My Little Brother Gets 100K VBucks if He Wins (Fortnite Board Game)


  1. Gregory Duncan

    Gregory Duncan6 jam yang lalu

    1000k of Pertonplayz and1000k fo josh

  2. Benson Fanana

    Benson FananaHari Yang lalu


  3. patricia valdez

    patricia valdez2 hari yang lalu

    One like equal bad luck for josh

  4. Vanessa Penafiel

    Vanessa Penafiel2 hari yang lalu

    This made me so mad

  5. Angela Pakrosnis

    Angela Pakrosnis2 hari yang lalu

    14:06-14:20 he went twice

  6. decovan gameing

    decovan gameing3 hari yang lalu

    1 like= 1 Supporter

  7. Drei Angelo Diaz

    Drei Angelo Diaz4 hari yang lalu


  8. Drei Angelo Diaz

    Drei Angelo Diaz4 hari yang lalu


  9. Super Nice

    Super Nice5 hari yang lalu

    What is Nani

  10. Rostum bingo sq

    Rostum bingo sq5 hari yang lalu

    Ur copying jelly

  11. Shuma Horiguchi

    Shuma Horiguchi7 hari yang lalu

    Oof preston

  12. bigshotpath 5101

    bigshotpath 51018 hari yang lalu

    preston rolled 6 and he went up 7

  13. Nicole Dudley

    Nicole Dudley8 hari yang lalu

    Am I the only one that heard Preston say v-buck at 0:03 Like if you heard Preston say v-buck

  14. cartertoddr

    cartertoddr8 hari yang lalu

    Hey is shuts and later

  15. Fernando blacks

    Fernando blacks8 hari yang lalu


  16. blaze08 BOSS

    blaze08 BOSS8 hari yang lalu

    You keep losing because your not wairing the pizza flame shirt love your vides preston

  17. Yovani Romero

    Yovani Romero10 hari yang lalu

    Can you play with me goshau

  18. jhayr velasquez

    jhayr velasquez13 hari yang lalu

    I put TBNR frags make the like button blue if you did too

  19. Ardy Satriawan

    Ardy Satriawan13 hari yang lalu

    Everyone support preston USE TBRNfrags

  20. XxJose PlaysxX

    XxJose PlaysxX14 hari yang lalu

    Your little brother is changing

  21. #Cbear

    #Cbear18 hari yang lalu

    Team Preston

  22. slugger

    slugger20 hari yang lalu

    How much has Preston gotten oof

  23. sanjith añañd

    sanjith añañd20 hari yang lalu

    9 ads. Power to the players

  24. Jazfhel Agustin

    Jazfhel Agustin21 hari yang lalu


  25. Wichy_cruz

    Wichy_cruz24 hari yang lalu

    I tried it before

  26. Mr. Toad

    Mr. Toad24 hari yang lalu

    preston why did you have to beat josh

  27. Alexandria Engelhardt

    Alexandria Engelhardt24 hari yang lalu

    I don’t believe that Josh actually won. I believe that Josh was cheating for the VBucks.

  28. Cztery Pietruszki

    Cztery Pietruszki24 hari yang lalu

    I hate Josh like you

  29. Josh Ruxer

    Josh Ruxer25 hari yang lalu

    They both cheated lots

  30. Josh Ruxer

    Josh Ruxer25 hari yang lalu

    Josh went on 6 instead of 5 he cheated

  31. Chris Buck

    Chris Buck26 hari yang lalu


  32. Kris Bro

    Kris Bro26 hari yang lalu

    Preston wins

  33. Kwan Luk Li

    Kwan Luk LiBulan Yang lalu

    best video ever!

  34. Lina jo

    Lina joBulan Yang lalu

    Preston whats your favorite skin in fortnite


    TXLSERIES4PC SUREBulan Yang lalu

    THIS IS "RIGGED"iculous!!!

  36. Play Games

    Play GamesBulan Yang lalu

    In 20:02 you hear that josh say "nasan ka"

  37. xrex TTV

    xrex TTVBulan Yang lalu

    josh hit a red in the first round but never went down it

  38. Fortnitegamer102

    Fortnitegamer102Bulan Yang lalu

    Yo make me 1v1 him

  39. ma. alicia masangya

    ma. alicia masangyaBulan Yang lalu

    One like = 10QN vbucks Edit: I want preston get 10QN vbucks

  40. juan lanauze

    juan lanauzeBulan Yang lalu

    Poor man :(

  41. Death Scorch

    Death ScorchBulan Yang lalu

    The one that Preston won I said please get a 6

  42. Ragad Najjar

    Ragad NajjarBulan Yang lalu

    I was in team Preston all the time My mom saw me trying to make u when and she was like Wat the hill r u doin kid Lol

