My Giant Life | Season 1, Episode 5


  1. lie MinG

    lie MinGHari Yang lalu

    You can't be looking for the part that is lost in you in a relationship instead you need to find yourself before entering an relationship.

  2. lie MinG

    lie MinGHari Yang lalu

    Why can't they put a box under the dryer?

  3. T DMJ

    T DMJHari Yang lalu

    OMG her prom date is too cute!




  5. adam davis

    adam davis2 hari yang lalu

    No worries about leaving us hanging TLC we found this on fmovies!

  6. eco2geek

    eco2geek3 hari yang lalu

    Dear TLC, would you please post the last episode of Season 1? There's one episode to go. Please and Thank You.

  7. It’s Kale chip

    It’s Kale chip4 hari yang lalu

    Yknow I don’t mind not being able to reach the top shelf anymore Also I don’t wanna be mean or anything but the show totally paid the guy to ask her to prom Edit: “ he looked pretty cute for a short guy “ Bitch everyone is short to you lol

  8. DB Jade

    DB Jade4 hari yang lalu

    Nacy, your dress is so gorgeous! You are so awesome 💙💙💙

  9. THERoryBreakerATL

    THERoryBreakerATL4 hari yang lalu

    That moment you realize that there is nothing on the Tell-Lie-Vision that isn't absolutely scripted and fake. Kill your TV. I totally understand why the world is so full of shit now. We are programmed from birth with this mediocrity and staged BS.

  10. Izzy Daniel

    Izzy Daniel4 hari yang lalu

    Lady whining about her daddy leaving👎🏽 A lot of people’s dads left them🙄

  11. xXGamer_ GachaXx

    xXGamer_ GachaXx5 hari yang lalu

    Both my parents are short. And I'm 12 but, 5'7, and my friends always say that I am SUPER lucky to be as tall as I am. What they don't understand is when you are the tallest in you grade and your trying to get in a relationship its hard. Like if you are tall for your age. And comment if you Significant other/Ex was shorter than you!

  12. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller6 hari yang lalu

    I realized after watching tlc shows are scripted

  13. laceypennies

    laceypennies6 hari yang lalu

    Nancy is adorable.

  14. Big Gains

    Big Gains8 hari yang lalu

    She said "Yall dont be awkward about it" cuts to red shirt with gaping derp face 🤣

  15. Biker Honda

    Biker Honda9 hari yang lalu

    The only thing wrong in this is the people making this awkward I see 2 lovely couples getting to know each other also loving each other my girlfriend is 5”8 n I 5”4 n every where we go we always have people starring we don’t really care but sometimes it bothers us hope one day the world can change for a better place

  16. NellyVerse

    NellyVerse11 hari yang lalu

    Most cringey series these lines are super scripted

  17. Maya Rosa

    Maya Rosa11 hari yang lalu

    Previously on my small life: I am sad and scared for school to start again 😂 god I dislike being this small . I am 13 and 4.7 feet And the doctors said I will only grow 5.1 feet 😭 idk what to do

  18. HaitianChic

    HaitianChic11 hari yang lalu

    Relax... That is a good height. I'm 30, 5ft0 and have a great life

  19. Yumi Chocolate ASMR

    Yumi Chocolate ASMR11 hari yang lalu

    🍆💦I love old town Sacramento Cali.. It's a beautiful place to get laid.. @😏🎈

  20. Cam

    Cam11 hari yang lalu

    I like it how they put the camera so low by their feet to give the effect that they are 10 feet tall or something.

  21. J entertainment

    J entertainment12 hari yang lalu

    Freakshow this is the cauczoid

  22. Lily mae Ritter

    Lily mae Ritter12 hari yang lalu

    Can u plz post more episodes?

  23. Kiderino X

    Kiderino X13 hari yang lalu

    When is episode 6 coming out

  24. Arnell Long

    Arnell Long14 hari yang lalu

    No disrespect to Lindsay at all but I first thought she was transgender. Again, no disrespect even if she was or wasn't.

