My Gangsta Relatives


  1. Mark Nobody

    Mark Nobody2 jam yang lalu

    Tabbes grandma is a life experience master, say something bad about her and you will be sorry


    INFINITE SPIRAL6 jam yang lalu

    I thought you're a boy

  3. •【 xKookieKatzX 】•

    •【 xKookieKatzX 】•6 jam yang lalu

    Heck, I watched IDreporter for 20 hours straight daily! I always stay up all night watching Tabbes...

  4. •B e a n y P o t a t o•

    •B e a n y P o t a t o•7 jam yang lalu

    Tabbes reminds me of Loofy ._.

  5. Misslady G

    Misslady G9 jam yang lalu

    6:49 I forgot the name if the album but ik its related to spring day

  6. Crazo Healey

    Crazo Healey11 jam yang lalu

    dood, i'm making stuff so i can sell on wix, i planned TODAY! lol

  7. Goku U

    Goku U12 jam yang lalu

    She said nah name

  8. Wxffles UwU

    Wxffles UwU14 jam yang lalu

    CALLLLLLAAAAAAAALLLLLLCAAAAAAALLLLLL- translation =thank for translation

  9. Funtime Gallery

    Funtime Gallery15 jam yang lalu

    . . _______

  10. Anthonio 38

    Anthonio 3815 jam yang lalu


  11. ZGaming Ken

    ZGaming Ken15 jam yang lalu

    Yup, Every Shitty Gal Or Guy Squishes My Face. B***ch Kids Are Annoying. My Worst Nightmare... Korean Pop Stars.

  12. Ty Lin Arts

    Ty Lin Arts16 jam yang lalu

    Graveyard of death trees 😂😂😂🤣

  13. the anime tree

    the anime tree17 jam yang lalu


  14. jotaro vs dio Jonathan vs dio

    jotaro vs dio Jonathan vs dio17 jam yang lalu

    I like it your character with lims.

  15. Lavina Vivares

    Lavina Vivares18 jam yang lalu

    You guys noticed that if wolfychu and Tabbes voice switched, their faces will be a perfect match!

  16. Ave Ten

    Ave Ten19 jam yang lalu

    Only that one piece reference

  17. Revolver Lagarto

    Revolver Lagarto20 jam yang lalu

    Why is your grandma Old Snake?

  18. Cynaby

    Cynaby20 jam yang lalu

    Make a vidcon recap or a B-day video

  19. Cynaby

    Cynaby20 jam yang lalu


  20. Jack Keegan

    Jack Keegan20 jam yang lalu

    Evrrybody gangsta till Tabbes gets the bat and give you a glare Edit: I WATCHED FOR 24 HOURS STRAIGHT FIGHT ME

  21. Joey Santarelli

    Joey Santarelli20 jam yang lalu

    Do u still play yugioh


    ADAMATIONS 2.O20 jam yang lalu

    Ever gonna try remaking the roommates stories that crashed on you?

  23. happy mango

    happy mango21 jam yang lalu

    New epipisode

  24. kevin doe

    kevin doe22 jam yang lalu

    They don't have coffee they have meth

  25. Truc Bui

    Truc Bui22 jam yang lalu

    well.. now we all know where tabbes got her personality from OoOo Look At me Using big words UvU

  26. pastel nat

    pastel nat22 jam yang lalu

    south korea: known for k-pop also south korea: gang shit

  27. Eva Arellano

    Eva Arellano22 jam yang lalu

    Edd is green Matt is purple Tom is blue Tord wants to share red love with you Happy raid day which was yesterday, here they are💚💜💙❤

  28. Sheyla Cacho

    Sheyla Cacho23 jam yang lalu

    Hey Chilling panda

  29. HaikuTheGamer

    HaikuTheGamer23 jam yang lalu

    Tabbes why did you forget about but tru

  30. RandomVidsGaming

    RandomVidsGamingHari Yang lalu


  31. christopher milne 24

    christopher milne 24Hari Yang lalu

    Bubbles if she went with you OMG LETS GO SNEAK INTO BTS STUDIO

  32. Hey TJ!

    Hey TJ!Hari Yang lalu

    I love BTS

  33. camstar 167

    camstar 167Hari Yang lalu

    Hey TABBES

  34. Ocha Aether the Alligator [LorettaTheOni]

    Ocha Aether the Alligator [LorettaTheOni]Hari Yang lalu

    Yo I used to watch IDreporter 24/7 but then school started again and now I’m stuck in this hell hole. Happily, I’m graduating this year...and spend my weekends on IDreporter and drawing.