  43. Stefan Coby

    Stefan CobyBulan Yang lalu

    Wait josh should be on red

  44. Mauro Milić

    Mauro MilićBulan Yang lalu

    at the end the whole game turned around

  45. ro ku

    ro kuBulan Yang lalu

    Josh cheated on the second round I rewinded it and he was on 43

  46. Your boy James

    Your boy JamesBulan Yang lalu

    Josh cheated

  47. Killer Nizmo

    Killer NizmoBulan Yang lalu

    Josh cheated so much

  48. Tyler Scullion

    Tyler ScullionBulan Yang lalu

    Plz friend me i dedicate my life to being like you

  49. Kaleb joudrey

    Kaleb joudreyBulan Yang lalu


  50. Promise

    PromiseBulan Yang lalu

    16:29 edited it out it took 3 mins for 3

  51. Leon Taylor

    Leon TaylorBulan Yang lalu

    it riged

  52. RyLyn Winebrenner

    RyLyn WinebrennerBulan Yang lalu

    You guys read the dice wrong

  53. Erin Boole

    Erin BooleBulan Yang lalu

    Djushdjsi Kel yduryf7fufur

  54. Jade Tusk

    Jade TuskBulan Yang lalu

    Team Preston

  55. Norlin Guiñares

    Norlin GuiñaresBulan Yang lalu

    Fac you shet you

  56. Daisy Blossom

    Daisy BlossomBulan Yang lalu

    I did this

  57. HubaLV

    HubaLVBulan Yang lalu

    At 16:26 is the creative time 3:22:00 and at 16:28 is the creative time at 3:18:02

  58. Varda Dinkha

    Varda DinkhaBulan Yang lalu

    LOL at 4:45 he didn’t even rolled and he went down the slide

  59. Charles Ingersoll

    Charles IngersollBulan Yang lalu


  60. Charles Ingersoll

    Charles IngersollBulan Yang lalu

    I like you but I like Josh a little more

  61. Xcom The boss

    Xcom The bossBulan Yang lalu

    That three

  62. Cash Talk

    Cash TalkBulan Yang lalu

    May I please play one of the games with you or your brother

  63. Jordan Adams

    Jordan AdamsBulan Yang lalu

    How do you get to play that

  64. Colton Sterrett

    Colton SterrettBulan Yang lalu

    pore Preston im sad you lose your money

  65. Dave Hambly

    Dave HamblyBulan Yang lalu

    I like to the vid 100 v bucks for preston

  66. TTT U suck

    TTT U suckBulan Yang lalu

    Josh cheated at 10:46 he said 1 after 44

  67. scarino89

    scarino89Bulan Yang lalu

    Just give him vbucks

  68. Antoni Kaminski

    Antoni KaminskiBulan Yang lalu

    josh is amazing

  69. elizabeth sanchez

    elizabeth sanchezBulan Yang lalu

    freak Josh sorry preston i want a preston shirt

  70. Andrea Escobedo

    Andrea EscobedoBulan Yang lalu

    I hate josh

  71. Andrea Escobedo

    Andrea EscobedoBulan Yang lalu

    Josh your being mean👿

  72. Ali M

    Ali MBulan Yang lalu

    At 16:25 he cut to the point where he got a three and u see that if you look at the creative timer. RIP

  73. FaZe Craig Paul lol

    FaZe Craig Paul lolBulan Yang lalu

    Ali M yea I noticed that

  74. BaccaDragon64

    BaccaDragon64Bulan Yang lalu

    At 14:06 and a little forward didn't he go twice

  75. mr geek

    mr geekBulan Yang lalu

    josh i mean

  76. mr geek

    mr geekBulan Yang lalu

    nosh cheated i saw it

  77. Theresa Sanchez

    Theresa SanchezBulan Yang lalu

    hi preston

  78. Micki Gildenhuys

    Micki Gildenhuys2 bulan yang lalu

    I love your videos Preston. Make another snakes and ladders Fortnite Royal game💖💖💖💜💜💜

  79. PrincessCharlieO AD 152

    PrincessCharlieO AD 1522 bulan yang lalu

    Poor preston you da man (why am i watching youtube im 7 😑😑😑) you cant read my ming 😡😡😡😡

  80. frddie alon-alon

    frddie alon-alon2 bulan yang lalu

    What kind of game is this?

  81. RH - 05SK - Silver Creek PS (1362)

    RH - 05SK - Silver Creek PS (1362)2 bulan yang lalu

    “Two slides in a row.Two LADDERS in a row. Or maybe he was talking about Joshua.I’ll check right now