My Struggles With OCD


  1. Lindsey Shoup

    Lindsey ShoupJam Yang lalu

    ... who else is getting OCD listening to this?

  2. Shishter Spilled

    Shishter SpilledJam Yang lalu

    Omfg i have the same problem with yhings being even. Even with breathing lmao.

  3. LaughingFavor

    LaughingFavor4 jam yang lalu

    I’ve been diagnosed with ocd and when I say that I do people say “no you don’t. You’re just a perfectionist” if I was a perfectionist I’d make my life perfect without you in it. Anyways, it’s also plays along with ARFID which has anxiety, ocd, and depression. Other factors too but go ahead and look it up.

  4. Sophie Hatem

    Sophie Hatem6 jam yang lalu

    I think I have ocd bc I’m the same I just noticed that like with the even thing if i do any of those things I would do the same for example when I walk past a wall and my hand rubs on it I turn around and rub my left hand to so it even OMG I THINK I HAVE OCD

  5. Samantha Delapaz

    Samantha Delapaz7 jam yang lalu

    I remember squidward in SpongeBob

  6. Pickle man TVs

    Pickle man TVs10 jam yang lalu

    I can relate

  7. jordansiarya

    jordansiarya13 jam yang lalu

    2:02 i haven’t been diagnosed with ocd but i always feel like someone’s reading my mind 😖


    ᎷᎾᎾNᏔᎾᏞF ᎠᎡᎪᏔᏚ13 jam yang lalu

    It must be crazy to have ocd... it seems so stressful.

  9. Erika Sanchez

    Erika Sanchez14 jam yang lalu

    I do the same jeee

  10. Anonymous Kid18

    Anonymous Kid1815 jam yang lalu

    I think i have ocd

  11. Thompson FAMALY

    Thompson FAMALY16 jam yang lalu

    I have ocd

  12. _Nikky Lightning_

    _Nikky Lightning_16 jam yang lalu

    I have ocd. When it showed the uneven books, I was like: “NOOOOO GET IT AWAY!!!😭😭😭”

  13. CreepypastaJill2009 _

    CreepypastaJill2009 _18 jam yang lalu

    Oof i have ocd and stoll have it and it sucks

  14. Lilrundo

    Lilrundo19 jam yang lalu

    I have the same thing as you,I only use my right hand and OCD only sufferd me for awhile....

  15. AwesomeAnimals26

    AwesomeAnimals2623 jam yang lalu

    I have very mild OCD

  16. Nika Bajkovec

    Nika Bajkovec23 jam yang lalu

    I think i have OCD but 8m not sute bc i always have to keep rh8nks in order and i sometjimes count my steps...coment about this pls bc i need your opinion

  17. Abbey Speck

    Abbey SpeckHari Yang lalu

    i never thought abt it before but the same type of things happen to me...i probably should go to a doctor and get tested for ocd

  18. beatrix the great

    beatrix the greatHari Yang lalu

    Huh... I do things like that... I need to keep things even... like I have to keep my money in fives or ones...

  19. Cupcake Anis

    Cupcake AnisHari Yang lalu

    I hate OCD, because I think I had OCD ...... Help me

  20. LRM Cousins

    LRM CousinsHari Yang lalu

    I have It and I been having It for 5 or 4 years

  21. Forever Jess

    Forever JessHari Yang lalu

    I love to suffer in skin CE though

  22. Garbonga

    GarbongaHari Yang lalu

    I got help with no counseling for my ocd

  23. Garbonga

    GarbongaHari Yang lalu

    I have ocd and this does sound pretty accurate but not at the same time

  24. Garbonga

    GarbongaHari Yang lalu

    I have ocd🤨


    ÅBÎGÃĪŁHari Yang lalu

    I have OCD too and that’s just the start of it, OCD for me started with repetitive behaviors like stepping in and out of the car a few times and tapping the door handle before leaving then it turned into stomachs aches and I used to get the thoughts that something bad was going to happen when I thought/did something wrong, which actually wasn’t wrong it was just wrong to my OCD and now I’m at panic attacks and stomach aches but I’m seeing somebody about it and she’s been very helpful. I used to see somebody that helped me tremendously. Tsk care of yourself, and if you think you have OCD catch it early on and get help before it gets bad. 💖😘❤️😍

  26. Childrens Nimelys

    Childrens NimelysHari Yang lalu

    I starting to think I have ocd

  27. MindlessAvie

    MindlessAvieHari Yang lalu

    I’m obsessed with keeping things orderly, no I know for a fact I don’t have OCD. But, when things are uneven I’m like: *unholy devil screech*

  28. Azia Hawkins

    Azia HawkinsHari Yang lalu

    I’m confused this happened stop me but like I’m not medically ya know

  29. No No

    No NoHari Yang lalu

    Just don’t do it.

  30. Olabimpe Akintunde

    Olabimpe AkintundeHari Yang lalu

    Good, responsible, REAL story 😃😄 this is what IDreporter needs Notice how I highlighted real unlike other channels I am dating a boy friend and a girl friend but they are twins. like what?

  31. Sailor Candy

    Sailor CandyHari Yang lalu

    I'm in band, and maybe this is the reason why, but whenever I walk, I count my steps. 1, 2, 3, 4. 2, 2, 3, 4. 3, 2, 3, 4. Even when I sprint, I do this. When I stretch, I have to end on the four. Another thing is, I have to eat and even amount of food servings. I usually eat in pairs, so when it's not, I get really pissed off. I'm not saying I have OCD. If I were to have something, it would be OCD tendencies.

  32. Jojo Gonzalez

    Jojo GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    I have OCD

  33. The Red DAMMIT

    The Red DAMMITHari Yang lalu

    I always feel like using my right stuff instead I always like to keep it even

  34. Kawaii UwU

    Kawaii UwUHari Yang lalu

    I hAvE oCd .-.

  35. Zyra

    ZyraHari Yang lalu

    I have that but it’s not the worst

  36. Call Of Duty Boi

    Call Of Duty BoiHari Yang lalu

    Idk but sometimes i kinda think when i think dirty somebody will just know it like the person read's my mind

  37. chir spicu

    chir spicuHari Yang lalu

    can you cure ocd? i had this problem from 2nd to around 6th grade where everything had to be equal like walking for example

  38. Susie Curtis

    Susie CurtisHari Yang lalu

    Whenever I go outside I have to count the steps I take, then when the ground changes I start again and I have to get to a certain number of steps. Thats why people look at me weird when it looks like I start tap dancing in the street

  39. Rosie vs The World

    Rosie vs The WorldHari Yang lalu

    guys... i starting listening and everything that she does i do. so idk..... but ive been doing it since i was like 5

  40. art munoz

    art munozHari Yang lalu

    I think i may ocd it always bother me when i was in class i had a pencil it was uneven unlike my other pencils it kept bothering me