MUFC Classics | Chicharito & Welbeck Sink Wolves | Wolves 0-5 Manchester United (2011/12)


  1. muhd haziqq

    muhd haziqq4 bulan yang lalu

    And now we hardly to score one goal

  2. J Woradech

    J Woradech4 bulan yang lalu

    The time when we used to "enjoy" watching United. I didnt mean Im not supporting United right now but it wasnt fun as before

  3. Rizal M Nurdin

    Rizal M Nurdin4 bulan yang lalu

    pada masa king wolves masih jadi ampas bagi emyu

  4. MrJayManUtd08

    MrJayManUtd084 bulan yang lalu

    The days

  5. young dreamer

    young dreamer4 bulan yang lalu

    This is back when we could beat them

  6. fendy wahyu

    fendy wahyu4 bulan yang lalu

    Chicharitho 😍😍

  7. wijaya Channel

    wijaya Channel4 bulan yang lalu

    kangen lihat permainan MU saat masih ditangani Opa Fergie

  8. Cyrus Virus

    Cyrus Virus4 bulan yang lalu

    Yes!! Absolutely “Classic”. Now beating Wolves like playing for the WC Finals..

  9. เจ๊ๆ' เอสแดงยี่สิบ'บ

    เจ๊ๆ' เอสแดงยี่สิบ'บ4 bulan yang lalu

    2019-20 😓😭😭..

  10. jagoan bapak

    jagoan bapak4 bulan yang lalu

    Kapan menang lawan wolves ?

  11. Adarsh Ak

    Adarsh Ak5 bulan yang lalu

    Who is here after man utd draw with wolves

  12. muhammat sabar

    muhammat sabar5 bulan yang lalu

    Sekarang ssah bnget mau ngalahin wale

  13. hemanth kumar arumugam

    hemanth kumar arumugam5 bulan yang lalu

    What a sight....the walk of Fergie everytime post final whistle.... classic..... those were the days ☺️

  14. Highlights Games

    Highlights Games5 bulan yang lalu

    Jesse linb*tch


    GAMEZSTAA5 bulan yang lalu

    Chicharito has some great moments in a Manchester United shirt. His chemistry with Rooney was fantastic.

  16. Rahmat Mulyana

    Rahmat Mulyana5 bulan yang lalu

    muhasabah diri anda

  17. Forward Slash

    Forward Slash5 bulan yang lalu

    Difference between this United side and now is the talent and work ethic of the players. We currently have some very talented players who work only for their instagram followers while back then we had players who put in 100% every game

  18. Evans

    Evans5 bulan yang lalu

    That last goal is pure class

  19. Charlotte Katakuri

    Charlotte Katakuri5 bulan yang lalu

    Man united 2011/2012 all goals please 🙏🙏🙏

  20. Fathur Fadhlur

    Fathur Fadhlur5 bulan yang lalu

    Kenapa skrang susah bgt ya

  21. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed Ali5 bulan yang lalu

    Wait I don't see pogda.

  22. Dan Official

    Dan Official5 bulan yang lalu

    when you can’t win the game: *Flashback*

  23. falah adrianur

    falah adrianur5 bulan yang lalu

    To revenge yesterday??

  24. Sam DaMan

    Sam DaMan5 bulan yang lalu

    Back when I enjoyed watching us play football 😂

  25. Randy Islamy

    Randy Islamy5 bulan yang lalu

    You could beat them so you posted your old game winning against wolv

  26. Miso 1009

    Miso 10095 bulan yang lalu

    Ain't gonna happen this time.

  27. Nitish Sawant

    Nitish Sawant5 bulan yang lalu

    Watching this after 1-1 draw... Disappointment... Currently man utd's be like one of the best players at their worsts !

  28. 마더파더깁미더원달러

    마더파더깁미더원달러5 bulan yang lalu


  29. Martin Condon

    Martin Condon5 bulan yang lalu

    Anyone here after the 1-1 draw in 2019 ☹️☹️☹️

  30. Martin Condon

    Martin Condon5 bulan yang lalu

    IKR 😔😔😔

  31. hibzgzg puehanmgs

    hibzgzg puehanmgs5 bulan yang lalu

    😂😂 circus club filled with clowns

  32. muaz ali

    muaz ali5 bulan yang lalu

    Martin Condon Pogba 🤦‍♀️.

  33. King T’Chala85

    King T’Chala855 bulan yang lalu

    Man we should of won the league this year.

