Moments in Video Games That Changed Everything...


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    I feel that I watched this video before 🤔

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    Chad King2 bulan yang lalu

    Isn’t there a hot coffee mod for gta 5

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    This video has been recycled 3 times now

  4. Game Tutor - Easter Egg Hunter

    Game Tutor - Easter Egg Hunter2 bulan yang lalu

    The slaughtering grounds situation was really funny, I mean the guy copystriked Jim Sterling for critisizing his game, some people just can't accept any criticism

  5. Michael Robitaille

    Michael Robitaille2 bulan yang lalu

    In regards to swatting incidents, there should be no plea bargain & they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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    I want to win the ps4 because my friend's birthday is coming up and she's about to graduate and want to give her a great gift. My Twitter is @kaga_bruh69

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    I'd love to win the PS4 so that my wife can have a new one. @mnrobitaille

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    and the media does the same thing with guns (blames guns).

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    I want that ps4. My twitter is imran-akond


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    Chaos u should do a top ten best stealth action games

  12. Warz Killa

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    I swear I’ve seen this video already..

  13. Dallas

    Dallas2 bulan yang lalu

    I think the media just likes to piss off gamers.


    KING JYLAN2 bulan yang lalu

    Who heard most of this from older videos

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    This is a reupload

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    Hey chaos I love your videos notice me senpai!!!!!

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    I wanna win because I need a ps4 and I wanna play fortnite

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    Saeed Beydon ew play a real game like Minecraft or gta

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    I love your videos and really want the PS4 to play with my friends @jimmy_grealy

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    I want a ps4 cause my one sounds like a jet and is 6 years old

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    Dont forget...Mortal Kombat is the reason for the ESRB systems existence!

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    Watch my silenced argus videos bo4

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    You forgot god of war

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    Need a new system bro @auxpwr80 🤘🏼👽👽👽

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    I would love to win I am a console collector and use all consoles

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    Reupload= lazy

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    Congrats to EA being immortalized in the Guinness Records

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    zaiwen3 for what?

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    Can we have less vids like this

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    Woah I’m early.

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    Overwatch animated porn is STILL around. Because R34 is quite powerful and will always make sure it exists. As for Loot Boxes, I feel like Overwatch got it better than most.

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    I feel like this is a repost

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    I need one

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    What about bmx xxx on the gamecube! You could unlock full frontal shots of the models in the game. God bless America!

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    Don't have a console anymore @dremony100musi is my Twitter

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    9:43 *chaos 2*

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    My dog broke my ps4 please

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    Where the feck is my hot coffee??? Oh rule 34... Feck the coffee me found something waaaaay hotter lol.

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    I think you have re-posted this or I have @ least seen most of this B4 ??? Still good stuff tho...

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    Its a reupload you can tell by the quality

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    I think i have seen this exact video on this channel before

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    Hot coffee = clapping cheeks for those that don’t know 😂

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    Blizzard tried taking down the nice quality content of their characters but the power of the internet and virgins was too strong

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    Many of us are still waiting for that ps4 remaster of Manhunt

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    Insatiable Landon S. That would be absolutely insane!

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    I think overwatch got so popular because of the s*it.

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    Wasn't this already made?

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    Bob Epicness yea I think it is

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    he already did this list of games

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    Who tf watches overwatch porn😂😂

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