My Lipsticks


  1. Alexis Rose

    Alexis Rose3 menit yang lalu

    Why does she sound like she’s yelling at us while making her “apology”?

  2. grace

    grace12 menit yang lalu

    why she talking so fast lmao

  3. Miesha Thrower

    Miesha Thrower24 menit yang lalu

    Soo when they produced the first lipstick with the white gloves no one noticed the issue orr??

  4. Taylor Prymas

    Taylor Prymas25 menit yang lalu


  5. get reked

    get reked29 menit yang lalu

    whys everyone so mad at her? i mean shes doing everything she can to fix all this, giving so many options to people to not only fully reimburse them but give new products which is something that many products would never ever do, launching a product is not easy and sometimes shit goes wrong, this is her very first launch and shes still figuring shit out and the fact that shes doing everything she can to fix this speaks volumes, sometimes shit flops, just cause shes talking fast cause shes probably anxious doesnt mean shes 'attacking' you

  6. Celeste S

    Celeste S29 menit yang lalu

    Ok but why she have a attitude with the buyers. It’s not nobody else fault that your lipsticks are hazardous except yours.

  7. nahleigha Mcpherson

    nahleigha Mcpherson32 menit yang lalu

    Nobody care u made a mistake . go to other places that will fix it start all over again. with. Regular product re do it and take ur time and make it perfect u got the decorating down. And pckg down just do what(the customer's want)bc the customer are always right no joke😊😜😉

  8. Caitlyn Clyne

    Caitlyn Clyne52 menit yang lalu

    Sis, no one cares WHY it happened or what happened in the lab. Pointing fingers at the lab and posting a petty video like this probably lost you more credibility than the launch itself. Live and learn.

  9. Lolita 16

    Lolita 1653 menit yang lalu

    Poker face. 😶

  10. Captain Leo Meows

    Captain Leo MeowsJam Yang lalu

    Why is everybody angry she’s the just so devastated; if the 2.2 million of you who actually came here to spam hate don’t understand. You would if you watched the “my collection” video...

  11. J.T Family

    J.T FamilyJam Yang lalu

    Haters will always bring you down cuz they can’t be you. Stay true, and the real ones will always be there by your side!!

  12. courtney hayes

    courtney hayes2 jam yang lalu

    why r there so many hate comments? she's literally apologizing to you guys and you're getting offended? wow. she's saying that she's sorry and wants to give everyone who wasn't satisfied a refund and a new lipstick. and it doesn't really matter the way she's talking or what tone she's using. and it sure sounds like most of the people in the comments didn't even watch the whole video. thanks for listening to my ted talk.

  13. The Holy Trinity

    The Holy Trinity2 jam yang lalu

    “fUlLy cOoL OfF” - or just make sure that shit won’t melt aha

  14. The Holy Trinity

    The Holy Trinity2 jam yang lalu

    since when are oxygen bubbles black...? what kinda air u breathin?

  15. Alessandra Solis

    Alessandra Solis2 jam yang lalu

    Omg. People are so damn rude. if you don’t like her/or her products. why waste your time coming to your damn videos.

  16. Hayley Arica

    Hayley Arica2 jam yang lalu


  17. Natalie Lathrop

    Natalie Lathrop3 jam yang lalu

    It’s like I lost a sister. I mean i kind of did. Miss ya gal.

  18. Fish Taco

    Fish Taco4 jam yang lalu

    When I bought your pallet I got a huge rash on my freaking face talk about that and just say sorry like I mean it

  19. amberlynnw2

    amberlynnw24 jam yang lalu

    I hope all is well. I know you need time. But I'm ready for you to come back now...please?😥

  20. Allison Williams

    Allison Williams4 jam yang lalu

    So is she coming back or...? 😂

  21. mamalicious

    mamalicious7 jam yang lalu

    We miss you Jaclyn. Hope you are getting what you need some peace and serenity! xoxo

  22. Nwara Najm

    Nwara Najm7 jam yang lalu


  23. Aliya İzzetbegoviç

    Aliya İzzetbegoviç7 jam yang lalu

    I'm here because of Tom Harlock

  24. hi how are ya?

    hi how are ya?8 jam yang lalu

    it’s not save if someone cuts in their lip

  25. Jackie Blazek

    Jackie Blazek8 jam yang lalu

    Love and miss you, honey!

