to the head .punchy in 5 years time


    Ill-LUNAR-NATIONBulan Yang lalu

    Nate in his bag

  9. Max Powers

    Max PowersBulan Yang lalu

    NATE DIAZ is the MAIN EVENT!!!

  10. torquemate50

    torquemate50Bulan Yang lalu

    Nate is the him

  11. albert rodriguez

    albert rodriguezBulan Yang lalu

    Nate fucking Straight High Power...


    BIFF NAKEDBulan Yang lalu

    I respect Nick and Nate..

  13. Cheryll Hamilton

    Cheryll HamiltonBulan Yang lalu

    I'm a Nate forever fan. Happy to see him in the octagon again. He's got this.

  14. viktaras deshradarykx

    viktaras deshradarykxBulan Yang lalu

    Fuckin awesome true fighter.His brother too.

  15. Elusive Anomaly

    Elusive AnomalyBulan Yang lalu

    Holy shit, nates CTE is getting bad. Feel sorry for the dude.

  16. Mike Riggi

    Mike RiggiBulan Yang lalu

    How do I stream it free

  17. AmericanMade

    AmericanMadeBulan Yang lalu

    The only fight I'm paying for in a long time.

  18. AmericanMade

    AmericanMadeBulan Yang lalu

    Every other fighter on the card should thank Nate for all this publicity.

  19. Eric Arem

    Eric AremBulan Yang lalu

    Better believe you are the main event!! #TeamDiaz. Pay this man!!

  20. Christopher W

    Christopher WBulan Yang lalu

    -"Have you missed this at all? -"No" *As he's snapchatting the whole thing* Such blatant lie. I really hope he gets knocked out tonight.

  21. Mark Allgood

    Mark AllgoodBulan Yang lalu

    Nate is looking cool and calm, I believe it’s gonna be his night on Saturday. He’s always his own man. Good to see somebody being real.

  22. keyser soze

    keyser sozeBulan Yang lalu

    The reason Dana made this a 3 round fight instead of 5, was to try and help Pettis. Everybody knows Nate starts out slow, so Dana's thinking Pettis can win by decision if it's a 3 round fight, and Danas also thinking Diaz will win if its a 5 rounder, which is why he made it a 3 round fight.

  23. Chorizo

    ChorizoBulan Yang lalu

    Say what you want about nate diaz, dude can scrap all day long!

  24. Robert Lockey

    Robert LockeyBulan Yang lalu

    I’m so excited to see Nate back in the game. Pettis is in a ton of trouble... 209 BABY!!!!!!!

  25. Cade Hass

    Cade HassBulan Yang lalu

    He's really learned how to control the interview.

  26. HyperViper

    HyperViperBulan Yang lalu

    Tear it up Nate

  27. Puleng Mofokeng

    Puleng MofokengBulan Yang lalu

    Can't wait to see THE STOCKTON SLAP 😁, DIAZ

  28. Puleng Mofokeng

    Puleng MofokengBulan Yang lalu

    Have you missed this at all? Nate: NO 😂😁

  29. handsomefatboy

    handsomefatboyBulan Yang lalu

    If Tony Ferguson and Diego Sanchez make a podcast, I can see Nate being as the special guest

  30. Paul A

    Paul ABulan Yang lalu

    Jesus christ Nate, you are the dumbest person in this room. Jokes actually everyone in this room knows how stupid you are, but go get that money. That's what makes you a genius right.

  31. Mick Healy

    Mick HealyBulan Yang lalu

    excellent, I will start watching UFC again now a real character and fighter is back... gotta admire him as fighter, even more so as a brother..kudos for Nate..

  32. raidernationcali

    raidernationcaliBulan Yang lalu

    Hey UFC let Nick corner damnit. All he tryna do is corner his brother nothing illegal about that.

