my struggle with an eating disorder..


  1. Judy Morgan

    Judy Morgan2 bulan yang lalu

    Bravo baby girl. You are awesome.

  2. Amanda W

    Amanda W2 bulan yang lalu

    I love you 😭😭😭 so upbuilding 💕

  3. Maryam Assaidi

    Maryam Assaidi3 bulan yang lalu

    Ur so sweet. Ur so brave for posting this! I love you ❤️

  4. Kimberly Lopez

    Kimberly Lopez3 bulan yang lalu

    I find it comes comforting that you can see that how you were thinking was not good. For me personally, I've struggled with the mental side of an eating disorder for 5 years now and in the middle of it, I actually would eat just grapes, a certain amount and type, drink lots of weight loss pills and oils to help and I would do sit ups and pushups and jumping jacks and planks for hours in the middle of the night when no one was home, and I looked good. I thought it was all worth it. I'd be dizzy and weak, but I didn't care, I was happy. My kidneys were hurting but I DID NOT CARE. I was like this is SO worth it. And to this I'd do it again. I started taking the pills and oils again because I'm at my heaviest, and I hate myself. I wish I could be motivated enough to do it correctly and see that this shouldn't be worth it

  5. RosAnn

    RosAnn3 bulan yang lalu

    You are so brave and thank you for sharing with us. Good health to you Megan. Always God bless you.

  6. NeNa GeeZ

    NeNa GeeZ3 bulan yang lalu

    :"( I feel the same about my self

  7. Carrie Nielsen

    Carrie Nielsen3 bulan yang lalu

    You are amazing!

  8. Amanda Garcia

    Amanda Garcia4 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you for sharing this video and your story......what struck me most was the guy who did not want to date you. WAS HE COMPLETELY OUT OF HIS MIND?!?!?! You seem so sweet and genuine and lovable.....perhaps he was gay and did not know how to tell you that. You're so beautiful:-) I am sure he realizes what he lost:-)

  9. Lifegoeson100

    Lifegoeson1005 bulan yang lalu

    That’s good that you pushed through that situation, I’m sure this helped many other people 🙂

  10. Kanza Iqbal

    Kanza Iqbal5 bulan yang lalu

    I just want to say thank you for this. Thank you so so much❤ u have no idea how much u have helped. God bless.

  11. Vekttap Kostholdsekspert

    Vekttap Kostholdsekspert6 bulan yang lalu

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments, hope you have a great day, stay blessed

  12. Ella Johnson

    Ella Johnson6 bulan yang lalu

    Im a year late ..but good talk

  13. Georgi

    Georgi6 bulan yang lalu

    I wish I could meet u n hug u ur one of my favorite IDreporterrs ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  14. Queen of your heart Devils know me as Rani

    Queen of your heart Devils know me as Rani6 bulan yang lalu

    I like u...... More than other utubers who give weightloss advices 🤗🤗🤗

  15. Sarah Sardar

    Sarah Sardar6 bulan yang lalu

    I really needed this video, your words were so perfect for my situation. You are inspiring and thank you so much for sharing your story.

  16. Magdalena Witker

    Magdalena Witker6 bulan yang lalu

    I have been trying to follow your tips (I struggle with drinking enough water) and have felt so much better. I don’t know if I have lost weight, but I definitely feel that something has changed ❤️ thanks for everything 💚💜 KEEP POSTING PLEAAAASE! I love you videos 🙈

  17. Magdalena Witker

    Magdalena Witker6 bulan yang lalu

    Thanks for sharing❤️ You are SUCH an inspiration


    EVOLVE FREELY7 bulan yang lalu


  19. Sarah

    Sarah7 bulan yang lalu

    I relate to this 100%. It’s been a year since I’ve been thinking like this because I’m trying to lose weight, I haven’t gotten my period in 1 and a half years. I’m probably not making sense but thank you I didn’t realize I had a huge problem.