  26. feitras pace

    feitras pace8 jam yang lalu

    you have to do over 40,000 things just to use a lip stick....GIRL BYE!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Liz Torres

    Liz Torres9 jam yang lalu

    Hey Jaclyn, I hope you’re doing better after all this. Reading some of these comments... like honestly I can’t even imagine reading so much hate. I’m sorry you had to go thru this... people make mistakes everyday.. ur mistakes happen to be public. I know it’s the life you chose to live but it still doesn’t excuse the hate you get. Anyway I miss your tutorials and your bubbly personality! I hope to see your wonderful smile again. And remember pain is temporary but true happiness and bliss is eternal! Love you girl

  28. Rachel Eveson

    Rachel Eveson9 jam yang lalu

    tom harlock did a better job

  29. Rachel Eveson

    Rachel Eveson9 jam yang lalu

    her voice is going through me , like take a breath once in a while damn man, it is like she is pissed off and is attacking us with her "apology"

  30. sHoOK

    sHoOK9 jam yang lalu

    “It is oxagen” lol what sis

  31. nonoza0408 nonoza0408

    nonoza0408 nonoza04089 jam yang lalu

    Bla bla bla bla people pay money for your dream come true and you just talk so fast...mask off Jackie sleap well you looooooose so many people that I think who is gonna be so crazy to buy something with your name oxygen bubble...MAC DONT HAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE DONT WANT BRAND NEW WE WANT THE TRY .... SLEAP WITH YOUR MONEY HOPE YOUR ARE HAPPY

  32. Nikki D

    Nikki D10 jam yang lalu

    She talks sooo much and says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING....🤔

  33. CurlsOfDbrave

    CurlsOfDbrave10 jam yang lalu


  34. Hannah Streams

    Hannah Streams10 jam yang lalu

    I miss you :( comee back!

  35. Beta Ayres

    Beta Ayres10 jam yang lalu

    I don't even know who she is. I'm here just for the tea ☕

  36. Evelyn Lopez

    Evelyn Lopez10 jam yang lalu

    Everyone : Buys whatever a person who owns a camera tells them to (sponsership) IDreporterr : Damn that was easy Everyone: Hey this product wasnt any good i wonder why IDreporterr: cause youre all dumbasses who do whatever i say cause i know how to edit a video P.S ⬆️ these type of memes r dumb as hell! P.S.S U guys must wear wayy too much make up go to fckn target

  37. Emily Peacock the Southern Witch

    Emily Peacock the Southern Witch10 jam yang lalu

    It seems to me that all of your videos over the past 7 years, you go from being a humble girl who "struggles", to bragging about your new home and saying "I wanted it so I got it" and now the castle has crumbled. Go back to being humble it's more becoming...

  38. Yasmin Begum

    Yasmin Begum11 jam yang lalu

    Did you know you can't breath when you smile? Just joking! Just did it to put a smile on your face! 😛

  39. Yasmin Begum

    Yasmin Begum11 jam yang lalu

    Playing this in 0.75 speed makes it clearer to hear her apology.

  40. Katelyn Bundy

    Katelyn Bundy11 jam yang lalu

    Jaclyn, get back to the tutorials. That’s what you’re good at. We haven’t seen quality content in a long time and I’m starting to wonder what you’re so rich for. You post the bare minimum but live this lavish lifestyle - I never thought I’d say this because I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 13, but damn you really don’t deserve it. There are people working their asses off to make minimum wage while you struggle to upload once a month. We don’t care about lipsticks. We want content. It’s not hard. Get it together.

  41. Shavonne Jefferson

    Shavonne Jefferson12 jam yang lalu

    Bitch SLOW DOWN

  42. Niraj Kusari

    Niraj Kusari12 jam yang lalu

    Oh no no pls don't delete your youtube u inspire so many people

  43. Phoebe

    Phoebe13 jam yang lalu

    Why did she delete all her social media if the issues are completely explainable and not wrong🧐🧐

  44. Prescilla Dunbar

    Prescilla Dunbar13 jam yang lalu

    I miss you !! Post a video!! why did you delete everything?!?!? You are so awesome and I enjoy all your videos !!!

  45. Prescilla Dunbar

    Prescilla Dunbar13 jam yang lalu

    Why all y’all hating on her you the one watching her videos don’t watch them if you don’t like her 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

  46. Pratima's Beauty

    Pratima's Beauty13 jam yang lalu

    we are missing you jaclyn ❤️

  47. Sonia Dumitrache

    Sonia Dumitrache13 jam yang lalu

    2:38 Just look at the date

  48. Husky Blue

    Husky Blue13 jam yang lalu

    Me: why don’t you talk about the metal shards Jacklyn: oh don’t worry it’s totally normal it’s just the metal gloves that my workers wear

  49. Melissa Ryder

    Melissa Ryder14 jam yang lalu

    Omg I can’t believe all the negative comments. I was scrolling for ages and couldn’t find one nice comment. Sorry that people are so rude even though you took responsibility.

  50. xxCzMzMxx 2017

    xxCzMzMxx 201714 jam yang lalu

    Unsubscribe what do you guys think🤔

  51. Husky Blue

    Husky Blue13 jam yang lalu

    xxCzMzMxx 2017 we need to go James on jacklyn

  52. Montana

    Montana14 jam yang lalu

    Eek someone was in such a rush to get their product out they forgot to check the quality pretty sad and dangerous for those got bought it such a shame would have bought 10 😔