Modern Farming Technology For a Next Level of Productivity ▶2


  1. Fire Fox

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  2. Evan Berhe

    Evan Berhe2 hari yang lalu

    This is pretty fucked up

  3. Rodrigo Silva

    Rodrigo Silva3 hari yang lalu

    Although I comprehend its important side, in the other hand I couldn't watch that without getting a little worried.

  4. Emanuela Siyar barzani

    Emanuela Siyar barzani6 hari yang lalu

    Invent technology at the expense of abusive animal abuse It's not an invention, it's going to be an animal extermination machine To see the calf being kidnapped from the mother, she wanted to save the baby from the hands of a wild, murderous, abusive, cruel man

  5. Izmail Hasan Nugraha

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    Ajiiib 👍

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  7. Benício Júnior

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    6:40 que grãos são esses usados no processos deb germinação, já os vi sendo hidroponicos!

  8. Arlo Burt

    Arlo Burt13 hari yang lalu

    Lazy farmer stuff

  9. Ligmy Balls

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    7:03 can’t water for weed sells to start going up lol

  10. koke Villalba

    koke Villalba16 hari yang lalu

    Atrapar la ternera es algo torpe.. con esa moto..

  11. Yasar Arafath

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    PS 357🔥🔥🔥super vera level verithanam video 🔥🔥🔥

  12. M Taylor

    M Taylor22 hari yang lalu

    great machines. i'm not even in the farming industry but i'm just enjoying watching this stuff

  13. Hạc Giấy Thiên gia

    Hạc Giấy Thiên gia23 hari yang lalu

    Why baby cows drink powder milk?

  14. Gray_justGray

    Gray_justGray24 hari yang lalu

    Man those cows wasted like half that formula Fuckin cows

  15. Marcela G

    Marcela G24 hari yang lalu

    Awfull video! Go vegetarian

  16. MsSunhappy

    MsSunhappy24 hari yang lalu

    What is the robot supposed to do in the last one?

  17. Langji Hkyeng

    Langji Hkyeng25 hari yang lalu

    Change the background music and that's a dystopian documentary

  18. CBR Fireblade

    CBR Fireblade25 hari yang lalu

    P.S. that doesn't cover the brutalization of calf and mother separation and culling of bull calves to keep the milk flowing.... Stupid, wasteful, brutal, polluting and completely unnecessary industry...

  19. CBR Fireblade

    CBR Fireblade25 hari yang lalu

    Dairy farming... why the f.cuk do we drink this shit... EVERY mammal produces milk for their young and eventually weans them off... Humans 6 -8 months and done.... Yet for some ret.arded reason we are told MILK is such a basic necessity for good health... If that was true then why didn't Mother Nature have us and all mammals produce milk for their young for their entire lifetime???? ... Bull shit.... But we don't just extend the consumption period, we go inter-species and drink another's animal's breast milk... In terms of evolution, unheard of....No wonder so many people suffer from so many milk related gastric problems....

  20. Jonathan Rice

    Jonathan Rice25 hari yang lalu

    This kind of reminds me of what aliens would do to us if they needed something that we had

  21. Jonathan Rice

    Jonathan Rice25 hari yang lalu

    Those grass strip things looked really tasty.

  22. 。たなか

    。たなか26 hari yang lalu

    効率も大切なんだろうけど、動物たちが痛くない方法が一番いいよね。 命を分けてもらってるわけだから。

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  24. Grv Nvm

    Grv Nvm27 hari yang lalu

    Most of the machines shown here are so humongous and enormous in size, for performing a regular task that one wonders if they were designed for the utility or drawing heavy price tag?? Cant see the cost effectivity for most of the inventions. What next, 10 ft tall robot arm to put a nail in wall??

  25. おいぬ

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    3:15 サラリーマンみたいやね Like a Japanese Office worker.

  26. Ursula Wieczorek

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    Tierquälerei grausam furchtbar 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  27. Manuela Manuela

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    Che tecnologia 😲 ... 😊 . Complimenti

  28. Mari Savir

    Mari SavirBulan Yang lalu

    Of all the jobs in all the world, you have to be a true psycho to choose a job where animals are abused like this!

  29. RoCk BaR

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  30. Carlo Carlini

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    Biedne krówki biedne zwierzęta

  31. norgulina K

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    בני אדם יצורים רעים ואכזריים. מדובר בשואה לכל דבר. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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    Chore społeczeństwo,do resetu,zjadacze istot,chore kurestwo

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    Por isso que eu não como carnes e nem bebo leites🤮🤮🤮😭

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    My life is officially boring as hell

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    Человек создаёт человек этот мир и погубит

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    Бедная корова бежит за ребенком

  37. Dan Koning

    Dan KoningBulan Yang lalu

    90% of these comments are *the most ill informed* comments I've read on any video I've ever seen; *especially by those who eat dairy products regularly.*

  38. Velia Garcia

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    Wow wow wow.......

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    Muchas gracias por compartir saludos cordiales 🌹 Sergio Ricardo Aburto

  40. Sean Harris

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    sadly that milk dispenser has been abused somewhere

  41. crimson pencil

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    Why dont you just let the calfs drink off there mother , unless your a Slater farm this would not be use full

  42. Barry Bailey

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    That's money down the drain bro...gotta sell that milk.

  43. mia mia

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    Nice - fodder-

  44. HeWhoChooses

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    Sheep: Yo, why’d you flip me back over, I was just starting to like it Rancher: get out of here

  45. HeWhoChooses

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    Eli Cash Fair point. Don’t know why I though a sheep was a goat.

  46. Eli Cash

    Eli Cash8 hari yang lalu

    Are ewe sure it was a goat?

  47. Chadx M

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    Artificial cow bukkake for the first one...

  48. Issac Cherian

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    all I can say is pathetic. this is not technology. This is cruel

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  50. Haider Daay

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    الله يطيح حظ الدول العربية

  51. Baudion Virginie

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    Mais quelle horreur.

  52. Cameron Ermini

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    You can say whatever you want about the treatment of the animals on farms and ranches but 9/10 times all their needs are met and they have breakfast lunch and dinner and a place to sleep and protection from predators and all their medical care taken care of we can argue what they would have in the wild but a lot of humans don’t even have those basic needs Met in 1994 they did a study out of a 100 people 97 are born in 3rd world or developing countries so just remember that most people don’t have all their needs met

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    Классная поилка 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  54. Mari Climent

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    Mejor veganismo y dejen en paz a los animales Carne que parece carne pero no lo es

  55. Terezinha Goulart

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    Quanto sofrimento esses bicho e tem muito mais pior que eles não mostram, por essas e outras que sou vegetariana

  56. No Sana No life

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    Exatamente, isso é horrível. Também sou vegetariana ,estou tentando virar vegana agora 🌱

  57. Cristina De La Garza

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    Smh and this is why everyone is dying with cancer. If only everyone could cultivate their own food

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    Me dio tristeza cuando le quitaron El becerrerito a la vaca😔

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    Muy bueno el video.. Saludos desde Bolivia y Brasil

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    Nice video. ...

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