  20. Science Casey

    Science Casey7 bulan yang lalu

    Holy shoot this is such a heartfelt inspiring video. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so so glad you’re on IDreporter

  21. Даяна Енидорцева

    Даяна Енидорцева8 bulan yang lalu

    when you cried i started crying too. i guess... for the first time i feel like i want to admit that i have an eating disorder. i have that thing in my mind for maybe a year, i started drastically loosing weight since january 2019. i was scared to eat any food, so i ate only when my stomach was hurt and i ate only about 12 almonds or little bit of dry fruits. if i ate like ..a normal portion, i started vomiting it, because it was too large for me and i felt disgusting. my mother was so scared, i looked almost like a skeleton. then my body started to kinda...protect me, it gave me pain in stomach and so on, that's why i had to stop doing starvation. don't know how I've survived... right now i still fighting with this, trying not to feel bad when i eat food, trying not to think about calories. this is tough because the thought of becoming skinnier and skinnier is still in my head everyday, and i still sometimes make myself do extra cardio or eat less then yesterday, just because i'm used to being strict to myself. after all this, now i have some problems with stomach and i need to go to the doctor. guess I'm slowly recovering even though it's like a second suffering. but i know that is a right path. thank you for being so empathetic for people who have an eating disorder. i watch your videos and you always says "be healthy". somehow it stuck with me and protecting me from bad things. thank you, megan.

  22. angie vergaz

    angie vergaz8 bulan yang lalu

    Thank you for posting this, You are so strong and I love watching your videos! I don’t know if I have an eating disorder but I always had that way of thinking that I’m not skinny enough and that I should loose weight and the message you’re sending in this video is just so positif and powerful and I’m grateful to have found your channel ❤️ I love you girl and you are so beautiful and you’re eyes are legit so amazing xx

  23. Jenna Cr

    Jenna Cr8 bulan yang lalu

    It makes me sick to my stomach that all your doctor did was give you hotlines, especially with them seeing test results like how yours were. They shouldn't have let you walk out the door without giving you a treatment plan with a therapist or a treatment center. Disordered eating can turn into an eating disorder real quick. I'm really happy you were able to open your own eyes, it's seriously inspirational. You saved yourself from further developing those horrible habits, and that's a paramount accomplishment you should wear on your sleeve every day

  24. kacey corless

    kacey corless9 bulan yang lalu

    It’s mad how similar your story is to mine I lost my Nan also and was dropped by someone I really liked and completely lost my confidence and instead of listening to my emotions I used my eating disorder as an escape and distraction. I felt everything you just said and still am struggling. So proud of you for getting through this❤️

  25. Lindsey Jo Elder

    Lindsey Jo Elder10 bulan yang lalu

    This is so important. I wish I could show this to every woman I know.

  26. Penny Parker

    Penny Parker10 bulan yang lalu

    You are seriously so wonderful. Just watching you for two days has improved my confidence so much.. thank you for being so vulnerable and opening up to the world. You’re changing lives. ♥️

  27. Ash X

    Ash X11 bulan yang lalu

    her eyes are the most beautiful I've ever seen

  28. That girl lexii

    That girl lexii11 bulan yang lalu

    Is a eating disorder bad? I’m going thru it and I just realized it wen I started watching this thank u for this video I need to stop I eat only dinner and I try not to eat all day I crave food and watch videos of people just eating and I cry when I watch people eat and I look in the mirror and my body just doesn’t look the way I want it I have a son and I gained soo much wait after having him I’m trying to lose weight and it’s making me depressed every day I see models and they have perfect bodies and I just wish I can lose weight it’s soo hard I feel disgusting about my body I hate it I’m depressed I can’t be happy your perfect and I’m happy for u ❤️

  29. sun leo

    sun leo11 bulan yang lalu

    Its so fucked up that toxic people accused you of being unhealthy with an eating disorder while you were overweight & BEING healthy by trying to get to a healthy weight.

  30. Tami Ramos

    Tami Ramos11 bulan yang lalu

    I can feel your pain....I lost my 29 year old sister to a car accident and then 6 months later we lost her 3 year old son. It didn't stop there. A year before that, we lost my step father. Fast forward....a year after the 3 year old, we lost my grandmother and a little over a year after that, we lost my grandmother. Not a good streak. I had just met my husband after my step father died and he stuck with me through all the other deaths and then went on deployment to Iraq. But he came back and he has been with me since - 17 years. They say time heals all wounds and I believe that you have bounced back from what I can see in all your videos. Keep your chin up doll! If you ever want to go to Puerto Rico, we would be honored to sponsor your visit. We live in Maryland but my husband's family lives in PR. We haven't seen them in about 5 years so we are about due.

