My Australia Travel Trip - What to Eat and Do (Sydney and Melbourne)


  1. catherine holmes

    catherine holmesBulan Yang lalu

    I can't believe you touched a bin chicken @6:25

  2. SoUL_ABysS

    SoUL_ABysSBulan Yang lalu

    I lived in Australia for my whole life. How the hell does everything look better from this video. I don't remember AU looking so good.

  3. jeff

    jeff3 bulan yang lalu

    So COOL

  4. Bel Be

    Bel Be3 bulan yang lalu

    Wish you had the names n places written down

  5. Tay Aaron

    Tay Aaron4 bulan yang lalu

    Aahhhh you have to mix that egg. Give it a good stir. Then dip the bread haha

  6. shin james

    shin james7 bulan yang lalu

    the best thing of australia is nature untouched from humankind haha, u experienced really great nature, but just wearing sunglasses from ultraviolet. except that everything will be good, there are some foods also, but not my style, all the menus u ate was very simple to cook, just using natural ingredients for the foods, that is western style. but worry for belly button to eat sweetness.

  7. Stuey R

    Stuey R8 bulan yang lalu

    I'm going to film me me me and more me oh and a little bit of Australia and its food for 0.5 seconds but then back to meeee!

  8. Jiayu Diane Kang

    Jiayu Diane Kang9 bulan yang lalu

    she met Wengie!!! 😍😍

  9. EpsteinsPlasticSurgeon

    EpsteinsPlasticSurgeon10 bulan yang lalu

    6:22 that's a baby bin chicken, do not touch them lol

  10. Explore Australia

    Explore Australia10 bulan yang lalu

    Always amazing video Linda

  11. Lucinda_ McKenzie

    Lucinda_ McKenzie11 bulan yang lalu

    I live in sydney and every single person i watch.. THEY NEVER GO TO BONDI!

  12. GeBpup

    GeBpupTahun Yang lalu

    I live in Australia and I still get excited when I see a wallaby (which was what you saw on the side of the road) and kangaroos 😂😂😂😂

  13. Willy Herrera

    Willy HerreraTahun Yang lalu

    Which dessert is she eating at 3.15 minute?

  14. Robbie Backpacking

    Robbie BackpackingTahun Yang lalu

    0:22 Like a flower making love to a coffee bean! LOL!

  15. Akhii Kareem

    Akhii KareemTahun Yang lalu

    I want Australian wife

  16. Trendy time

    Trendy timeTahun Yang lalu

    Did u come doing Australian summer aka Canada Winter because it will be dam hot like 40 degrees celsiues

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    Dont visit Australia because it is to expensive .

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    Nice video man! Love the editing

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    She is always eating good

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    Very Nice Video.

  25. He Vivi

    He ViviTahun Yang lalu

    This girl was rubidium's rubbishy


    LISA NATIONTahun Yang lalu

    omfg that bin chicken lmaooo

  27. Hara Papadimitriou

    Hara PapadimitriouTahun Yang lalu

    Nice vlog, very fun. Also, you are friends with Wengie! That's so cool!


    SNEAKER GURUTahun Yang lalu

    6:01 omg it’s eljannah wtf did you write

  29. co0kii

    co0kiiTahun Yang lalu

    List of Locations (reposted as original comment was lost in a reply :P) 0:08 (NSW)The Grounds of Alexandria 0:39 (VIC) Phillip Island 1:12 (VIC) Flinder's Street Station, Queen Victoria Market 1:36 (VIC) Starbucks (gurl, why??? Melbourne is literally the capital of coffee) 1:42 (NSW) Central Station area, Spice Alley, next to Central Park Mall 2:55 (NSW) Sydney Opera House/Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay 3:02 (NSW) Pho Tau Bay, Cabramatta 3:10 (VIC) Docklands, Melbourne Chinatown, Dessert Story 3:23 (NSW) Coogee Beach 3:26 (NSW) Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly, Manly Markets, Manly Beach, Shelley Beach 3:52 (???) Pappa Rich (not sure which one she went to, but there's numerous locations) 5:28 (???) Ippudo Ramen (again, numerous locations) 5:30 (NSW) George St, Central Station 5:32 (NSW) Black Star Pastry in Newtown 5:31 (NSW) El Jannah (do you even live in Sydney if you haven't been?) 5:53 (NSW) Sydney Chinatown, Emperor Puffs (get them from a little window next to Emperor's Garden Restaurant) 6:12 (NSW) some Shanghainese restaurant (that don't know the name of :S) 6:24 (NSW) Chinese Garden of Friendship (another guess) 6:27 (VIC) Great Ocean Road 6:46 (VIC) The Twelve Apostles

