Monsta X - MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (Official Music Video)


  1. LondonLove

    LondonLoveJam Yang lalu

    Monsta X is 7

  2. LondonLove

    LondonLoveJam Yang lalu

    Wonhooooo miss you love...💔

  3. Kim Yeong-hon

    Kim Yeong-hon2 jam yang lalu

    This is sooo good 💜💜

  4. LLlovesWonho

    LLlovesWonho2 jam yang lalu

    🐰 come home 💜💜💜

  5. Heather

    Heather3 jam yang lalu

    Wonho you are an angel 💙😇

  6. Heather

    Heather3 jam yang lalu

    Can we just get our bunny back starship 🙏

  7. Mon Panda

    Mon Panda3 jam yang lalu

    4146099 MBBs, we’re slowing down. :(

  8. Larissa Deomondes

    Larissa Deomondes4 jam yang lalu

    missing wonho so bad, but i'm still here for them

  9. Jalena

    Jalena4 jam yang lalu

    Wonho come home Mbb want you back

  10. ParislovesWonho

    ParislovesWonho4 jam yang lalu

    Waiting for Bun Bun OT7



    OH MY GOD i am a new MONBEBE i am in love with this Band And can the RAP line sing??????????????? WOOOOW happy of join the fandom

  12. MBB MX05

    MBB MX05Jam Yang lalu

    BTS NCT ATZ SK EXO SN TXT CIX SJ BG SV WN MX IK G7 Welcome to Monbebe land💙 Boys keep us well fed

  13. Love4Wonho

    Love4Wonho5 jam yang lalu

    OT7 OT7 OT7 OT7 OT7 😍

  14. Love4Wonho

    Love4Wonho5 jam yang lalu

    We want our 🐰 Back Dammit!!!!!!!!!!

  15. LLP

    LLP5 jam yang lalu

    I 💖this song so much! so glad Wonho's voice is in it but would rather have him back with MX..OT7

  16. RP

    RP6 jam yang lalu

    Love this song but would be happier if Wonho comes back MX is 77777777777777777

  17. Koemi !

    Koemi !6 jam yang lalu

    This song is so breathtakingly’s definitely my favorite song from them now! So perfect

  18. laurel220

    laurel2206 jam yang lalu

    Ohhhh I hope they sing this at their concerts this summer!!! They have amazing voices!!!

  19. siam t

    siam t8 jam yang lalu

    i still can't get over how good they all look and sound and how SMOOTH those transitions are

  20. Daichi Sab

    Daichi Sab8 jam yang lalu

    here i'm again again and agaaaaaaaainn can't for yr kiss kihyunaaaaah

  21. Yoongui Min

    Yoongui Min10 jam yang lalu

    Osea aaa está canción sigue siendo arte para mis oídos 🤩

  22. syaz safiah

    syaz safiah11 jam yang lalu

    I dunno what to say...but love this song so much

  23. Farah Hanani

    Farah Hanani11 jam yang lalu

    It's wonderful to see new comments from two weeks ago and even today makes my heart full to see new people are getting into MX after listening to their English songs. Monbebe, let's work hard and stream more for the world to see the beauty of MX's hardwork!!! And thank you to all of the people who love the song, I am truly proud from the bottom of my heart

  24. Too Beautiful To Handle

    Too Beautiful To Handle11 jam yang lalu


  25. Cotton Ruiz

    Cotton Ruiz12 jam yang lalu

    Damn😍❤❤❤❤🎶🎵♩🎼 I love it!

  26. Momo Im

    Momo Im12 jam yang lalu

    Monsta X English Kings

  27. Momo Im

    Momo Im12 jam yang lalu


  28. Luisana Ochoa

    Luisana Ochoa13 jam yang lalu


  29. MBB MX05

    MBB MX05Jam Yang lalu

    Luisana Ochoa Fill English album drops 2/14

  30. Momo Im

    Momo Im13 jam yang lalu

    Monsta X kings!

  31. Momo Im

    Momo Im13 jam yang lalu

    Massive bop!

  32. Momo Im

    Momo Im13 jam yang lalu


  33. Peachyy Peaches.D

    Peachyy Peaches.D13 jam yang lalu

    tell me im not the only one that searching Wonhoooo Huhuhu Imisshimmmmmm😢

  34. Everything CM

    Everything CM14 jam yang lalu

    F it, i hate Kpop . But this . This song . Man its lit . Keep this up .