  25. Arnell Long

    Arnell Long14 hari yang lalu

    9:30 😂Mofos put cameras in their fridge...I guess this further validates that there's no privacy when you're on a Reality Show. Edit: Good thing there's not one inside the toilet.

  26. lallyis881

    lallyis88114 hari yang lalu

    anybody see that guy laughing at 22:53 lol

  27. adam davis

    adam davis14 hari yang lalu

    Episode 6 please! We ain't paying!

  28. Kirsten Perez

    Kirsten Perez14 hari yang lalu

    Lindsay says "yeah" so much like plz stop 😫

  29. LoudMouthTim

    LoudMouthTim15 hari yang lalu

    32:00 - if that limo hits one good bump in the road, that nerd will splooge in his underwear!

  30. Averie L

    Averie L16 hari yang lalu

    how does one get so tall

  31. thomas ekoue

    thomas ekoue16 hari yang lalu


  32. B Raw

    B Raw16 hari yang lalu

    That first chick with the enormous rack = Death by Snu Snu. Kill me, Doll. I'm 6'3" so it won't be terrible. But, it's important to remember all this drama is the dad won't say shit, the high school boy will stick it out, the chick with the phenomenal rack will get over it... I'm writing this before the conclusion...hopefully I'm good.

  33. F L O W E R B O I

    F L O W E R B O I16 hari yang lalu

    31:54- When ur crush makes a first move

  34. 90's Nostalgia

    90's Nostalgia17 hari yang lalu

    Episode 6 please?!??!

  35. Wilcutt Records

    Wilcutt Records17 hari yang lalu

    Man, they’re breeding democrat women to be taller than us now too!? What a freaky nightmare! 😂 j/k-j/k 😬 lmbo

  36. Serena Gonzalez

    Serena Gonzalez18 hari yang lalu

    Lindsey you go boo boo u play that part!😁

  37. Mario Castro

    Mario Castro18 hari yang lalu

    Only here cus of Noel Miller

  38. Fight or Flight

    Fight or Flight18 hari yang lalu

    Damm they tall af

  39. Šöñïå Mïråñdä

    Šöñïå Mïråñdä18 hari yang lalu


  40. INF Jaggedfixter

    INF Jaggedfixter18 hari yang lalu

    No one: Nancy: I did feel good, because I knew that I looked good.

  41. Old Phone Heyyy

    Old Phone Heyyy19 hari yang lalu

    Use me as a why is this in my recommended

  42. emma 69

    emma 6919 hari yang lalu

    they all be lookin like the hunchback of notre dame

  43. Rylan Silversmith

    Rylan Silversmith19 hari yang lalu

    Why the fuck is this in my reccomended I don’t even watch the learning channel

  44. Bryanna Young

    Bryanna Young19 hari yang lalu

    That guy that got married went to be an assistant coach for volleyball at my college

  45. Cameron Rose

    Cameron Rose20 hari yang lalu

    She kept calling him short but he’s not short she’s too tall

  46. Animal Helpergirl123

    Animal Helpergirl12320 hari yang lalu

    Y’all could’ve put Kevin Durant in this,this bro got elephant legs

  47. ItzsYagirl _asya

    ItzsYagirl _asya20 hari yang lalu

    Can you pretty please put the next one ?????? Please

  48. NinjaLord_202

    NinjaLord_20220 hari yang lalu

    They only washing each other’s feet cause they freaky

  49. Dick Butt

    Dick Butt21 hari yang lalu

    She looks like Candace

  50. Ky Beast

    Ky Beast21 hari yang lalu

    Shay:when I look to my left all I see is hips Me:😂😂

  51. Acidic Jerk

    Acidic Jerk21 hari yang lalu

    I love the way nancys mom talks 😹💙

  52. El Srem

    El Srem21 hari yang lalu

    “I’ve always wanted to marry a man like my dad”? um

  53. Connor Sauer

    Connor Sauer21 hari yang lalu

    addicted to the cringe

  54. Z Hamill

    Z Hamill21 hari yang lalu

    Get that paycheck Shay!!!

