My Favorite Online KOREAN FASHION Stores


  1. Melina Official

    Melina Official6 hari yang lalu

    Bruh i swear, once I get older and get my own bank card i would literally order anything i like . 🀭😝

  2. The101Drama

    The101Drama14 hari yang lalu

    Does anyone know if ToFebruary still exist ?

  3. shooters for sope

    shooters for sopeBulan Yang lalu

    are these ethical and sustainable?

  4. Elena Joo

    Elena JooBulan Yang lalu

    Joan: "a dress for 30 dollars! and I was like wow! it's so affordable!" Me: "are you crazy?"

  5. conamor ysuerte

    conamor ysuerteBulan Yang lalu

    Im not fat but the pants, and shorts are unforgiving if youre not small below the waist, I literally tore some jeans I bought by bending over :( the waist is alright but the hip and butt bone structure will never let me wear those tiny fabrics which Im kinda annoyed about bc the clothing is cute

  6. Ivett Viveros

    Ivett ViverosBulan Yang lalu

    Love Korean style but a bitch needs to have money to dress over there.

  7. m MMM

    m MMM2 bulan yang lalu


  8. Dorsemgyaldang Ghale

    Dorsemgyaldang Ghale2 bulan yang lalu

    I want business Korean cloth in nepal but how to cantact and how to bring in nepal.

  9. Ada feng

    Ada feng2 bulan yang lalu

    Hi Guys, this is Ada, from Naturaltouch Fashion co.,ltd, a garments factory in China Dongguan, if you need to source garments supplier help to make your own clothes, please don't hesitate contact me Email: Whatsapp: 008613825792433

  10. TayTay Love

    TayTay Love3 bulan yang lalu

    Those websites clothes are so expensive thoughhh😰

  11. CaptainAsh

    CaptainAsh3 bulan yang lalu

    Aah the shirt your wearing in the video is coming in my mail lol

  12. Nat yang

    Nat yang4 bulan yang lalu

    Soo cute β€οΈπŸ’™

  13. Screes Tv

    Screes Tv6 bulan yang lalu

    Is this safe ?

  14. lisa manoban

    lisa manoban7 bulan yang lalu

    How do u change price on it

  15. Nick

    Nick7 bulan yang lalu

    Joan you are cool! Thanks for your videos!

  16. Priya Shah

    Priya Shah7 bulan yang lalu

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  17. J-Hope Hates snakeu

    J-Hope Hates snakeu7 bulan yang lalu

    I love k-fashion but I live in The u.s shipping is high because it’s all the way across the ocean

  18. mimoko

    mimoko7 bulan yang lalu

    I'm still young, do I have to stress to exercise?? ;-;

  19. Lakiesha Cassady

    Lakiesha Cassady7 bulan yang lalu

    Can they ship to Australia??

  20. Ryza Mae

    Ryza Mae8 bulan yang lalu

    How to Buy And to Pay ??

  21. Jeon Jungkook Jimin

    Jeon Jungkook Jimin8 bulan yang lalu

    Hello im from seoul korea love the korean fashion

  22. Moa Ravegard

    Moa Ravegard8 bulan yang lalu

    Wtf Γ…land is an island in Sweden lol.

  23. Angela Gallardo

    Angela Gallardo8 bulan yang lalu

    What do you think about Yesstyle?

  24. Ohxunqi9 _exo

    Ohxunqi9 _exo9 bulan yang lalu

    If I calculate 30 dollars in Indian rupees......πŸ˜‚ Not in my budget

  25. Queen Bee

    Queen Bee9 bulan yang lalu


  26. Ammar Hafeez

    Ammar Hafeez10 bulan yang lalu


  27. Tracy Mai

    Tracy Mai10 bulan yang lalu

    Woah u look like Kwon Eun Bi from Izone!!

  28. Jervin Quisada

    Jervin Quisada10 bulan yang lalu

    Guys I made a CINEMATIC FASHION Video how I style up! ⚑️

  29. Ji Yoen Lee

    Ji Yoen Lee10 bulan yang lalu

    Does A-Land provide global shipping?

