Mothers vs Daughters: Is Marriage Necessary?


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    Hey everyone - thanks so much for watching this amazing conversation. Thank you to SK-II for making this episode possible! If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to check out SK-II's amazing docu-series #Timelines with Katie Couric ( that addresses pressures women face all around the world. Love you all - thanks for watching and supporting!

  2. Erika Croft

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    A great job as always! I would love to see a behind-the scenes of the casting process. I'm really curious, as I'm sure others are!

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  4. nala beans

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    kind of ironic SKII is one of the MOST over-hyped "all the cool kids are doing it" you too should spend enormous amounts of money on products with slim to no evidence.

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    Aleesha Khan exactly. Jubilee is partnering with a brand that promotes SELF-HATE. Look it up!

  6. mplsridah

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    StupidityStarbucks you would say the same if there were no blacks in the video. I guess you can say inclusion works for some, not so much for other.

  7. Emma

    Emma43 menit yang lalu

    This was so wholesome

  8. nick cap

    nick cap6 jam yang lalu

    these 1 dimensional guys that havent thought about having kids, he aint the one

  9. Hannah hannah

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    why am i crying in the club rn. i love you mom

  10. Matthew Thompson

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    I don't think marriage is necessary (outside of some legal problems like not getting to make your partner's end-of-life decisions), but I do think I've benefitted from mine. I like the idea that making a life commitment gives you a chance to cultivate the deepest relationship of your life. The longer I stay with my spouse, the more important it is for us to stay together. Having that type of commitment has helped me become a better person. Caution: Results May Differ

  11. mali goebel

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    "kids do better with the mom" LMFAO NO YOURE WROG

  12. mali goebel

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    when youre old and need help, dont make your kids take care of you and you don't need marriage and you dont owe a child to your mom

  13. mali goebel

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    annemarie is prob anti vax

  14. mali goebel

    mali goebel8 jam yang lalu

    Lmfao Afrika was about smack Annemarie 'what do you know at 25?!". But just because you get your tubes tied doesn't mean you won't have kids. You can always adopt or have a surrogate if you change your mind

  15. Erika Croft

    Erika Croft18 jam yang lalu

    A great job as always! I would love to see a behind-the scenes of the casting process. I'm really curious, as I'm sure others are!

  16. man man

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    All I got from the white daughters home life is that she getting it from BBC and she paying for it lol.

  17. Luna Moreno

    Luna MorenoHari Yang lalu

    Okay but overall this video was super wholesome because in the end all the mothers supported their daughters and understood where they were coming from.

  18. Dani Alexandria

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    Can yall not just mic the person asking the questions?

  19. Barney Stenson

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    It's narcissistic to think only women have societal pressure to live a certain way

  20. Panda God

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    I believe gender roles are very important but they are NOT mandatory. It's just a cultural belief. I'm Mexican and I totally believe in being a strong woman but it's not impossible to be strong and have a level of respect for yourself and your husband. It's just a moral and personal choice.

  21. melanie sosa

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    You don’t need a stay at home mother for your children to do good. My mom worked two minimum wage jobs to be able to put clothes on our back and food on the table. If a child wants to do good, they are able to take an initiative if THEY want too.

  22. kristal Perez

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    That was sweet

  23. Jeanae Parry

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    I'm clocking Annemarie as Mormon.

  24. Ke

    KeHari Yang lalu

    wow I like Jewel sooo much! Wish she were my mom

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  26. Peasant Things

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    people without vs with children

  27. M. Morales

    M. MoralesHari Yang lalu

    I think the stereotypes surrounding marrige are very facinating, but I've never experienced them. My dad has always been the one to cook our dinner, to stay at home and take care of us, and my mother is the one making all the money. And I've never thought of that as odd, but watching this I realise it's not the "norm".

  28. Taz D

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    Chelsie seems like a lovely person

  29. unshellHER

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    Afrika’s voice is so soothing lol 💕

  30. Meghan Dunning

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    I fought to get my tubal at 25. Nothing wrong with it. Congrats on Afrika for choosing it. Not everyone wants to have kids and carrying a baby inside you sucks and yes you have to give up your life when you have kids and it sucks sometimes. Other times it's awesome having kids but overall... If you can go without kids do it. LIVE.

  31. Roma Martinez

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    Annemarie is literally the sweetest women ever.

  32. lil fox

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    When Annemarie don't work how will she get pension? Do Amerikans get pension? 🤔 And just in case they get divorced how does it work for her to earn a living when she didn't work for over 20 years? (it is not very likely but still)

  33. Leslie Blake

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    All the mums are amazing! But, Cassandra mum is the sweetest person ever!!!!!!

  34. DaChun G

    DaChun G2 hari yang lalu

    Afrika’s voice should replace siri. Way to calm.

  35. David Hernandez

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    ok, we got the female perspective now the dads and sons.

  36. Sabrina Applevong

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    Damn everyone is coming after Annemarie. Chill. Her expressing concern is a completely normal and motherly thing to say to someone making a big decision like that. Regardless of her getting married younger, times and expectations were different then and people in their 20s were at way different places in life. She wasn't being vicious or mean whatsoever.