  55. Megan K

    Megan K22 hari yang lalu

    im sorry but the arm part i cringed

  56. Amos Reginald Jr.

    Amos Reginald Jr.22 hari yang lalu

    “I’m unique” shut up

  57. Keke k

    Keke k22 hari yang lalu

    Was I the only one bothered on how Bryan was holding the mic at 41:20 it made me cringe 😭

  58. Jack K

    Jack K22 hari yang lalu

    Nancy seems like such a plain girl until her hair and outfit makes you realize what a natural beauty she is.

  59. Jack K

    Jack K22 hari yang lalu

    This is so surreal.

  60. Marc Sterczewski

    Marc Sterczewski22 hari yang lalu

    So 69? The rapper or 6 foot 9?

  61. Becca T

    Becca T22 hari yang lalu

    When that dude out his arm around Nancy I cringed so hard.

  62. Ant Dell

    Ant Dell22 hari yang lalu

    It's not daddy's job to control a full grown woman's life. Get over yourself!!

  63. Keyla Asucena

    Keyla Asucena23 hari yang lalu

    Nobody: Haleigh:I wanna marry someone like my dad.

  64. Keyla Asucena

    Keyla Asucena23 hari yang lalu

    I cant be the only one who noticed Nancys Jaír from red to brunette 12:09 12:24

  65. Keyla Asucena

    Keyla Asucena23 hari yang lalu

    When everyone thought shay was an f-boy

  66. Hannah’s World

    Hannah’s World23 hari yang lalu

    I’m sorry but lindsay SHOULD NOT wear crop tops with jeans, her body looks so crooked and uneven and not cute at all. Those jeans and the top she was wearing did not fit her and it looked like she tried to get them on for an hour before she finally got them on, someone stop her

  67. Hannah’s World

    Hannah’s World23 hari yang lalu


  68. 1000 subs

    1000 subs23 hari yang lalu


  69. Andrew Bennett

    Andrew Bennett23 hari yang lalu

    they would play canon in d...two set fans triggered...

  70. Binx345me

    Binx345me23 hari yang lalu

    I would love to date Lindsay if she likes girls. Shae- I feel he is closet gay. Just goves off that vibe.

  71. Avery Vogt

    Avery Vogt23 hari yang lalu

    When Haleigh said she’ll never love her husband as much as her dad I was a little taken back, love them the same, it’s just a different kind of love

  72. Kaylee Pollard

    Kaylee Pollard23 hari yang lalu

    I feel so short

  73. Caidyn Zoie

    Caidyn Zoie23 hari yang lalu

    If i was that tall.... Me super tall: ay whats up giraffe Giraffe: ayy If only i was that tall..

  74. Emma Almanza

    Emma Almanza23 hari yang lalu

    everyday is leg day monday tuesday wednesday thighs calves all the way

  75. Abigail Gutierrez

    Abigail Gutierrez23 hari yang lalu


  76. Lindsey Wakon

    Lindsey Wakon23 hari yang lalu

    Where is ep 6???

  77. Caitlin Richardson

    Caitlin Richardson23 hari yang lalu

    "When people are a jerk to you, don't be afraid to be a jerk back" I like her already.

  78. Elly Youtube

    Elly Youtube23 hari yang lalu

    Imagine just wanting to get ready for prom and being constantly reminded of an insecurity you have while at it.

  79. Michelle Alexander

    Michelle Alexander23 hari yang lalu

    I’ll never love him as much as l love you “ wtf 😂😂😂😂🙈🙈

  80. Matt Vali

    Matt Vali23 hari yang lalu

    These women are beautiful.

  81. yeeet cooll

    yeeet cooll23 hari yang lalu

    "she just looks so beautiful, and we don't get to see her like that very often."

  82. spongebob me boy

    spongebob me boy23 hari yang lalu

    Wow he really has to look UP at her

  83. keeth keith

    keeth keith23 hari yang lalu

    in a few years hes gonna feel as if hes wasted his prom night instead of going with someone he truly wanted