[MV] DREAMCATCHER「Breaking Out」(1st Japan AL「The Beginning Of The End」)


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    字幕をONにすると歌詞が表示されます。 Turn on subtitles, lyrics are displayed. 자막을 ON으로 하면 가사가 나옵니다.

  2. 安倍の祖父岸信介が華人90萬人を虐殺。南京で

    安倍の祖父岸信介が華人90萬人を虐殺。南京で3 hari yang lalu

    こんなださい日本語歌を作製するより西洋の金属團と供演したほうが注視されるだろ。 そういう思考力ないのが日本企業なんだよねええ。 犯罪夫婦安倍晋三と安倍昭惠が總理大臣の國だからなああああ。しかたないね。

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    Give them an anime open!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Can you please release dance practice

  6. Rinad

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    Just No One i guess its for promoting

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    I would love to see them perform this live!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Pure-blood InSomnia

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    The lyrics, i usually dont care at all about lyrics in music, but this one, this one ! So beautiful. Keep moving forward no matter what blocks your path ahead. Stay true to yourself. That's my girls. :)

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    This song is so amazing

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    Let's make this 1M guys!

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    Close to 1M

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    Why is Siyeon always this beautiful? For real, the other girls are gorgeous too, but for me Siyeon just like... wow

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    100万再生までもう少し(゚∀゚)b こちらもどうぞ! I Miss You idreporter.net/v/video-BaW7i1bTy5E.html

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    951 412

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    951 352

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    951 286

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    Let's go to 1M views!

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    Siyeon is GODDESS!!!!!!!!

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    60k to 1M!

  25. 安倍の祖父岸信介が華人90萬人を虐殺。南京で

    安倍の祖父岸信介が華人90萬人を虐殺。南京で3 hari yang lalu

    こんなださい日本語歌を作製するより西洋の金属團と供演したほうが注視されるだろ。 そういう思考力ないのが日本企業なんだよねええ。 犯罪夫婦安倍晋三と安倍昭惠が總理大臣の國だからなああああ。しかたないね。

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    so breaking out of the dark night

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    Stan Dreamcatcher ⭐️ Stan talent ⭐️🎵

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    somnias let's get this to 1M !

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  31. Matsuo Basho

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    Love the fact that Jiu's name sounds like "freedom" in Japanese

  32. Daejeon Hurricane #1

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    Ah yea it sounds the same haha

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    ah im dying 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    i like japanese version but Dami's rap is korean better than japanese

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    So... Red strings merch?

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    917.014k>>>1.000.000M FİGHTİNG

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    almost 1million! let's go inSomnias!!

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    There are 2 of my favorite Korean girl groups that debuted in Japan ... girls generation and dreamcatcher thank god, bless my ears

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    Idk why jiu is not pretty but i fallinlove with her. Perfect face 😍💕

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    JiU is perfect

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    Fahrizal Nr Jiu is gorgeous

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    Dami went full swag!

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    0:11 great spoiler btw

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    silent night lol raid of dream b-side? haha

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    We can make 1M?

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    Okay okay wait, so I'm new (checking out their music) and how is this not at least at 1 million views yet? Underrated.

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    Japan. Market isn’t a stream based one 😂

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    @Sther Mir :v I have, they're amazing!

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    Listen their songs, please 💕

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    901.951K happy and now let's get it 1M FİGHTİNG

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    Finally my the beginning of the end album arrived, bonus postcard is nice and got handong photocard ... 👌🏻

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    The song...... EPIC!!!

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    volta pro brasil

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  61. BTS BOY WITH LUV, illegirl

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    Istg Dreamcatcher is one of the groups with a high quality music and talent

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    Why did I wait so long to watch this omg!!!! Like I literally watched everything else they released except for this lol.

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    Check I miss you, is a Japanese song they have a performance video.

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    JAISOUL10 hari yang lalu

    Idk what it is exactly about the opening of this song that i love so much BUT ITS SO ADDICTING THE INSTURMENTAL ALONE, AND THE GIRLS SINGING MAKE ME BLAST THIS SONG AT 3 AM


    INSOMNIA FOREVER8 hari yang lalu

    This song is my favorite from them, ( it was What) but this is just legendary


    JAISOUL10 hari yang lalu

    @D C will do!

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    Listen to intro and outro of this album (the beginning of the end). They're amazing!

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    Imagine these girls with Fripside! :)

  70. D C

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    I still can't get over how good this choreography. Fresh and it still maintains their knife-like signature choreography.

  71. Paige Frances

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    Siyeon is the only girl who still looks hot while getting squished by a wall.

  72. Your Local Overlord

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    has anyone else realized that the intro is almost the same is ONEWE's cover of Latata?

  73. precious.

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    hmm maybe a little

  74. SoyEdgar

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    I already hear it, and it’s quite different but it’s pretty the same synth

  75. SoyEdgar

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    Your Local Overlord maybe it’s a sample

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  77. saeri sari

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    Im confused if they were really a kpop girl group like guuuuurl no kpop girl group have this concept!

  78. Blue Frost

    Blue Frost8 hari yang lalu

    They are a kpop group but they have a rock concept (Which I love) not every group has to have a cute concept or girl crush concept it's boring if it's all the same which is why DREAMCATCHER'S rock sound is AWESOME & unique

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    일본활동도 하는구나. 홧팅

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    ラップを入れてはいるが、日本風にアレンジしたMV。 韓国風の色使いや衣装の「強烈さ」があまりなくて、 表情や歌詞、振り付け、曲に集中できる。 日本語歌詞も出て助かる。 気品のある芸術的なMV。ナチュラルメイクがいい。 日本のアイドルが、このレベルで演じてほしい。 DreamCatcherの、日本での活動が増えると嬉しい。 TV番組に出てくれないかな。