  31. Rebecca Romzek

    Rebecca Romzek11 bulan yang lalu

    Man.. weight is such a huuuge issue. Too heavy unhappy.. too thin unhappy. I overeat and really struggle w/ losing weight and I feel like the “issue” of weight is all around me. I wish being self conscious about weight would just disappear! I hate it. Thank you for your videos and your honesty. You’re info is very helpful.

  32. Ava Dickerson

    Ava Dickerson11 bulan yang lalu

    So sorry about your cousin my dad died in October unexpected too. Love your channel. It was so hard to cope too ❤️

  33. Chlos Revenge

    Chlos Revenge11 bulan yang lalu

    I had problems like this before I met my boyfriend, and then I over came it. And a year later and all the sudden I feel extremely insecure which doesn’t make sense because my boyfriend loves my body and loves me, I have no reason to feel like this.. I’m skipping lunch and sleeping in till 12, I don’t hangout with any one anymore, only my boyfriend, I have no energy and I feel depressed. I’m gonna get help now, after seeing this video I realize I need to get help. So thank you for sharing your story, you’ve saved my life

  34. Rianna Tyson

    Rianna TysonTahun Yang lalu

    I’m sorry for your loss. I lost my dad so I know how it feels. This video is relatable in terms of what I have been recently going through. A month ago my long-term boyfriend broke up with me. I was torn. Didn’t want to get out of bed. Crying everyday. Starving. I am currently overweight but I’ve lost 10lbs. I used to eat a lot and I am a vegetarian too so it’s harder to get protein in a day. After he broke up with me I was basically starving myself without knowing (because I didn’t feel hungry) and working out at the gym 5x a week. I felt like shit. Always tired. Couldn’t focus in school. I felt my body shutting down. After that I knew that I need to make changes. So a good place to turn to is IDreporter. And I ran into your channel trying to find a way to fix myself. I’m hoping to transform myself into a healthy version of me. I know there is more to life than wallowing in my sorrows and I really hope I can turn my life around. It’s January 1st, 2019... a new year... why not make it a good one?

  35. Dizzie Lazickas

    Dizzie LazickasTahun Yang lalu

    This is so so so responsible of you to let your viewers know about this. I have a lot of respect for you because of this video.

  36. Malak A

    Malak ATahun Yang lalu

    Hello Megan! I’m a 13 year old girl currently weighing at 157 , ive been trying to loose weight for about 3 months and ive lost almost 30 pounds. Ive got 20 more to go! I just wanted to thank you for putting up this video because I could see myself sliding into theses habits. I have a bag filled with junk things like Nutella, chocolate bars and excess Halloween candy (these things are my weakness😂) but when no ones home I would binge on these things and purge them out. I’ve only done it 3 times and I’ve already lost my period and i feel like I have no energy. That really scared me and now thanks to you I want to help myself. I will throw away that bag because I just want to go back to the way I felt eating healthy before. I went to panera the other day and I got a smoothie and I just felt so alive, I can’t explain the feeling but I just truly felt happy like I had no weight on my shoulders. When I went to practice that day I had so much energy. So I just wanted to thank you, keep inspiring people the way you did to me, I love you Megan💓😘

  37. DaemonetteLeilu19

    DaemonetteLeilu19Tahun Yang lalu

    I love love LOVE your videos. You are so real with your public. Its so admirable. You are an inspiration. I hope you are doing well and still charging on! Ive battled with weight for so long. When I was young, my parents were so critical of the way I looked. I believed them because I was young. I was at a healthy weight and i thought i was fat. Being so focused on looking a certain way rather than wanting my body and mind to be healthy caused me to ACTUALLY become an unhealthy weight. It took years to realize, but now I know. I was fine at my young years. Now, I am striving to become the healthiest me I can be.