  35. MBB MX05

    MBB MX05Jam Yang lalu

    English album release on Valentines

  36. Everything CM

    Everything CM5 jam yang lalu

    @Too Beautiful To Handle hey chill . We can love or hate whatever we want .

  37. Vaporeon Le Great

    Vaporeon Le Great8 jam yang lalu


  38. Too Beautiful To Handle

    Too Beautiful To Handle11 jam yang lalu

    I will never never never how a person can HATE a type of music. It can be not your type of music, but hate?!?!? Y'all are full of hate 🤦🏻‍♀️

  39. Momo Im

    Momo Im13 jam yang lalu

    You should check our their other english tracks if you want: - Who Do U Love (ft. French Montana) - Play It Cool (with Steve Aoki) - Love U - Someone's Someone

  40. Momo Im

    Momo Im15 jam yang lalu


  41. Vertically Challenged

    Vertically Challenged16 jam yang lalu

    Here again in the middle of the night...

  42. Dragonfly M.C.

    Dragonfly M.C.17 jam yang lalu

    This song makes me think if I should start becoming a Monbebe now... YES!

  43. MBB MX05

    MBB MX05Jam Yang lalu

    Welcome! Boys keep us well fed💙

  44. jooheon's excuse me

    jooheon's excuse me14 jam yang lalu

    Welcome to Monbebe land!

  45. Jou Jou D

    Jou Jou D19 jam yang lalu

    Wow! Amazing! Jooheon sounds great!

  46. Jow jesus

    Jow jesus20 jam yang lalu

    Oi lá e Anna como da

  47. septi mentari93

    septi mentari9320 jam yang lalu

    loveyou changkyun

  48. minminggomX

    minminggomX22 jam yang lalu

    STAN MULTILINGUAL KINGS!! stan monsta x

  49. minminggomX

    minminggomX22 jam yang lalu

    please look forward to Feb. 14.. All About Luv will be release ♡♡

  50. Jooheon MX

    Jooheon MX23 jam yang lalu

    Monbebes, if you haven't, please create a twitter account and follow MX official acccount. We have a lot of projects organized via twitter!

  51. Samantha Kim

    Samantha KimHari Yang lalu

    Where is wonho?

  52. Fardosa Warsame

    Fardosa WarsameHari Yang lalu

    I didn’t see wonho

  53. nenayssme

    nenayssmeHari Yang lalu

    I really really love this song! 💜💙 it’s awesome... love u guys ❤️👌🏼

  54. soft for Kookie

    soft for KookieHari Yang lalu

    Guess who stans MONSTA X now

  55. Jooheon MX

    Jooheon MX23 jam yang lalu

    Welcome to the family ❤

  56. Shashank Jain

    Shashank JainHari Yang lalu


  57. 장미블랙 핑크

    장미블랙 핑크Hari Yang lalu

    Who luvs 'dis song?

  58. meesh6

    meesh6Hari Yang lalu

    wonhoya ......

  59. meesh8

    meesh8Hari Yang lalu

    what im doing in the middle of the night .. thinking about wonho and monstax ........

  60. meesh8

    meesh8Hari Yang lalu

    but what i should do if i miss wonho ?

  61. meesh9

    meesh9Hari Yang lalu

    i miss wonho

  62. inoka thilakarathne

    inoka thilakarathneHari Yang lalu

    This is a mv that should hit 1B views

  63. ItsMePakistani

    ItsMePakistaniHari Yang lalu

    I love MONSTA XXXXX I think I am the craziest and the biggest fan of Monsta X

  64. La hora kpoper

    La hora kpoperHari Yang lalu


  65. Ellie Cass

    Ellie CassHari Yang lalu

    3:00 Me: *enjoys the song * Also me : (see's that mic in the back ) * Starts crying *

  66. Sarah Silvani

    Sarah SilvaniHari Yang lalu

    Wonho oppa???? C'mon Starship bring Wonho back

  67. Hilal Ergin

    Hilal ErginHari Yang lalu

    Monsta x 😘😍💋❤️💖💖💖💖

  68. Lenilyn Luna

    Lenilyn LunaHari Yang lalu

    *so this is how it feels to watch K-pop MV in English.ghad!what I've been missing.This song is a masterpiece.*

  69. Ruby Peña

    Ruby PeñaHari Yang lalu

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  70. ruda song

    ruda songHari Yang lalu

    마음이 퍼즐같다. 조각났다 붙었다를 반복하는 것 같아. 어찌저찌 해서 다 모아서 맞춰놓은 거 같다가도 한 번에 쏟아지길 반복해.