MY BEST FRIEND vs HACKER - Justin vs PZ9 Battle Royale in Real Life Challenge Event - Wins $10,000


  1. Vy Qwaint

    Vy QwaintBulan Yang lalu

    Justin is back, but should we trust him?

  2. Andrei Nocete

    Andrei Nocete13 hari yang lalu

    The. hacer is olweys bihand you

  3. Joy Jones

    Joy Jones14 hari yang lalu

    No he is a pz member

  4. Jannat :3

    Jannat :315 hari yang lalu


  5. Emma Louise

    Emma Louise18 hari yang lalu

    No because Justin had a hacker mask

  6. DarwinPlays Gamez

    DarwinPlays Gamez20 hari yang lalu

    Vy Qwaint yes

  7. Polly Look

    Polly Look13 menit yang lalu


  8. riam kids inacio

    riam kids inacio26 menit yang lalu


  9. Aydenqbla Iqbal

    Aydenqbla IqbalJam Yang lalu

    I love the spy ninth

  10. Aydenqbla Iqbal

    Aydenqbla IqbalJam Yang lalu

    Stove is pz9

  11. Pz0 zorgo

    Pz0 zorgoJam Yang lalu

    Project zorgo is whiching

  12. Julia Mable Joseph

    Julia Mable JosephJam Yang lalu


  13. Jazz Damian Vlog

    Jazz Damian Vlog4 jam yang lalu

    Wait when pz9 took of the mask i just flew pz9 eyes look like stoves eyes...

  14. Xi Liu

    Xi Liu4 jam yang lalu

    I know who is pz9 it’s BRUCE LEE

  15. Amina Axmad

    Amina Axmad5 jam yang lalu

    I subscribed to project zorgo because there better than the spy ninjas

  16. skks2000

    skks20006 jam yang lalu

    Actually cwc I think pz9 is actually guava juice bec his voice is like screaming and so is guava juice plz pin my comment in ur vid bye

  17. Darrylee Antoinette Kahle

    Darrylee Antoinette Kahle6 jam yang lalu


  18. stephanie millares

    stephanie millares7 jam yang lalu

    Stove is pz9


    ALENEZI ANGLES7 jam yang lalu

    Yeah you should trust Justin

  20. Gemma De Rooij

    Gemma De Rooij8 jam yang lalu

    vy!!! pz9 likes you look he think you shop at a baby shop.

  21. Hamza Khan

    Hamza Khan8 jam yang lalu

    yes you should belive justin

  22. اسماء العفيفي

    اسماء العفيفي8 jam yang lalu


  23. Nicole Jenkins

    Nicole Jenkins8 jam yang lalu


  24. romilyn gacus

    romilyn gacus9 jam yang lalu

    qz110000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000


    ABDI ABDALLE9 jam yang lalu

    Hi vu

  26. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers9 jam yang lalu


  27. Walid farghawi

    Walid farghawi9 jam yang lalu

    pz9 is the werst fiter and your the best spy ninga

  28. Walid farghawi

    Walid farghawi9 jam yang lalu

    chad my name is Hadi

  29. Jono and alaina Shaw

    Jono and alaina Shaw10 jam yang lalu

    His name is Marlin

  30. Hayden Duffell

    Hayden Duffell11 jam yang lalu

    PZ9 is stove from the sharer fam

  31. Hayden Duffell

    Hayden Duffell11 jam yang lalu


  32. Brandon Khuu

    Brandon Khuu12 jam yang lalu


  33. Andy playz

    Andy playz13 jam yang lalu

    I found a out something pz9 have tiktok

  34. JoseephDotExe xD

    JoseephDotExe xD13 jam yang lalu

    Wait..... how did pz9 get green gloves when he had black gloves? Also how did he fix his hair.

  35. naaa mate lol

    naaa mate lol13 jam yang lalu

    All wereing same t - shirt

  36. Latavia Williams

    Latavia Williams14 jam yang lalu

    Justin is a Hacker

  37. Trevor Cotterall

    Trevor Cotterall14 jam yang lalu

    Chad and B I have wallpapers of an app that says has Chatham V&V Queen wallpapers so I have wallpaper set it as Chad as my home screen and V and Chad as my lock screen