  30. KEK

    KEK7 bulan yang lalu

    You are a hero I love you mate

  31. Elvis FlAmingos

    Elvis FlAmingosTahun Yang lalu

    I have seen you in Sydney, I live on Sydney

  32. James H

    James HTahun Yang lalu

    Eye candy

  33. Sophie Phan

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    Is that wengie

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    We give or not wengie

  36. maxi tef

    maxi tefTahun Yang lalu

    Thank god for the Asians in Sydney that make the city look good and Fuck with out them the city will be a ghost town at 7pm everyday of the week!! Global city that sleeps at 7.45pm what d fuk fuk

  37. Kahlil Sykies

    Kahlil SykiesTahun Yang lalu

    Australia definitely isn't known for its food lol. No wonder why she at a Chinese, and Vietnamese restaurant. Both the cities of Sydney and Melbourne; look absolutely beautiful. But she spent basically no time, showing what there is to do in those places.

  38. JissoAU

    JissoAUTahun Yang lalu

    lmao you made friends with the famous Australian bin chicken XD

  39. RoxiRO

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  40. Luisa G.

    Luisa G.Tahun Yang lalu

    I loved this vlog!

  41. Spaces of Life

    Spaces of LifeTahun Yang lalu

    what was the song right at the beginning in the intro please??

  42. Pineapple Poop

    Pineapple PoopTahun Yang lalu

    who else was like YAAAAAAAAAS when they saw the cendol. I'm malaysian

  43. Glen Maher

    Glen MaherTahun Yang lalu

    Go all the way to Australia and eat Asian food the entire time. haha

  44. JustSushiThings

    JustSushiThingsTahun Yang lalu

    I'm from Malaysia!

  45. Mrs Chanandler Bong

    Mrs Chanandler BongTahun Yang lalu

    you should visit morocco🖤

  46. hedra's toy show

    hedra's toy showTahun Yang lalu

    I live in Sydney Australia

  47. Jennifer Curry

    Jennifer CurryTahun Yang lalu

    Please say what you are eating and where you are. Downtown where? Sydney or Melbourne would help. Thanks for details. Looks fun!


    CINDERDAYS -Tahun Yang lalu

    Love watching this because I’m from aus! 😂

  49. rosemariewoodchuck

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    Super jealous that you can eat all that and not gain a pound

  50. Jadeplusapatchy plusàpatchy

    Jadeplusapatchy plusàpatchyTahun Yang lalu

    Back in vi etnAm //Forest gump

  51. Sus

    SusTahun Yang lalu

    Wow so cool! Where was that beach at the end of your vid? Would love to go there!!

  52. Poplijgtt

    PoplijgttTahun Yang lalu

    kim n she said great ocean road

  53. Animuu lasalle XD XD

    Animuu lasalle XD XDTahun Yang lalu

    I wish i can travel places, but too bad i can't Because i'm fighting something that will cause me to death.. 😢

  54. SKPBoy

    SKPBoyTahun Yang lalu

    I've been to Sydney and Melbourne.... and I have to say Melbourne is the best for everything. They have the best cafes, restaurants, food, cultural events, architecture.I found Melbourne so accessible with their cute trams. People so friendly too. Sydney is ok... but loved Melbourne so much. Can't wait to get back there.

  55. Baiyan Chu

    Baiyan ChuTahun Yang lalu

    It's a shame I didn't see you in you leenda legend

  56. claudia lo

    claudia loTahun Yang lalu

    Where is the place at 0:36 the one after grounds of alexandria? i really wanna go there

  57. co0kii

    co0kiiTahun Yang lalu

    phillip island in victoria

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    I see Wengie I click on it

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    I live in Australia

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    Where are you from leenda?

  62. Kamin8r

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    Thanks for visiting Sydneyyyy

  63. eon long

    eon long2 tahun yang lalu

    that was totally rad! being an American of Vietnamese decent, it was really neat seeing some of the Vietnese diaspora throughout the world...