Moriarty - Jimmy


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    J Drones - Engenharia & Filmagem10 hari yang lalu

    Show demais

  2. Naci Palvan

    Naci Palvan16 hari yang lalu

    Come jimy

  3. noname mr

    noname mr26 hari yang lalu

    Anyone from little things ♥️

  4. Shubiksha Shankar

    Shubiksha Shankar28 hari yang lalu

    Here from little things season 3

  5. lightning tenno

    lightning tenno20 hari yang lalu

    @Rajit Mehan thanx a million brother🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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    @Rajit Mehan thanks :)

  7. Ruchika Kanoi

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    @lightning tenno deathcab|ditty

  8. ammu honey

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  9. Kartik Luthra

    Kartik Luthra24 hari yang lalu

    Can you please tell me the song that plays in this episode when they're at the airport??

  10. Filippo Stoppa

    Filippo StoppaBulan Yang lalu

    Nice music Thank u Eva ❤🌊

  11. Hector Ortiz

    Hector Ortiz2 bulan yang lalu

    Lyrics: Jimmy won't you please come home Where the grass is green and the buffaloes roam Come see Jimmy, your uncle Jim and your auntie Jim and your cousin Jim Come home Jimmy 'coz you need a bath And your grandpa Jimmy is still gone daft Now there's buffalo Jim and buffalo JimAnd Jim buffalo now didn't you know Jim Jim Jimmy its your last cigarette But there's buffalo piss, it's all kind of wet Jambo Jimmy you'd better hold your nose All roads lead to roam with the buffaloes And the Buffaloes used to say be proud of your name The Buffaloes used to say be what you are The Buffaloes used to say roam where you roam The Buffaloes used to say do what you do Well you've gotta have a wash but you can't clean your name You're not called Jimmy you'll be Jimmy just the same The keys are in the bag in the chest by the door One of Jimmy's friends has taken the floor Jimmy won't you please come home Where the grass is green and the buffaloes roam Dear old Jimmy you've forgotten you're young But you can't ignore the buffalo song And the Buffaloes used to say be proud of your name The Buffaloes used to say be what you are The Buffaloes used to say roam where you roam The Buffaloes used to say do what you do If you remember you're unknown Buffaloland will be your home

  12. Angel of Revenge

    Angel of Revenge2 bulan yang lalu

    oh! i love your voice! it's beatiful!!!

  13. sophie hebrard

    sophie hebrard2 bulan yang lalu

    J'aime trop!!!

  14. Kc Cassidy

    Kc Cassidy3 bulan yang lalu

    L.E.J. introduced me to this song

  15. Leedus McClein

    Leedus McClein4 bulan yang lalu

    Neat. The video reminds me of a video for "Communist Daughter" by Neutral Milk Hotel -

  16. TonK AC

    TonK AC4 bulan yang lalu

    Incroyable, tout, allant de la musique à la vidéo, c est merveilleux. Je travail dans l animation 2D, j ai deja travaillé pour une boite en montage photo mais bosser pour des clips comme celui là, c est presque un rêve ! Enfin, pour revenir à ce que je disais au départ, votre chanson est géniale. Musique, images, montage, symboles, message, ça fait parti des arts du futur. Sincèrement.

  17. Marwen B.R.C

    Marwen B.R.C4 bulan yang lalu

    "Someone i knew left and what hurts me the most is that he will never come back again" Rest In Peace father... 02-12-2017

  18. j'ai pas d'idée

    j'ai pas d'idée4 bulan yang lalu

    MERCI A TOI LA MEUF QUI A CHANTE SA AU KARAOKÉ AU GRAU DU ROI EN 2019 MERCI A TOI 😉 (en tout cas ta une jolie voi blondinette)

  19. Sergey Gagarin

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  20. Emilie Mouron

    Emilie Mouron4 bulan yang lalu

    Mon réveil matin depuis des années!!!! J'adore!!! Merci

  21. Isabelle Lefaucheur

    Isabelle Lefaucheur5 bulan yang lalu

    pouce en l'air : )

  22. Lisa Marques

    Lisa Marques5 bulan yang lalu

    pour mon grand amour

  23. Stomper- rpg

    Stomper- rpg5 bulan yang lalu

    This is the song for our 2019 hard labour workers.