  37. Collin Babin

    Collin Babin2 hari yang lalu

    1:27 GAMER TIME

  38. Barbara Negrao

    Barbara Negrao2 hari yang lalu

    “children do better when their mom is at home and taking on the traditional role” oh no baby what is you DOIN

  39. Creative Ameena

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    my heart 🥺🥺 this video was so fulfilling and one of my favorites, the understanding wow

  40. MJ

    MJ2 hari yang lalu

    You can do whatever you wanna do, but Y’all talking like marriage and getting your tubes tied are the same thing, when divorce exists vs. no physically possible way to restore your tubes??? Very different, would definitely wait until 35 for that.

  41. Reyna

    Reyna2 hari yang lalu

    I hate how people nowadays see getting married as a chore. I see being married as being with your best friend 24/7 "getting married young is like leaving the party early" why though? Why can't you stay at the party with your s/o and have an even better time

  42. Olivia S.

    Olivia S.2 hari yang lalu

    I’ve know for a while that if I have children, they’ll be adopted. I’ve heard stories of women who wanted to get they’re tubes tied but doctors refused to do the operation because they weren’t married, or required permission from their partner. I was very surprised that Afrika found a doctor that would do the procedure when she is in her 20s. Why should anyone have a say about what a women does with her body. It’s like the issue with abortion. Why do people feel they are entitled to an opinion on whether or not a woman gets her tubes tied, or gets an abortion?

  43. ci rob

    ci rob2 hari yang lalu

    That's why the generation is falling apart and becoming corrupt and sinful, further away from god, they are turning away from gods commandments , it's all about materialistic values rather than spiritual values , society and the media play a huge role in this generation , the reason for this is because of the separation of the church from the state so the traditional /morality/gods laws isnt implemented and mans desires and sins are put forth and practiced ,this is what's causing the fall of society

  44. lol dei wtf

    lol dei wtf2 hari yang lalu

    “One child just to experience it” it’s as if she’s treating a child like sky diving or flying out of the country 🤨

  45. So Majesticals

    So Majesticals2 hari yang lalu

    There’s nothing wrong with motherhood. But it should be a facet of femininity rather than the definition of it.

  46. idk what ever

    idk what ever2 hari yang lalu

    Ya and men don't have to live up to a surten awhay that have to look, sit,act,ect

  47. Madison Mandel

    Madison Mandel2 hari yang lalu

    Some women just aren’t meant to be moms

  48. U A

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    I lovedd this episode 🙏🏿😭😭

  49. Amy Archer

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    I guess I’m just traditional. I want to get married and have children. It’s something I actually desire. Thinking about that part of my future makes me really happy. I also want to be able to be fully independent. Which is why I’m on the path to becoming a doctor.

  50. Reggy Fields

    Reggy Fields2 hari yang lalu

    Maybe it’s just me (my opinion) but Annemarie is so weak and old school it’s sad to see but I guess it works for her. I wish she wouldn’t expect that for others tho

  51. Dexter Vlash

    Dexter Vlash2 hari yang lalu

    Afrika's Mom's views of men and "their jobs" is what's dividing men and women today. I think that should also be a show if it's already not one.

  52. Chris Parsons

    Chris Parsons2 hari yang lalu

    For the millionth time, why can we not get a microphone for the announcer?!

  53. JasMontrell

    JasMontrell3 hari yang lalu

    Chelsie saying Afrika is all knowing was the ultimate statement of me throwing my phone 📱😵

  54. Rayndom Nayme

    Rayndom Nayme3 hari yang lalu

    Why do people keep commenting about adoption like it’s the same thing. The cognitive dissonance is unbelievable.

  55. CC

    CC3 hari yang lalu

    With corporations taking over, rampant social media, increased materialism and destruction of the environment I just cannot bring a child into the world.

  56. Evangeline Eden

    Evangeline Eden3 hari yang lalu

    I would really like to see what the young women’s lives will be like in their 30s and up; did they get married and have kids orrrrr no?

  57. Mardo

    Mardo3 hari yang lalu

    outstanding episode, but i really do support taking on the male perspective too!

  58. Sammi Frombp

    Sammi Frombp3 hari yang lalu

    She doesn't know their finances. How does she know he ain't spending money on a condo with a 22 year old gf

  59. CassssssyD Baddiiiiiie

    CassssssyD Baddiiiiiie3 hari yang lalu

    This was so beautifully wholesome.

  60. Karlie Starr

    Karlie Starr3 hari yang lalu

    It really disheartened me to hear some of these mothers say that having children is one of the most important things about being a woman :(.

  61. Karlie Starr

    Karlie Starr3 hari yang lalu

    "What do you know when you're 25" EXACTLY!! So why are you forcing something down your child's throat that takes HUGE responsibility when you barely figured out who you are yet?.

  62. Kit Moira

    Kit Moira3 hari yang lalu

    I'm 19 and very old fashioned. My whole life I've wanted a husband and my own family. So much so I would make myself sick thinking I'll never have kids or I'll never find someone that would be willing to help and support me.. Hearing that other women are giving that up really truly breaks my heart. I've now realized my bestfriend of 12 years now has the same goals and views as me. We're getting married this weekend and I can't put in words this peace I have knowing I'm on the road to something I've been working for for so long.

  63. •Infinite Hype•

    •Infinite Hype•3 hari yang lalu

    This comment section is filled with so many great quotes

  64. olivia williams

    olivia williams3 hari yang lalu

    8:45 I swear everybody has an aunt or uncle like that and I love it

  65. Natalie Chica

    Natalie Chica3 hari yang lalu

    excuse me, you are a white woman with blonde hair, a houswife, wearing pink, and your name is annemarie. stfu