  35. TTMAGIC _465

    TTMAGIC _465Hari Yang lalu

    My phone is a galaxys4

  36. bubble tea kittens

    bubble tea kittensHari Yang lalu

    U have a oddly satisfying voice

  37. Hellfire TV

    Hellfire TVHari Yang lalu

    I mean granny gotta go fast if she wanna get away from the cops

  38. Patricia Balasa

    Patricia BalasaHari Yang lalu

    CaN u PoSt SoMeThInG pLz

  39. All you need to know about

    All you need to know aboutHari Yang lalu

    You are from south Korea right

  40. Spectacular_ Stephen

    Spectacular_ StephenHari Yang lalu

    My grandma has a special skill too.... *IT'S THE POWER TO HAGGLE A CAR FROM 439 DOLLARS TO A FRICKIN' 329!1!!!1* Anyone else know how extremely useful that skill is?

  41. Queen Indonesia

    Queen IndonesiaHari Yang lalu

    Oh no It's The *BTS*

  42. Tristan

    TristanHari Yang lalu

    tabbes should i be watching youtube from 24- every second of my life? idk but i am watching youtube at this moment and when someone is reading this comment yes i am watching youtube right now

  43. FMP Gamerking07

    FMP Gamerking07Hari Yang lalu

    SIA looks like Dora

  44. Jose Rojas

    Jose RojasHari Yang lalu

    Have you read Amulet

  45. Ralsei

    RalseiHari Yang lalu

    13 hours straight? Common tabbes u can do better

  46. Geno

    GenoHari Yang lalu

    What they put in their coffee is steroids :)

  47. Gio_the_bot

    Gio_the_botHari Yang lalu

    You been watching onepeace huu

  48. Jet'aime I'm Fun เฌอแตม ไอ'ม ฟัน

    Jet'aime I'm Fun เฌอแตม ไอ'ม ฟันHari Yang lalu

    I watch youtube for 24 hours

  49. Jet'aime I'm Fun เฌอแตม ไอ'ม ฟัน

    Jet'aime I'm Fun เฌอแตม ไอ'ม ฟันHari Yang lalu

    That will be my worst nightmare tp see bts everywhere

  50. Sominboy27

    Sominboy27Hari Yang lalu

    So question, has youtube improved your family life since you got your brother and dad to partcipate in a video after they said no previously?

  51. Ken kaneki

    Ken kanekiHari Yang lalu

    13 hours pshhhh i do 24/7 That was a joke you may cringe on this comment

  52. Rosario Gonzalez

    Rosario GonzalezHari Yang lalu

    MY WORST FRIDGIN NIGHTMARE IS BTS I WILL SCREEEEEEAAAAAAMMMMMMM IF I see their face Edit: sorry if I offended some of you guys ;-; It’s my opinion-3-

  53. DatBoyJD _06

    DatBoyJD _06Hari Yang lalu

    No wonder that kid cried so much. Probably cuz he plays fortnite

  54. Craig Theus

    Craig TheusHari Yang lalu

    Tabbes is dead

  55. alana roses

    alana rosesHari Yang lalu

    One time i haven't slept for 24 hours before

  56. OutOfideas2006

    OutOfideas2006Hari Yang lalu

    After looking up the screaming kid video, I was staring at the plastic bat in the corner of my room while watching it. And no, I didn't want to hit myself.

  57. Matt Rienstra

    Matt RienstraHari Yang lalu

    Shoulda brought bubbles

  58. reza tajik

    reza tajikHari Yang lalu

    No tabs do not do a face reveal

  59. Shadow Panda

    Shadow PandaHari Yang lalu

    "Please say naa." Is my reaction every family reunion😂

  60. H. Davis Redd

    H. Davis ReddHari Yang lalu

    are you dead

  61. Dylan BOT

    Dylan BOTHari Yang lalu

    Tabbes:*shows pictures of My room* i call it a fuckin miracle;-;