  24. Wai Kin Yeung

    Wai Kin Yeung5 bulan yang lalu

    I thought it was about Jim Moriarty. That's why I CLICKED IT!!!! Jim is finally home. And boy did we miss him...........

  25. Alex Pirard

    Alex Pirard6 bulan yang lalu

    The best memory of my life was all about that music. I was with her, in a small flat, very small, but so cozy, I felt like I was on a cocoon. And, late at night, we were listening to this music. The only light we had was a small blue candle, a pale, blue and melancholic light. We were on the bed, a little drunk, and we were singing this music while it was playing on her phone. I will always remember her smile, her beautiful and cute smile. Her head was on my torso. And I was there, kissing her on the forehead, thinking of how lucky I was. In the end, after 2 years, both of us decided to stop the relationship because we didn’t loved each other anymore. When I listen to this music, I don’t feel sad at all, I am just nostalgic, remembering of how good was this moment, and of how much I loved her. It’s the most beautiful sensation for me Thank you if you have read all of this little story, I needed to explain what I was feeling at the moment !

  26. Abhilasha Thaty

    Abhilasha Thaty10 hari yang lalu

    Heart wrenching

  27. Hider van gogh

    Hider van gogh3 bulan yang lalu

    You get it: DOn't cry because it's over, but smile because it happened

  28. valentina minto

    valentina minto7 bulan yang lalu

    Gemma Bovary brought me here!

  29. Bamb Lille

    Bamb Lille8 bulan yang lalu

    First time I hear that song. Seems great, the feelings are here, the voice is deep...

  30. Antoine Langlois

    Antoine Langlois8 bulan yang lalu

    C'est trop bien

  31. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper8 bulan yang lalu

    Gemma Bovery 😍

  32. FunVidéo50100

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    je l'ai chantée avec la choral de mon collage

  33. FunVidéo50100

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    @Zeyk on switch je l'ai chercher pendant deux ou trois ans cette chanson

  34. Zeyk on switch

    Zeyk on switch9 bulan yang lalu

    elle date de 10ans on est la

  35. Myriam Fournial

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    C'est quoi me style de musique?

  36. Mimi Estou

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  37. Flastaz 2

    Flastaz 29 bulan yang lalu

    C est vraiment un beau song je ne comprends pas pourquoi des gens dislike

  38. Mayra Rosa

    Mayra Rosa11 bulan yang lalu

    ow...disappointing...i though it was a song about Jim Moriarty.....

  39. Zinga Rofobico

    Zinga Rofobico11 bulan yang lalu

    Hey Jimmy, is Jim Pickens available to talk?

  40. Anapteniy

    Anapteniy11 bulan yang lalu

    гарно .. :)

  41. Helene Simonneau

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  42. Joseph TANQUIS Dalman

    Joseph TANQUIS DalmanTahun Yang lalu

    ang ganda ng melody ang sarap sa tenga, ang ganda balik-balikan

  43. plokose

    plokoseTahun Yang lalu

    Franchement Mathilde elle est mieux

  44. Way High Radio

    Way High RadioTahun Yang lalu

    Listening in Colorado

  45. timothée ertl

    timothée ertlTahun Yang lalu

    mon dieu cette musique je l'ai apprise au collège ça passe vite le temps poaaah

  46. Meriem Brini

    Meriem BriniTahun Yang lalu

    Came from the movie Gemma Bovery 😁

  47. Kayden Reece

    Kayden ReeceTahun Yang lalu

    Tried to find jimmy neutron theme song chords. Found this instead.

  48. Jeanne Gillet

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    Bon son grave lourd

  49. chach won

    chach wonTahun Yang lalu

    Qui est encore là en 2018 ?????