  38. Kat Yes

    Kat YesTahun Yang lalu

    Thank you soooomuch for sharing your vulnerability with the world 🌎 ♥️

  39. Melkaa

    MelkaaTahun Yang lalu

    I'm so proud of you that you got out of this shit guuurl

  40. Laura Jane

    Laura JaneTahun Yang lalu

    This is very late but I feel you so much. I developed an eating disorder after the death of my grandpa, who was my world, at the age of 15. After 3 years of therapy and loosing basically half of my weight (from 75 kg to 48 kg and back up to 60) I could Finally say: I recovered.. Now I am 22, my grandma passed last summer and it all came back. I just can’t grief proper, it’s frustrating.

  41. Elina Nikolopoulou

    Elina NikolopoulouTahun Yang lalu

    make up on fleek

  42. simoneisflyokay09

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    holy heck youre gorgeous

  43. Dane V

    Dane VTahun Yang lalu

    I had a eating disorder for 4 years. Took away so much of me honestly

  44. For Fox sake !

    For Fox sake !Tahun Yang lalu

    I have an adderall addiction. I take it everyday so that i won’t eat.. i also make myself throw up everyday

  45. Clem Del Castillo

    Clem Del CastilloTahun Yang lalu

    I know this video was posted like a year ago, but... I just simply wanted to thank you. I'm pretty sure that sharing your story with such honesty must have been hard for you and you're really brave for that. I could relate most of the time to the mindset you described and now that I have realized many things, you've really given me the courage to build a better mindset and lifestyle. Your honesty, kindness, and gentleness in your words really shocked me at first, we don't see that every day. So a big thank you, lots of love and I hope you keep doing what you love

  46. 에리카Erika

    에리카ErikaTahun Yang lalu

    It happened to me too until I realized it and wanted to stop cause I knew it's not a solution. I still sometimes think about how many calories a food has but I enjoy myself and eat.

  47. Alexia

    AlexiaTahun Yang lalu

    by far one of my favorite youtubers

  48. annabelle cisco

    annabelle ciscoTahun Yang lalu

    Your lucky for catching yourself early on. Ed thoughts get more ingrained In your head the longer you submit to them. I first started restricting when I was 12 and I'm 17 now :( the thoughts are so deep within me I can't distinguish them from my own

  49. The Shadow Girl

    The Shadow GirlTahun Yang lalu

    I always come back to this video, idk why but I do

  50. Camille Ingking

    Camille IngkingTahun Yang lalu

    This is very eye-opening for me. I am watching my meals and this helps me to be aware of myself. Thank you.

  51. Allyson S

    Allyson STahun Yang lalu

    Going through all of this right now 😔

  52. Lucy W

    Lucy WTahun Yang lalu

    This was so authentic and real- I loved it and I related to everything as well

  53. Kait Bailes

    Kait BailesTahun Yang lalu

    thank you for sharing.

  54. Zory Aprilova

    Zory AprilovaTahun Yang lalu

    I love your eye makeup , brows and lipstick ♥️♥️♥️ Greag choices

  55. Keisha Oliver

    Keisha OliverTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks for making this video. It has me thinking about myself, but the opposite....overeating. ❤

  56. Claudia29

    Claudia29Tahun Yang lalu

    You’re a very smart and brave woman. Blessings 🙏

  57. Anelisa Wongama

    Anelisa WongamaTahun Yang lalu

    I also didn't realize I had an eating disorder till my period stopped for 3 months.. I was so stressed

  58. Olivia Welch

    Olivia WelchTahun Yang lalu

    You're so beautiful!! ❤️❤️❤️

  59. Bam Glam Buzz

    Bam Glam BuzzTahun Yang lalu

    I go from one extreme to the next. I was OBSESSED with losing weight. I’d gain a little and become obsessed. I got so tired of putting myself through that in jr high and high school that I spent my adult years eating whatever the fuck I want. I’m so obese now 😭 I can’t find a medium. I’m so far away from what is healthy I say screw it! And give up! I sometimes thing of going back to my old ways because at least then i was consistent and motivated. Your so right. I need to get healthy in a healthy way and take my time. You’ve really inspired me. Thank you

  60. AdriBeautyTutorials

    AdriBeautyTutorialsTahun Yang lalu

    You look like bear :)