  34. King T’Chala85

    King T’Chala855 bulan yang lalu

    @muaz ali oh yea I remember. Think there was about 4 fixtures left 😟

  35. muaz ali

    muaz ali5 bulan yang lalu

    King T’Chala85 yep 4-4 draw at home to Everton cost us

  36. KHAM M

    KHAM M5 bulan yang lalu

    Am here after headache 🤕 game. The coach better act like professional. Better Stop messing with line up like Mourinho.

  37. Lèrshon Edwin

    Lèrshon Edwin5 bulan yang lalu

    Who came here after man utd drew😔😥😭

  38. Ryan Muchangi

    Ryan Muchangi5 bulan yang lalu

    We haven't beaten them in the last 3 games😭

  39. muaz ali

    muaz ali5 bulan yang lalu

    Ryan Muchangi last 4 in all comps

  40. EXSOFT_official

    EXSOFT_official5 bulan yang lalu

    Minim tactical

  41. EXSOFT_official

    EXSOFT_official5 bulan yang lalu

    Lingard and mctommy is baddd bruuuhhhhhh

  42. Yes

    Yes5 bulan yang lalu

    WhO’s HeRe AfTeR 1-1 DrAw

  43. V Hash

    V Hash5 bulan yang lalu

    How times have changed 1-1 😬🤦🏻‍♂️

  44. Adam Alfurjani

    Adam Alfurjani5 bulan yang lalu

    Who’s here after the 1-1 draw?

  45. Alex Briggs

    Alex Briggs5 bulan yang lalu

    It’s definitely not 5-0 at the moment

  46. John Woodworth

    John Woodworth5 bulan yang lalu

    Now we struggle against Wolves

  47. Qaz King

    Qaz King5 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine being Man U and not signing Lozano LOL

  48. Son Van

    Son Van5 bulan yang lalu

    2:21 that dude needed to work out more lol that’s why they lost

  49. MoxLey

    MoxLey5 bulan yang lalu

    Lol i just realized it hahahah overweight

  50. SuperKevinho1

    SuperKevinho15 bulan yang lalu

    Now, repeat!!

  51. Tomas Martins

    Tomas Martins5 bulan yang lalu


  52. GeForce

    GeForce5 bulan yang lalu

    When you have SIR ALEX...

  53. joey blaq

    joey blaq5 bulan yang lalu

    Nice appetizer

  54. Fikar Eri Setiawan

    Fikar Eri Setiawan5 bulan yang lalu

    Come on, United! Make it 4-0 today as we did with Chelsea!

  55. Halim Hernandez

    Halim Hernandez5 bulan yang lalu

    hello, im chicharito 😘

  56. Chen Jason

    Chen Jason5 bulan yang lalu

    Make it again now!!!

  57. gowtham k

    gowtham k5 bulan yang lalu

    back those days when even Evans scoring and assisting like scholes with a diagnol pass.. Fergie above all

  58. Isfan Fajar Pratama

    Isfan Fajar Pratama5 bulan yang lalu

    Still confuse, why valencia & young could be a defender at this moment😂

  59. MoxLey

    MoxLey5 bulan yang lalu

    No, they were not a defender at this moment. They were winger back then. So laught at ur mistake dude hahaha

  60. Jens Harald Claudius

    Jens Harald Claudius5 bulan yang lalu

    Funny to think that Pogba played that game 🤔😅

  61. LEO BROOK 10

    LEO BROOK 104 bulan yang lalu

    the start of failure when pogba comes

  62. ChocoPaid

    ChocoPaid5 bulan yang lalu

    Let's not act as though those players were much better than the ones we currently have, the real issue is not only has the level of coaching increased,the overall quality of the players in the league have increased too; unpopular opinion even if we have Fergie (with this team) we wouldn't be challenging

  63. chidubem

    chidubem5 bulan yang lalu

    Imagine Triple Captaining Valencia in your FPL Team back then.

  64. the mr

    the mr5 bulan yang lalu

    2012 oh dear..

  65. Bryanza

    Bryanza5 bulan yang lalu

    My boy Antonio Valencia!!!!!

  66. Allan Lions

    Allan Lions5 bulan yang lalu

    This is what we call TBT😂😂😂

  67. Sisekelo Duma

    Sisekelo Duma5 bulan yang lalu

    Valencia was just a beast in this game

  68. Jack Richards

    Jack Richards5 bulan yang lalu

    Pogba in the midfield in this game

  69. Eldo Eldon

    Eldo Eldon5 bulan yang lalu

    Selling Chicarito was a mistake

  70. Bert Sonder

    Bert Sonder5 bulan yang lalu

    Eldo Eldon signing pogshite even more mistakes