  33. dmora

    dmoraBulan Yang lalu

    Its a shame, Nate has been held back bc he doesn't fit the "mold". Dude is an anomaly in the sport and contender for the Hall of fame

  34. Joe Me

    Joe MeBulan Yang lalu

    Nates 1 good jab away from braindead. Reminds me of Hollyfield interviews although to Nates credit i believe half of this is anxiety. Hopefully the UFC takes it easy on this guy but doing interviews is part of the game. Regardless this should be a good one. I see Pettis edgeing him out but if he wins man will his next fight be interesting to say the least. Good Luck Nate Dogg/AP AKA Wheaties Box Guy. Lol

  35. M B

    M BBulan Yang lalu

    He flips the bird with his right hand & smokes a blunt with his left. - Nate DIAZ

  36. Michael Fumesta

    Michael FumestaBulan Yang lalu

    He did still diss UFC, but this is basically as "company man" as I've ever seen him. Its proof that you should keep peoples expectations really low so that later a minimal amount of effort brings you praise. lmao

  37. Jaime Martinez

    Jaime MartinezBulan Yang lalu

    Este wey se pasa de verga, no mamen y este wey también, anda hasta la verga de chachalaco,

  38. Nehemias Marquez

    Nehemias MarquezBulan Yang lalu

    Días vs Pettis is the real main event

  39. Gumrick Zimmermann

    Gumrick ZimmermannBulan Yang lalu

    Dana cut Nate's interview short

  40. Tommy Valley

    Tommy ValleyBulan Yang lalu

    He sounds ripped,GEEZ!

  41. Bryce Geroe

    Bryce GeroeBulan Yang lalu

    Nate diaz is the only reason I bought this card tbh it is a strong card but diaz pettis is what sold me

  42. Robin K

    Robin KBulan Yang lalu

    Gotta love Nate ❤️

  43. Larry Adler

    Larry AdlerBulan Yang lalu

    Hes just cool as hell!!

  44. Ann Coulter Is Right

    Ann Coulter Is RightBulan Yang lalu

    He's going to get mauled, then maybe we never have to hear from the drug addled moron ever again.

  45. rmsm55

    rmsm55Bulan Yang lalu

    Anybody’s gonna come in to this room and say they are the ass whipper I beg to differ!! 6:42

  46. Usilly Hunt

    Usilly HuntBulan Yang lalu

    Nate has matured to a cooler mother fuckah

  47. Bobby Hakel

    Bobby HakelBulan Yang lalu


  48. ass holio

    ass holioBulan Yang lalu

    Love seeing Nate fight and act like a retard but goddamn he's gonna need a translator soon if that brain damage gets any worse.


    JANKBOMBBulan Yang lalu

    Bad motherfucker right there. Humble and dangerous. Wicked combo.

  50. Anthony Jones

    Anthony JonesBulan Yang lalu

    Always been #1. Class act.

  51. Colin Manson

    Colin MansonBulan Yang lalu

    Never seen someone smoke a cbd joint before... passing it too... must have sensed the crowd had inflammation

  52. Low Ghost

    Low GhostBulan Yang lalu

    Hahahah Nate’s so baked

  53. Paul T

    Paul TBulan Yang lalu

    Nick and nate are my two favorite fighters hands down. Not even just as fighters but as men and how you should carry yourself! Mad love.

  54. 80sOutrunFan

    80sOutrunFanBulan Yang lalu

    What can I say, I am not surprised motherfuckers!. Diaz, what cool guy.

  55. Oscar Zepeda

    Oscar ZepedaBulan Yang lalu

    Man !!!!! We Love this Man !!!!!! he is sooo real, authentic and Isn't Afraid of NO MAN !!!! Real Life MMA Godfather !!!!!

  56. Anthony Vazquez

    Anthony VazquezBulan Yang lalu

    I’ll take a ten fight round with anybody 209 killer 🤫

  57. Jason Damaso

    Jason DamasoBulan Yang lalu

    6:33 gangsta shit....

  58. Mojo Wolf

    Mojo WolfBulan Yang lalu

    Hes calm cool and collected. Much more mature then previously seen... Additionally he has recuperated from ailments and has consolidated his style with full confidence... THE CHAMP IS HERE THE CHAMP IS HERE THE CHAMP IS HERE

  59. David Hensley

    David HensleyBulan Yang lalu

    Sounds like a dope rap think you the ass whipper well i beg to thing i can say the reason ive always liked the diaz boys is they have never changed good bad or indifferent they wrecking the fight game in their own way..if dana would unleash these boys especially nate at this point he would wreck it i think its all dana and his petty grudge bs ppl love these guys

  60. justinbieberfan j

    justinbieberfan jBulan Yang lalu

    I'm expecting diaz vs pettis more than DC vs stipe

  61. Ruben Vega

    Ruben VegaBulan Yang lalu

    Plz someone to tell Diaz I ve watched the video Connor vs Diaz may be 100 times I love it when Connor got beat up