  30. Youngjung Choi

    Youngjung Choi10 bulan yang lalu

    I recently Opened Korean and Street style clothing online shopping mall. It is very affordable and high-quality than YesStyle or Kooding right now. I am doing like 20-50% off right now untill I get like enough subscribers Visit my channel to see some product video. my link

  31. yamini rawal

    yamini rawal10 bulan yang lalu

    Very Nice Video and for more trendy t-shirts, mobile covers check out the website

  32. MotionlessMinYoonji

    MotionlessMinYoonji10 bulan yang lalu

    Joan: 30$ dress so affordable Me: Welp * looks down at 5$ shirt that I thought was good * Im broke...

  33. Priya Gogoi

    Priya Gogoi11 bulan yang lalu

    Can be delivered in India!

  34. Dongpyoness

    Dongpyoness11 bulan yang lalu

    THANKYOU! I've been looking for trusting sites with good quality clothing instead of buying it from amazon :( thanks!!

  35. Panda Art

    Panda Art11 bulan yang lalu

    Do these websites ship to the USA

  36. Mane Khachikyan

    Mane KhachikyanTahun Yang lalu

    Hey Joan. Thanks for the video. Do you know if aland has a website in english, otherwise it’s impossible to order stuff, all in korean. Thanks.

  37. pauline

    paulineTahun Yang lalu

    Wow thanks for this video. πŸ’—

  38. Alisa Roman

    Alisa RomanTahun Yang lalu

    Do these sites cater to plussize?

  39. klyn ong

    klyn ongTahun Yang lalu

    Why i can't buy in chuu in i.g

  40. Giselle

    GiselleTahun Yang lalu

    I wish there were a k fashion store that was size inclusive. I love k fashion but even in the biggest size they offer I could never fit an arm in.

  41. I completely agree but if I didn't I would say,

    I completely agree but if I didn't I would say,Tahun Yang lalu

    How much is the shipping to the U.S for this stuff.

  42. Jayita Das

    Jayita DasTahun Yang lalu

    Hi I am from India and actually I needed help with the shopping of korean fashion clothes online cause online s always an issue can you recommend some online websites that can offer stuffs that are affordable and safe!! :)

  43. Army Forever

    Army ForeverTahun Yang lalu

    Is there clothe for kids?????πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  44. nyeac nyeac

    nyeac nyeacTahun Yang lalu

    does anyone know what her hair color is (or some color that would be close to it) ? it's super pretty q◕‿◕q

  45. AsiaRadio Sales

    AsiaRadio SalesTahun Yang lalu

    Thanks for the video. my favourite fashion store is

  46. Bewee BW

    Bewee BWTahun Yang lalu

    Time to figure out which one of these actually ships international β€οΈπŸ˜‚

  47. JasmineRaquel

    JasmineRaquelTahun Yang lalu

    You should check out Hallyu Clan. Its new and super cute!

  48. Ayan Al Khowely

    Ayan Al KhowelyTahun Yang lalu

    thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Snowlord Quote

    Snowlord QuoteTahun Yang lalu


  50. Snowlord Quote

    Snowlord QuoteTahun Yang lalu

    Can i shop online with BC card

  51. Shiba Inu

    Shiba InuTahun Yang lalu

    This was so helpful!

  52. Lily Chang

    Lily ChangTahun Yang lalu

    Is it possible to buy clothes on these websites from Australia?

  53. Ching the Explorer

    Ching the ExplorerTahun Yang lalu

    Do these brands ship to Europe?

  54. Miryam Boes

    Miryam BoesTahun Yang lalu

    Hello I have a question, how big are the clothes? Because I'm from germany and I'm really tall (1,73m) and I really love korean fashion so I'm search for a shop where clothes are not that small so I could also wear it. It would be so nice if you have some tips for me ^^ Thank you so much~

  55. xcxc

    xcxcTahun Yang lalu

    hii Joan, can i ask you something? do you know what size 38-40 is in jeans' , in Korea?

  56. Li LII

    Li LIITahun Yang lalu

    alot of these shop sell very cute cloth but they are in korean and korean currency which is really sad

  57. sh00k angel

    sh00k angelTahun Yang lalu

    I have a question! Is Chuu expensive? Also, do they ship to middle est...?

  58. Cyber Sonyeo

    Cyber SonyeoTahun Yang lalu

    I’m from Portugal, I can buy that?

  59. I dont know nan molla

    I dont know nan mollaTahun Yang lalu

    Really nice explanation! πŸ‘

  60. Jessica Gloria Oppermann

    Jessica Gloria OppermannTahun Yang lalu

    this was so informative thank you!