  38. MNSjodo

    MNSjodo14 jam yang lalu

    Pz9 is guava juice

  39. Delmy Hernandez

    Delmy Hernandez14 jam yang lalu

    hi vy

  40. Araceli Olivares

    Araceli Olivares15 jam yang lalu

    Pz9. Is guava juice I know

  41. Brand Ambassadors

    Brand Ambassadors15 jam yang lalu

    I saw Justin put on pz9 mask

  42. Bts Trash

    Bts Trash15 jam yang lalu

    Why did pz9 put hands on a woman

  43. Teresa Smith

    Teresa Smith16 jam yang lalu

    Justin is pz9 look at his close

  44. betzabeth dominguez

    betzabeth dominguez16 jam yang lalu


  45. Timothy Story-Hill

    Timothy Story-Hill17 jam yang lalu

    Yes but run

  46. Precious Moore-Codner

    Precious Moore-Codner20 jam yang lalu

    The car Is hackers Proof

  47. Lee Ann Mota

    Lee Ann Mota20 jam yang lalu


  48. Lee Ann Mota

    Lee Ann Mota20 jam yang lalu


  49. Amy Stephens

    Amy Stephens21 jam yang lalu


  50. Mimi Moore

    Mimi Moore21 jam yang lalu

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  51. ash4778

    ash477823 jam yang lalu

    Stove from the picture in the apartment is PZ9.

  52. manpreet kaur

    manpreet kaur23 jam yang lalu

    Pz9 is stove look at his hair

  53. Graciana Willis

    Graciana Willis23 jam yang lalu

    No he was had pz9 he was w

  54. Elizna Coetzer

    Elizna CoetzerHari Yang lalu

    pj9s name is Melvin. from Amore

  55. patricia arthur

    patricia arthurHari Yang lalu


  56. salman ahsan

    salman ahsanHari Yang lalu


  57. renee billings

    renee billingsHari Yang lalu

    Too much money

  58. Priscilla Spaziani

    Priscilla SpazianiHari Yang lalu

    You posted this video on my birthday

  59. Logan Holt

    Logan HoltHari Yang lalu

    Pz is not always watching

  60. shubhaist

    shubhaistHari Yang lalu

    All of the spy ninjas I know you can do it

  61. Sarah Matsumoto

    Sarah MatsumotoHari Yang lalu


  62. Eugene Ooi

    Eugene OoiHari Yang lalu


  63. HouDiNi Wu

    HouDiNi WuHari Yang lalu

    Justin is not pz9

  64. Eugene Ooi

    Eugene OoiHari Yang lalu

    I like Justice

  65. Wah Chu

    Wah ChuHari Yang lalu

    vy qwaint 13:57

  66. shyareefa danish

    shyareefa danishHari Yang lalu

    Vy a now de rile name of pz9 name is malven

  67. Ewelina Krajcer

    Ewelina KrajcerHari Yang lalu

    I know how pz9 melvin looks it

  68. Katie Goddard

    Katie GoddardHari Yang lalu

    Project zorgo is waching...🖕

  69. Joanne James

    Joanne JamesHari Yang lalu


  70. Jarryd Voakes

    Jarryd VoakesHari Yang lalu

    Shut up PZ9

  71. Joanne James

    Joanne JamesHari Yang lalu


  72. Marilyn Sauco

    Marilyn SaucoHari Yang lalu

    Well,well,well little pz9 is not justin you little jus-just-tin wow what a terrible kick (get it) if you dont punch it like you use to men yet" I have to punch pz9 and your and pz9's weights are not enough but pz9 tried to be tough but his armour's just not hard enough pz! now its time kick your hiney ever seen someone so dumb so beat it up its the last you ever seen and pz9 will try try try so pz is dddddduuuuuummmmmbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!

  73. Instix Dripe

    Instix DripeHari Yang lalu

    Pz9 is stove

  74. Michele Olson

    Michele OlsonHari Yang lalu

    Pz9 is stoves Kitchen

  75. merlyn Regis

    merlyn RegisHari Yang lalu

    Chad and vy yor great and the best and a great spy ninjas and a fighter no hacker can beat yo

  76. Victoria Robinson

    Victoria RobinsonHari Yang lalu

    Come now please

  77. Maggie Samson

    Maggie SamsonHari Yang lalu

    A 10,000 dollars so many

  78. Louisa Padua

    Louisa PaduaHari Yang lalu

    Stove is PZ9!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Pecador3

    Pecador3Hari Yang lalu


  80. Brooklyn Moon

    Brooklyn MoonHari Yang lalu

    If Justin isn’t pz9 then why is he wearing pz9s outfit and his mask when he was running and his yell thing sounded a lot like plz 9

  81. Polaris boy

    Polaris boyHari Yang lalu

    I like your videos Chad.

  82. Victoria Robinson

    Victoria RobinsonHari Yang lalu

    Help I live in California please

  83. Victoria Robinson

    Victoria RobinsonHari Yang lalu

    I just found a paper it says c and v

  84. Alma Stoceni

    Alma StoceniHari Yang lalu

    The only time I feel down just in

  85. Masud Hasan

    Masud HasanHari Yang lalu


  86. Benny Gallegos

    Benny GallegosHari Yang lalu